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Azteca Latin Lounge is located along the Kings Road in Chelsea and offers a variety of Mexican/Tex-Mex dishes as well as an impressive range of tequila, authentic drinks and cocktails.

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Opening Hours
Mon-Sun 16:00-00:00

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Azteca Latin Lounge reviews

By Andrew M.

Never had a bad time at Azteca Latin Lounge! I normally go with friends and there are plenty of drinks to choose from!

The food's really good and they do a lot of things you can share. Azteca is a great place for groups.

By Tanya L.

I had been recommended Azteca by a few friends so i thought i would give i a try one day on my way home from work. I loved the decor and cosy feeling it had, although it would of been nice to have outside seating. I sat at the bar and ordered a michalada (something i had never tried before) but i must say the mix of tomato juice, beer and spice makes a good refreshing drink. I went on to ordering tacos and some guacamole that was delicious. The staff were very friendly and chatty so would defo go back with friends or even alone.

By Shawn M.

I am often in Chelsea on business and recently have been visiting Azteca Latin Lounge, in fact I now visit every time I am in the area! The food is real authentic Mexican (real Mexican Chef)and there is an extensive cocktail menu. This great little bolt-hole has the biggest selection of tequila I've seen outside Mexico. The staff are young/fun and very professional. The manager is a young girl who runs the business in a fun and efficient manner. I can honestly say that this is now one of my favourite bar/restaurants in west London and I highly recommend anyone and everyone to sample this little gem.

By James B.

After a long walk down the kings Rd we stumbled on this little cute place,Decor had loads of bits and bobs from their country,really cool clutter all over the walls and the sides. Was pleasantly surprised to see they had a good selection of tequila,but too early for shots, so we went for margaritas which were good and service was fine,girl a little slow with English but smily and nice,ordered some Nachos and some tacos and again can't complain was actually tasty. An hour later it started to get busy and a bit packed,which slowed the waitress down a little as it a small place but we had no issues with service... A few tequilas later the place got busier and louder and really buzzy,shame we had to leave so early.All round was a great place,we had a good time and next time were back in that area were gonna definitely give it another go.

By Ervis H.

azteca is the right place during these summer days. lovely and welcome staff , margharitas and mojitos still remain the best in town.not overpriced at all. without hesitation it is the cheapest bar in kings road. honestly it sounds cheap having a margharita with freshly squeezed lime juice for 7 quid . i would suggest these guys put their prices up. waht about food , there is no coments. the most mexican and original street tacos you can find only at azteca. as well the nachos ,made of home made chips and fresh guacamole on the side is just simply delicious. surely will come back

By Hhh H.

In sum, horrific service, questionable food, and rude staff! Ordered some drinks, all the drinks came and different times, and many of the ingredients were missing that were promised on the menu. That I could understand, you know busy you can run out of things, but then ordered some sides, took 30 mins to come (they were nachos, that were cold). Ordered some more drinks hoping that this time there would be no more problems, but hair in Drinks Disgusting. Then asked for the bill, we had been charged double for anything, but again understand mistakes happen, but they were not having any of it, accusing us of lying. Eventually got it corrected after very rude and obnoxious staff, at any other restaurant they would be sacked! If you want a good time, do not come to Azteca Latin Lounge!

By Ray B.

I can assure everyone that I can rate restaurants highly but seem more compelled to write about them when both service and the rest are poor. So far I have asked to see their wide range of Cuban cigars - these are Marlboro only. I asked for a cocktail which is served in a clay jug. The cocktail is Fresh Paloma which I am drinking out of a pint glass, etc etc. This is surely not good? Ceviche had just arrived . 10 minutes instead of 30 as advertised as slow cooked. Plate swimming with lime juice. First time ever that tostadas tasteless and wet.

By Nat M.

Amazing margarita (good barman) but horrible service with overpriced and underwhelming 'food'... ('' because you can't serve 5-10 tortilla chips - not even homemade and call it nachos). The poor guys at the table next to us tried to keep a straight face when served this. We ordered a quesadilla (which was actually ok) and mixto fondo (3 tacos and 3 tostadas of your choice)and specifically asked for no onions in both spanish and engish but the food still came covered in onions and we didn't get what we ordered: tacos de pollo and tostadas de pastor. What we got was potato taco (not very tasty) and tostada with a LOT of onions. It was an interesting experience but I won't return. Lastima :(

By John T.

I hate writing negative comments about a bar but I fell that I should in this case to warn the public.I felt very insulted when I had came to this bar. I asked them that if I could book out the bottom area for our own little party to which they duly obliged. I had also asked if I could play my own music for our private party and of course they again obliged.However on the night the manager / "owner" kept on telling me that this was not a private party and we could not play our own rock music and kept on turning off the music. Then he proceeded to say this was not a private party and will bring down customers to our area to serve them although we had it booked out.Above and beyond the bad service we had learnt that they were charging serivce charge on top of ever order at the bar!!! What cheek!!! When I realised I was being over charged I asked to see the bill upon which they refused to show me as they realised that I was now on to them.Who actually has the nerve to do that anyway.I will never go there again and I hope that you will never too as this is based on solid evidence.

By Doreen L.

I went to Azteca last night hoping to have a good time with my friends. We noticed right away that it was very overpriced and not very comfortable. Then I ordered a vegetarian dish that was displayed with the "(v)" on the menu and they brought me something with chicken. After asking I was told, that the (v) only means that this dish could be asked for in Vegetarian version. . Stupid! Anyway. That waitress then suggested me that they could bring my dish back to the kitchen and take out the chicken. I asked to make sure but she was really explaining to a vegetarian that they could just pick the chicken out of my food and bring that plate back. No way! So she went back the 3rd time to the kitchen and said that the chef finally accepted to make a new dish. I wasn't hungry anymore after all that arguing. We asked for the bill and they really had the balls to charge me for my dish that I didn't have a single bite from. And 12.5% service charge on top. This is by far the lowest level of customer service I ever received. No wonder that place was completely empty on a Thursday night. So disappointing. Never again!

By Sam Z.

Amazing lovely...service little slow...staff very friendly...downside small...slightly over priced but worth it. Cannot wait to go back.

By Nathalie S.

i love this place....its so refreshing to have somewhere in chelsea that is quality without the pretentiousness. love the mix of music and chilled out atmosphere.....probably worth getting there earlier then later tho so can get a table but maybe thats just my laziness?! ha ha....recommend to all ages!

can understand about the charge below but never had that happen the many times ive been....must have been misunderstanding?!

By James T.

Good atmosphere but very small!
The huge downside which prompted this review is that they charge 12.5% service on 'every' drink. I expect it in London Clubs but a regular bar in Chelsea? I tip for good service but object to paying £2 for uncorking a bottle which I waited20 mins at the bar to buy in the first place! Was dealt with badly by the barman who didn't understand my objection and then by the manager who did not want to refund my ccard! 'Discretionary' service is only so if you are given the option in the first place. Poor show....great night, but won't go back.

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