The Star U

The Star


Director. Timothy Reckart

An angel visits Mary to inform her that she will bear the messiah. Three months later she falls pregnant and informs husband Joseph of the miraculous news. They embark on the long and arduous journey from Nazareth, unaware that King Herod has dispatched two dogs, Thaddeus and Rufus, to track and kill the newborn. When Bo the donkey and his dove pal Dave learn of Herod's plans, they warn Mary and Joseph, and join the animal caravan heading for Bethlehem.

Film times for The Star

Fri 19 Oct 2018 to Thu 25 Oct 2018

Cineworld Cambridge

Sat/Sun mat 10.20

Parkway Cinema

Sat/Sun mat 10.30

The Light Cinema

Sat/Sun mat 10.00

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