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Adventure Bar is a well known bar offering a wide choice of fun shooters and cocktails such as Absolutely Fabulous, Flaming Zombie, Surfers Paradise and many more. Adventure Bar on Clapham High Street also offers their food options including buffalo wings; cheese platters; and their steak mandwich.

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"Adventure Bar on Clapham High Street packs a big party punch! With Brooklyn stylings, pub style dishes and sharers, delicious cocktails and a party atmosphere you can't go wrong. The exposed brickwork, neon Hot Dog signs and "party cages" all add to the vibe. The cocktails are lovingly crafted carefully by the super friendly bar staff who like singing and dancing along to the music. At the week ends Party music is the best way to describe it, the crowd sings along to forgotten favourites and today's classics. During the week we like to keep a little the tunes a little more refined. The kitchen keeps things tight as well with Hot Dogs, Burgers, Buffalo Wings and the famous Ron Burgundy! If you are after an intimate yet fun party bar in Clapham then this is the ticket. overall it's the perfect venue for people who want an unpretentious and brilliant night, any day of the week!"

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Adventure Bar reviews

By Emma S.

We had a girl's night at the Clapham High Street adventure bar on Saturday 31st Jan. The music was great and there was a good crowd of people. Minor concern at one point that they weren't going to let us use our cocktail groupon as it had just gone 8pm (which would have ruined the night) but that was quickly rectified on speaking to management behind the bar. The porn star martini's were delicious and so were the woo woos. Only let down was the cricket soup which we thought would be fun for photos (but the cricket was so small and not like the menu led you to believe), also it is not a great tasting cocktail. All in all it was a great experience and we look forward to coming back and perhaps trying our hand at the beer pong. Thank you!

By O'connor K.

Booked a birthday here for Saturday Oct 4th. As soon as we arrived staff were all really friendly, helpful and seemed like they wanted us to actually be there! They went above to make sure we could play on the beer pong table, and our birthday girl got a free shot on arrival. Definitely would return and recommend!

By Matt U.

Booked a table for my birthday, hadnt been to Adventure bar before, but the reviews online looked good and it was close to home, when I arrived the friend were friendly and attentive made sure everything was ok, everyone enjoyed theirslves, drinks were great and the atmosphere and music were spot on, cheers guys!

By Billie M.

I had an area for my birthday, the staff were very helpful, kind and lots of fun! I had a wonderful time the music was great and all together there was a fab atmosphere. Looking forward to going back soon. Drinks aren't too expensive too

By Billie M.

Book an area for my birthday the staff were amazing all night, the music was great and it was full but still enough room to dance. Had a wonderful time can't wait to go back

By Mercedes T.

I recently booked an area here for my birthday party, having not been to adventure bar before I was unsure what to expect... I had an amazing evening, the staff (especially manager Ryan) were amazing and the atmosphere was brilliant. I also discovered how good I was at beer pong!! The music was good and the bar was full of people which was a good excuse to get dancing on the chairs- which was welcomed by all at adventure! I would definitely go back!

By Tanya T.

Booked my leaving do here, when we arrived tables were nicely prepared for us. Thoroughly enjoyed the drinks, great music and atmosphere. Staff are always so helpful and fun here, I've been a few times and amazed at the consistently high service. Most definitely recommended for a great night out or just to stop in for a drink. And also fabulous food - macaroni cheese balls just have to be devoured!

By Iona H.

Booked an area for drinks here last weekend. Unfortunately I didn't get the area I asked for butt we still had an amazing night. The staff, music and atmosphere are perfect for a night out and the cocktail list is awesome! Will definitely be back :)

By Chloe S.

Fantastic Night out! Caters for both a wild night and a Cocktail date in the weekday. Food to die for, best mac and cheese balls I've tasted! Staff love their jobs and you can tell, smiley, and enthusiastic about the products they have to offer. Met some great people and will definitely recommend to friends and family.

By Sal S.

Incredible atmosphere! Love Patrick and the guys! Good place to go if you're up for a little fun!

By Karen B.

We went to Adventure Bar on a Friday night and has a great time! Cocktails were delicious, bar staff were friendly and the atmosphere was great. We'll definitely be returning.

By Sophie G.

We came here on a Friday night and had the best time! The drinks were amazing and reasonably priced, the staff were so friendly, and there were loads of extra goodies left out for us at our table! I am definitely going to be back soon!!

By Anete M.

I was there last week to celebrate my 25th birthday. When I arrived I was happy to see, that table was decorated for me. I had 25 guests, we had so much fun. The bar was not full, so it was a place for us to dance. Only the music was an issue for some of my friends, as it was very similar and boring at some point. But for me it was not an issue. The staff was very helpful at any time i asked - anything I needed or wanted I got! Very cosy environment and those little lights in our pictures looks just great. And the preordered food was tasty and gone in first minutes. Its a very nice place where to celebrate your party.

By Monica R.

I was here at the weekend and was very disappointed at how rude and unprofessional the doormen and some of the bar staff were. Despite the bar being half empty the doormen were not letting guests in and were disrespectful at the way they dealt with customers. Disposable plastic cups were collected, rinsed and reused (orange juice tasting of beer!) which is very unhygienic. I would not recommend this place to anybody. There are many bars in Clapham and Balham which make tastier and cheaper drinks and where the staff is polite and friendly.

By Daria F.

