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Originally a small (30 seater) basement venue at 606 Kings Road, the 606 Club moved to its present basement site at 90 Lots Road in October 1987. With its distinctive but discreet red brick arched doorway the 606 Club re-opened on May 28th 1988, and is currently licensed for 165 people and plays regular live music including jazz.

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By Andrew M.

I've been a member at 606 Club for over 3 years. I find the jazz world class. The service is always friendly and efficient, even when very busy!

The food is well prepared and tasty. On the one hand some may find the charges a bit pricey but on the other, the 606 Club experience is an unforgettable one that is worth every penny.

10 out of 10!

By Andrew M.

The jazz at 606 Club is good. Everything else is shockingly bad. I thought times had changed and places like this served food, not slop.

By . ..

Once again a cool night with my mates at 606 Club with good food and great music!

By Barry W.

After someone recommended the place to me, I kept it in the back of my mind as a place I wanted to check out. Then last night, looking for a last-minute date with the girlfriend, it sprung back to mind. I called up and the guy who answered the phone was quick and efficient and didn't make me feel stupid for not knowing how it worked. I had a general idea, but he explained it to me quickly and easily. I was happy to have a table booked only a few hours before. When we arrived, the closed gate at the top offered only a few seconds of confusion, before we were welcomed in a very friendly manner and buzzed in. There is an air of exclusivity with the location and the subtle entrance, so it is nice to see everyone welcomed so openly. The club, I should mention is a member's club, but they simply charge extra for non-members. We booked for 8:30 with an hour before the music began. This was nice as it gave us time to have a chat and talk about the wine-list/menu. Both of which are diverse and exciting. There is no unifying theme for the cuisine, but that eclectic nature is reflected everywhere in the club: the artists, the staff, the decor, the clientele! We ordered starters and my girlfriend fell in love with the goat's cheese. I had some nicely prepared nachos, because I'm always a sucker for nachos. For the mains we ordered lamb and haddock respectively. They were elegantly presented and cooked perfectly. The lamb was so full of flavour and every bite was a pleasure (I know because I happily finished hers when she couldn't manage it!). The music was superb! All the musicians played to a very high standard. It was a lovely accompaniment to a date. Not being a jazz aficionado, I wasn't sure what to expect, but we were dancing in our seats during the up-tempo numbers and we sat hugging in the corner during the moodier pieces. It's less than a mile from our front-door, so I can't believe it took us so long to get down there! Will definitely visit again so

By Victoria M.

It was our 1st anniversary last week (3/5/12) and myself and my husband took my mum & dad to the 606 club on 4th and had the best night. The staff we amazing, so attentive and fast. The food was out of this world and the music just fantastic. Totally loved every minute of it. Will definately be going back again and again! Please dont change the menu, although I dont suppose it matters what you cook! Thanks for making our anniversary one to remember! ;0)

By Laura T.

Thanks for this posting. Actually we are very aware of this aspect of what we do and are trying hard to bring more changes to the menu. We've had several constructive meetings with our Head Chef so watch this space...

By Eric P.

Jazz loves go there, situated in quiet area, it feels like a hidden jazz club (can be tricky to find). Wasn't a fan of the idea that you need to eat to drink and I think they should sort that out. Saying that, I will ignore this and give it 4 stars

By Jamie B.

Yet another fantastic night at the 606 club but it's a shame the food menu rarely changes and the management remain obstinate in the face of criticism so far as that goes. It's very clear that whilst some people enjoy the food - many don't. I'd suggest that those of us who go to the club regularly are more likely to feel unhappy. Don't get me wrong, the cooking itself is fab, it's just that the choices rarely change. We've been 5 times in the last year and I think there's only been one or two tweaks to the main menu in the full year. 5 out of 5 for the club itself but only 2 out 5 for the food I'm afraid.

By Mike P.

I think you may not have read the club's website for the reasons for having to eat in order to drink alcohol. It's because of their alcohol licence - they can only serve non-members with alcohol if they are dining. The 606 Club isn't, obviously, responsible for UK Licensing Regulations, and they must, of course, abide by them. We've always found the food very good and reasonable value for money. I think they do a very good job for the money and every time we go there are treated convivially. It is cramped, but that's the great fun of the place.

By Keith M.

