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Aquum brings a sophisticated feel of the West End to Clapham with its sumptuous decor and inventive cocktails. The bar features cosy booths and there are various lounge areas to suit your mood including a mezzanine VIP lounge with table service.

Aquum also offer a fresh menu, full of delicious authentic sharing Mediterranean plates that are set to bring a new eating culture to Clapham.

Ranked #30 of 2091 pubs & bars in London
"Aquum is a place where new experiences are gained. The unexpected, the beautiful and the bizarre could happen at any moment. Gorgeous in design and full of characters, it's dedicated to the principles of pleasure. There's something for every mood, every event and every desire."

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Aquum reviews

By S R.

Used my taste card and took advantage of Aquum's happy hour and food for an evening out last night. Booked an early table as wasn't intending to stay late and were told we had the table until 9.30pm. Whilst the food and drinks were great value the service was frankly shoddy. We must have had 4 or 5 different waitresses over the two and a bit hours we were there. I had asked if we could have some time between eating our starters and then ordering our main courses which was agreed, yet we kept having waitresses asking us if we were ready to order our main (barely 5 minutes apart) - which was interrupting our evening and very irritating. And then 45 minutes before our table was due to be given back a note was placed on our table reminding us to vacate the table by 9.30. No verbal communication it was very rude. And to add insult to injury our table was moved to join another table mid eating! Seriously expect better from the supposed number one bar. Sort it out - or you will only ever get punters in the door because of our discounted prices .

By Sach L.

Review for 29th June 2013 Its always quite Nice to attend Aquum. The bar staff are friendly and the environment is cool its quite pretentious lets be honest that isn't always a bad thing, Ladies on the door can be quite arrogant and abrupt, I guess they just need an upgrade on their customer service skills and to be taught that its nice to be nice; if your easily effected by this it could put you off of going in the venue but its deffo west end style brought to the clapham south strip. Food is always tasty and cocktails are lush.

By Jess D.

I always have a great time when I party at Aquum, its the only venue on the high street with a bit of style and they do great cocktails at reasonable prices. Its nice to have a bit of 'West End' glamour without having to fork out the taxi fare home!

By Stewart M.

Great Bar, Do agree that there are some wanabees but you are in London people, They are everywhere. Love the barmen, 1 of them is a proper legend. Music is good, The only problem is its pot luck at getting in. I refuse to go before 10.30 - 11 as the whole point of going out is to go to multiple places and have a few drinks. I dont know any promoters for there so sometimes i get in othertimes i dont, Girl at the door is polite and to be fair so were the bouncers, if your polite to them they will be back, realise you will need to get your id and you will get searched and if like me you hate going early and dont need a table, you may get refused. If any one knows a promoter or way to get later guest list please let me know. Otherwise i would recommend it.

By E A.

I've been to this place a couple of times now and I must say that I do love it. The staff are friendly and they really look after you. Music is brilliant as they play a bit of everything and I would definitely recommend it to others. If you are in the area than its a definite visit!

By Emma M.

I've been to Aquum a few times for brunch as the menu isn't too bad. But I have recently just had my work Xmas party here and I was mortified with the service, it was appalling the staff seemed very organised and not in the least happy or welcoming! We all received our food at different times and its ruined our atmosphere to top it off they didt have Xmas music. What a joke. Overall the place is very pretentious and the staff are clueless, and the food simply isn't worth the price!!! Emma :)

By Dan E.

Have booked my birthday for this friday within the reservced area, had good feedback from friends that go there so will give my honest opinion when i recover probably monday .... whoop whoop Dan

By Richard M.

after some time to think about it, my negative comments were not totally deserved... service is slow and drinks are expensive. After a particularly bad experience here i felt compiled to leave a bad review. But it didn't quite deserve 1 star... i still aint gonna go back there though

By Maria S.

I booked a table at Aquum on Friday as it was my birthday and a friend recommended it to me. We were greeted on the door and escorted to our table which was fantastic. Our waitress was great at serving as all night. Overall we had a great time, great music, will definitely go back again.

By Sandra N.

This is the most horrible place I have visited. Bad location. Even though I have booked a table, I was told that they have no record of that. But still let us in. Inside the bar there was no one to meet us up. We waited for like 7 mins before we have found a waitress. The bar does not look like the one on the picture, thats for sure! I would not recommend going there cos even the food was terrible, as well as cocktails.

