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There's no better way to chill out and enjoy yourself before your flight than to relax with a drink in the 5 Tuns at Heathrow's Terminal 5.

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Opening Hours

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06:00 - 22:00


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06:00 - 22:00


06:00 - 22:00

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5 Tuns reviews

By Stephen F.

No, not a pun on the average amount of lost luggage per flight, the 5 Tuns is a great little bar located in Heathrow’s now infamous Terminal 5.

The Venue
Located on the top of the terminal, the 5 Tuns is ideally suited for those awaiting their check in time, as well as airport workers enjoying a well earned after work (one hopes) drink. This well laid out establishment has enough character to feel detached from the corporate sterility of BA’s impressive new terminal, boasting large sofas and colourful seating that complement the stylish industrial chic. A mural of London landmarks snakes along the wall, offering a comforting reminder of your proximity to town, whilst a large bar acts as a nicely approachable centrepiece.

The Atmosphere
The atmosphere is difficult to summarise, thanks to its unique location. This is a place where you might see quick drinks gulped before check in; workers settling down for a bottle of wine after their shift; drivers nursing a soft drink awaiting an arrival or anxious passengers settling their nerves, but whatever the reason, the pleasant staff and comfortable setting certainly make it a nice place to visit. Those looking for something slightly more relaxed can settle down on the very comfortable sofas and chairs, whilst others can find more formal seating to the left of the entrance, enabling you to switch between stylish bar and cosy, almost traditional pub.

The Drink
With a selection of excellent ales that are complemented by some well kept lagers, the 5 Tuns offers something a little more traditional than you might expect from an airport watering hole. The London Pride is superb, but of real note is the Cornish Doom Bar Bitter, a deliciously soft and fruity ale that’s nowhere near as prevalent in the city as it should be.

The wine list is exquisite thanks to a particularly helpful contact – it’s always handy when you can draft in the chief executive’s Master of Wine father to tell you what’s hot and what’s not. One drink visitors simply must try however, is the organic Bloody Mary - a spicy little number that benefits from some extremely well balanced flavours and a vodka that’s already infused with horseradish - sublime.

The Last Word
A valuable addition to Terminal 5, the 5 Tuns is about as good as an airport pub gets. And whilst it’s not got as much character as your country local, it’s just as welcoming.

By Steve H.

I had the unfortunate brainwave to have breakfast in the 5 Tuns at Heathrow Terminal five early one Saturday morning before seeing my daughters of on holiday. We ordered four English breakfasts, three teas and a coffee, we waited twenty minutes for the drinks to arrive and another five for our food. The toast was quite good and for one the individual packs of butter were not frozen solid as they are at most places that use them, as for the rest of the breakfast, the bacon was not so bad, and the one small mushroom was edible, the grilled tomato (half) was tasteless, the baked beans were cold and when we I dipped a piece of toast on the egg, it came out dripping of un cooked egg white, my daughters eggs were also under cooked, so all three of them were left uneaten. In their favour, the teas (served in mugs) and large coffee (served in a normal sized cup) were quite good. Out of four meals, only my wife's was honestly edible. This is the first time that we have eaten in a Geronimo establishment and I think it will also be the last! The idea was to give my daughter a good meal before their flight, as airline food is not the most enjoyable food in the world, i now think that it has met it's match!

By Tim D.

We had breakfast there, for 2 rack of bacon with some toasts and 2 fried eggs, it took them a whopping 30 minutes to get to our table!! The lady seating next to us had a coffee which took 15 minutes to get to her. I was ask one of the waiter if he could check my breakfast read or not, he totally just ignored me. Service needs real improvement!!

By Steve J.

Vastly overpriced; slow service, and mediocre food with a small selection. Cheerful service, but very slow, which is not ideal when you're catching a flight. You'd think at those pirces (and it was very busy too; we had to wait for a table) they could hire a couple more serving staff... To give you an idea, A glass of house wine is £4.50. A steak is £15; and that's all you get - a steak. If you want side orders, they come seperately at a price - a modest 'side' of (frozen) chips is £2.50! You're not exactly spoilt for choice in Terminal five; hopefully more places will open. However, to sum up, the food is just ok; not great - pretty much like Wetherspoons, but for four times the price. Won't be going back. It's a rip off !

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