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Babble City is a chic bar, restaurant and club open in the heart of the City. Spread over three floors, Babble City hosts top DJs and regular events.

"Spread over 3 floors Babble offers the city a chic sanctuary and a place to escape the mundane, all in the heart of London’s busiest financial district. The perfect place to take your event from day to night, Babble can accommodate all requirements from conferences and presentations to elegant dinners and drinks receptions. If you’re looking for something extra special we can offer you private space for up to 70 people, which is fully self-contained with a private bar, facilities and outside terrace."

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Babble City reviews

By Amy K.

Horrible bar. Only go there if you have too much money to spend and absolutely no taste. Staff rude and incompetent.

By Adrian D.

Had one of the worst bar experiences at Babel this evening. I arrived on my own a few minutes ahead of a group of (male and female) colleagues after our work christmas party. The guy on the door was turning away a group ahead of me for having had 'too much to drink' and proceeded to include me in this judgement. This would have been remotely understandable had he have spent any time talking to me or not passed judgement within a nano second of my arrival. I wouldn't mind but I was just thinking how sober I was, partly due to the poor selection of wine and beer at the christmas party! I protested my innocence and explained that I wasn't drunk at all. All I was told was "i didn't say you were drunk' Doh?! And that I saw you crossing the road?! Funny seeing as how I hadn't crossed the road to get there! I explained that my colleagues were on the way and that my company were a good customer of the bar having spent thousands of pounds there the night before. This seemed of no relevance or importance to the 'jobsworth' bouncer who was more than happy to turn away a load of business tonight just because he couldn't admit that he had called it wrong. I say a load of business because not only would he not let me in but told my colleagues that they couldn't come in either because of me! How petty! Yes, I did verbally abuse the bouncer, only because I felt so unjustly treated. No doubt he would have seen that as justification of his judgement that I 'had drunk too much'. Quite how Babble City is doing so well that it can turn away good business and ruin any chance of my company spending money there again is beyond me. On this showing my advice is avoid Babble City at all costs. I guess there is a chance that the muppet I encountered tonight will get sacked and take up a job where he doesn't have to deal with the public. We can only hope.

By Dave .

A terrible, terrible place. Avoid at all costs. A shame you have to give a minimum of one stars.

By Kat R.

Went to Babble city last night. Quite possibly the worst night out ever! The staff are incredibly rude, unhelpful and have absolutely no idea what customer service is! An absolute hole full of jumped up Essex types! If they paid me a million pounds I would not set foot in Babble City ever again! An absolute dump.

By Jess P.

I recoomend that if you were thinking of booking this venue for a speacial night out, DON'T. A friend & I had reserved a table for 15, & ordered one of the packages that was recommended to us over email by one of Babbles staff, this included two bottles of wine, two platters & sharer cocktail total was £45 which we thought was pretty good. However when we arrived we were given an area that could only fit 8 people, we were next to the main door (which when I placed the booking requested we not be near the door) so people that had to stand were in the way! Drinks didn't arrive to the table on arrival...had to request 3-4 times. Drinks finally arrived 30 mins later. The watress confirmed that our platters would arrive at 7.30pm as requested, food actually arrived at 8.15pm again after asking several times, when it did arrive there just wasn't enough of it for 15 people, 2 platters for a party of 8 would be fine but to recommend for a prty of 15 was a joke. Really dissapointed by the night as the venue itself is decorated well & played ok music, but the service & overall management of the place just wasn't up to scratch in my mind. Have emailed to complain, had a couple of replies & been told my complaint would be passed to the manager, as of yet I've not heard back. Don't waste your money!

By Derek G.

I was at The Crimson Room Thursday 20th December 2012. I was initially denied access, even though I was on the guest list! An invited guest was denied entry, because the doorman (doubling as the General Manager) wasn't keen on his footwear - a pair of brand spanking new, leather boots! I was then ejected for challenging the decision and questioning the General Managers views on racism! Finally, the bar manager tried to add a £73.50 to my bar bill for a bottle of champagne that I didn't order or receive! So, if you're looking forward to a 50/50 chance of getting in, enjoy poor service and management who think they're entitled to fleece you, Babble City is the place for you!

By Daniel B.

