Robot & Frank 12A

Robot & Frank


Director. Jake Schreier

Starring. Frank Langella,Peter Sarsgaard,James Marsden,Liv Tyler,Susan Sarandon,Jeremy Strong,Jeremy Sisto,Rachael Ma,Ana Gasteyer,Bonnie Bentley,Dario Barosso,Katherine Waterston

Ageing ex-con Frank lives alone and is slowly relinquishing his grasp on memories of the past. So the old man's techno-reliant son installs a servant robot to do Frank's bidding. At first, Frank is reluctant to switch on the automaton, but once he learns that VGC-60L has no programming to distinguish right from wrong, man and machine carry out a theft at the local library, then ramp up their larcenous activities with wryly amusing and heartbreaking consequences.

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