Split feelings about this club. Whilst the music is fantastic and the overall look of the place creates an authentic feel...it is extremely too cramped for so many dinners. Which leads me smartly on to their policy of eating. You can't guarantee entry unless you book a table, you can't book a table unless you order their insipid, bland, and over priced food. Unlike most 'bars' you can't visit 606 club unless you dine which is outrageous bearing in mind that you already pay for entry into the club to listen to the music. So all in all what should be a reasonably priced night out can become very expensive!

By Katie F.

I love the 606! It's really retro, kind of shabby but i think that adds to the atmosphere... it feels like you're going back in time to an old underground speakeasy. I have been quite a few times now and the music has been absolutely brilliant every single time. Love it!

By Bob B.

Ive been going to the 606 Club for many years. Perhaps the best jazz club in the country to see our fantastic array of predominantly home grown talent, young and old, and many internationally renowned musicians too. There is a review which compares unfavourably the food there to that in a Michelin starred restaurant. Well, remember folks that this is a jazz club and not a Michelin starred restaurant. The prices are not cheap, but they are not dear either. And comparing them to a promo lunch in a michelin restaurant is unfair. People who complain that they are asked not to speak during the performances are clearly in the wrong place. People go to Jazz clubs to listen to the music. They can speak in restaurants, pubs, clubs. Next they will be complaining that the music interfered with their conversation. Please. When it goes pear shaped,i always find that talking to the staff there and then often achieves better results than posting anonymous messages on the internet slagging the place off. All in all, it is one of the best nights out in London. Been going for over 30 years. There must be a good reason for that.!

By J F.

The 606 is a complete gem! Although it's predominantly a jazz club (and in my opinion, London's finest) they have a wide range of different music played there. The atmosphere is great and the food and drink is always good. I'd highly recommend to anyone who wants a great night out with fantastic music in relaxed company.

By Jamie B.

I've been to 606 a few times and broadly speaking have had a fantastic night. However, the food concerns me. Whilst tasty and well cooked, the menu hasn't really changed since I first went about 4-45 months ago. There a few little tweaks every now and then but it's mainly unchanged. And the more I come the more I'm keeping my fingers crossed for a complete menu revamp, but it never seems to happen. It's a shame because I'd hate to have to stop going just because the menu doesn't change but there's only a certain number of times you can eat the same dishes. And the food is very expensive. Just as an example I go to Gordon Ramsey and Claidges and they do a fantastic 4 course meal for £30 a head at lunchtime with first class service and some of the best chef's in London (it was Mitchegen starred). I paid nearly £30 for my three courses at 606 and it's just no where near a match. So, that's my only gripe and I do hope we get some menu changes soon. There's no reason at all why a top chef can't come up with 4 or 5 menus and rotate ever few weeks to keep regulars food interesting. I'm coming again next week and I know exactly what it's going to be though. Love the music. Love the way they tell people not to chatter (even though some ignorant people do) during band sets. Love the friendliness. Love the fact the new overground station is a 5min walk. Love everything, but sorry not the food.

By Mornington L.

This is the best jazz venue in London these days. The management are very sympathetic to the artists, which helps to give the place its great atmosphere. Everyone loves to play there. Packed and vibing at the weekend, more intimate during the week.

By Laura T.

Given that I have come in for some stick for the way that I have responded to some postings, I will try to do better with this one. Firstly, I am obviously very concerned and not a little upset that the writer did not enjoy the food. As I have said, we really try very hard to provide the best food and service that we can and it's obviously a source of some concern if even one customer does not feel that we have reached the high standards that we set in these areas. I will look in to the complaint and see if I can find out what happened. For the record James is not the owner he is the long serving and extremely loyal and dedicated senior manager and he does not have anything to do with these postings. I'm sure he would also be concerned if he felt he had upset a customer by asking them to move to allow the musicians access to the stage area. It doesn't really suit us to have the Eating and Drinking rule but it is a long standing restriction that to change would entail applying for a variation to our license, which would be expensive, long winded and I've been told probably unlikely to succeed as we are in fact surrounded by residents to either side and behind. The cheapest main course on our menu is £9.70, followed by £11.05 and £12.10. The most expensive (11oz Steak) is £19.50. We have no main courses priced at £18. Hummus costs £6.05 and is Home Made. We have no microwave and everything is made fresh in our kitchens each night. For an alternative view of our food you might like to see the independent review on this site. Like that review we do receive regular praise for the standard of the food we produce, however, I am very conscious that the menu may not be to everyone's taste and that the very occasional below standard (for us) meal could slip through, so feedback, particularly on the night, is always welcome. We will always take complaints seriously and deal with them as efficiently as we can.