Went to Babble last night for a Christmas meal and it was one of the worst experiences I have ever had! The service was shocking - the waitress was slow, unreactive and had to be prompted on several ocassions to do simple things like take drinks orders! After 45 minutes when she eventually brought the drinks over (in dribs and drabs with 5 minutes between each one), she had forgotten mine! I went to the bar and asked a member of staff - he didn't say anything but just pointed to the waitress - so unhelpful! I told the waitress and her reply was 'I thought everybody had their drinks' and then walked away! It took me a further trip to the bar to finally get my drink! We pre ordered the £35 per head Christmas menu and were all massively dissapointed with the quality of the food and the portion size. The majority of us has the Turkey Christmas dinner and there didn't seem to be any sort of portion control with some dishes being served 4 roast potatoes and others being served 1! When I say roast potatoes I am being generous as they were clearly cooked from frozen! After we had eaten we made our way upstairs to the nightclub part of the bar as we were told on booking that our extortionate fee of £35 included entry into the nightclub - when we got upstairs the bouncers rushed up and escorted us out because apprently we wern't allowed up there due to a private party! Why were we not told at the time of booking!? I would never, ever go to Babble again and would adise others to stay well away. Terrible atmosphere, terrible service and terrible food!

By Moushumi D.

I am disgusted my the service I received from the door staff and the manager that was present on Fri 16th Nov. Not only did I pay in advance to have a booth booked under my name, but guests of mine were refused entry due to footwear. Now I do realise there is a door policy however not only did 20 people witness other members of the public let in wearing trainers but there is a professional and polite way in which a matter should be dealt. Instead patronising behaviour and simply rude staff with poor behaviour was given to not only myself but my guests. I was denied a refund for my booking of £50, and was told should I want a confirmation of this to return at 3am. Shocking behaviour. I was originally going to come with 40 guests for a birthday party, needless to say I will not be returning and neither will any of my friends. I am still waiting for my refund and an apology from your staff.

By Nat C.

The door staff are complete ignorant morons, stating that they were the clubs 'management'. With the disgusting, unprofessional treatment that we incurred at the door, I truly hope these 'men' were not in fact in charge. I wish I could give this less than one star. Pathetic excuse for human beings.

By Mel H.

Had my Birthday party there last Thursday as my friend recommended it and had a fantastic time from what I can remember as styed nearly till the end:). As it was my birthday I have received a complimentary Birthday cake and was given one of the red booths on the middle floor. Everyone enjoyed them self on the dance floor as the music was great throughout the evening. Will definitely come back although not too often as my head will not tolerate it! haha.

By Megan T.

I booked a booth in Babble two weeks ago on a Friday evening straight after work. The vibe in Babble straight away was upbeat and full or people just wanting a great time! I had no problems with service and the waitress was popping over to us at every opportunity, which was great! Music was fab and everyone had a wonderful evening! Its my Birthday in a few months and I am coming back to Babble with everyone!!

By Kiki O.

I celebrated my 23rd birthday at Babble City last night and it was just the best night! I had never gone out in this venue before but I went to view it at several other bars in the City and Babble was the most beautiful and enchanting venue. The only thing that was putting me off booking was the poor reviews they had received online. But I took a chance and booked a booth area for about twenty people. They also have different booking packages, I chose the £50 package and received 3 bottles of wine and two food platters with it. The food and wine were fantastic and my guests really enjoyed it. The music and DJ were good too and had all my guests dancing all night long. The cocktails and drinks was soooo good too! The waitress that looked after our table was just the loveliest girl ever and very friendly. The managers and sales girls that helped me book were so nice too and the management even sent a complimentary bottle of champagne and sparklers to my table, which just made my night even more magical! Great friends, great music, great drinks, AMAZING venue with a friendly bunch of staff made this a birthday celebration to remember!

By Oli K.

Absolute dumo. Avoid at all costs! I can't express enough how bad Babble City is, a total tragedy! Shocking

By R R.

Zero stars - Zero stars! Bring back the Wall - this place is an overpriced dump. Makes Abacus look good!! Seriously I would rather drink in Hamilton Hall than here - in fact maybe the last train home with a bottle of moonshine! Avoid!

By Natalie B.

I work in Liverpool Street so Babble City is literally 5 minutes away. The girls in here are unreal! They have girls on stilts and fire throwers and the entrance and inside the venue gorgeous burlesque women. Well me and my mates were very impressed. Lads night out was a success! Great atmosphere and would recommend anyone to go.

By Natalie B.

I had my pre wedding drinks at Babble a few weeks back. It was just a party of ladies around 15 of us and we had our own area for the night. We ordered platters and had a pre order of wines which were ready for us when we arrived. The area looked divine! Ballons were wrapped around the necks of my wine bottles and drinks were all ready for us to consume! I had a great night and will be coming back soon!

By Sarah R.

Went to Babble City last Thursday and I paid for a reserved area and drinks prepared upon arrival which is exactly what I got! Me and my girlfriends enjoyed wine and dancing all evening, Plus right next to Liverpool street station so easy to get home! Bar staff were friendly and quick didn't have to wait long for a beverage at all! Love the decor and atmosphere! Defo be going again!

By Megan M.

