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Amber is a stylish and vibrant venue that offers a wide choice of drinks alongside a food menu of globally inspired dishes.

Ranked #101 of 2091 pubs & bars in London
Part of the Late Night London group
"Amber seamlessly blends the retro disco vibes of Groovy Wonderland with sensuous style and the créme de la créme of the milk bar. Whatever your mood, Amber Bar will suit as you get into the groove with the seventies disco, sink into the sumptuous seats or choose our restaurant for some seriously indulgent lunchtime treats."

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By Claire B.

Bouncers are Arses-more what can be said? If a big group of you-you won't get it...If more than one black guy-you won't get it-if the girls aren't attractive enough-you won't get in-if you are wearing canvas shoes (regardless of the fact they are Hugo Boss)-guess what-you won't get in....This club is stereotyping at its worst-so so so sad and upsetting for a happy bunch of birthday goers-who just wanted to have a good time :(

By Zara P.

Absolutely Awful-I wouldn't give it even one star if it were possible. It was a friends birthday and we all made the effort to travel from around the country to attend...In the club her group consisted of 8 girls and we all turned up around an hour later to enjoy a fun filled evening (3girls and 5 boys) 3 of the guys didn't get in as they were wearing shoes which didn't "apparently look right" ...The thing is these guys in our group were black and when looking at the majority of the queue everyone was Asian...The head bouncer (a white guy) was not having any of it-he was very condescending and wouldn't budge...So the guys said don't worry about it we'll go somewhere else. We still went in as we were there for our friend-but when we got inside it was unbelievable-the whole place was Asian (which is not a negative per se) -as our friends are Indian, we are mixed race) but surprisingly the bar staff refused to serve our male friends- who happened to be the only white men in the bar...It was crazy...Never ever has race been an issue in a London bar for us and this whole hour was dictated by it...When we went outside to complain to the head bouncer he simply didn't care-being as patronising as ever and practically laughing in our faces...This man was on a power trip-the smaller, larger Asian bouncer was great and he tried doing his best to sympathise-as a bouncer should do-and he was fantastic at doing so...It was the head doorman who was rude and obnoxious...I don't know about you, but you pay 10 to get in a venue you expect be looked after and hospitable-it was a birthday we were all there to have a good time and we were let down by some horrible, arrogant and racist staff-we couldn't actually believe it...So after we went to Fabric and had an amazing night-you know why, because black, white, trainers, shoes, fat, skinny it just didn't matter music is music and we danced the night away!!....Do not go to Amber Bar!

By Darren C.

When there 28/10/2011 after a few drinks at a local bar with a few mates. Must have been just before 10pm, got to the door the bounce stamped the back of are hands and let us in, and as we got down stairs the same bouncer stopped us and told use to go back up stair, then told us we can not come in. The bounce could not give us a valid reason why we could not go in. The so called manager came out and after talking to him for what feels like 10 mins(or so) he said that we was rude to his staff and for that we are not coming in.(at the same time groups of 3 to 4 people was still getting let in) What i did not say is that we are three BLACK men aged 30, 32 &40 just come from work so we got on shoes, shirts and looking nice so it was not a clothing problem. We was not drunk and the other people they where letting in was WHITE or MIXED race or if they where BLACK they had a WHITE friend with them. The only think that they lead me to believe is that are a racist or don't like groups of THREE BLACK MEN and i will every go back again.

By Rosie M.

Love Amber, have come here a few times and its become a dangerously regular haunt! Its brilliant to come down with a large group of friends as you can hire out the booths and the different rooms mean you can pretty much stay in one place for the whole night. Ideal for an after work do or a party- good atmosphere. Can get really busy on a Thurs/Fri so I would book before.

By Sonia K.

