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By Pauline N.

We went for lunch on Friday (17th) we had a steak and a burger , it was delicious and very cheap, the staff are lovely, we couldn't fault a thing , we will be back the next time were in London

By Malik E.

I have been there a few times with friends, was always a cool place, one night though we were allowed to sneak into the private (or pay for) event in the downstairs area, i have no idea who was playing the music but it was fantastic, everyone was dancing even though there was not a lot of peopke there. My friends and i are all late 30's mid 40's and were taken back in time to our youth by the music which was Acidhouse. I did speak to one of the dj's but i was drunk! Was after a mixtape if people still do them lol Anyway, nice cool place, have not been for a couple years or so but it gets thumbs up from md and around 10 others.

By Sarah S.

I love this place, it has a cool bar upstairs that is very modern and decked out really nicely. The Club downstairs is open late and has great music playing! Give the cocktails a go, they do not taste particularly strong, which is nice, but certainly do the trick! Archangel is worth a visit if you are on a night out in Kensington

By David R.

I asked for a coffe, tea or any hot drink and the answer for one of the bartender was "no!", just a simple answer we dont use the machine any more, is not working, my surprise was when another member of the staff was preparing a capuccino for herself, so I went to the bar to ask her how was possible, suddenly the machine works( someone was lying ) now just for the staff, not for customers A kind member came to me saying sorry for that, he made me the coffe so. Everything fine, but the biggest surpise is when I realised that the first bartender I guess brasilian was shouting on him and giving really hard time about my drink in front of the people.

By Alice N.

Archangel is really a nice place to hang out during weekdays and weekends. Good drinks with nice bar staff. Downstairs is quite good. Actually i've been to other places and their bouncers are ok while some are not but in Archangel there's this bouncer, he was nice, respectful and ready to help. (sarah from Kensington)

By Laura D.

The place can be fun (bit of a dive but open late, good for a dance downstairs). Bar staff are really nice, but the bouncer is rude, aggressive and threatens customers while the manager stands by. Also, ask when it closes because they serve drinks right until they chuck you out - then give you plastic cups to drink on the streets with!!

By Alastair J.

Split into three parts conservatory, main and aaa nightclub had a great night there but thought dance floor was on the small side compared t other places I have been to and not much seating in the nightclub part itself although you could sit in the other parts if needed doormen helpful and friendly

By Michael P.

Hi there, I am the manager of Archangel, I would like to respond to the points you have made. First, in regards to the DJ, our website states that we CAN provide a DJ, as this is an extra cost, we can alternatively play music from iPods for free. We do not allow DJ's that we do not know to use our system as we have expensive equipment that could be damaged by people using it irresponsibly. Secondly, it is true that we have a policy of no R&B, Bashment or Hip Hop nights. Whilst I can understand why you may find this offensive, if you know our bar you will know that a couple of years ago we had regular nights that played these types of music. Therefore, our current policy could not be a reflection of any offence meant by the owners or management of the bar. As explained this policy was adopted after a series of incidents at these nights, after which restrictions were placed upon what type nights we could provide, by the Kensington Licensing Authority and Police. Which was as frustrating for us as i'm sure it is for you, due to the loss of some profitable nights. I apologise if are policy has caused you offence, but hope you might come back and enjoy a night in our bar, even if we cannot offer you our nightclub venue. Kind regards Michael

By Michael P.

Hi, I am the manager of Archangel, I'm sorry that you we're unhappy with your booking with us. We are a small individual family run bar, and we work hard to ensure every customer is more than satisfied with their experience. I remember your booking, and feel that your review comments are inaccurate and therefore unfair. We offer free hire of our conservatory area. We take a £150 deposit to secure the booking, which is returned to you on the night. (These are our 'terms and conditions' which are clearly explained on our website) The deposit is our insurance to ensure that the area is not left empty for the evening. Therefore, with only 48 hours notice, with very little time to secure a new booking, ordinarily we would not refund the deposit. However due to the exceptional circumstances with the snow in December, when you asked about re-arranging you booking I told you that you would need to pay a new £150 deposit, but assuming the new booking was not cancelled and you had your party with us, we would refund you the total of £300 for both deposits. I thought I made this clear and apologise for any confusion. I would like therefore to re-extend the offer of refunding the previous deposit of £150, should you book a party with us in the future. I'm sure you will have a great time with us, just as our other customers who book or conservatory area do. Kind regards Michael

By Holly H.

