The Commuter (Over 18s) 15

The Commuter (Over 18s)


Director. Jaume Collet-Serra

Former NYPD detective Michael McCauley loses his job. He heads home on his usual rail service and settles down to read a book. An enigmatic woman called Joanna slinks into the opposite seat and strikes up a cryptic conversation. She intimates there is a brown paper bag containing 25,000 US dollars hidden in one of the toilets and Michael can earn a further 75,000 US dollars if he agrees to find a passenger called Prynne, who is travelling to Cold Spring station in Zone 7.

Film times for The Commuter (Over 18s)

Fri 18 Jan 2019 to Thu 24 Jan 2019

Odeon Whiteleys The Lounge

5.05 (Sat/Sun) 7.25 9.50

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