By Stuzzer P.

I went to this very odd venue last night. Overall I wasn't hugely impressed. The main issue I had with the place was this James chap, who seems to be the proprietor. He waltzes around with a scowl on his face like he owns the place, which granted he might do, but the whole vibe you get from him is that you are privileged to be within his club and must therefore abide by his rules. We were informed many times of the club's policies, ('no talking on Sundays', 'please shut the door when you come in'), and he was a bit rude to us when he asked my friend to move 'so the artists could get through'. The guy just comes over as being a grade A tosser. I certainly was not surprised that when I looked on here he has written pompous responses to all the complaints. They guy just looks like the sort of person who would do that. He really does.They seem to have a very odd licence here that only permits you to drink alcohol if you eat a 'substantial' meal. Having helped procure licences for other people in the past, this is strange since the club is located within a basement and mostly surrounded by industrial units. It evidently suits the club to stick with the 'supper drinks licence' as all attendees have to purchase an overpriced meal in order to drink. The dishes on the menu are mainly priced at around £18 (more than on the website) and I have to say that I would expect something special for that price. However, the food was bland and I was disappointed. The lamb was overcooked so it was as hard as a wooden board, and so was my friends chicken. Both the mash and vegetables were simply cooked and soaked in butter to apparently beef up their taste, but this really just backfired and made the dishes slimy and bloating. The starter of prawns was nice, but this cost £7.15. A humous dish costing nearly £7 was simply that, a dollop of humous and bread, with a sad looking segment of withered tomato - hugely overpriced.The music was great - so no complaints there. Howev

By Laura T.

Well, I should probably start by apologizing for the fact that my responses seem to have come across as self-righteous (see my reply below). With regard to the issue over the Optional Service Charge, this is indeed Optional and I am somewhat distressed that you felt in any way pressured by the staff to pay it. I couldn't agree with you more, the response that you expected is certainly one that I would also have expected and the fact that this did not happen is something I will definitely look in to. It is true that the staff are self employed and earn their money from the Service Charge, but we have very strict guidelines as to how this should be operated and these have clearly not been applied in this case. As I say, I will definitely look in to what went on. Thank you for the feedback which, like the one below, is helpful and constructive.

By Laura T.

I'm really sorry that some people have found my responses inappropriate. I would stress that we do take complaints very seriously (see my response to the posting above) but when we feel that they are based on inaccuracies and sometimes outright falsehoods it does become quite distressing. Taking the chips example, for instance, on the night the lady actually complained that they weren't "real chips", hence my response. And after we've explained to someone at least three times that unfortunately due to our licensing restrictions if they book a table they will have to eat and they still post a complaint, well, that is also very frustrating. My staff work extremely hard and when they are in the wrong I won't hesitate to correct them, but when they have done nothing wrong and are still being berated then I actually think it's my job to defend and protect them. I'm genuinely sorry that the defense of my staff and their work has come across as suggesting that we don't care about our customers, nothing could be further from the truth. If anyone has a complaint about any issues and brings that to our attention on the night or contacts us after the event we will do our utmost to investigate and resolve the issue whenever we can. My frustration arises from a small number of people who leave one sided and frequently inaccurate posts which are incredibly difficult to respond to without appearing pompous or uncaring. Thanks for the feedback and I will try to do better in future!

By Peter C.