'Saturday's have made Amber Bar and Kandy Nights a popular hang out within the Square Mile for people from all races and backgrounds, the Dj's serve up a treat of music for every ear from every era and this combination will keep revellers coming back for more time and again. There is some influence by their success from Piya Piya, a venue which was located just a little down the way in Old Street, however, this venue is larger and more vibrant with the atmosphere and finesse to match and the attractions don't stop there. The Groovy Wonderland has a Large Bar, a proper VIP room, Large cushioned booths for private bookings and a food menu served directly to your table, demonstrating the complete package and that simply describes one small part of the venue, on talking to the door lady we found out the venue has a host of other parts to it and large parties of 50 plus can be accomodated in their own private arena with a private DJ, really adding to the ever growing list that this hidden gem has acquired. There seems much to look forward to at Amber and whilst there are some small negatives, it becomes easy to overlook the closing time and wait at the bar in return for the many positives this place brings through its doors. Definitely one place worth checking out, but book in advance.'

By Al S.

When to this place for Baz's birthday on a friday night. Booked out own area. Too hot inside in September so people left early feeling sick. Also they did not show the football for the boys. All the bankers are perverts and the food took ages to arrive. Poor wine selection, girls vomiting everywhere and happy hour just doesn't work in that place. Poor choice of music on a Friday night and all in all a bad experience. Zero stars. Avoid this place.

By Jo H.

Just had an awful lunch experience at Amber, it used to be slow but now it is just ridiculous! They took almost two hours for two wraps and then charged £6.50 for a glass of warm wine. I would not bother going here for lunch!

By Suzie Q.

Another great night at Amber on Friday! Thanks for arranging the V.I.P Area for my friends and I-we all totally loved it and my friend who is getting married had the best hen night possible. Will be arranging regular nights out with you guys-top night every time! Thanks again :)

By John H.

My office also went to the Amber bar last Christmas. The place was over crowded. Paid £35 each for the Christmas buffet, some people only got a Pork pie!. Some people in our group complained that when they went outside for a smoke were then not let in afterwards as it was claimed it was full. The Hostess managing the guest lists is extremely rude and should undertake Customers services training or be sacked! However, this can be a very good place to hold celebration, if only they would sort out the Management issues!

By Maz O.

Went to Amber last Thursday for my friends birthday and had a fab evening! Was initially a bit worried a Thursday night would be a little quiet compared to a Friday but it was really buzzing!! The venue is split into four inter-linking bars which each provide a different feel. My friend had booked a booth in the Milk bar which has an Ibiza cocktail bar theme, it provided a great base for the evening allowing us to roam into the other bars such Groovy for a boogie on the dance floor with the groovy roller-dancers!! This bar really caters for everyone. All in all a great atmosphere friendly and attentive staff and an evening to remember!!

By Lynsey P.

I had a fab night at Amber on Friday-just what I needed after a hard week at work! Me and my friends went down for Happy Hour which is on until 8pm and we printed off the vouchers from the website to extend the half price offer until 10pm. Groovy Wonderland was kicking-we had a right ball. Definately going again next week-Love it!

By Janine M.

STAY AWAY - If I could rate this place zero stars I would. We booked a private function room / restaurant at Amber Bar for our work Christmas do in December 2010. Upon arriving we found they had reserved us a small area in the bar, which catered for less than half of our group of 30 (with no seats). It was set up by the toilets (where a girl was vomiting) where they expected us to eat as other punters trudged in and out of our area (and often tried to take it over). The bar was extremely hot in the middle of winter, leaving many sweating. The staff were extremely rude and not helpful in trying to resolve the matter, nor apologising for the mix-up as we should have had our own private area. We paid over £2000 for the food and drinks up front. The wines were very average and there was a poor selection. Some of our party were so upset by the mix-up that they left, and others went home early because of the heat. There were no vegetarian options so some people could not eat the selection of food offered. The nightclub was extremely busy and full of gawking men at every turn trying to grab your ass and hit on you. They had clearly overbooked the venue due to Christmas and I spoke to other punters who had also had similar bad experiences that night. One bloke said they were taken to their restaurant area, but staff didn't tell them it was set up so their food was going cold, then they were rushed through dinner and never given any butter, salt & pepper - let alone service. I would not recommend this place to anyone. If you want food, go to a proper restaurant. If you want clubbing then go to a decent nightclub or bar like MOS or bedroom bar! Never again!

