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The St Martin's Lane Hotel's famous Asia De Cuba restaurant offers sumptuous surroundings and delectable food.

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"For global travellers with a cultured palate and a love of variety, Asia de Cuba at St Martins Lane is a destination restaurant with a whimsical, enchanting interior design and a must-taste fusion philosophy. Cuban-born executive concept chef Luis Pous enhances Jeffrey Chodorow’s original culinary vision with experimental combinations and a new twist on old favourites. Inspired by the cultural synthesis of old Havana’s Chinatown, Pous interprets Asian-influenced Cuban fare for a modern crowd and a discerning palate. Reflecting the same authentic preparations, tropical accents and sharing-style presentation, Asia de Cuba is a chic dining sanctuary. For a taste of the tropics and loved by guests and food critics alike, the menu is full of fresh ingredients, handcrafted dishes, as well as our signature ceviche's. Teamed with our eye-catching interiors, Asia de Cuba makes for an unforgettable dining experience with surprising cultural flavours. Asia de Cuba Bar: Our Rum and Ceviche pairing menu is back and it’s better than ever. Let yourself be whisked away to the Tropics with delicious Bacardi cocktails, enhanced with our carefully curated, signature ceviche dishes – all thoughtfully designed to be enjoyed side-by-side. With seven cocktail and ceviche pairings to choose from, this unique menu is the perfect concoction for those seeking an unforgettable meal, whether for a quick bite or the wholehearted experience. From Havana to your living room: We now deliver your favourite chino-latino dishes straight from our Asia de Cuba kitchen to your home or office. Try the beautifully prepared ceviche, share our Cuban-style slow-roasted pork, or indulge in the unforgettable Mexican doughnuts...without leaving the sofa."

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Asia De Cuba reviews

By Al C.

Wow! Simply amazing food

I visited ADC last week, wow what a stylish venue - very impressive. The real star of the show is the food though - absolutely fantastic and far exceeded my expectations. I recommend the chilli rubbed scallops or the lamb. Both were amazing! If I was being extra fussy, the service could have been slightly better; and the prices are quite high - but I guess you get what you pay for! We still had a great time and I would happily return!

By Lindsay M.

I and a group if friends dined at Asia de Cuba on Sat night. Non of us could fault it- attentive staff, delicious food and friendly chef. I definitely recommend it. We shared the ceviches which were all flavoured to perfection. Three of us then opted for the chicken dish which was succulent and the sides of lobster mash and noodles complimented it very well. Then non of us could turn down the Mexican donuts! For £22 for 2 courses (Pre-theatre menu) it was an excellent choice for a taste of luxury at reasonable price.

By Pedro B.

Great food, large portions. Don't pay too much attention to the price can get away with one starter, main and desset sharing between 2 people. Large selection of wines too, and the cocktails aren't too bad either :-) Would definately go back.

By Mary S.

very surprised by reviews shown below, I absolutely loved it! beautiful location, very sweet and attentive staff, superb food, though expensive. well worth the visit and the money!

By Sidney T.

We had a most enjoyable evening at Asia de Cuba last Saturday. We started with cocktails in the bar next door, Light bar I think it's called. Wow we all agreed these were some of the best cocktails we had tasted. Service was polite and friendly. We then went through for dinner and the food was great. At first the prices looked scary but then when you realise they serve really big sharing portions it's not so bad. The service was really friendly and helpful none of the stuffiness that you normally encounter in upmarket restaurants. The food and wine was served in good time and they seemed genuinely interested to see if we were enjoying it. The atmosphere was good with a trendy crowd and lively music. the decor is quite interesting too with pillars covered in books , TVs plants and such like, not your normal boring London restaurant interior. A great night out we will definitely return!


I am now a regular guest at Asia de Cuba and the food and service is absolutely fantastic every time I go there with my friends. It is a sharing concept so you get to try all the food on the table and no dish is the same. I recommend the Thai Beef salad, full of flavour and will leave the tastebuds wanting more.

The light bar is a guest list and members only bar so one should remember that if they would like to go there for drinks they need to book before hand, so as to avoid the disappointment of being turned away because it is too full.

In one sentence, worth every penny.

By I.

I have been to Asia De Cuba a couple of times and thought it was outstanding on both occasions! The service was excellent, the energy vibrant and the food inspired. Never have I had such an enjoyable meal as at Asia De Cuba.

By G.

