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Amuse Bouche is a stylish venue serving a variety of Champagnes to suit all budgets. A light canape menu is available offering oysters, platters and desserts. In fine weather enjoy alfresco dining or drinking in the courtyard.

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Opening Hours

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Amuse Bouche reviews

By Michael S.

Had a fantastic birthday party here - the champagne was flowing. My wallet is suffering more than my head however!

By Chris C.

Staff were rude, patronising and certainly not worthy of a champagne establishment in this part of London. The food was of a poor quality and portions were not generous to say the least. Overall a vey disappointing night.

By Catherine R.

Warning: do NOT book a function at Amuse Bouche!

We booked the function area on the ground floor 6 weeks in advance, went in to the bar 2 days before to check everything was in order and phoned the day before to confirm details, but when we arrived at 7.30 on the night, we found another function already underway in the area we had reserved.

The staff blamed an ex-staff member for the double booking saying it 'never happened', but one of our guests then told us she had an identical problem with Amuse Bouche for her drinks function last year -

she booked the upstairs area and sent out invitations, but had to reschedule with less than a week's notice when the bar realised they had double booked.

There is clearly a problem with event booking at this venue. As for our evening, we had to hold our drinks in the main bar area.

The manager promised to personally attend to our guests, said he would station another staff member to keep people out of our area (at the end of the bar) and said the owner would be coming to speak to us later in the evening to discuss discounting our bill as compensation, but none of this happened.

Instead, we had other people standing and sitting in our area and even eating our food, a constant stream of people walking to and from the toilets through the centre of our group, the wrong food was brought out twice and the owner did not appear as promised.

As compensation, we were offered a meagre 10% discount!

By Muna R.

Helpfully located directly opposite Parsons Green tube station, this is a cosy little place to start your night. Atmosphere was relaxed but the music perhaps a little quiet and could barely be heard over the din of the crowd. My friend had booked a table but I'm guessing if she hadn't we would have been standing so definitely book in advance! Other negatives were the staff ranged from being over-eager to aloof - a happy medium would have been nice and the place was rather hot. The bar is tiny, very busy and has no windows. House champagne was very reasonably priced but watch out for the oh so easy table service as they slap on a cover charge without telling you. Alas, we only realised this at the end of the night. However I really enjoyed myself (being an avid champagne guzzler) and would definitely recommend it for somewhere to go for a few drinks when you have something to celebrate. Classy bt unpretentious - it does what it says on the tin. Just hope the one in Soho is as good!

By J B.

This place is a gem! Great tasting, reasonably priced champagne poured by good looking staff. Low key music and the best oysters in London - if you're looking for a girls' night out go to this bar. A lot of fun!

By Rob W.

If you're in a self-congratulatory mood and want to relax with a good bottle of bubbly, Amuse Bouche in Fulham may be worth investigating.

The Venue
Located just up the road from the Sloaney Pony (as the White Horse is colloquially known) in leafy Parsons Green, Amuse Bouche offers the discerning visitor a taste of something very different to the gamut of style and theme bars that currently plague London’s environs. If Amuse Bouche has a central premise or theme, then it is a very simple one: very good Champagne at reasonable prices.

Unfortunately, this premise has made the miniscule bar very popular, and with everybody fighting tooth and nail for the few tables on offer, the Champagne-fuelled atmosphere can be incendiary on busier nights. Smokers can at least escape onto the street for a puff, but have to leave their glasses within the premises.

The Atmosphere
A heady blend of Sloane-de-Fulham with a hint of Chelsea-Noir; Amuse Bouche is pitched squarely at the Champagne guzzling set of the surrounding area, and the blend may at times have an unpleasant bouquet of arrogant superiority. However, the more insalubrious individuals aside, the clientele is generally amiable and friendly, as are the ever-busy staff, and the surprisingly low mark-up on Champagne ensures that no-one feels cheated.

The Food
Although primarily a Champagne bar, an intriguing range of food is available. As the name may suggest, Amuse Bouche offers a range of miniature bites and canapes to complement the fine Champagnes. The menu contains some quite unusual dishes - shots of soup, for example - which add a welcome touch of whimsy.

The Drink
A wide range of Champagne is on offer at very reasonable prices, both by the bottle and, in many cases, by the glass. The extensive range includes specials, scrawled on chalkboards above the bar. However, the specials are far more likely to be hard to find or high-end vintages that the sommelier has located, than a buy one get one free deal. If Champagne is not your thing, you will be pleased to know that the bar serves a number of good bottle beers (but no draught) at a high mark up. However, being bewildered by the variety of Champagne on offer is no excuse for opting for lager, as knowledgeable staff are on hand to advise and the wine list contain tasting notes.

The Last Word
Whether this bar will be viewed as a vintage in years to come is yet to be seen. Enjoy it while you can.

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