I went to 606 with a few friends today and showed up for a big band concert in the jazz festival, and the music was top-notch. The food was very tasty, starters and main, and good portions too. The house red wine wasn't all that great but I've sure had worse, and the house white was very nice and drinkable. As a musician and as somebody who's put together events, I really do understand how hard it must be to keep a reputable jazz club and restaurant afloat and 606 seem to be doing a pretty good job. Since we made clear our budget was small, the staff had been fairly forgiving with the minimum order rule, allowing my table of five to share several starters, a main, two bottles of wine, and a couple of desserts. By the time the bill came, I'd felt I'd spent a little more than I'd ideally wished to, but felt very satisfied and didn't mind. The only sour note came when I went to pay the bill at the counter. A 12.5% 'Optional Service Charge' had been automatically added to the bill, and since we are poor and had already overspent, I asked if we could have it taken off and pay our own tip instead. 'Why?' came the immediate and slightly accusatory response, 'That's our staff's pay!'. Now I absolutely don't want to start up one of those long debates of 'to-tip-or-not-to-tip?', but I was a little embarrassed by the slightly cynical attitude they showed and simply felt they could have been a good deal more polite and friendly about it. 'No problem sir, but we would ask that you consider our staff too, who get by on tips', or something along those lines, would have done. I'm afraid I can hear a little of the same slightly self-righteous tone in some of the club's responses to these reviews (and am slightly apprehensive of getting a similar response) -- which I suppose is really the one and only thing that makes me hesitate to go back to what is basically a great joint, and incidentally, what made me hesitate to give the couple more stars as it deserves.

By Daniel S.

I have been here once and had a great night, and based on that evening I was intending to bring my parents this month as my Father is a great lover of Jazz. Now I am sure the establishment is great as a whole, but after reading the responses by the person representing the club, I will not be visiting again. I am a firm believer that the customer is always right. However in this case it would seem that 606 Club does not share the same values? A woman complaining that the chips she ordered were burned you respond with "For the record we are one of the few restaurants that still make our own chips (from real potatoes, nothing frozen), presumably she's not used to real chips." A review complaining about the price of the food and not being able to order alcohol without it is accused of being "inaccurate to the point of malice" And responding to a lady stating of the behaviour from male member of staff you respond "we find these vague, unsupported, mildly malicious postings very distressing" Is this how you handle customer complaints? Continue like this and you will lose custom, not gain.

By G B.

I have never been moved to write a review of anywhere or anything before, but the some of the reviews of the 606 seem to me to be so unfair and so wide of the mark, that I feel like I have to defend 606 Club. I am not a member, and only went there recently for the first time - pretty warily in light of some of the online reviews. All I can say, is that my companion and I must have ended up in a different 606 Club on Lots rd, because we had an absolutely amazing night. I am only sorry it took me so long to find 606 Club. The venue is a classically discreet, underground, old-school, basement jazz club which feels a bit like an old speakeasy. The service was a nice combination of friendly, relaxed and efficient. The food was tasty, generous and perfectly well cooked. Granted, it won't win any Michelin stars, but the 606 Club is a jazz club not a restaurant. It's all about the music and the vibe - which were both absolutely incredible. A shared starter of nachos, 2 main courses, 2 bottles of wine, and 2 sets of absolutely outstanding music that had the whole place on its feet and raising the roof till late on a Sunday night came to 50 quid a head. I thought it was an absolute bargain. It was made perfectly clear to me, both on their website and over the phone when I booked, that this is a members club; if you are not a member you cannot legally be served booze without a meal, and a music charge is added to your food bill, which pays the band. Why so many people struggle with this is beyond me. If you do want to eat Michelin starred food, and your idea of live music is a guy on a piano playing elevator music in the background while you eat, the 606 might not be for you. But if you want tasty food and decent wine in a buzzing little underground den while the best jazz musicians in the capital get you rocking in your seat until you cant stay sitting down anymore, go and find the 606 Club.

By Laura T.

Well, as mentioned below, we do explain the licensing laws when people call to book, when they arrive at the door and when they sit down. The "eating and drinking" rule is a legal requirement imposed on us by our licence and there is absolutely nothing we can do about this. More interestingly the posting above does not mention the fact that on a weekday night (I can tell it was a weekday by the music charge) we are quite happy for non members to have soft drinks (average price around £2) and just listen to the music. It's also not necessary to have two courses each if you do wish to eat and drink. And for the record we do not have or sell "tickets", we have a Music Charge that is added to the bill at the end of the night, so the suggestion that the reviewer somehow paid money to get in and was then forced to eat is innaccurate to the point of malice. Well, at least they liked the music....

By Roy G.

