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Ace Cafe is a fully licensed cafe, bar and live music venue. It was established in 1938 and is part of Britain's cultural heritage. As well as being a fantastic music venue it is also a meeting place for motorcycle and car meets throughout the year.

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Ace Cafe London reviews

By Andrew M.

Ace Cafe London is an interesting venue. The food is good and vegetarian, but the staff are a little odd. They're not unpleasant or anything, but I did feel a little under scrutiny. Myabe they were just checking me out! Give Ace London Cafe a go yourself and see what you think.

By Andrew M.

Ace Cafe London is a bit of a mixed bag. It depends what you want from your local - live music or a more trad pub style atmosphere. I personally prefer the live music that the Ace Cafe London can provide. But then, who am I to say what's right and what's wrong. I suggest that you check it out for yourselves.

By Robert P.

Visited the Ace recently with my long lost cousin. We both had fish and chips. Excellent stuff, value and service. Yummy. Good place to go for something unique.

By Steve B.

The Ace cant be judged as a normal Cafe or on its food...The Ace is nostalgic history at its best. A great British institution. You go there for the vibe and to look at the Bikes and cars. The music and the feel of the place transports you back to the age of the Ton up boys,rock n roll and 50`s/60`s youth culture. Ive been many times on my bike and with the family on the Tube. No complaints at all about the food or staff but like i say its not what you go to the Ace for. The Ace is a national treasure.

By David L.

The food is terrible. I work nearby I have gone in there a number of times for lunch. They charge extortionate prices for what is essentially pre-cooked and re-heated muck. My worst experience, which has lead me never to return, was when I ordered the classic 'big breakfast' fry up. It arrived within 30 seconds of sitting down. Clearly pre-cooked and slammed in the microwave for 30 seconds. Needless to say it was disgusting. All for £6.50. Thanks. The service is abrupt and unfriendly. I would avoid this place at all costs, despite its hype as a 'famous and brilliant cafe'. This is rubbish. You have been warned.

By Joy T.

My husband & I are locals, but had never eaten at the Ace cafe - something we always wanted to do. Finally, I surprised him by taking him there. We were not disappointed. We enjoyed the nostalgic atmosphere, the staff were friendly & cheerful, the food was good quality & tasty, albeit a bit pricey, but it was good, and the toilets were spotless!

By John L.

I was looking forward to going to the Ace cafe for the Capri day on September 4th with my Capri having a fuel pump problem. I didn't think I had to make a phone call to book a place in, however i was informed when I got there that you had to book in advance, although I was told that it was first come, first serve. Prior to going, I had time to fix the problem as the meet was two weeks away and a few adjustments made the night before. When I got there I was told that you had to book in advance and got told to park across the road. Thanks Ace cafe for a ruined day! Good job I only live local. I wont be going there again in a hurry. I hope that no-one else had this problem that lives futher away.

By Jacquie H.

went to london to see the new year in - instead of going to see the fireworks on waterloo bridge we should have stayed in the cafe [but the other couples wanted to see the new year in on the bridge - what a huge mistake] The cafe with fantastic staff & food turned out to be the best thing about london. We are planning a trip back to london just to go to the cafe on one of their music nights The Ace Cafe of London - 100% GREAT

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