By Deb K.

Me and my gfriends went to Aquum last Saturday for thee first time and had a good time. It was pretty busy in there and venue looked lush! The vip area was real cool, although it took a while to get a drink in (the concentrated on table service)! They could improve on that! Downstairs bar was fine though. Regardless, we are all looking to visiting again for another party - I think the Luv story School Horror night on the 29th Oct looks pretty cool, any excuse for us girls to dress up!. Yippee, can't wait! Xxx Deb

By Steffan S.

A fantastic place to have eat, drink, and party ! Also, I actually love the fact that this place gets very busy and packed ... its a sign of a very good place ... and of course all contributes to the great party atmosphere. Nothing worse than going to a club which is not full ! Keep it Aquum ... the more people the merrier !

By E T.

I went with my friends on Saturday March 6th (2 girls and 3 guys). My intial impression was: 'It's a converted shop!' I didn't think it was that impressive from the outside, but I was surprised when I got in. The music was a good mixture of catchy dance tunes, which got everyone bopping along and the crowd was was in the 25 - 35 age group. The interior look was white, modern and pleasant. I didn't see any attitude here from the people, but as a previous reviewer mentioned, it got pretty jammed at one point in the night, that it caused a standstill! The drinks are also on the pricey side. Overall, it was not a bad night out, which is a good thing, as I'm finding that the more I go out, the more it's about damage control, especially with when the club has the right to refuse you entry based on anything. This place is worth a try and I'm tempted to come again.

By Adeline T.

went to aquum on Friday night, 12 march. 2nd time there and it was pretty cool as i remembered. get on the guestlist to avoid paying the 5 pounds entry. 2 DJs for the night with slightly different styles so kept up the vibe. the crown was pretty cool and sassy, but down to earth enough to welcome everyone. age group at the late twenties to mid-thirties, so well behaved and a healthy amount of champagne drunk. not a dressy crowd though some people pull out the stops. open till late, and if you had enough house, you can pop into one of the many other bars on the high street.

By Isabelle B.

Aquum USED to be great about a 6 months ago and has steadily gone downhill. What used to be an upmarket place in comparison to other venues, Aquum used to attact young professionals and trendy stylish types. NOW, Aquum is full of larger lout chavs and trashy women. They seem to be just letting anyone is these days spurned on by increasing their income by as much as possible. Not helped by the barman standing on the bar pouring shots into peoples open mouths, a scene more familiar to bars like Revolution. Drink prices have gone up, as has the entrance fee. £8 on a Sat to enter. For a bar that tries to distinguish itself from others with a VIP section for those who feel the need to spend £500 Aquum needs to remember it's in Clapham and not Central London.The music is good, a mix of RnB but mainly funky House and although I used to be a fan, the crowd is getting a bit rough around the edges. I've seen two big fights during the last month on seperate occasions and one incident included glasses getting thrown across the dance floor. For somewhere more sophisticated and classy do not go to Aquum.

By A L.

I think this bar THE coolest places to open in Clapham since Lost Society. We were there on Saturday night and the atmosphere was electric, we even got a free shot from the handsome bartender, who poured the shot out of the bottle while he was standing ON the bar! The bartenders are amazing, some of the tricks they do with the bottles is very impressive and entertaining, very Tom Cruise like! A very professional run outfit with an amazing sound system and lovely decor. xx

By Elisba A.

What a SUPER venue, we had the most fabulous time and will definitely be returning soon! The staff were attentive and the cocktails were particularly delicious. I would recommend anyone venturing into Clapham to go forth and sample the delight that is may never want to leave - we didn't! In fact we are considering asking for a room there! LadyElisba

By Louise H.

I LOVE Aquum! We went there last Saturday and had an amazing evening. The staff were super friendly and ensured we all had a great time. I really enjoyed the music too, all of the songs were tunes we could dance to and I will be heading back in a couple of weeks for a few more cocktails. Thanks for a fantastic weekend!

By Cheska H.

Saturday night was wicked fun! Really really busy but we had a table in the VIP for a friends birthday so had enough space! good atmosphere and good fun so was exactly what we were looking for on a night out. Really reasonable prices drinks wise so didn't spend nearly as much as i normally do when i go out in the west end. Will be back!

By Ivana B.

I went to Aquum last week and had such an awesome night. I had some friends down from Australia and wasn't sure where to take them and was recommended Aquum by a friend and decided to take a chance. My friends had a really great night and we loved it so much, we went back there the next night!!!! Definitely think i will become a regular!