Me and my partner decided to visit 606 Club for music and drinks. We paid 10 pounds each for tickets and sat at the table. This is when we were informed that we CANT order any alcohol if we don't order food due to the licence they have! A bit disappointing. The average price for a main dish there is 14 pounds , 5 pounds for a starter which makes about 35 pounds to add to the final bill only if you want to listen to the music with a pint of a beer. Oh I almost forgot. They don't have/serve drought beer. Just 0.3l small bottles. The music was amazing and worth every penny. Overall, I wouldn't recommend it.

By Ben R.

Latino Salsa is very rarely sung in English! It would be a bit like playing Beethoven's 5th on the guitar - interesting, but not quite the real thing!

By Ben R.

After reading some bad reviews I have to speak out and defend the 606 Club. Yes, I am a member but what I write is an honest opinion of the club. I have not been paid to write this by the management! Honest Guv! I joined 606 Club in Oct 2008 (in order to become a member you have to frequent 606 Club 3 times previously) and have visited it 9 or 10 times since. On every occasion I have always loved my experience. True, I have not eaten here since I joined, but I do remember the food being pretty good and served with a smile. It's also true that when I attend I sit myself in the members bar and enjoy the music from there. However, I can honestly say that the staff always look as though they are doing their very best to look after all customers and seem to be permanently rushed off their feet making sure everyone is served and looked after.

As for the atmosphere, last night I visited Ronnie Scott’s for the first time in 8 years and I can honestly say that 606 provides a much better relaxed atmosphere and you don't feel that they are trying to grab every penny out of their customers or per square yard, unlike Ronnie Scott’s, I'm afraid to say! At 606 the dark and rustic setting is everything a jazz club should be and the quality of music, food and drink is provided at a high level without them trying to fleece you out of all your money. The focus here is on good music, food and drink, and creating an honest down- to- earth relaxed atmosphere for everyone to enjoy. Ben R.

By Mark K.

I went to this club with my wife, the welcome was very friendly. The food was not that great and a little cold. When the band started playing, I was not sure exactly as to the type of music I was listening to. It was a kind of Latino salsa! Not one word was sung in English the whole night. I feel upset that I spent £90 on dinner for two and had to listen to somthing that definitely wasn't Jazz!

By Semana N.

Myself and my husband went to this club for the first time and we were really looking forward to it, the music was amazing but sadly the food was not. I ordered the stuffed mushroom with fries, I have never seen fries like it before, they were burnt and full of grease and very soggy, and the mushrooms were bland, my husband who does not like to complain even advised me to send it back. I sent it back and it was returned exactly the same. After trying to get the attention of the waiter for a very long time (Not enough waiters only 3 for whole club on a Saturday night) I took it back to the kitchen myself and was grunted at by the waiter in the kitchen 'alright then.' I have to say though the manger did come over to apologise and was very polite and kind and took the meal off the bill. My husbads meal was no better he ordered the cajun chicken which was overcooked and dry and again very bland, he did not finish it.

As it is compulsory to have a meal at this club you would think the food would be edible.The bill came to £70 without me having a main meal only a bowl of soup and a tiny piece of cake which I thought was very expensive. I realised that they had whacked on a service charge which I would not have paid for since it was not great and we had to go and find somewhere to pay the bill because there were not enough waitors to bring bill to our table. I would give the club another go because the music was amazing, but please 606 club sort out your food!! Not all your customers are toffs from chelsea who are loaded, some of us save up to come out for a special occasion and are then dissapointed!!

By Laura T.

Geez the Net is a tough place! lol. OK, so when this young lady arrived she was not happy with her table so the manager re-arranged the whole restaurant seating (we were fully booked) so she could have the table she wanted.

She was then not happy with the starters she ordered, probably worth pointing out that all our food is ordered each day so not much chance of anything being stale and the nachos are hugely popular.

She was then not happy with her main course so we made another one...and she wasn't happy that either. We offered her an alternative but she refused. At this point the manager checked with her partner (understandably) who said his meal was "great".

Interestingly between then and the above posting this mysteriously became "tasteless". Hmm. For the record we are one of the few restaurants that still make our own chips (from real potatoes, nothing frozen), presumably she's not used to real chips.

The wine she wasn't happy with is a gold medal winning Crianza, I found a review of it on the Net that describes it as "..a silky star". Hmm.

