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Alexander The Great restaurant offers authentic home-cooked Greek dishes within a beautifully decorated taverna-style restaurant. Alexander The Great offers many Greek specialities prepared in the traditional style.

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11:00 - 23:30

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Alexander The Great reviews

By Romano K.

I'm a Camden local and have been to Alexander's a few times. I was never a big fan of the food but decided to go again recently to give it another shot. The positives are the decor and the service. The negatives is the food which is pretty below par and mediocre. My partner and I both got a dish each from the Greek Specialities section: Moussaka and Lamb Kleftiko. The Moussaka was barely edible, very greasy with a lack of seasoning and flavour. The Lamb was well cooked and very tender but the sauce was horrible and the potatoes were unseasoned, slightly burnt and just devoid of much taste. The rice also looked like it came out of a microwave packet from Uncle Ben's wild rice. Overall I wouldn't recommend this place if you're after nice, authentic Greek food especially since there are better Greek restaurants in the area.

By Christel V.

I'm glad to hear Alexander is back to normal... we've always loved it but that night's experience was just beyond rediculous.... Might have to convince the rest of the group to give them one more chance....

By Linda G.

I went to Alexander the Great on sunday with my family and what a fantastic time we had. The service was friendly and prompt. The food delcious - the best meze ever so much food and excellent value. The staff were friendly and happy to serve us, Alexanders you have a customer for life and we would happily recommend you!

By Alex S.

Have been visiting this restaurant for over five years now and have generally enjoyed most of my meals there a huge amount. - Let's face it over that period of time they can't all be great?! Anyway, 'that' waiter mentioned below has now been given the sack. - I was there tonight and the service and the food was brilliant, honestly. - My son loves the place, and he loves food more than I do which is saying something, and he's only 2 1/2! There is now an Eastern European lady, Polish I think, another half Greek/half English girl and of course the owner/chef whom are all lovely. It does sound like the previous people had a negative experience because of the idiot that had been working there, but he's gone now and so give Alexander's another chance. I've been to all of the other Greek restaurants in the local vicinity, and they're not a touch on Alexanders. Hope this helps. Alex & Achilles

By Du Rand L.

Unbelievable! I have been to Alexander The Great so many times but they have obviously decided to hire the rudest of staff! The owner is fantastic, the belly dancer as always was amazing but the male waiter! Wow! I will never recommend Alexander The Great again! Don't get me wrong, the food is amazing and always has been, but they really need to start looking for new staff! I just read the reviews below and I have a sneaking suspicion that is the same we encountered. What a shame :-(

By Christel V.

Not so good if the staff call you a bastard in Greek and then punch you in the face. NEVER EVER will I go to this restaurant again. And no it is not a make up actually happened.!!

By Christel V.

I've been to Alexander The Great a few times and loved it every single time. But went there tonight and had the most horrific experience of my life. We asked for space for a baby pram which was not provided, therefore had to take the space of a seat so did not have enough space for everyone. When questioning the waiter, he just shrugged his shoulders and said he didn't know so nothing he can do about it.

The night went on and the belly dancer as usual appeared. She danced with one of the guys on our table as usual. Our waiter then decided to bump our dancing friend out the way and called him a bastard in Greek. Not realising my friend actually understood Greek. He confronted the waiter and ended up with a punch in the face. The waiter then also tried to take me on because I was having a conversation with my friend about the bad service.

I have never in my life been to any restaurant where a rude waiter from the start ended up punching one of his customers. If they don't like people in the walkways they should not have a dancer encouraging people to dance with her. After all this the owner apologised but still charged us a 10% service charge? For what. A punch? I will never ever again visit the restaurant! They have done a great job of wrecking a great night!

By Dominic V.

Welcomed with compliemtary olives and chillies and a cordial smile from Chef and waitress.
High taste value. Kleftades mince was full of flavour…..yummy, and salad side portion gave an overall healthy filling.
Empty on a Sunday afternoon at 1pm (opens). Later filled out to add to the atmospehere.
Chef welcomed us (Greek), waitress was local. Service was not prompt, altogether average, nothing special.
£9.90 for starters, main course and a cup of tea (Don't be fooled by the £9.90 three course meal advertised outside, lol), filled the tummy and the taste buds --value for money..tick, tick, tick
5 mins walk from Mornington Cresent, with other Greek restraunts on the same street to choose from. Only Greek restaurant opened on Sunday lunchtime on Plendour street. Camden Town is close-by for a leisurely walk to help digest.

By C.

Wonderful food, very good prices, a warm tavern-like atmosphere, and waiters that are up for a laugh. What more could you want? I try and visit this restaurant once a month if I can.

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