I came to the adventure covent garden first time for my hen party thinking just to get cocktails before the the end we stayed till it was shut! There is an amazing atmosphere in the bar (don't get put off by the smell), a good variety of cocktails with good amount of alcohol (try zombie and surfer), friendly stuff who are ready to help you make the most out of your party! I definitely would recommend it and definitely would come back again! Nights which start with adventure are big fun! Just make sure you don't have your best shoes on as the bars get crowded a lot, so you can damage your heels! And also it gets stuffy in the evenings, do you definitely would want light clothes.

By Amelia R.

Booked a table for my 23rd birthday with 8 friends. First time I've done something for my birthday so was a bit wary but after this night, I'll do something here every year! Staff were so friendly and nothing was too much trouble. Me and my friends are all deaf too and they made such an effort to be deaf aware and ensure we didn't miss out. Drinks are amazing and all have that something extra to make it a bit more special. Food is yummy too. Thank you adventure bar for giving me such a great night out! Amelia

By Danielle K.

Booked Adventure Bar Clapham High Street for my 25th birthday. The booking was simple to make and was confirmed by a friendly phone call. When me and my guests arrived there was party hats and party poppers on the table and a warm friendly welcome! When we were ready a member of staff served our free champagne. The night was made extra special with these little things and we danced all night to great music and drunk fab cocktails! Thanks for making my birthday special :)

By Lauren H.

Such a lively and exciting bar to go to! Everyone is very welcoming there and the cocktails & food are excellent! Great music too, definitely a place you can stay in all night and party!

By Kelly H.

With Crappy Meals - complete with Crappy Toy - a cocktail menu enclosed within Tom Cruise’s Cocktail VHS case, innuendos aplenty and a wall painting making a joke of Clapham Junction’s dogging reputation, Adventure Bar Clapham is infantile and oh so fun.

The Venue
Adventure Bar is a playground for grown-ups. The bar isn’t very big but is well-proportioned to make the most of the space. Booths offer comfortable seating for those looking to settle in for the night while high tables and chairs or bar stools are good for a quick few drinks. Pride of place goes to two key tables, one nestled into a cosy alcove and the other situated in a cage of fairy lights.

But it’s not the layout of this bar that sets it apart – it’s the little decorative flourishes. Neon red lights spell out ‘Wait Here, I’ve Gone For Help!’ on one wall while another wall is emblazoned with the motto ‘Hot Dogging on Clapham Common’ in reference to the Common’s dubious reputation. A gramophone hanging from the ceiling behind the bar would be a little passé – ALL bars seem to have a gramophone these days – were it not incorporated so well into the food service. When food is ready the announcement is made through the gramophone, acting as a loud speaker. Then there are the menus; VHS cases filled with cocktail lists and blank video cassettes with various faux porn names.

The Atmosphere
Many bars try to be fun; many bars have 'crazy' bar staff; and many bars aim to make sure patrons are enjoying themselves. Few do it as well as Adventure Bar. Sure, the jokes are borderline cringe (‘this drink will have Nigella creaming herself’) and sometimes the staff seem to be having more fun than the customers, but it’s this that keeps energy high and people smiling. And that’s the great thing about this bar - people smile here. While many of London’s top cocktail bars take themselves very seriously, Adventure Bar is the polar opposite. And it’s all helped along by refreshingly feel-good eighties tunes.

The Food
There are only two options on a menu amusingly named ‘Crappy Meals’. Hotdog and curly fries or chicken wings in a sticky sauce with curly fries - that’s your lot. And that’s all you need. The curly fries are delicious - crispy, perfectly fried and with a slight saltiness that isn’t overpowering. The hotdog is huge, with a soft bun, a couple of sausages, onions, mustard, and ketchup. It’s gooey, messy and filling. The chicken wings are a little more disappointing - the chicken skin could be crispier, but the sticky, caramalised sauce with a hot kick is delicious. For £7.50 a pop, it’s worth every penny, especially as you get a free ‘Crappy Toy’ - bubble blower, anyone?

The Drink
As you might expect, the cocktail menu at Adventure Bar is super fun. Shooters include options like Flying Saucers, Cookies and Cream, or Strawberry Bon Bons, priced at £3.50 (£15 for six). There are also nine long cocktails on the menu, all of which are signature drinks, although the staff can mix you classics off-menu. However, they are surprisingly expensive given the lack of exciting ingredients (all cocktails come in at £9-£9.80).

The Pornstar is based on the Pornstar Martini and is made with a passion fruit puree and is ‘served with a Prosecco strap on’... Hmm. It’s overly saccharine as a result, and although it’s girly and sweet, cocktail purists won’t necessarily approve. The Lemon Cheese-Shake is also particularly sweet, with rum, white chocolate liqueur, cinnamon, lemon, egg and mascarpone. However, it’s what you’d expect from a drink like this. Again, it’s hard to see how a £9.80 price tag is justified without some sort of homemade ingredient, exotic fresh fruit or unusual addition, but it’s very easy to drink and the shortbread rim is a nice textural touch. Pandora’s Box is more of the same – a little too bland, and watery, made from strawberries, mint, rum and Prosecco.

Luckily, this bar has an absolutely fantastic choice of bottled beer - a choice that is better than in many pubs. Anchor Steam, Anchor Porter, Brewdog Punk IPA and Duff (in a nod to The Simpsons) are just some examples of the great beers you can choose from. Even the commercial choice of Peroni comes as the very nice Italian original, Peroni Rossa.

The Last Word
Adventure Bar brings some much-needed fun to London’s bar scene and is a thankful antidote to all of the attitude of bars and clubs that cover Clapham High Street. Make it your local and you’ll never have a dull Friday night again.

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