We didn't charge her for any of the food she didn't like plus gave her a substantial discount, so after allowing for music and service from the £75 quoted means their 3 course meal with drink (note, with drink) came to around £20/head. She clearly wasn't happy with that either.

Hmm. I'm not for a second suggesting that this is the situation in this case but there are some people out there who are determined to just not like anything and it can be pretty hard to deal with that, no matter how you try.

By chance we received this totally unsolicited mail today "I came to your Club on Friday night ....what a night! The music was fantastic, Just incredible. The atmosphere together with the food, drink and music, not forgetting such friendly service was wonderful. Thank you so much". So we do try, we really do....

By Karen R.

We visited the 606 club for the first time on Sunday 25th October '09 and had a fantastic evening. The staff were great, very welcoming.

The food was good as was the wine and very good value for money. As for the music, Gwyneth Herbert and her band were fantastic!

We had a brilliant evening as did the people on the tables either side of us and can't wait to go agin next time we're visiting London.

By Emily S.

I give this 4 star for the music and not sure it would even get 1 star for the food and decor.

My boyfriend took me here on a Saturday night for my birthday as I love Jazz, the music was great but the meal was just appalling.

For starters we ordered Nachos which when came out were about 10 on the plate and covered in greasy sloppy cheese and some kind of tomato sauce (didn't taste like salsa), we also had Hummus and Pita, the hummus wasn't bad you cant really go wrong with it but the toasted pita just tasted stale and was cold when served.

As for main courses my partner had sausage and mash, which he could have made better himself, it had a random massive lump of potato in his mash and was all just tasteless, for me i ordered what you think would be the most simplest dish to cook, linguine with tomato sauce, well firstly it came with some random alien looking substance which they took away and said wasn't supposed to be in there but was some kind of chili so they made me a 'fresh' one, fresh being the operative word, it certainly was not fresh.

The pasta was cold and the dish absolutely drowned in water..more like a soup! We also had a side order of chips, which when came out i could not believe they would actually serve! The most soggy, overcooked, burnt chips i have ever seen.

The wine i chose (being a special occasion) was a rioja at £23.35, it was not very good at all and completely overpriced..not sure if they try their wine choices before they offer them out..the waitress said full bodied and oaky..it wasn't.

To be fair to the staff, our waitress seemed very nice, we spoke to the manager and he took my meal off the bill and the chips but in my book that doesn't really rectify anything, would rather pay for my dinner and enjoy it!We were very disappointed as you can tell and walked away paying a £75 bill still hungry. What a waste of money.

By Laura T.

Further to my reply below we also felt it useful to respond to this posting as well. It is clearly impossible for us to know exactly which evening this refers to, however, service refusals are extremely rare and on consultation with my managers we have only been able to think of 3 in the last 4 months and only one that was contentious. The circumstances surrounding that refusal are as follows: a couple who had been dining were inadvertently given the incorrect bill. The bill they initially received was considerably less than theirs as they had consumed two bottles of wine whereas the bill they received was more moderate. The majority of our customers will give the bill at least a quick glance, so it seems reasonable to suppose these two did this. Having presumably checked the bill they then chose to pay it. My manager picked up the mistake immediately and a member of our floor staff was dispatched to the table with sincere apologies and the correct, more expensive, bill. The couple then proceeded to abuse my waiter, suggesting we were trying to "rip them off" etc. The manager then attempted to explain that this was in fact their correct bill and that we were simply asking them, not unreasonably, to pay for what they had actually had. More abuse followed so he just removed himself from the situation and to avoid further confrontation said that they should just pay what they felt was fair. It was at this point that the decision was made not to pay the service (happily paid on the first, smaller, bill), a decision that was accepted by all parties. As I say, it is not possible for me to say whether this episode relates to the posting above, but I would re-iterate that this is the only contentious refusal we can recall in the last 4 months. I should say that we take customer service extremely seriously, if issues are reported directly to us we will usually deal with them within 48 hours, so we find these vague, unsupported, mildly malicious postings very distressing.

By Laura T.

As a rule we usually don't reply to posted negative comments, partly because they are quite rare and partly because it can look a little petulant.

However this comment and the one above have upset us so much that we did feel that a response was required.

The gentleman above has actually placed himself quite accurately by describing the gig he attended (the wonderful Jandira Silva). To put his comments in context, when he booked his table our licensing restrictions were explained quite carefully and fully to him, as we always do.