I’ve been to Asia De Cuba a couple of times. Not my choice either time (it’s a bit expensive for me) but it’s ok. Not so keen on the odd décor but Asia De Cuba’s cakes are massive, especially the banana split. Yum.

By T.

Obviously with Asia De Cuba’s out-catering coming under the Schrager title it was bound to be good! And most assuredly it was, although, there is still room for improvement.

The cocktails served by a roadhouse winning bartender were second to none; my particular favourite being the Passionfruit Collins.

The staff were all attentive and friendly throughout the evening, despite it being a long night. All in all I would recommend them to any one looking to cater for something special...

By Nic B.

Asia de Cuba has been packing them in - and keeping them happy - for over a decade. It's tough to keep any concept fresh for that amount of time but the sheer joy of the place overrides any sense of weariness and, despite the food world's zeitgeist increasingly turning away from fusing anything, this unusual marriage still feels firmly in its honeymoon period.

The Venue
Asia de Cuba is housed in the 5 Star St. Martin's Lane Hotel, deep in what most consider London's heart. The hotel has undoubted pedigree yet its inauspicious frontage is somewhat wrong-footing, and the juxtapositions continue through glass doors that give way to a lobby reminiscent of a dream sequence from a David Lynch film - blocks of bright colours and chic minimalism mix with oversize chess pieces and sculptural furniture.

Leading off the disarming reception are the restaurant, bar and hotel. The eccentric nature of the antechamber allows each of the others to assert themselves and claim their own identity - a neat trick and one that immediately takes away any sense of dining in a hotel. Asia de Cuba's own style is that of a chic, slightly eclectic Uptown New York spot with stylish, clean tableware and furniture offset by industrial lighting and oversized pillars carrying collages of framed portraits or dusty tomes that inspire lingering exploration.

The Atmosphere
Step into Asia de Cuba and it's immediately clear from which of the (rather oddly-coupled) pair of influences the place has inherited its atmosphere. Whilst it is almost impossible to define what an Asian eating experience would be, or arguably what Asian food is, given the vast and diverse array of national and regional cuisines that could fall within this broadest of descriptive churches, the same cannot be said of dining in the Republic of Cuba; and happily it's the joyful, tactile and sensuous influences of the Caribbean that infuse the atmosphere here.

The Food
The many menus at Asia de Cuba - from dim sum brunch to pre-theatre samples, tasting, group specials and a la carte - are testament not only to the wide sphere of influence on the kitchen but also to the many niches this place has carved out through its successful existence in the centre of town, where diners with different needs abound. Each menu is carefully considered and gives the impression of being honed and perfected for each distinct audience, and the efficacy of both kitchen and front of house undoubtedly mean each is delivered with skill and charm. All the menus draw on the techniques, flavours and ingredients of the many parent styles, and individual dishes often combine these to excellent effect.

The ceviche taster plate, which happily pops up on a number of menus, expertly combines a quartet of cuts with a glorious mix of sometime-subtle and sometime-punchy marinades: the salmon with salted avocado helado and bird's eye pepper; and the grouper with Seville orange and aji amarillo are particular standouts but all four offerings are pretty exquisite. A salad of crisp and perfectly cooked calamari on an exotic bed of chayote, heart of palm, plantain, cashew, chicory and radicchio is delightful if slightly underdressed - thankfully extra portions of the delicious sesame dressing are gladly offered.

Mains are described as sharing plates but don't be fooled, these are traditional large plates. And though collective dining is certainly a pleasurable option here (and apt for a place drawing on Communist traditions) care should be taken if ordering mutually as some of the richer Caribbean dishes on offer will overpower the delicacy of some from the Eastern quarter. The excellent Cuban barbeque chicken is one such dish. This is a stunning example of tender chicken with a deeply rich and smokey sauce, beautifully complemented by a leaf-wrapped package of sticky rice and a well balanced salsa. It's a joy to devour but incompatible with the subtler flavours of miso, orange or even wasabi that define some of the other dishes. Of the dishes of this ilk the pan-seared tuna with wasabi mash is a beautifully refined and simple dish, and deservedly popular.

The desserts at Asia de Cuba are works of art and certainly worthy of sharing (whether your dining partner likes it or not). Many are intriguing riffs on the classics, yet despite the modern twists they still bear the hallmarks of a kitchen serious about its sweets.