By Richard F.

Incredible! We had our staff xmas paertry there and it was a night to remember.. I've seen the ad.s and I wish my mum went to Iceland! For £32 the christmas dinner was a steal. My "christams on a stick" had.a proper brussel sprout on it and everything! We were shifted to another table for 30 which wqads conveniently located outsude the toilet. Brilliant for mingling with people going to and from. The staff were also very helpful with tips on how to interpret their promotional video.... Very nice legal response. Thoroughly out of this world!

By Chantal M.

A place for horny bankers, that , a bit tired after a long work day, have just enogh energy left to look at sexy girls... definetly not classy nor glamorous. boring.

By Suzie Q.

Not sure what some of the people on here are talking about - it's fab! The staff are lovely and door staff always greet us warmly. Delicious lunches, unusual cocktails and a great vibe - check it our for yourself!

By Leoni G.

I'm coming to Amber and I can't wait to get my groove on on the dance floor! After calling the management to discuss the bad reviews on here they have assured me that I will be well looked after and that the dodgey bouncers that were there before are gone and now I am looking forward to a great 30th! Thanks Andy Pandy Poos for recommending! And thanks Amber for helping me organise it! I'll update after the event! Bella x

By Suzie Q.

Brilliant happy hours - 50% off all drinks so perfect for a wind down drink after work! A really great crowd, everyone just there to have a good time - see you again soon!

By Jonny D.

Terrible place! Expensive with a low quality! Do not go there by all means. Security guards are very very rude! Drinks are made by amatures.

By Andy B.

I have no idea what these fools below are talking about! I went to Amber with 5 of my good pals and we had an unreal night - We were well looked after - had no trouble and danced the night away till the place closed. I would recommend Amber just for the 70s room alone - flashing dancefloor and woman in hotpants dancing the night away - good times! The funky house room was also buzzing- The management was right Amber gets mobbed and its because the atmosphere is great and you wont have any trouble! You probably werent looked after because you werent spending money! I would say come to Amber people - and enjoy your night!

By Malcolm K.

I was very disappointed with this place. I have to agree with all those people who said that the staff is very rude and absolutely not helpful. Another thing, on the website they say no sportswear, a normal person would understand it as no shorts or tracksuit pants, but my friend was not allowed to come in because of the JEANS (BTW smart jeans, no wholes) that is the most ridiculous thing I have ever seen.

By Johnd J.

Do not go there! This is the most terrible place I have ever been. The staff is very rude, the manager cannot do anything to help customers and meet their needs. If you buy your drinks during the happy hour and do not buy anything else later, they will block you from going to the toilet!

By Olamide D.

I am so upset with myself for not taking the time to read reviews on Amber before I organised my "leaving do" drinks there! Had I done so I would have most definitely chosen another venue. I made a reservation for a party of 30 people. I was a bit surprised when we arrived and found out that we only had two tables booked. It then got much worse when we found out that some members of the party were being turned down in a very rude way by the bouncers. The most annoying thing was that there was not apparent reason for them to turn down my guests. They are extremely rude and arbitrary! When I spoke to the management about the situation. They responded that they could not do anything about it! When I finally told them that I would be left with no option but to pay up the few tabs that we had running and take the party somewhere else. The manager responded to my amazement that they had enough customers as they were, so it would not really be a problem! Needless to say that I would not recommend anyone to organise any kind of party at Amber. The door staff are rude and management team is absolutely clueless. To be fair their bar staff are decent and friendly. We carried on our party somewhere else and had a fantastic night!

By Henry E.

Avoid this place at all costs. If Amber has a genuine door policy, they are having serious problems communicating this to the public. Why is this so difficult?

