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229 is a stylish and spacious venue that offers a diverse selection of club nights and live music performances.

Ranked #139 of 225 clubs in London

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By Stuart E.

I'm not sure why Mrs Evans had so much trouble, she has managed to buy some tickets... but she is incorrect about the date of birth drop down menu. You can be 100 years old and come to 229 and yes, although there is an option to be born in 2061, this is because we are hoping to encourage the future generation to come to the venue. It's just a marketing ploy, as we intend to send a free pair of tickets to people on the day of their birth! We do always welcome constructive feedback and will endeavour to improve the service we provide. Thanks

By CP E.

The web site is not the best. Booking tickets online is dire. You try to set the quantity of tickets you want and it won't. It kept saying 4 when I wanted two. In the end I agreed to 4 and on the next pageit said two tickets plus two booking fees which was right - could have explained before that 4 really means 2. I tried to see what would happen if I only wanted 1 ticket but it still said 4! Also you have to enter your date of birth presumably to say that you are over 18. The date has to be selevted from a drop down box and you could only be as old as born in 1961 (mens you are 50) but you could be as young as born in 2061 (you are minus 50 years old.) How many punters do they sell to that won't be born for another fifty years?

By Phil B.

Not impressed I'm afraid. Nice venue but they care nothing for music. We were all thrown out at 10pm on Saturday to make way for a Private party. The Longfellows set was cut short and the bar promptly closed at 10! The bands were awesome....The attitude of the venue was pants. As a club it's OK, as a venue for a Gig it sucks.....

By Prosthetic E.

ace ace ace. love the place, been to gigs in the larger and smaller venue, both have amazing PA, the sound is fantastic and the stage is very high, so you can see the bands no matter how short you are and where ever you stand.


Creating a venue coveted by clubbers and musos alike is a tough ask, but 229 Venue may have cracked it as a clutch of DJs and top bands take turns to play different nights at this low key Great Portland Street club.

The Venue
You almost tumble into 229 Venue as you exit Great Portland Street station – it’s that close. The entrance is at ground level, next to the International Students House. ISH also owns the club, and there's a distinct purpose-built, campus feel to the set of buildings.

As you move from the lobby area, a set of stairs takes you into the basement as you move into room one. At the top end, a stage stands fairly high off the ground, facing a long bar. This is a decent-sized space, but the clean, monotone decor feels stark. You get pretty much the same formula in a smaller second room, but this time there's a stage in the corner. Both rooms combine well to create ample space, for the 700-odd capacity.

The Atmosphere
The atmosphere in 229 Venue varies according to which night you go, but the vibe is generally easy going. The large space means that there is no crush, leaving enough room for you try out those unpolised dance moves. Entry prices aren’t absurdly high; so expect students, ex-students and the odd teacher stood at the back.

The Music
229 Venue gets away with putting on an array of club nights and gigs. The blank canvas feel allows both rooms to host live bands, DJs or both. Club nights range from soul & ska, to electro and rock. Live music nights are more indie.

The Drink
Both rooms have decent sized bars and the staff are friendly enough. Don't expect a full range of beers and spirits, but lagers and other standard tipples are reasonably priced.

The Last Word
229 Venue is a stripped down type of place, but add good sound and lighting and you begin to understand how this place works. The ethos is simple: you book good artists that pull in a crowd who know their music.

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