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Located in a basement 151 Club is a night club which has theme nights. 151 Club has both a bar and a dance floor overlooked by a DJs booth. The room is surrounded by alcoves where you can sit.

Ranked #59 of 225 clubs in London

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151 Club reviews

By Andrew M.

Strolling into this den of iniquity which is 151 Club, it's easy to see why the Hooray Henrys of this world get a bad name. I myself being a young Scots-Jew realised that I was indeed in hot water as soon as I sidled up to a young lady and asked her to dance...I was immediately rebuffed to the tune of get out of my face, peasant.

Slighty affronted, I approached the bar at 151 Club in need of a calming tipple. However, on the way there I was assaulted by a pink-shirted corduroy-wearing imbecile who accused me of staring at him. I did nothing of the sort. However, I was ejected from the 151 Club with great haste and told never to come back.

So I wandered down the Kings Road with my head hanging low, my brow furrowed, my eyes darting from side to side, my feet scuffling the pavement and wondered why me?

By Will W.

Awful! Music would have been louder if id played it off my phone and there was no dj to be seen. Drinks in line with London prices but still extortionate. Very small and stuffy with a pretty tacky iterior- lots of plastic windows and stuff. Toilets were grim- smelt awful and were like a cloak room with a sink in it. Also got charged for the 'free' cloakroom. Honestly if you want a good night out go somewhere else! Halloween is one of the biggest nights of the year where you would have thought they would pull all the stops out- maybe they did- but it was the most horrendous waste of money.

By Tommi W.

Terrible terrible club. Rude bar staff, nauseating music, women are monstrous and the men are an embarrassment. The previous positive reviews seem to be very much formulated by the club itself judging by their names and comment history. Laughable. I would avoid this place like the plague and choose one of the wealth of other places in Chelsea.

By Jujulondon L.

I am very thankful to the “best dj Bar” award winner “julu” for making my last office Christmas and New Year party happening and elegant. I am in the management team of a world renowned it firm in London and our team was given the responsibility of arranging a nice party in the New Years eve party venue Chelsea. Our office guests included vip clients and other important professionals. Therefore, we started gathering all possible information of the best New Years eve venue kings road and Chelsea, which provide everything that we need: Wine, Champagne, delicious cuisines, beverages, nice ambiance and more. Julu is the only dj bar that offer everything under the single roof at our allowed budget.

By Steph C.

This club is the best club in london, england, if not the world. Everytime I am lucky enough to get on the guest list, I cant sleep, I cant breathe, 151 is a myriad of music, pleasure and down to earth people that all have such intelligent conversation it amazes me. I always bump into old friends, colleagues and past lovers on their intimate, unique and unforgettable dance floor, and their stunning smoking area stretches onto the edge of the iconic kings road. I cannot put into words the memories that I have had from this place. I am already putting down a deposit for my wedding reception and I cannot wait to experience the wide range of music they have on offer by the clearly talented dj who make this venue a landmark. I cannot recommend it enough. The barmen are chatty, personable, and worthy of being the face of this prestigious venue. I look forward to seeing you all there!

By Bob B.

Dear Sir/Madam, I have just returned from my first time at this club and unfortunately I feel necessary (for the first time) to review this place. The evening began with great fun. Myself and my friend were having a great time and spent what some would call a good amount of money. My friend, who granted was a bit tipsy, asked for a drink and all he received was ice. He asked for another drink and the barman responded with abuse. I witnessed everything, and if my friend was in the wrong, then I would have told him to back off, however the barman was out of order and accused my friend of racism. I asked for cctv proof and they denied. I will be launching a formal complaint with police and will never be returning to this place!

By Poppy S.

Grime Hotspot

The stark reality is, as the solstice tips over towards harvest that the institution of 151 in the words of Jacques Chirac "doth butter no parsnips". As Wednesday tips over towards Thurs us late night maniacal revellers demand merriment and mates at equal measure. What I received at this hovel like abode was akin was a poor mans Butlins, only slightly more riotous than Debenham's Santa's Grotto on candy night. What the club offered in wardrobe, they lacked in diversity; the last time a middle aged Austrian gentleman was licking a vodka calippo in front of me I was 9 and horrified, at this dirty cellar that sort of behaviour was not only compulsory but advertised as mischievous. I doff my hat to any rogue JCB drivers that might be passing and might martyr themselves for the good of the community by launching their forklifts into a sticky ceiling of despair and do as all a favour.

By Freddie R.

I LOVE LOVE this place. I fit right in with the clientele and happy to splash my cash on these very reasonably priced drinks. I think it impresses my wife. The music is perfect for my shapes. Everyone loves a little bit of take that. Also what better way to end the night to dancing away to New York New York. I would highly recommend this place. You’ll find me propping up the bar most nights of the week. Come and say hi.

