Swimming Upstream 12A

1hr. 45min.

Swimming Upstream 1hr. 45min.


Director. Russell Mulcahy

Starring. Brittany Byrnes, Craig Horner, David Hoflin, Geoffrey Rush, Jesse Spencer, Judy Davis, Kain O'Keefe, Melissa Thomas, Mitchell Dellevergin, Remi Broadway, Thomas Davidson, Tim Draxl

This is a heart-wrenching story about a happy-go-lucky 17 year-old boy with a passion for life and love. Under his free spirit are problems that he must deal with. His mother died, his alcoholic father is unapproachable, and ...the biggest problem of all... he has been diagnosed with terminal cancer. The only support he receives is from a sister who also lives a fractured life, his immature best friend, and his girlfriend. "Swimming Upstream" is a moving and honest look at life's painful realities and how this teen deals with them.

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