By Janice B.

Absolutely recommended best cocktails in town! They actually do good deals for groups of people. Defo worth a visit

By Sam Y.

Went to Aquum as Id been past it and thought it looked quite swanky! Went on a Tuesday night and they had a live band playing fronted by a really good female singer. Really enjoyed it. They said they play there every week so waiting for my next Tuesday off to go back! venue is really nice. Drinks are great, they have some fab cocktails and they make a bloody good amaretto sour! seen some good reviews from different nights.. definitely worth a visit or two!!

By Luc L.

Had a good time here last Thus, trendy venue looks real cool and is open late & free measures which is cool. The place is decked out like a winter wonderland, its quite unique. Will go there next Friday for Love Story as those parties play cool funky house and is always a laugh for us girlies!

By Layne F.

I just had my 25th birthday at Aquum and i must say the bar is stunning even the toilets are glamorous, the staff were friendly from booking to service and the bouncers wished me happy birthday can't get any better really, big thanks to Aquum guys my birthday was special!

ps food was also gorgeous! i would highly recommend Aquum for birthdays ignore any previous bad reviews :)


By Nolan R.

Aquum is a restaurant with great promise. It has mixed reviews, however you would need to bear in mind it is trying hard to bring some of the west end features that you would normally find to be very expensive in central london.

A cocktail (double shot) for around £7.50 is not really a bargain but it is not expensive either. They have a wide variety of liquers over 150 different alcohols.

I would normally give 5 stars, however the food did let it down a little. The starters of deep fried calamari rings were not terrific. The batter just came off. However you can already tell that they do it themselves, rather than do what otherrestaurants do and buy them in.

The the king prawns starters wasn't really what I had expected as the prawns were not really big. More medium than king, the flavours were there though.The t-bone steak was by far the best, hung for 28 days. It came with the bernaise sauce.

Coming from a French background I know how bernaise sauce should taste like, not too much vinagar. Let alone it is difficult to prepare as it is sauce that cannot be prepared in advance.

The service was very good, charming, made you feel welcomed in a rather (what it appears) to be a high class restaurant. The service was efficient without being too intrusive.Will return...

By Veronique R.

Living not too far from Clapham High Street, I heard the buzz about Aquum long before I ventured there for a night out. Having been there twice now in the past month, I have to say I love it!

The atmosphere is great, everyone's dancing and having a good time as opposed to just standing around waiting to be seen.Unlike some bars/clubs in the area, you're not left standing at the bar for ages waving your money around, despite having a busy bar you get served very quickly.

Music wise, I think they can mix it up a bit more - DJ selection on both nights was very House focused. Some diversity here wouldn't go amiss.

Security wise - I've seen the comments re: overzealous security, but I haven't experienced any issues myself. I'm not sure when the new head of security came on board but he seems to be doing a good job!

The security team have been friendly and courteous.Keep up the good work Aquum management!V

By V W.

I am loving AQUUM. Went there for a Roast on Sunday and was pleasantly surprised!

There was a great chilled atmosphere, amazing food and even though it was busy the service was great - I have been before and it was a little slow.

We managed to get through a couple of bottles of wine and were so comfortable in fact that when we looked at our watches we had been sitting there for over 4 hours!!

An improvement on my last visit - things definitely are looking up for this venue and thankfully, its local.

I would recommend a visit to anyone living or who find themselves in the area :0)

By Andria P.

I had a great experience in Aquum on Saturday, the food was good not overpriced Will certainly go there again, best bar in South London.

By Kelly H.

When Aquum launched it was amidst a sea of criticism. Bringing the ‘West End to Clapham’ didn’t seem to impress Claphamites. However, despite its Marmite-like appeal, it’s packed to the rafters night after night with a glamorous crowd. It’s worked hard to shed its initial reputation for being pretentious and has managed to pull it together. Worth a visit to make up your own mind.

The Venue
Aquum is handily located a short walk from Clapham North or Clapham Common tube stations. It certainly stands out among the sea of chains, funky bars and pubs that make up this street. You can’t miss the red rope cordoning off the front terrace area. It has an attractive frontage with large windows offering glimpses of the swathe of white inside.