By W L.

Don't let the 5 star reviews (it's unlikely they are even genuine) pull the wool over your eyes. 151 has got to be the worst 'club' in London without a shadow of a doubt. I've been unfortunate enough to go 5 times with mates as a last resort and every time thought to myself "maybe it won't be THAT bad". Every time I step into this place my hopes dissolve. You only have to look at the venue's website to see just how little effort goes into this place. Staff are consistently rude and huffy and venue is frequently packed with cliquey public school groups 'on the lash'. The music is atrocious with quality so bad it sounds like the dj just plugged his iphone in- in fact, the last time I was here he spent the entire time sitting down texting! Then there's the drinks- Chelsea is always going to be an expensive place, but the prices here are a complete joke. I would only suggest going here if you are very intoxicated with a load of mates and just want to p*ss about. Even then, there are better, cheaper, more entertaining places to go. 151 manages to consistently provide a terrible night. Avoid at all costs. Stay at home. Go spend the evening at your nan's place. Anything. You'll have better time.

By Aleksandra K.

This is the best nightclub in London! i have had the time of my life there. Staff are really friendly and chatty. Always bound to see familiar faces which promises that the night will continue beyond 151. The music makes you go crazy on the dance floor and make new friends. Go check it out for yourself-you will definitely not regret it!

By Arabella H.

Honestly can't describe how fantastic this club is. Any night of the week, whether its empty or full you're bound to have a top-class night with amazing music to dance to whether tipsy or drunk. Familiar faces are always frequent that means there are great after-parties too beyond 151 at 3am! Entry is free on Wednesdays making things even better and £10 at weekends which still isn't bad compared to other Chelsea clubs! Drinks are quite expensive but what do you expect?! Just find a lovely man at the bar and you're sorted for the night! Staff are really lovely and chatty and you're bound to make friends on your night out there (if not more)! Wednesday's and Saturday's have to be a personal favourite for me! Also air conditioned which is lush! Overall a fabulous top notch club!

By Natasha T.

Music was average but more importantly thieves operate here. Friend had a mobile phone stolen and I left items in the cloakroom which also got stolen - management claimed no responsibility despite admitting that they did have the items earlier on in the evening.

By James R.

The majority of reviews on this site are so fake I'm amazed they've been published. It's ALL RIGHT. The atmosphere is pretty nondescript so it entirely depends who you go there with. The patrons, from what I could tell, are the kind of people who have been kicked out of all the other clubs in the area and wound up there to spend the remainder of their weekly allowance from Daddy. The majority of the blokes are looking for a cheap lay and the majority of the girls are desperately looking for someone who isn't just looking for a cheap lay. The drinks are extortionate by normal standards but reasonable for Chelsea. The music is awful by normal standards but reasonable once you've spent all of your money on the extortionate/reasonable drinks. We had a good time, but I'd strongly recommend getting absolutely tanked before you get there, because even the bar staff are ready to admit how badly they're ripping you off and they seem totally comfortable with the idea.

By One D.

If Carlsberg did Clubs... 151, One Dive, 7s Wine Bar, HQ; call it what you like but let's be honest, it really is a pleasure. It's perfectly placed in SW3 so that patrons can crawl home after a cheap night of fine drinks and fantastic music all in superior comfort. It's a wonder there aren't more places like it. I can't wait to go back to enjoy another warm Becks while my feet stick reassuringly to the carpet but alas it's Sunday, so I'll just have to wait until Monday. I just wish they served food.

By Flo B.

Personnel is rude and takes forever to order a drink at the bar. DJ played few good songs mixed with many terrible ones. They charge extra for paying by card which is just ripping people off on purpose. Interior looks horrible. There are many better alternatives than this bar in the area.

By James S.

horrendous public school club, everyone is arrogant full of dirty old men and young girls. However I lenjoyed it. I had a nice time dancing and flirting with young girls. Drinks expensive, dance floor could be bigger but I was lucky and my night there was one fit posh girl that certainly knew how to dance! Wow

By William C.

This is a terrible place to come to, a complete dive with shabby furnishings. A venue for Sloane Rangers who have no class when coming to a dump like this and thinking there so cool, if they wanna be ripped off then that is their choice. The bar area is so small, the dance floor is so tiny that you can hardly move on it. It wouldn't be that bad if they never charged for entry.

By Laura S.

I really like this club. I met a lovely guy there. Stupid as I am I have not given him my telephone number when he asked for it. The geek girl!

By J B.

amazing new decor ,staff friendly,cheap drinks,no need for guestlist if you look reasonable..best club in london

By Lyra W.