These are that due to our late license we are restricted to serving alcohol to non members with main meals only. Being a legal restriction this is clearly a rule we cannot afford to contravene and we do our best to make the situation clear to everyone who wishes to attend. So, having clearly had explained the "eating and drinking" rule on booking the gentleman who posted the comment above arrived at our door.

The manager checked that he was coming for dinner and again explained the rule. When he was seated at his table and ordered drinks the waitress once more was required to explain the situation. My understanding is that the manager was then required to go back to his table to discuss the situation once again. Which means the rules of the Club were explained to this particular person at least 3 times, possibly 4. I will leave the reader to judge whether his comment above could be considered fair or reasonable.

By Jan R.

We have been to the 606 Club in the past and enjoyed the food, music and serivce.

However, it was a different story on our last visit where poor service and appalling behaviour from male member of staff (he didn't like the fact that we challened the 'added' service charge, which we refused to pay and became abusive etc), ruined our visit and we will never go back.

By Sophie B.

please understand that this is probably because of their licence.

If you are going to criticise look into why it happened. To serve alcohol you must eat. It is a club not a bar!

Fabulous place, very friendly, first class food and excellent music - what more could a jazz fan want.

By Maciej W.

this club is a joke!

sorry it just spoiled my night out, music is ok well it's hard to said anything bad - lovely brasilian girl, bosa nova BUT I was not allowed to drink any alcohol unless I have a dinner ha ha ha

I said ok I pay the price just let me have glass of beer and listen to the music NOOOO u have to EAT IT ha ha ha what a dump

By Gahtan V.

Never had a bad experience with the 606 staff in the 3 years that i have been frequenting it.

Love the decor - adds a speakeasy type feel to the place.

Will agree the food is a tad bit overpriced but then there are not that many quality live music venues available in London.


By Hugo C.

I am a member of the 606 club and have been going there for years.

I recently felt compelled to write a review as have been very dissappointed with the service there on several occassions.

Whilst the music is fantastic and the food (although a little expensive) is good, the service is quite frankly appalling.

Each time I have been there I have been treated very badly by waiting staff who quite obviously wish they were anywhere but there!

I have since been put off bringing guests to the club because of the number of times we have left with our night ruined by the rude waiting staff. Come on 606, sort it out!!

By DJ S.

02/01/08 My wife and I arrived at 20:00 along with several other parties but the staff seemed surprised and the band were still setting up. We were sat immediately and the food came out within minutes. There are two veg starters and we ordered both. One is a goat's cheese dish - quite nice, the other is a disaster. We wanted a bottle of wine but had to ask twice (A very forgetful waitress) and in the end it arrived around 20 minutes from the time we ordered.

We finished our meal at 21:30 expecting the band to start however, they didn't start until 21:50 although the percussionist who arrived at the same time as us and continued with a sound check through our dinner wasn't the blame. The table layout is a mess and it just doesn't work. Our chairs were constantly kicked by every passerby, the gentleman seated in front of us almost knocked down our drinks 3 or 4 times just by moving his chair. Dishes served to the table in front of us had to be done so through our table (not charming if that is what you are thinking!).

Perhaps just bad luck seating for us? I did have a look around and it seemed everyone was crammed in and in just as uncomfortable. The band: each musician was good however as a group it's best to give them a miss. Each were playing on top of each other and it was all a bit wrong. They took a 30 minute break in between the set. Our bill came to just under £100. We had 2 starters, 2 mains, 1 bottle of wine, 2 glasses of wine, 3 bottles of water, 1 coffee and 1 desert and entry into the club (£24 total).

Hardly worth it to be honest and we will not be coming back. There are far better options in town and for less of a hit on the wallet. On that note, I wouldn't mind the tab if it had been worth it. A bit of space, more logical seating so that you don't infact find yourself dining with your neighbor or kicked by restroom goers and wait staff!

By Rob S.

We didn't like the music which was overpriced at £12/head, the service was poor (our waiter didn't understand our order until the 3rd attempt, our plates were left with us all night and we weren't offered more drinks or dessert) and the 12.5% is added before the bill arrives which is awkward to argue off - no one wants to do that on a night out. £60/head no where near worth it they need to decorate the place too, social club-esque...

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