By Tom O.

I organised work drinks for my team on Friday and we all had an excellent time in Amber. The staff where polite and friendly and service was excellent - The only complaint was my head on saturday! Thanks Amber we will be back very soon. Tom

By Johanna Z.

Had my birthday party a couple of weeks ago in the Groovy Wonderland and it was really amazing! We had chosen a "groovy package" which included 4 cocktails and a chocolate fondue! The cocktails were served in fresh fruit and the fondue was delicious. The staff were super friendly and helpfull and the music was great. I also really enjoyed the dancers and roller girls! I have already booked an area for my friends birthday and we can wait!

By Kim C.

What a delicious meal we had! My friends and I came for lunch on the sunny terrace and were very well looked after. Plus I hear there is a new menu for lunch starting next week, look forward to it!

By A J.

Avoid Amber at all costs. After finding a table in the al fresco area on the concourse we 'discovered' that the only draft beer (Becks) had run out. I bought a couple of pints from the bar downstairs only to be told by the heavy on the door that I couldn't take them out with me. The reason for this became clear - the price of sitting outside is that you're forced to buy bottled beers at over £4 a shot. A con-trick indeed. The previous Digress management didn't operate in such a cynical manner. Shame on Amber - consider instead All-Bar-One around the corner where you can sit outside and choose from the healthy range of fairly priced drinks and snacks.

By Diana W.

Worst place in London. Amber bar door staff are the most disgusting, idiotic, arrogant, revolting, repulsive, sickening, ghastly, filthy, sordid human beings on earth.

By Haran B.

Amber doesn’t even deserve one star! The get rid of the Neanderthals at the door and get better management! In fact go back to the Digress management!

By Lyndsay C.

Went for lunch today at Amber. Sat outside so went down early to make sure we had a table. 12:15 we arrived at 12:40 we finally got asked what drink we would like. ordered food which 'got lost' and it came out at 1:40 luckily they were good at chasing up and gave us the whole meal for nothing because we complained, however they only communicated when we challenged them about where our food was and did not keep us informed as to how long it would take, basically took nearly 2 hours to get our lunch then had to eat mega fast to get back to the office on our 1 hour lunch break. Also when the food did arrive it was not what i had ordered. so needless to say i wont be going back for lunch in a hurry! Been there a few nights out and it is normally been quite good the staff in the evening have always been great! but on a couple of occassions the booth was not organised with the drinks we ordered etc. Am not ovely impressed, especially as this has only been since it has been done up. Never ever had a problem with Digress. such a shame as it is the most convenient place to my office just upstairs!

By Maz K.

Ive never written a review on a bar before but this time I just felt it had to be done. I booked the private dining area for my boyfriends birthday with 30+ people. After paying my deposit and speaking to management on more than one occassion who confirmed to me that its all booked and fine and everyone should dress to impress, which is exactly what we did. We got to the door and the doormen turned us away immediately because he thought one of the guys with us was not smart enough, even though they were all wearing shirts and trousers. They really need to learn what smart means because straight after he let a guy in who was wearing a t-shirt and jeans! After trying to speak to him about what the problem was he replied "its not what you wear, its how you wear it". Seriously, how much more smarter can you look with trousers and a shirt tucked in?! Not only this, but then it took me 20 mins to convinve this arrogant doorman to let me in to get my deposit back. What a dissapointing night. They've lost some very good customers. Should seriously learn some management skills from the old Digress team. Luckily we found another bar to go to eventually and built up a tab of over £6000. They're loss...

By John T.