The Drink
Matching a cuisine so varied is a tricky task and it is no surprise that many dishes are described with a suggested wine accompaniment - these recommendations are sound and should be heeded by anyone not possessing of a palate sophisticated enough to find a match for banana and seafood in a single glass. The wine list is understandably varied (though a little light on options by the glass given the multiplicity of the food) and, as such, is helpfully laid out by style - from crisp and fresh to rich and velvety - rather than region or price. The classics are well chosen - an excellent Chablis which comes by the glass is a very good fit for the ceviche; likewise a strong Malbec is hearty enough to keep pace with the barbeque chicken. In addition to an excellent list there are also a wide range of champagnes and a fabulous array of cocktails (many of which come 'for two') for those seeking a more energetic dining experience.

The Last Word
They say great wits are sure to madness near allied, and thin partitions do their bounds divide. Combining the cuisine of a small, impoverished Communist Republic in the Caribbean with that of the world's largest and most populous continent seems like madness and just shouldn't work; but it does, and it's fun and it tastes great.

By Mark L.

This was recommended by one of my colleagues, so we though we would give it a try and take a customer there.

We arrived at 5.20pm and as our table was booked for 6pm we headed for the empty Light Bar to sample one of their cocktails while we waited for our customer to arrive. Unfortunately, we were informed that in order to gain entry to the empty bar either we had to have a reservation or be a hotel guest and a dinner reservation in the restaurant did not count. With an embarrassed colleague and after a discussion with a senior member of staff, eventually they agreed to make an exception and let us in. I was happy to go back to the pub across the road for a good pint of beer and good old fashioned service, which in this case was missing. My view of the Light Bar? Expensive, as you would expect, lots of ice, no atmosphere, won't go back again.

At 6pm, we went to Asia de Cuba and were told that we were late! One of our party was not coming, that also appeared to be a problem and we were rewarded with a smaller table. On to the food. As starters we had the Calamari Salad, Lemongrass Skewered Chicken and Tunapica. The chicken was very tasty, Tunapica was small and fussy and the Calamari Salad adequate. As a main course, the Wagyu Beef was disappointing with a poor taste. The potato with it was nothing special. The sea bass was very nice and cooked well, not too dry. The grilled salmon was a delight and had a great taste.

Overall, it was very expensive for what it was. You can charge these prices if you have excellent service and food to go with it, but it was not justified here. The waiters and waitresses were however good, polite and efficient. However, the front desk in both the restaurant and bar let it down. We felt unwanted.

I have often found that first impressions count and maybe Asia de Cuba can learn from this.

By N.

We often take our clients to Asia de Cuba as the food is wonderful. Therefore I decided to book our Christmas lunch here. Our waitress was rude, we were overcharged for wine, although this was not acknowledged, and we were then refused entry to the nightclub within the same hotel.

We were billed over £2000 for our dinner, which, although very nice, does not justify the overall price, the rude waitress, or the very snobby attitude of the club staff and the management. We will not be eating at Asia de Cuba again....

By Eglantine F.

the food was okay but overpriced. the service was poor. totally lacked professionalism. and the crowd is great but only if you're a chav. don't bother is my advice. so many better places to go...

By Karim E.

Three things - bad service, average food, rubbish crowd, completely overpriced. The only people that go here are people that don't know where to eat in London and/or are eating on corporate expense accounts. The place and atmosphere is completely unimpressive. Far better places in London to eat out - in a way I am glad places like this exist because it keep the queues shorter at the really good restaurants in London.

By Benisty M.

Recently visited this restaurant. Awful service from a waiter who was extremely rude. He spent 20 minutes having a conversation with his colleagues rather than serve our table. We had to call for an alternate waiter. Could not recommend any of the dishes to us. To be honest out of all of the restaurant in London this would be the last I would re visit. The food was brilliant but as a customer the service did not marry up. I would not recommend you spending your money in a place like this unless you want to have your evening ruined by an unprofessional waiter.

By Charlotte G.

Was looking forward to go there for my Birthday, but it was a big disappointment, although my friends highly recommended this restaurant. Starter was delicious (duck &prawns). Service was slow, waited for more than half an hour just for the main course. The Plantain Fried Rice was cold, tasteless and rubbery, the steam vegetables tasteless as well and bad presentation and the cod taste alright but not worth for the price that we paid for it. We was shock when they change our side plate while we waiting for our main course, the plate was dirty with a lot of stains although it has been change 3 time in the end I still get the dirty plate. Spoke to the manager but he seems to be not taking it seriously. The decoration is nice but music a bit too loud for a dinning place, hardly can have conversations. For me it look like a canteen rather than a restaurant.

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