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93 Feet East is a spacious venue on Brick Lane.

Ranked #79 of 225 clubs in London
"Bar, Club and Live Music venue offering a variety of events taking place each week. We also have the 93 courtyard with BBQ being served each evening throughout the Summer months."

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93 Feet East reviews

By Andrew M.

93 Feet East has a pretty good vibe on a late sunny Sunday afternoon but unfortunately it's a little drab the rest of the time. Sometimes 93 Feet East features some exceptional DJs but on the whole it's hit and miss in my opinion with an overinflated sense of its own importance.

By J.

93 Feet East offers one of the best clubbing experiences in London in my opinion. With different music in every room there's music for your every mood. Rock on 93 Feet East!

By Matthew R.

Love 93 Feet East. It really comes into it's own in the summer so now that the spring is here, it's BBQ and cocktail time! There's a new night on called Slow Jams Social which is well worth checking out. DJs all day Sunday playing Slow House and Disco Edits.

By Sara J.

We bought our tickets online - said vip ticket - entrance and no cues and 2 drinks included - one single or a mixer or a beer. When we arrived we showed our tickets to security and still standing in a cue and when arrived at the ticket office we were sent to another girl standing somewhere at the back,in a crowd, got our stamps and 2 "vouchers" for our drinks. When we went to the bar, we were sent to the other bar where they accept vouchers and there we couldn't choose - any drink (single or mixer or beer) but only from vodka or gin or calsberg in a can - that's it your "vip ticket" ! We both were shocked, my friend took calsberg, the bartender was quite rude as well he gave her the can - didn't open it, didn't offer a glass. I was still in shock - so the bartender quite unfriendly, rude couple times repeated the option, but I was so disappointed that just wanted to leave. We didn't like the music. And still at the wardrobe we each had to pay 2 £ to leave our coats. Didn't feel in any way vip but even worse I guess as just if we would buy our drinks. Will never ever go there again! I would never recommend it to a friend or anyone.

By Marino P.

the venue and staff are very grim and the sound system is better in my bedroom and the guys on the phone line constant liars there are a lot better venues in brick lane with better staff and more friendly vibe

By Mel I.

Well, pretentious bohemian idiots are at least preferable to misanthropic ikea-philes. This is an old time space, as we used to have in the days when music was live and not piped. Recommended to music lovers if not soft furnishing types.

By Dillon B.

Full of pretentious bohemian idiots who think it is cool to be somewhere that is falling down as it is somehow chic and retro. Don't go here, it's rubbish, you'll be disappointed.

By Sinead H.

The loos are seriously disgusting. And I'm just talking about the ladies here. No loo seats, paper or soap. Plus they stink to high heaven. I was there for a private party last Thursday (29 July) - I complained to the 'Manager' who flatly denied that the loos had no seats but then refused to go and have a look! Here's a tip guys - if you are going to charge seriously swanky prices for booze(£4.60 per can) have the decency to have seriously swanky loos to match!

By Fluer C.

I've been to 93 feet east about 3 times in the last year, The first time was freezing cold and no one was there(Jan 2009) except a few friends of bands etc, lots of snow on the ground . I went again in the Summer to see 2 of my favorite bands Mean Poppa Lean and Floors & Walls, what a fantastic night, the venue was great and Free (90 free fridays I think) Great Sound, great Vibe, outside there was a barbecue and outside bar. I shall be back again on 21st Jan , so Happy New Year

By Vicky T.

If you go early on a summer's evening it's quite pleasant to sit outside with a drink and the drinks themselves aren't badly priced.

However I went back this Christmas for a private party where the whole venue had been hired out, despite booking it from 8pm-2am the bars where closed at midnight and everyone rudely chucked out by 12.15, it was disappointing and very unprofessional.

By Natalie I.

I really enjoyed this club, the atmosphere was fun and easy going so it was easy to have a good time with your friends. The door staff were nice and welcoming, unusual for London I have to say, and the bar staff were fine. Prices were reasonable but we missed out on the food in the BBQ so no comment but it looked good!

