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Aces and Eights is a saloon bar found on Tufnell Park's Fortess Road. The venue offers a wide choice of American beers, whiskies, cocktails and bourbons alongside a menu of pizzas and pastas. The jukebox plays classic rock n roll tracks and it's speakeasy styled basement venue hosts live music and comedy.

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Aces and Eights reviews

By Kara S.

Excellent pizza and music. Aces and Aces is a rock'n'roll style bar far enough from Camden to keep out the tourists and idiots. It has a late license to boot! It is refreshing to have a late night bar that is not pounding out dance music. Instead the DJs play rock'n'roll favourites. The pizzas are really good and there is a good selection of whiskeys and cocktails. The cocktails do take ages, but they are worth it. I would rather them not be rushed and taste crap. The staff are cool and friendly--much more friendly than at the Intrepid Fox. They are too self important there. They used to do live music on Sundays but that has stopped. I hope they start it again as it was a really nice chilled evening. In summary, a great late-night bar if you like rock music without the pretentious stuff.

By Rochelle M.

I booked the private bar downstairs for my husbands surprise 40th birthday party and I cannot be more happy with their service. Booking it was easy and they were very open to me changing things around in the room to suit our party. They were also very helpful in helping us with whatever we needed. All the people I dealt with were were genuinely lovely people. The bargirl we had (wish I could remember her name!) for the night was also so helpful and even gave someone in the party a walkie talkie so she could tell them when my husband and I were making our arrival! Also the room is a great size and layout for parties with its own toilets and bar. Well done Aces and Eights, not often you get service like that!

By Jack B.

This is my first time in this area of London away from Camden and i must say i was extremely happy with what i found. Aces and Eights is a great little rock bar. It has a great vibe to it as soon as you walk through the door with its combination of excellent music and fantastic style. Also the the team behind the bar were very friendly and made you feel really welcome. They were having a good time as they worked which ifelt encourged me to have a good time. I will definitely be back again. Great Pizza too !

By Charlie M.

Been here a few times and really liked the music, spirit selection and the general vibe. However will never go back again since suffering the rudest barmaid ever (mixed race girl with tattoos) last Sunday. Everything that is wrong with the worst sort of bartenders - arrogant, bristling aggro, inability to make a simple classic cocktail (a daiquiri) even though it was on the menu, and then then worst sort of couldn't-care-less attitude. When we said we didn't want the strawberry daiquiri she'd made, having ordered a plain daiquiri, she got defensive and confrontational - "you should have read the menu before you ordered then". When we pointed out the normal daiquiri was on the menu she just said, "Oh yeah, that's the menu from Slim Jim's we don't do that here", and still wanted paying for the wrong drink. Her colleague, when we asked to mediate was pretty spineless, just backing his work-mate up even though she plain lied about what she'd said. Can't really blame him for loyalty, but again a 0/10 for customer service. I get it - it's a rockers bar. Doesn't mean you've gotta be bitchy with your customers though. Would explain why it's so empty so often. It seems that apart from a hard-core of rockers and goths the rest of us are just not welcome. It's a real shame, cos the European goth looking girl who had served us on previous occasions was a real sweetheart, but I'm not one for exposing myself to crap service and rude attitudes, so I won't bother with this place again. A real shame though, cos I was really getting to like the place.

By Mark S.

The staff are some of the rudest I have ever come across. Especially the owner (some sort of rude vertically challenged angry Irish fella) who threatened both me and my girlfriend for coming into his bar at last orders and made a big song and dance about it. He relented and gestured to the barmaid to let us have a drink in a way that it was like he just donated a kidney and we should be very grateful. We then bought our drink reluctantly and then asked us to leave before the last drop was drank. Frigging weirdo. On a constructive note I have been in the bar before and found it incredibly pretentious and fake. The decor has been thrown together and the food is overpriced.

By Matt D.

I've been a bit of a regular here since it opened, it stands out in the area as there isn't really anywhere else like it, it's got good atmosphere and plays decent music (real jukebox!). The theme is well good, like a bar in Las Vegas or where ever and with drinks to match, I'm still trying to work my way through all the whiskey and the mojitos etc go down very well with the ladies (which reminds me the girls who work there are well fit). Nice pizzas too, which are definitely becoming my favourite bar food. Last time I was in there they had an offer on where if you bought a jd and coke you could be randomly picked to play a game to make it a double for the same price. What you had to do is they'd draw a card and you'd have to choose higher or lower. Then they'd draw another card and if you were right you won and got the extra shot for free! If you were wrong or it was an ace or an eight (like the name, geddit?) you didn't win, but out of a couple of goes you do end up winning once or twice. Definitely kept me coming back for more! So yeah, go for the decent tunes, grub and surprise card games that could win you extra booze!

By Emma H.

An unusual but successful combination of an all-American rock ‘n’ roll dive bar and traditional Italian pizza restaurant.

The Venue
Who would have thought Tufnell Park would have a venue like this? More suited to the backstreets of Camden, Aces and Eights is dark, grimy and uninviting from the outside. It’s right opposite the tube though, so an easy find and convenient to drop into on your way home.

It’s a pleasant surprise when you walk inside, as you are transported to another time and place. It’s a dive bar to the core, with high red-rimmed stools, wooden saloon-style booths and red candles complementing red velvet curtains that completely cover the large windows. It’s dim, seductive and undoubtedly cool. Not at all out of place is a large Mexican Day of the Dead skull painting that fills up the right-hand wall, while vintage gig posters cover every inch of the remaining brickwork. A long bar runs across the right side of the room with a free jukebox in the corner, very popular with customers.

The Atmosphere
Laid-back and local is the vibe here. The music is what you expect it to be – rock classics that remind you of a simpler time. David Bowie, The Doors and Led Zeppelin hum out of overhead speakers. It’s a place where you can easily spend a low key night. Having said that, Aces and Eights is open 'til 3am on the weekends, when it’s bound to get a little more raucous and you’ll find live music and DJs in the upstairs bar.

The Food
Aces and Eights is famous for its pizza, and it is definitely not all hype. There is a small selection of antipasta starters to tuck into. The grilled vegetables and goat’s cheese at £6.50 is spot on; the presentation is excellent, the cheese is gooey in the middle and the vegetables are nicely warmed to complement the cheese. The garlic bread is not your run of the mill starter either. It’s fresh and crispy with real tomato sauce and fresh garlic, and there is more than enough for two to share.

The pizza selection is fairly vast with prices ranging from £6-£9. The pizzas have thin crust Italian-style bases, which are fresh, crispy but soft in the middle, while the sauce tastes like a homemade recipe that certainly gives Pizza Express a run for their money. Not only are the pizzas huge, but toppings are generous too, making them very good value for money. The Pancetta is delicious, as is the Quattro Stagioni, which is full of spicy pepperoni, mushrooms and ham. There's a lack of chicken toppings, but there are enough meat and veggie choices on the menu to keep hungry punters happy.

The Drink
There is a good selection of beer and real ale on the menu. Camden Pale, Camden Hells and Brooklyn are popular choices and prices for bottles are around £4. On tap are Amstel, Kronenbourg, Guinness and Heineken. For the ladies, there are cocktails like the Old Fashioned, Daiquiri, Martini and Margarita (£7-£8). American whiskies are worth a try – the Fighting Cock, a Kentucky bourbon, and the Evan Williams, a 7 year sour mash bourbon.

The Last Word
The pizza is ace. The vibe is ace. The music is ace. What more is there to say?

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