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Renowned Hong Kong-based restaurant group aqua has launched in London on the former site of Dickens and Jones in Regent Street. aqua spirit is the venue's bar offering a range of drinks and lighter bites within stylish surroundings.

Ranked #276 of 2091 pubs & bars in London
Part of the aqua restaurant group

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aqua spirit reviews

By Serena A.

We went to Aqua Spirit before going for a meal in Aqua Kyoto and it was a good atmosphere, very stylish surroundings and a nice start to our evening.

By Keir F.

Great view across London from the terrace but the bar staff are rude. When I queried why I had been charged 12.5% service when ordering a bottle of wine from the bar I was kindly treated to a torrent of invective. Would not recommend. London is a great city for socialising at night, with an abundance of chic and appealing bars. The is NOT one of them.

By P T.

I went to aqua for a mates birthday. Great looking place, but the staff were a nightmare. Adding 12.5% service to two beers was bad enough, but getting overcharged for two long islands (somehow came to £40+) and then the bar staff getting angry and quite offensive when I queried this just isn't on. The "events manager" was a particular pleasure, who informed us that she could get us thrown out for being difficult whilst we were at the bar. All in all, the place and setup and cocktails are spot on, the staff, the overcharging and the ridiculous service charge (you'd get a tip if you smiled, didn't overcharge in the first place and weren't so stuck up your own arse)assicrly let this place down. When the most pretentious people in a bar full of londons faux-elite are the events manager and staff you've got a problem!

By Alex H.

Shocking, would never go back and would never recommend. I had a seat outside on the roof terrace, popped inside to order a drink. Questioned the service charge as I had gone to the bar and hadn't received any service other than them pouring the drink (not even a smile!). I then was met with very grumpy comments when I said I didn't think I should pay service charge at the bar. They obviously put it on as nobody in their right mind would tip voluntarily! Then when I went to go back to my seat where my friend was waiting, I was told that that area was closed and I would have to go to another area. I pointed out that my friend was out there waiting for me and that they didn't have a phone so I could not contact them. The man refused to let me go and tell my friend that I couldn't join him and refused to go himself to tell him. He said I could go to another area or I could leave! I asked to speak to the manager and the 'bouncer' said 'good luck finding him'. I eventually found another member of staff who came over to help and the 'bouncer' then let me through. This is crazy! What kind of bar are you running here? So we left immediately and went on to Polpo around the corner. A million times better, service was great and so we tipped voluntarily!

By Howard S.

Went for drinks Friday, before moving on, my 1st mistake, next time I will move on to one of aqua's restaurants. Arrived early but with the sun making a rare appearance this summer, it seem everyone was out in force! The cocktails are done to a high standard, my final one - aqua kyoto, was the best, but all were good. Attentive staff, good decor, fantastic location, and a perfect way to end the week!

By Eliene B.

I celebrated my birthday at Aqua Spirit last 24th June and it was the worse experience ever. I opened an account for my table and I was charged for drinks that I did not order. And after a very embarrassing situation, the manager was sure that I what have ordered and split the bill in two as I had friends in the restaurant too. Once my guest friends were back from de restaurant, the manager asked them if they had ordered any drinks. Two of them did drink beer, I just ordered wine and water. My guest told to the manager that the, drinks were paid in the bar. The manager asked for the receipts. Just ridiculous! I have been there before and the bar never gave me receipts or I ever asked for it. Only when you pay by card they give it to you. It was very humiliating. I had friends from everywhere. I never expected that kind of behavior specially on my birthday. They place is amazing that why I decided celebrate my birthday there, but the way how me and my guests were treating, gosh, just unforgettable. I don't wish that to anyone. So make sure yours friends and you are aware of the bills. What shame!

By Saimir Z.

Went there to meet my friend on Friday at 8:30pm for a drink and a meal. Excellent atmosphere, very pleasant and friendly bar staff.. Good place to meet people and friends, I recommend Aqua Bar to everyone. will visit this amazing and unique bar again.

By Svs S.

Love this place... spacious with the roof terraces a particular highlight. Drinks pricey as you would surely expect but measures are large. Good, fun crowd of people mixed in with the seedy, the needy and the greedy. Poon-handling potential is high if you're prepared to circulate (poon-handling is an urban form of pan-handling where one sifts through the filth with the aim of harvesting poon nuggets) and the girls are usually dressed up to the nines. You will see some older suits having after-work drinks and pretentious plonkers in hats along with plenty of the younger Chelsea set, Essex-girls and tourists. Shame it closes so early! In fact this is one of my favourite pre-club venues so umm perhaps I should be telling you it's crap? Yeah that's right its rubbish don't go there!

By Vikki C.

Despite its prime location, Aqua Spirit, with its inconspicuous entrance, remains a relatively secret spot offering superb drinks and a stunning roof terrace.

The Venue
On the super-busy Argyll Street, you can easily walk by Aqua Spirit as it has a dark, unassuming entrance. Stepping inside the dimly lit foyer, a doorman armed with his clip board greets and points you in the direction of the lift with one option – the 5th floor. Once you arrive, you enter into a reception area, giving you a chance to offload any baggage to the cloakroom. Moving on, an impressive round bar takes centre stage with a great, arty light feature hanging above. On the outskirts of the room, small booths with curved seats have a wonderful backdrop of Asian-inspired patterned silk cylinders, giving the area a bit of life and texture. If you’re not lucky enough to get a booth, smaller tables with high leather bar stools are available. However, this is a place to mingle so opting to stand isn’t a last resort. Although the bar area isn’t huge, the layout and central bar means there’s always room to manoeuvre. If you do want more space, the roof top terrace, located just beyond the adjoining restaurant, is ideal. Very elegantly decorated with black wicker chairs, cream walls and fresh green plants, it offers wonderful views of the capital and a bar of its very own.