By Neda H.

it was much quieter than i expected when i came, which was probably due to the fact that everyone was smoking outside, but it still had a unique vibe and was full of east london cool kids so i can't complain.

By Paul R.

I had a pretty bad time as well unfortunately. It is seriously out of order to charge you a tenner then not actually let you into the main bar, which is what happened to us and a lot of other people. We hung around in the barbecue area for about an hour and then went home pissed off. What ever happened to controlling entry numbers?! Don't put up with this people! I've been to the bar during the week and had a perfectly decent time though - just avoid big weekend events unless you get there about 5pm I reckon.

By Sadie C.

I totally disagree! You should have got there sooner, because I saw the boosh and they were fantastic - and I paid less to get in! The club was rammed but everyone had a great time who was anywhere near me. Of course I had to wait for drinks, but what do you expect on a Saturday night?

Bar staff didn't seem to have time to be rude or friendly to me, they were busy putting up drinks! And I personally like the style of 93 Feet East. I have been going there for ages, and it is perfect for the area - maybe not as posh as further West, but this is Shoreditch! Personally I think your comments show that you have what you described as an Over-inflated sense of self-worth and drab interior! This is a great place for a party!

By Keith F.

I agree completely with the other reviews on here that comment on the venue's over-inflated sense of self-worth and drab interior. 93 Feet East really is the pits. The bar staff were incredibly stuck-up, but what for?! The place looks old and half-finished and has the poorest sound system I've heard in a long while. It was also completely over-priced and over-crowded. They'd let in so many people, that the main room was out of bounds for much of the night - not great if the DJs you'd come to see were playing in this room.

Because of the bad experience the club created, it didn't take long before 93 Feet East was full of disappointed revellers who looked justifiably miserable. 93 Feet East needs to be moved 93 miles east! I know that sounds cheesy, but the chill of the north sea would go perfectly with 93 Feet East's cold reception.

By T.

Best bar/club in London. This is definitely where the trendy people go. No chavs here.

By Hayley J.

With its varied selection of underground live events and club nights, the notorious 93 Feet East is as diverse as a bag of Woolworths pick ‘n’ mix. One of the larger venues in the area, it remains at the heart of the Brick Lane action.

The Venue
Located down a Jack The Ripper-style cobbled street off Brick Lane, the venue can hold up to 650 revellers, with three separate rooms that are interconnected via doorways and corridors. The first room, aptly titled the Pink Bar (as it has hot pink walls and curtains) has an elevated DJ booth that makes it a great place to dance and drink. Journeying through the Pink Bar, you will find the main hall which is best suited for live bands and has more of a stompy foot feel. It’s through the main room that party people can access the chic cream interiors of the Gallery Bar. The Gallery Bar only comes out to play on huge nights, like NYE, or at the request of the promoter. But it’s the large semi-private courtyard area that most people know the venue for. With its pub benches, outdoor bar, BBQ and smoking area, it is perfect for whiling away those hazy evenings.

The Atmosphere
During the warmer months, the atmosphere is electric and the venue often hosts parties that start around lunch time and finish in the wee hours of the morning. The club attracts a Brick Lane/Shoreditch crowd as well as out-of-towners up for a big night out. The venue is pretty big so when it isn’t bursting at the seams, it often feels a little empty and devoid of personality.

The Music
93 Feet East has welcomed everything from tech house rising stars to genre-defying unsigned bands from all over town and nights dedicated to bossa nova and grime. This venue doesn’t discriminate and events like Bangers and Mash regularly mash up genres for a good slice of social anthropology.

The Drink
Cocktails start from £5.49 – think mojitos, that sort of thing - and there are an array of imported lagers and spirits priced appropriately for the area.

The Last Word
A versatile venue with a varied roster of underground music events, it’s the outdoor courtyard that really makes 93 Feet East such an appealing proposition when the weather permits.

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