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100 Club is one of London's foremost live music venues, having been at the helm of live music in the capital for over 50 years. The club continues to attract music fans with distinctive decor and an historic vibe.

Ranked #61 of 225 clubs in London

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19:30 - 23:00


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19:30 - 23:00

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100 Club reviews

By Andrew M.

At first I thought £40.00 a head to get into The 100 Club was a bit pricey but it was New Years Eve! A tiny entrance which I missed on the first passing takes you down some stairs and back in time. The great Geno Washington was the entertainment and boy he did just that.

There were tables but we just danced all night and the bar was never too busy to get served. The 100 Club is what I call a proper music venue - not too big, the walls plastered with photos of the greats from music history and a decor that is so relaxed you can't fail to have great time. After the band had finished the DJ kept us all up on our feet with original classics. It was a brilliant night, and I can't wait to go again!

By Andrew M.

The 100 Club is a legendary venue that punters have been going to for years. I've been to see The White Stripes here but my uncle saw The Sex Pistols perform at the 100 Club...now that would have been full on!

By Andrew M.

The 100 Club is one of the most celebrated live music venues in Europe, and rightly so! I've seen both Oasis and The Clash at this venue - simply brilliant. If there's a gig on at the 100 Club, it's definitely worth making the effort to get there.

By A S.

I was quite amazed that such a cool, unique, intimate, amazing building could be hidden away on a very commercial street that is Oxford Street.

Makes me think, what else is out there, hidden away behind trees and bushes and possible even shops.

Its very easy to miss this venue. I arrived early to see a band and thought i'd just walk around and try and find the place as well.

I thought i'd go into Claire's Accessories and have a look at all the wonderful stuff they have in there and then i thought i'd go to the shop next door and have a look in there.

After, i walked right up to Zavvi and then back down again because im crap with numbers, lol.

On the other side of the street is odd numbers and the one i was on is even, so why did i cross the road to the odd numbers?

In the end, the place just so happened to be next door to Claires Accessories!The venue is probably a best kept secret.

Im thinking it might be better than the Astoria. Even better than Hammersmith Palais. Slightly better than the Roundhouse.

I've only just discovered i have a taste for intimate gig venues and 100 club is the best.

I just saw a really good band, i was at the front, im never usually, and there were probably about 50 people in the room and it was just soo electric!

I can't wait to go back for more!

By Lilly H.

The best live music venue in London bar none! I speak as a musician that has played here and as a punter who has seen dozens of bands here. A great music policy that has never changed in all the years it has been open (always open to blues, jazz, swing, punk, funk, soul and everything in between) with a great atmosphere, great staff and a friendly welcoming atmosphere. Not snooty, just genuinely good fun.

Look at the floor near the stage and you can see the decades of wear and tear and you can just imagine all the feet that have been there watching legends of music.Highly recommended - I can't believe anyone visiting London wouldn't want to go here - it's a national treasure!

By David F.

In tribute to Humph as a clubber in the 50s. Great place with Humph, Chris Barber, Lonnie Donegan and others. He is sorely missed.

By Bilbo B.

Not to be missed, I love it. I've seen John Mayall and the Bluesbreakers and The Blockheads here. Both nights were packed but you could get a drink straight away. £3.50 for a pint of Stella is not much more than my local! At the cloakroom they stick a raffle ticket onto a hanger with selotape. Go and enjoy some nostalga. Thoroughly recommended

By H.

I went to The 100 Club after seeing no reviews online or in publications. I really did not regret going to this club! I am in love with this club. It was wonderful, the bands were and always are passionate about their music. They enjoy themselves and get you going.

People at The 100 Club are all types, young, old and professionals. They dress how they please and no-one minds.

If you need to move through the crowds people will move without you even needing to say a word. There is a bar which is not too pricey and a little counter opposite that serves pizza. On the walls are posters, photos and memories from the past events at The 100 Club.

What else can I say? What is most important to me is that everyone is there for the music and to enjoy themselves.

By Paul R.

If you had to summarise the 100 Club in one word, ‘legendary’ would be it. For 75 years it's predominately been a live music temple, boasting a solid and varied CV that includes The Rolling Stones, Kings Of Leon, Oasis, The Clash, The Sex Pistols and, lest we forget, Chas'n'Dave. However, if you had to summarise the 100 Club in two words, ‘sweaty’ would be the other.

The Venue
Named the 100 Club for the simple reason that its address is 100 Oxford Street, this iconic music venue has a blink-and-you'll-miss it doorway leading to a what-you-see-is-what-you-get underground bunker. Once you've passed the mutterings from the hovering ticket touts at the door and you've gone down the stairs, you'll be surprised at how small the venue is and how amazing it would have been to see big bands like The Rolling Stones play here.

The 100 Club capacity peaks at a miniscule 350. With a glance at the raised area that only just passes for the stage situated immediately in front of you, the sole bar to your left and the toilets to your right, you'll have seen all there is to see of this elongated bunker, making this one of the most intimate gig venues in the country. Be warned: get stuck behind one of the two ridiculously placed load bearing pillars and you'll only have a chance to hear and not see the music.

The Atmosphere
Depending of which musical combo graces the stage will typecast the clientele inside this music-only venue, but whether it be E.L.O. or the latest EMO offering everyone's there for one thing, the music. Oh, and the alcohol. However, the electric atmosphere is detracted from due to the lack of windows and air conditioning; so much so you'll wish you brought a sponge to mop your brow in between gasping for oxygen.

The Music
The Rolling Stones, Kings Of Leon, Oasis, The Clash, The Sex Pistols and Chas'n'Dave are just a drop in the ocean of the bands that have played this famous London haunt. 100 Club also hosts an array of eclectic club nights from rock to reggae, R'n'B to jazz.

The Drink
It's a no thrills bar at 100 Club, selling a basic selection of beverages from Red Stripe (£3+) to simple spirits with a mixer (£4). If cocktails and fancy foreign lagers are your thing, then this isn't the place for you.

The Last Word
If you're lucky enough to get a hot ticket to see a big band or you'd rather have a maverick approach and take a gamble on who's playing, then the iconic 100 Club is certainly worth a visit. No windows, no air con and raging temperatures are the only things that might put a (sweaty) damper on the night.

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