The Atmosphere
A very lively, buzzing atmosphere can be found here, even at 7pm. A mix of work colleagues, friends and dates along with a soulful house sound track gives it fun, chic feel. There may be a little whiff of pretentiousness in the air but, generally, there’s a relaxed vibe. Behind the bar, the staff know what they’re doing and they do it with real flair, whipping together cocktails whilst simultaneously taking the next order and keeping the bar neat.

The Drink
A decent selection of wines are on the menu, however the variety of tequila, rum, whisky and white spirits is so great, you’ll be easily engrossed in this selection. Their cocktail menu is particularly impressive and creative. A best seller is Carrabbas (£10.50) and it’s easy to see why – Santa Teresa rum mixed with an array of fruit liqueurs, fresh orange juice and cinnamon syrup makes for a perfectly balanced fruit cocktail with a bit of depth. To try a more refreshing best seller, the Ginger Collins (£10.50) is the one and a great complement to Japanese cuisine if you’ve moved on from the restaurant. The zingy fresh ginger mixed with Tanqueray gin, lemon juice, ginger-infused syrup and lemonade makes it an ideal choice on a warm day. Another light option is Rosemary and Thyme (£9.50) which sees Tanqueray gin shaken with fresh rosemary, thyme and lemon juice, and homemade lemongrass sugar, topped with soda water. For a real pan-Asian influenced cocktail, try the Japanese Velvet (£10.50) which has pear-infused Ketel One vodka shaken with nashi pear puree, fresh lemongrass and apple and lemon juice, all sweetened by honey liqueur. The result, a wonderful mix of clean flavours finished with the rich honey taste.

The Last Word
With its excellent location and drinks, plus the added bonus of the rootop terrace, the level of detail that's been channelled into every aspect of Aqua Spirit means you’ll undoubtedly enjoy a night out here.

By Shah M.

i visited Aqua last Thursday with a few friends for drinks and was very impressed...the place was packed by 7pm, the bar was heaving and the service was still very attentive. my favorite drink of the evening was definitely one called 43 flowers, 43 liquor with chamomile syrup and flowers, an absolute delight! will be returning to Aqua Spirit very shortly!

By Laura J.

We went to aqua spirit on a Saturday night for a friend's birthday to start the evening off. Took a while to get noticed at the bar, although it was almost empty with 6 staff just chatting back there. They automatically added a 12.5% service charge to the bill although we were stood at the bar, not using table service. When we queried the charge and asked for it to be removed (the customer chooses whether to tip, not the venue), the bartender literally threw the amended bill at us across the bar. Drinks were pricey but good. £4 for a 'mocktail', cheapest cocktail was £9, all asian themed. The roof terrace is fairly small and doesn't have much of a view. The staff were rude and arrogant. Won't be going back.

By Maria M.

Aqua Spirit has a great ambiance and is in a perfect location to go out after. I found it very glamourous and fun. The drinks are different and tasty. The terraces are perfect, very spacious and welcoming. A definite hidden gem in London.

By Geraldine P.

The place is not up it's own aaaaaaaaaa**rs it's the people who go there! Never seen so many aaar**rsbeing from the north of England, our party was made to feel very welcome. The staff where very good and help full. Looking forward to going again next time Am in London.

By Richie R.

Hi there,i fel your pain mate. I went to Aqua last night as I was entertaining some friends from the middle east. The decor is beautiful, minimalistic and very nice views of central London. The quality of crowd was decent with city professionals in their late 20s early thirties. The evening started of on the worg foot as we were ushered by the waitress upon entering into the resteaunt area. She said " please follow me and I will get you a table wheere you can sit and relax. I immediately smelled trouble and said. Urmm. No. We are happy to stay by the bar and have some drinks. She then said " oh no! You cant, theres no place here. I said of course there is. Loo at all this! She said. No no. The security downstairs told you to go to the Other section! I was gettin really pissed of by now. It had clocked that she was trying to force me into buying a table for the night. I told her, "look we have had our dinner, and we dont need A table" she ignored me and introduced us to a russian girl in the second area who said (well rehearsed) oh hello, please follow me and Ill find you a nice table" I then had to break the comfort zone and say no! No table, why the effing hell are you trying to force us to sit at a table. We dont want to be secluded from the others, We came to aqua spirit to socialize not sit at a bloomin table. She then said very rudely "so, you want to wait at the bar to buy your drinks?" I said yes, thats a great I dea! Thank you. And we deliberately walked off. I saw the same waitress try that out to all the customers that night who came in after us. If your looking for a classy place with great ambience and good people late thirties early forties go to the sanderson lounge near tottenham court road! The service is great and the staff never hard sell you.

By Andrew D.

I went to aqua nueve for my birthday on a Monday night and had overall a good experience. The drinks we had prior to food were nice and presented well, but as it seems is the norm in London, only doubles were served and so a drink is terribly expensive. My girlfriend does not drink doubles, and on a Monday really didnt want to drink a double but no choice. The food was nice, but came out so rapidly, I had my starter as I received my bread and my main very shortly after. Again another trend in London, of putting ordered wine on another table, then instaed of simply topping my wine I have to wait for pedro to come over and overfill my glass so as to get rid of the wine asap and force another bottle on to me. The decor is stunning and service otherwise good, great terraces overlooking the London skyline. Why can't there be a sylish bar and restuarant in London that isn't overpriced and up it's own a**e?

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