Having lived in the capital my entire life I thought I had experienced the worst that life had to offer in terms of nightlife. How wrong I was.151 is without a doubt the most horrific place you will ever go. Prices are outrageous, to be expected of course in such an area but one would hope they would be compensated by a little class on the decor / drinks front, the place however is nothing more than a grimy basement with a tiny bar in the corner, serving whoever can barge their way through to the front with standard, supermarket bought spirits at £8 a throw. The toilets - usually not really an issue worth criticizing - are so disgusting one need a heads up, and again don't expect to utilize their services without a fight through the queue. The worst thing however is the clientele. Having been educated at public school and working in the city, again, I thought I had seen it all, but these guys are without a doubt the most sleazy, arrogant, impolite people on earth. I would only recommend coming here if you are feeling down about yourself and need a refreshing reminder that there are always people worse than you. In a passing comment to the barman, my friend mentioned her surprise at the high prices. He smiled and said "it's ok here, we can charge whatever we want to these people - they have a completely disposable income and no idea what to do with it. Don't worry, you're too young to understand."

By J B.

there is no doubt 151 is the best club in the world..

not pretentious,its full of rich ppl who just dont have to show it off which just shows class...

decor is old but its what gives the club style...its unique and u will leave having fun without a doubt..enjoyyyy

By Gealle M.

151 is completely overrated!!!!! the door man patrick is really nice but the coat women not!!!!!!-

she always ruins my night and does not deserve the tips that she so rudely insists on!!!!

The decor is very old and the club is very dirty!!! - since wen has duct tape ever been in fashion!!

The music however is good - the only thing worth going back for.

By James M.

151 is a great club for a certain group of people. if you went to public school and work in the city, you will love it. if you are a tourist or not from public school you will most likely hate it. The dance floor is tiny, literally the size of a living room. if you like small clubs it definitely fits the bill. the decor is dated with duck tape on some of the seats. The bar is also pretty expensive considering the quality of the place. but if your an investment wanker you probably dont care anyway.

By Gracie M.

I went to 151 and tried my hardest to have a good time. I just couldn't do it. It's a terrible place. For one thing, it's filthy, for another, a round of four drinks cost me twenty-seven quid and for another, they play the music really quietly so that everybody can 'network'. If you're a young toff who just wants to talk to other toffs about being a toff, (and I'm not saying there's anything wrong with that) then 151 is going to be your kind of place. If, on the other hand, you are what one reviewer of this 'nightclub' would call a 'member of the general public', and what you're looking for is a few drinks and a bit of a dance then stay away from 151. Please. Try Embargo, or even Crazy Larry's. They are also full of little toffs, but at least they play the music loud enough for you to be able to ignore them if you want to.

By Leighann M.

This is a long shot but I'm just wondering if you happen to know a guy called Jamie? I met him at this club last Saturday.

By J.

While some clubs are classy and others are pretentious it's good at the end of a drunken night to settle back into the tacky, plush familiarity of 151 Club.

Dangerously close to some useful watering holes across the street the 151 Club door cover is always competitive - free during the week. A last bastion of the endangered classes of London, the sheer weight of sleazy city bankers and blue-blooded alcoholics at 151 Club is its own best protection against the general public, which occasionally venture in only to retreat, intimidated by too many boorish public school accents.

The drinks are a little pricey but who comes for the alcohol? 151 Club is a last ditch end of night retreat where you can be assured of running into old friends, relatives and acquaintances.

But beware - in this noisy mix are spread a healthy smattering of fine and gorgeous fillys, some dangerously close to jail bait and also more experienced girls, who have come to find a bed for the night. Pickings for the consummate player!

Altogether 151 Club is a wonderful place... Enjoy!

By R.

Yeah, pimp man. I have had some of the best nights of my life at 151 Club. Meeting up with some fit 18 year olds while I told my girlfriend I was out at a "business meeting!"

Got to love the decor at 151 Club, go to love the vibe. Pimp is what I always say. (Oh and ladies, Im the tall guy with the big jaw and curly hair who leers at you from across the dancefloor) See you there!

By X.

151, ahh the memories, so many nights, so many girls, so much booze...truly the best club in london. Whether you are hobnobbing with the gentry in the alcoves, or strutting your stuff to the best music in town on the dancefloor you are always guaranteed a great night. "Big night......orrr, yes!"

By J.

I personally believe that 151 is the best club in the world. With its wide range of exotic music, huge dance floor and wonderful service...you can't beat it. It is convenientally situated on the Kings road, near the Cadogen arms, the Trafalgar and Big Easy so its an easy walk from bars beforehand. GO THERE and experience true london clubbing!!!!

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