Stepping inwards you’ll be greeted by a winter wonderland with white as far as the eye can see. The space is quite large and airy with plenty of places to sit in the form of comfortable white leather seating areas around the periphery of the room with a few high tables and accompanying stools in the centre. The gleaming long bar takes up one side of the space, displaying its rows of premium spirits proudly. Across one section of the ceiling is row upon row of hanging crystals that sparkle in the light. It’s an attractive venue that’s glamorous, albeit not in keeping with what you have probably come to expect from the area. However, that’s no bad thing.

Down some stairs you’ll find a reasonably sized dance floor, spanned by some very clean, well put together toilets. Up the stairs is a VIP area with plenty of seating – all in white leather, naturally – a second, smaller bar and a glass panel overlooking the action of the main room below. It’s more spacious than many clubs in Central London but has the same appeal as venues like 24 London.

The Atmosphere
One of the criticisms that Aquum has faced has been its use of bouncers and a door girl complete with a checklist of names. However, the bouncers are friendly and the door girl, although so beautiful she may come across as intimidating at first, is smiley and not reminiscent of the ‘door whores’ of Central London. During the day, there are no bouncers on the door and the ambience is a lot more relaxed. In the evenings, the red rope may come across as a little flashy, but inside the friendly albeit glamorous crowd doesn’t alienate. You may even find yourself bantering with the table next to you.

The main bulk of the clientele comprises young, attractive locals looking to party somewhere a little closer to home than the clubs and DJ bars north of the river, and that’s a niche that Aquum fills perfectly. It’s even had its fair share of celebrity guests, including appearances from the Chelsea football boys. During the day, particularly on lazy Sundays, you’re more likely to spy dressed down but trendy Clapham locals tucking into a roast dinner.

The staff are particularly friendly and table service is a big plus if you reserve an area on a Friday or Saturday night as you won’t have to fight your way through the throng to get to the bar. The music is a cool, toe-tapping mix of funky house tunes, RnB and commercial dance that quickly gets the crowd up and grooving.

The Food
The food at Aquum is exceptional given it’s primarily a late night bar. During the day more substantial meals are available and on Sundays there’s a popular roast (£12.50). Comprising a choice of meat such as tender, moist chicken or perfectly cooked, succulent roast beef, the towering plate is filled with all the trimmings, including a light, fluffy Yorkshire pudding the size of a child’s head. If you’re out to party you can still enjoy the bar menu and you’ll get a lot more than the standard cheesy chips and greasy wedges.

Nibbles come in at £6 a plate. Dishes include monkfish and prawn brochettes - three kebab skewers filled with a generous portion of meaty monkfish and plump prawns drizzled in an oily but not too heavy dressing with a delicious creamy sauce on the side. Alternatively, the calamari is perfectly cooked with none of the rubbery texture you so often get with the dish - a surprise for a bar on a busy Friday night. Also excellent are the meaty, rich lamb koftas and a creamy sauce with a pleasant mint undertone. For the price, the quality is excellent.

Also worth a try is the charcuterie platter (£9.59) a large, rectangular plate filled with slices of fresh, rich pepperoni and thinly sliced, well flavoured prosciutto served with a generous portion of fresh pita bread and pickles and gherkins on the side. It’s extremely good value for money.

The Drink
The cocktails at Aquum are a big selling point of the venue and it’s impressive that even on a busy weekend the quality doesn’t falter. They’re well priced at £7-£7.50 with Champagne cocktails coming in at £9, in keeping with prices of the area and well below what you would expect to pay out at similar venues in Central London.

If you like your cocktails strong then the Te-Killa Mango (Cazadores aged tequila, mango puree, vanilla sugar, fresh orange juice and a kick of chilli; £7) is an unusual combination with a strong mango flavour and delicate underlying sweetness but with a powerful kick to the aftertaste and a hint of tequila coming through. Alternatively, the Watermelon Martini (£7.50) is a much sweeter, easier to drink cocktail with a strong flavour of watermelon hiding the kick of the vodka. If you prefer the classics then their White Russian (£7) is a perfect example of the drink, layered well with a cherry garnish and the Classic Martini (£7.50) is perfectly mixed and has a strong, clear taste.

If you want to add a little glamour to your evening then the Champagne cocktails are excellent. The Bellini, Rossini and Raspberry Bellini are all good examples of the classics. However, their signature drink is the Fool’s Gold – a combination of gold and Champagne – just be warned, they sell out quite quickly at the weekend due to their popularity.

