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Asadal is a Korean restaurant on High Holborn serving a wide range of meat and fish dishes.

Ranked #1110 of 5241 restaurants in London

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Asadal reviews

By Andrew M.

We had an awful experience at Asadal. We chose the set menu, there were 4 of us eating and it took a total of 4 hours to get our food, they brought one plate out every 20-30 minutes, Curry with no rice?

The food at Asadal was good but not worth the wait.

By J.

Asadal is so original and interesting, eating there is a real experience. They even have BBQ plates built into the table. Asadal is well worth a visit for anyone adventurous who fancies some Korean.

By S P.

Expensive, average food & terrible service. We went at a quiet Saturday lunch time and yet the service is so slow and appalling. Clearly the waiters and waitresses only want to talk to each other rather than serving the customers. Why don't they put the sign of "We are not welocmed" at the door.

By Ms L.

Over the last few years, I have regularly met with friends and family from Korea, China, United States, and Europe at the ASADAL restaurant.

Now we meet at the new ASADAL at Holborn tube station. We are always craving its great and high quality Korean food, but also to share time together in an atmosphere that reminds us of Korea.

For some of my friends and family, it is their first exposure to Korean food, others are really connoisseurs but invariably ASADAL is definitely our favourite Korean restaurant.

Some of our favourite dishes are:

Starter: Japchae (sweat potato /glass noodles with stir-fried vegetables)
· Handmade mandu (dumplings)
· Nice and almost crispy Pacheon (Korean pancake)
· Sae-woo-twe-gim – delicious type of King Tiger prawns and vegetable tempura to dip in a special sauce
·Kan-poong-gi – sweet and spicy fried chicken

Main course:
· Bibimpap (they have several varieties: normal, with raw meat or raw fish) and you can ask the level of spiciness
· Our favourite is the creamy sundubu chigae (soft tofu soup with seafood) or kimchi chigae (kimchi soup)
· Bulgogi (Korean barbecue). It is even better with Sang-chu that’s the fresh leaves of lettuce and Korean bean paste·
Dak-galbi, that's the spicy marinated chicken with vegetables that they cook at your table

· Fresh fruits always cut in a special way
· Children (and adults) also enjoy ice cream
· Alternatively, they have the sik hae or Korean sweet rice punch Note that ASADAL also accommodates for our vegetarian friends.

The restaurant can accommodate large crowds. It is possible to eat within the intimacy of our own group of people at a very large table. There are dividers and even free private rooms.

ASADAL is a child-friendly place. Children love tasting the food, especially when there is a large table full of different dishes and

By Yoome Y.

Fantastic food and great location. I have tried Korean food in many different countries but I have to rate this restaurant as one of my favourite (and probably best!) Our group ordered a range of different starters and BBQ meats which were cooked on the table by our helpful waiter. The starter of pork dumplings was delicious as were the picked side vegetables and kimchees. The highlight was the bbq which we all thought was sublime. It was so tender and juicy with flavour. I would recommend this restaurant to anyone wanting to try Korean food. The service was prompt and courteous and the price was reasonable at £20 per head with Korean beers. Fantastic!!!

By J.

As a visiting tourist of Korean descent, I was frankly shocked at the appallingly poor service at Asadal. The food itself was no more than decent, but the rude service far outweighs whatever merits the food may have held.

I was embarrassed that these people are representing Koreans to Londoners. While I consider myself to be an ambassador of Korean food and introduce it to others regularly, I definitely hope Asadal remains unknown.

By J.

I was very impressed by both the food and the atmosphere at Asadal. The table BBQ was a wonderful experience. The various marinated meats were tasty and tender. Great fun!

The dumplings were very nice too. I have recommended Asadal to all my collegues already.

By Jen W.

The real taste of Korea, hidden in Holborn.

The Venue
Right next to Holborn tube, down what appears to be a staircase leading to a muscle gym or discount shoe shop, hides this spacious and impressive Korean restaurant. The large room has lots of spaces between the tables, wooden screens for more privacy and low lighting, creating a discrete, exclusive feel. In fact the lighting and decor are so cleverly done that within a few minutes, it is easy to forget this swish restaurant is in a basement at all. The large sturdy wooden tables have a round metal hot plate – for the cooking of certain dishes at the table.

The Atmosphere
This place, though well hidden, is very popular and throngs with Asian customers – prepare to queue on weekends if you haven't booked. The waiters and waitresses appear to be in their own world diners are advised to gen up on Korean cuisine as the menu is a bit baffling for the uninitiated, though the photographs help. This is as real as a Korean restaurant in London gets – no knives and forks on the table, but they are provided if you are brave enough to ask.

The Food
The food really is authentic and as nothing is watered down for western palates, some tastes, textures and flavours can be unusual, but persevere and a new taste discovery could be just around the corner. Try the Pa Jeon (about £9), an omelette-y pancake of spring onion, oysters and seafood served sliced into strips with the yellow and green layers on display. They also do great hot pots and a good selection of barbecues including Sam Gyup Sal Kui about (about £9), fresh slices of belly pork brought to the table and cooked there and then. Another flavourful option is the bibimbab which means means stirred meal and consists of a bowl of rice, topped with mounds of raw and cooked vegetables and chilli pepper paste. Healthy and simple, yet packed with flavour.

The Drink
Asadal have plenty of soft drinks, teas, beer and wine to accompany your Korean meal, including OB (Oriental Brewery) Lager. Or for a stronger tipple, try a glass of soju - Korea's native spirit.

The Last Word
Bring an open mind and you'll leave with a full stomach.

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