I had a fab evening! I arrived and was shown to my seat and my friends had already arrived and was waiting for me. My drinks were brought out in ice buckets and my food was also brught out at the time I requested. I think the venue is fab inside and I had a great evening! If you want to get in to such a nice place dont wear trainers or horrid jeans simple.

By Jane S.

To be honest, I do not work int he city but one of my friends recommended it. I walked in to be welcomed by a bubbly host and a member of the sales team who took me to my table. The table was perfect for our size party and we had a free cocktail on arrival. The music was good, our waitress helpful in the Boudoir and the cocktails were amazing. People have mentioned the dress code but I did notice that everyone was dressed smartly so was nice to see in the city as I was coming from work myself. Overall I would go back again just for the atmosphere and customers there.

By Garth T.

What a hole this place has become!! Full of essex boys and wanna-be WAGS. This kind of venue definitely does not belong in the City, it's so out of place, it's just wrong!!

By Daniel G.

I never normally leave reviews and always think people exaggerate when they have a good or bad experiance, but I was so angry at this place I decided to sign up. When I arrived to meet my party at 5pm (when the place was dead), I was told I couldnt come in as I wasn't on the list. My friend hosting and paying for the evening came down, told the doorman I am on the list, and I was still standing outside like a lemon for 20 mins until I was let in. The doormen (as usaul) are a total, total disgrace, very rude and arrogant for such a tacky bar. One of my collegues was asked to leave after he accidently knocked a drink over, we even cleaned it up and he wasn't drunk, and the bouncers very aggressivly removed him. I said to them all 20 of us would be leaving and the bouncer replied "I dont care it doesnt affect my salary". Absolute dive, avoid, unless you like overpriced drinks and hassle on the door.

By Nate B.

An absolute disgrace - avoid like the plague. My guests were quiet and after we paid a £1000 drink bill we was told to leave as we was being noisy. The bar staff think it is Mahiki. It isn't.

By Chris R.

I was a bit sceptical of visiting this place for a lunch meeting after reading all the reviews, but my taste card allowed me 50% off so thought it would be worth a punt. Waitress was very friendly. My friend and I both ordered the steak (which was reasonably priced even pre-discount) and it was excellent. The lighting is a little dark inside, fine for the evenings but it's a bit of a strange atmosphere for a lunchtime visit. Can't comment on the club side of the venue, but would definitely visit this place for lunch again.

By Michael L.

30-April-2012 14:00Awful, awful place and an utter embarrasment for the City of London. Just got back from lunch at this venue. Waited 15 minutes for a pint of Beck's which I had to send back to the bar as it tasted foul. No apology from the waitress. Ordered a steak sandwich only to be told 40 MINUTES LATER that they don't do a steak sandwich. FOR F**K's SAKE, WHY DID YOU TAKE THE ORDER IN THE FIRST PLACE AND WHY CAN'T THE REPROBATE LURKING IN THE KITCHEN JUST MAKE ONE? STEAK IS ON THE EFFING MENU SO WHY NOT JUST CUT SOME STEAK UP AND STICK IT IN A BAGUETTE? MOREOVER, WHY DID IT TAKE 40 MINUTS TO FIND THIS OUT?Waitress informed the "manager" who did not even have the guts to come to the table and apologise but seemed to be more interested in preening himself behind the bar like some extra from The Only Way Is Essex. Look out for him - he wears red trousers and has a pineapple on his head. Waitress offered an apology but it was completely obvious she couldn't care less and had the customer-facing skills of an Antarctic grave-digger.This is not the first time I have been here; the other times it has been fine, but the beer has always veered between tasting like the inside of a toilet and the bottom of a cattle farmer's boot.If this is the shape of things to come then I pity London, I really do. I can't believe I'd ever say it but please, please bring back the Wall Bar.This place is owned by the same company that owns other high class establishments such as Tiger Tiger. AVOID AT ALL COSTS!

By Ashley P.

i recently visited the bar on a Friday night for a friends birthday. She had an area inside. Got to the front door at about 6pm straight after work and was refused entry as i was not dressed smart enough, which i never understood as i was wearing trousers, shirt and a jumper, so i asked what they meant by smart and the doorman's reply was "Sorry sir your not coming in". I waited a few minutes and a gentlemen walked straight in with jeans on and that apparently was smart enough. The door staff were totally rude and did not explain there reasons why they wouldn't let us. I wouldn't recommend this place to anyone. The bar was better when it was The Wall.

By Meagan A.