Recommended this club by a friend, Venue itself is quite nice, so I enquired about hiring, First I was told I HAD to use their own DJ (not as stated on the website saying they CAN provide you with a DJ), only then to be told the club have a strict "No Rnb, Bashment or Hip Hop policy" because of previous event troubles so now due to licensing laws..Funny that, Does anyone else sort of deem that as offensive to a particular culture?

By Loraine S.

I booked the conservatory area at Archangel for mine and my sister's 30th birthday in December however, we went abroad the week before and unfortunately, due to the snow in the UK, our flight home 3 days before the party was cancelled and we couldn't et another flight until the day after the party. I informed the bar straight away so that they had over 48 hours notice - with the amount of snow in London, our friends were not likely to make it anyway. We wanted to re-arrange it for another date as was still keen to celebrate there but was told that i had lost my £150 deposit as i didnt give 2 weeks notice (i was not given any terms and conditions) and if i wanted to re-book, i would have to give another £150. Being stranded abroad having to pay extra already, i didnt have any extra money to pay another deposit and explained this to the bar but they were not particularly helpful and obviously didnt want the custom. We have since re-arranged our party in another bar!

By Gav S.

Had my B-day party pre drinks before we headed off to A club at Archangel in the Conservatory bar my whole group had such A fantastic night higly recomended Amazing decor so trendy and modern. Drinks are so cheap staff very friendly crowd trendy-cool. A must go venue , perfect for Bday or small large group GatheringS. Location spot on.2 Mins from tube. Cant wait to go Again.

By Charlotte B.

Found Archangel last Friday night, had a great night, great atmosphere, stylish but relaxed, friendly staff, great cocktails, especially the 'Jamaican Passion', will be back soon!

By Darius N.

The downstairs venue at Archangel, originally called Bar Cuba, is the friendliest bar on High Street Kensington. Not pretentious at all like Amika which is a bit further down the road.

By Mark H.

Great place to go in Kensington. I have been a couple of times. Once midweek when it was very relaxed. Staff were friendly and helpful, and there great chilled out music. Had one of the mezze platas to share and nachos with friends and they were very good and huge portions for the price. We sat up towards the end of the bar in the lounge area, where there are sofas and a log burner and an unusual glass roof.

We had some half price cocktails with our food! vanilla and passion fruit mojito was great, and the 'archangel' cocktail was fantastic. Decor is very smart, cleary a lot of effort been put into it, with a deep red theme, fancy woodwork and nice lighting. Seemed more Latin inspired than Russian but I might be wrong, either way it works!I also went there on a friday night two weeks ago now, when the atmosphere was fantastic as the place was packed, great fun, staff again very friendly.

Yet again great music but louder and more lively funky style. We didnt go down to the club but we didnt need to, stayed upstairs untill we left around half one but it looked busy when we left

Great night out, would definately go back

By Emma T.

Hmmm, this was posted a good while ago now so I'd like to clear things up. They have had two years of slowly adding things to the bar decor to make it pretty, slightly grand, (in a Mrs Faversham style way) yet friendly so you should come down and check out the changes, I'm sure you won't be disappointed. The food is basic bar snacks and for the size of the portions I think the price is extremely reasonable. Steak (250grm) and Chips £11.25? Home made burger £8.75 with chips and salad. Giraffe next door is more expensive than that and the food isn't as nice. The cocktails are great. There is a huge selection and they are all made with fresh ingredients. They serve doubles upstairs in the cocktail bar and most cocktails are between £6 - £8. You can pay allot more in London and you won't have to look hard to do it. A small glass of wine, a bottle of beer or a single spirit and mixer are all £3.50, now if you can show me a bar in High Street Kensington with cheaper prices than that, I'll bite my own bum.

By Emma T.

Hi There Malinak,We have a different promoter every Saturday of the month. The Saturday that you are talking about is one of our most popular nights. It is an (Urban) Latin night, similar to La Bomba, previously of Ministry of Sound, now to be found at SE ONE club. This is not for someone expecting Salsa and what they perceive Latin music to sound like. This is most popular with the urban Latino's and Hispanic youth who swarm to this night and fill the place to full capacity as early as 00:00 some nights (of course absolutely all cultures are welcome).