If you prefer your drinks simple then there’s also a good choice of beer here. They offer a small but decent draught choice of Becks Vier or Staropramen for £4.50 a pint or they have a larger range of bottles, including Corona, Asahi Super Dry, Modelo Especial and the rare Negra Modelo at just £3.50 a bottle.

The Last Word
Aquum has had its fair share of criticism since it opened, and it’s easy to see why it might rub some people up the wrong way. However, if you give it a go you’ll find that the quality of the food and drink is exceptional and the atmosphere inside is less pretentious and more about locals wanting to enjoy a glamorous night out without having to trek north of the river. A great addition to the area and worth seeking out if you don’t hail from Clapham.

By Jonathon E.

Went to Aquum last night for a friends' surprise birthday party. Lovely interior - lots of cash evidently splashed.

High ceilings; a solid paint and decor job; decent tables and comfotable chairs. The bar is one of the best stocked I've seen - I found it refreshing to not have the standard choice you might get down the pub.

But your wallet needs to be equally well-stocked if you're in for the long-haul -£4 a pop for, albeit delicious, Mexican beer (bottled) and more if you're on the spirits.

Not that Aquum robs you blind. Bars like this will always attract premium pricing in order to maintain their homeostasis. Service-wise, Aquum generally delivers.

The bar staff were young, friendly and straight out of an Abercrombie and Fitch catalogue.

To some this may scream pretension, but there was a surprise lack of smugness from these well-kept ladies and gents.

The door staff were man-mountains, which some may find immediately intimidating; yet they seemed to be polite, professional and into their game.

One dude looked like a young Geoff Capes, which added quiet comedy value for no extra charge. Table service is provided (not by the door staff) - a nice touch if done properly and as far as I could see, the floor/bar staff at Aquum did this with breezy sincerity and seasoned flair.

The music policy was pretty standard, commercial fare. There was a DJ on a Pioneer CD mixing desk, next to the bar.

He seemed experienced at reading the crowd and choosing tunes that kept the booty shaking.

Running out of space...other key areas of note were the toilets (spacious and not reeking of piss); and, more interestingly, Aquum's crowd-control policy.

The bar was busy, but never so packed that you felt suffocated. Apparently this is intentional so as to keep the atmosphere healthy.

At sundown, a queue had formed to get in and entry seemed to be mo

By Lorna H.

I went here for lunch with a few friends. It was light, airy and spacious, with a small but appetising menu.

It let itself down, however, with the speed of service (three hours for two courses), and two of our desserts came when everyone else had almost finished theirs, and then the last two were cold.

We sent them back and asked for warm ones, and they took a long time to reappear, and we had to ask a few times for them.

By Katie W.

My first visit to Aquum was on Sunday, and I was extremely impressed, infact blown away!

The lunchtime menu is really great and it has a great variety of foods, but not at the usual bar fare standard.

We carried on from our lovely lunch into the early evening, as the atmosphere transformed into a vibrant and stylish bar.

Drinks are really reasonably priced and the unusually attractive/pleasant crowd makes you forget that you you are infact in Clapham.

I think Aquum is just what Clapham has been waiting is an excellent alternative to the usual bars/pubs that flock the streets of Clapham.

I will most defiantly be heading there again very soon.

By V W.

What a night!!

Turned up at this bar with mixed feelings given the reviews on here, however my mates and I had the most FANTASTIC evening - this is where the good looking crowd have been hiding!

No issues with the door staff and managed to get a table (although the place did fill up pretty fast so we were lucky!) and they even offer table service, although mingling at the bar was definitely our preference given the crowd.

Pumping music, great drinks, great atmosphere - fingers crossed it stays this way!

By Ricky T.

I was in the area couple of nights back and asked a local mate where was good to go and he recommended Aquum.

Got in and had drinks by the bar, top notch cocktails and quick and friendly service. Ordered some nibbles and chilled out.

Ambience was nice and the place was lively. Would go back and sample more of the cocktail menu

By A.

Fab bar! Went there last night with friends and had a wicked time! really cool music and good choice of cocktails, had plenty of fun and will def be back!!

By Cassie E.

Trying to be a Mayfair-style celeb-type joint (and god knows why you'd want to be) but doesn't even manage that- overpriced, tacky, rammed.

Unfortuately a lot or people seem to like it though. Which says a lot for the state of Clapham on a weekend these days.Depressing.

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