I visited this venue with a group of 8 friends for a small celebration so we booked seating in the VIP area as part of a deal they were offering. Rarely have I felt less like a VIP and more like someone being mugged by a particularly amoral hoodie. As part of the booking we had agreed to pre-pay for 4 bottles of champagne, a bottle of vodka with mixers & a round of shots as well as some food and they gave us a fixed price for this order. Although I arrived initially with one friend as the rest of the group were joining later the staff immediately started repeatedly bothering us to insist they bring over 2 bottles of champagne as for some reason they couldn't keep them on ice and bring them when required. They repeated this annoying behaviour right up until when my other friends arrived at which point our 'dedicated server' was suddenly nowhere to be found and remained impossible to get hold of for the rest of the evening. The atmosphere in general was ok apart from when the music would randomly stop for 20 minutes giving all the patrons time to look slightly bored, confused & uncomfortable. At the end of the evening we had only been served three quarters of the drinks we had prepaid for as the shots and some of the champage failed repeatedly to arrive and yet they still brought us a bill for £600 which included all the drinks that were included in the prepay and others we never had. The waitress was unhelpful so I asked for the manager which was a mistake because he was the rudest most condescending and unpleasant toad of a man I've ever had the misfortune to meet. He insisted I had to prove we hadn't had the drinks they had 'mistakenly' added and I had to track down the waitress to get her to admit they had made the error. Although I was the designated sober & responsible person I was treated like an outrageous drunk they felt they could fleece because I wouldn't bother to argue about it. That was their mistake. Mine would be letting anyone I know go there again.

By Caroline M.

Great new bar/club in the city. A glamorous 3 floors: level 1 a lively bar, level 2 a club with great music, level 3 a sexy boudoir for quieter drinks. I loved this place. Even though it was quite loud, it wasn't too loud to chat like so many similar venues. I found the staff incredibly friendly which is almost unheard of in "trendy" London bars. The cocktails are amazing! Great choice of wine too. Will definitely return

By Sophia G.

I went to the launch party on the 24th. Being only 21 and forgetting my ID I was happy that I got in so easily. They didn't even ask which guestlist I was on. I received about 5 free drinks and they had amazing masks for you to take everywhere! There are a lot of girls walking around in skimpy outfits, so I do understand about the whole 'strip club' feel to the place. Music was good however and the staff were all very friendly. There was a reasonable mix of girls to boys. I would probably say there were more females than males, however. Overall I would rate it 4 stars. Tons of free drinks and good music, so not bad at all!

By JO S.

If I could give this ZERO I would!!!!The staff on the door were extremely rude as were the staff inside!!!!!Have to say it was a lot of hype for nothing. Clearly just for Essex people as no one else was allowed in! Would never recommend this place and if was invited out and found it to be here I'd rather stay at home!BRING BACK THE WALL!!!!

By Julia M.

I definitely wont be visiting that place again. It was like being stuck on a train during rush hour and not being able to move. The only difference was that there was music. The décor (from what I could see) seemed ok but it was a shame about the staff members and their absence of customer services. They tried too hard to be some thing that they weren't and failed miserably. Felt like the door staff were being unnecessarily selective about who they let in .......DON'T WASTE YOUR TIME HERE THERE ARE LOADS OF OTHER PLACES TO GO!!

By John D.

Had to rate 1 star as there is no option for ZERO STARS. Even if someone paid me a million pounds to go into Babble City... I would have to refuse. If you want a good night, this is NOT the place to be.

By Donna B.

Went there for a good friends leaving drinks party. First of all he could not get in as he was dressed to casual. Our group of 25 went in for drinks to wait for him (spend XXX amount of money) for him to still be refussed entry as he was not part of a MIXED GROUP. Do not waste your money in this venue.

By Sara B.

Wouldn't recommend anyone to go there. very poor customer service, staff rude, drinks over priced. not impressed at all. The door staff was one of the worst ones I have ever came across. No respect, zero professionalism and no manners whatsoever. I have only one advise - AVOID THIS PLACE! P.S. No stars from me

By Mark J.

Bring back 'The Wall' do not like the new club at all. Drinks are over priced Staff have no customer service skills Slow service Music is terrible

By Adrian H.

Do not bother; this club is shocking. Just to vent my frustration and anger at the club i'm going to review this club using bullet points!! *Poor attempt at being an up-market venue (bring back previous owners). * Half naked women strategically positioned at entrance; feels like you're about to enter a strip club. * Bad Service at the Bar * Bouncers will not let you in unless your extremely pretty or from Essex * so so so so Packed .. Sweat-box. That would be all for now .....

By Mark J.

Head of Security has no manners and is very rude. Only good thing about launch night were the stars they paid to come and promote. Drinks over piced for a crap venue... BRING BACK 'The Wall' Don't go!!!

By Jess M.

If your face does not fit, you won't get in. When I got in I wish I didn't bother. Over crowded could not dance, music ok, waste of money and waste of time.

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