Avoid! I have never written a review about a Bar/club/shop etc. But I thought it's well worth doing one here as Amber Bar fully deserves a review all for the wrong reasons! I had booked a table last Fri 14th May 2010 for my 30th. It was a memorable night but not in a good way! I had at least 7 friends turned away (before 8pm). I had to come out of the bar every 20 mins to try to negotiate and convince the incompetent donkey on the door & his arrogant sidekicks to let people I have invited in. Everytime it was a different excuse. Er he's aggressive, er I don't like his posture, er she's wearing white shoes so she can't come in, er no he can't come in either because he's too big! Whenever I challenged their decision, they never had a convincing answer! All those people I invited couldn't of all been aggressive or rude or drunk or not in the correct clothes! I bought 40 beers & bottles of wine along with other friends who bought lots of jugs but we didn't enjoy any of it! Word of warning, if you want a nice city night out, go to Apt Bar or even Agenda. These two have happy hour till 9pm, while Amber does not! What a terrible night out! Avoid! Wish I could've given this dump zero stars!

By Alixis J.

Great night out with the girls down at Amber after work on Thurs day night, the staff where very friendly and food was great. We had drinks at the bar, before being seated for a lovely meal, which was great value for money and enjoyed by everyone. We went back to the bar area after our meal and a great night was had by all, wine was flowing and the staff could not do enough for us. We will most definitely being making this one of our regular spots. But don’t believe me go and check it out for yourself. Looking forward to going back !! Thanks Amber for a great night, loved it !! Alixis and the girls XX

By Stuart B.

Friendly attentive staff, good music. We didn't eat, but the food looked lovely, a great place to stop after work. Very impressed. I'll definitley be back for the food!!

By Murray G.

Went for after work drinks yesterday and was really impressed. We had 9 of us in a group and were looked after by a great barman who kept us happy and made us laugh. We have just booked a table for 25 of us for next Friday as from what we have seen already its worth going back to and is right in the City. Hopefully next visit is as good as the first one was!

By Johanna B.

Stumbled upon this bar on a night out with the girls.......and had a fantastic evening! Great music, friendly staff and a brilliant atmosphere! We haven't stopped talking about it since and can't wait to plan our next night out at Amber!

By Peter M.

I booked a table on Monday for 20 people paid a deposit received a email conformation and then went to see the management team in person to confirm the booking. I was assured i would have a table in the Opel room by the lady i spoke to. Bars normally don't guarantee the size of the table or the room. I phoned them on Thursday again to confirm and to ask if i could arrive at 6pm mins later then agreed they told me no! i explained i had previously arrived at 6.30 they said it was company policy all table can be held till 5.30 they were so quick to offer me a refund which i refused and said i will be there at 5.45pm. On Friday around 2pm i received a email to say they had double booked and would refund my deposit I went mad and rushed there for a full explanation. I was told i was the last person to book and they had no more free tables all they could offer me was to put me on the guest list. I demanded to see proof of people who had booked tables before me the lady insisted she could show me evidence and made me wait 10mins later returned with no proof just another excuse. I then asked to speak to the manager who was unavailable all she could offer me is a apology which at this stage ment nothing as i knew for a fact i was being lied to. I then asked what they could offer me the lady assured me the manager would do something and to ask see him when i arrive. I was close to changing the location of the party which was just a few hours away i decided not to. When i arrived to the i waited for the manager explained everything and all he could do was apologise i requested free drinks as a gesture of good will and he said no. I then went to the party of people that were on the table i had booked and located the person who made the booking, she happened to be very nice and told me she booked the table on Wednesday - What a surprise. The management team at Amber will suddenly double book you if they have someone else is paying a larger deposit its just business!

By Krystle E.

At last a bar in the City which is worth going to for a proper night out!! I disagree with the previous comments - we went down to have a look around and book a party and the management and sales team were more than helpful showing us around and explaining all the options. They even gave us a free bottle of wine and platter while we discussed it. Due to this we booked a table for their launch party which was a lot of fun! We were a group of 20 people who came straight from work for a few drinks and a good laugh. Again the management were great giving us free chocolate fondue and bottle of champagne! There was table service for most of the night until it was too packed and the 50% off made it even better!! The farewell party is next week and we are really looking forward to a good night out!

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