They do play Salsa but it's mainly Reggaton and as the flyer says, tropical music. They mix popular R & B with classic South American tunes which make them very popular with the Latino Youth as well as remixing Popular Reggae with Latin beats. It's a very eclectic mix of music and had you arrived and seen no one in the club and more importantly no one dancing then I would understand your claim. The night in question however, was the launch party of this event and it was a great success.

We were packed at 00:00 and everyone was swinging each other round on the dance floor. I understand everyone has their own opinion but when it is clearly in the minority compared to everyone else enjoying the night, is it really fair to post such an awful review? Personally me thinks not. However not to leave things in bad taste, pop in one other Saturday and the management team will give you and a guest free entry to the club.Muchos Gracias Amigo (Clearly I do not really speak Spanish)

By Emma T.

I'm very sorry that this was your experience. Yes the management has changed over tha last couple of months and as a result of this a few members of staff that had previously been running a mock have been asked to leave. This has left us with quite a few new members starting all at once so there will be some genuine mistakes until they have settled into their new positions. I am proud to say that we have a wonderful team and if you ever feel that the service hasn't left you with a warm fuzzy feeling inside then please let the manager know and we will try to rectify the situation for you.

By J L.

Not sure what happened to the last two people but i can report i was at Archangel on the 13 December at a launch night of some new promotion. i have to say the music was top end house ALL night and my feet hurt later on! The bar satff were friendly and very quick. i don't know what the story was upstairs as i didn't leave the club all night but if downstairs was anything to go by i'd expect nothing short of a great night with lovely people and top tunes. We've booked for new year.

By Daz N.

This bar used to be called Bar Cuba. It has a club venue downstairs. The venue is of a good-size and there was usually a decent atmosphere. However there was a change of management 2 months ago and since then the bar has gone downhill especially in terms of the bar staff who are incompetant: short-changing and taking their time. When I was there, in the downstairs club area, another customer was complaining about his drink order just after I had been short changed.

By Martina S.

I wish there was an option with no stars. Went on Saturday night I liked the bar upstairs, which was not overcrowded, but the downstairs club seems to be quite a different story. Big disappointment as we went to dance the night away, expecting mixture of music, looking forward to salsa but all we got was cheap as they called it "Caribbean & Tropical Vybez" what a lot of crap. If you love dancing don't go here.

By Adam B.

I like this place, downstairs there is a club which is small but big enough to have a good time. It used to be called Cuba which was a good laugh but quite tacky, whereas now there is an element of class. If your on High St Ken and have nothing to do, or have run away from the cattle-market (Amika), try it out, you may have a good night.

By Pamela D.

The food at Archangel is amazing- have the pork belly, and the lobster bisque- the passionfruit mojitos are pretty tasty too!

By Z.

Archangel is amazing. The bar staff are cool, the decor is amazing, I loved the chandeliers, and the drinks are heavenly. I didn't try the Archangel food but I did see the menu. Ignore the last review, they don't know a good bar when they see one.

By B.

I've had several meals at Archangel and the food and service are always great. The Archangel club downstairs is good too.

By M.

Archangel hasn't change much from Cuba, they just put some different colour on the walls, and it looks so cheap. Please do something to really improve or you will close soon. The Archangel food and drinks are very average and expensive.

By Viki C.

My partner and I went to Archangel last night for dinner and a cocktail. The food was delicious, exquisitely cooked and complimented by fab presentation. The Archangel platter is recommended as a great way to sample that little bit of everything. Last, but certainly not least, were the two fantastic Mai Thai's we enjoyed at the end of the night!

By A.

I used to go to the old Bar Cuba (which needed a facelift), and I must say the new owners of Archangel have done really well! They have great cocktails and great beers. The menu looks good, and so does the bar in general.

By Andrew M.

Archangel is a cool bar. We had some funny foreign beers there and they were really nice. The staff are nice people and the environment is well decorated. Archangel is probably more for trendier people than me, but I still had a nice time.

By Andrew M.

Archangel is a pretty cool looking place. The food is a bit odd, but then I guess it's because I have never tried this sort of thing before. They have friendly staff and the decor is cool too. I will definitely be back to Archangel for more.