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Babel blends modern style with traditonal bar values, putting the emphasis on quality and good service. A comprehensive spread of cocktails are available as well as a classic British bar menu.

Ranked #63 of 2091 pubs & bars in London
Part of the Faucet Inn group
"One of Clapham’s favourite bars. By day Babel is an ideal meeting place for drinks and a bite to eat. By night it’s a vibrant, fun, late-opening bar with eclectic music.

During the summer months you can drink or dine on the pavement, continental style whilst enjoying the buzz of the Northcote Road. Just 5 minutes walk from Clapham Junction Babel is well worth a visit.

"Babel means the confusion of languages, the inspiration for one of Clapham’s favourite bars with an eclectic mix of styles: modern furniture, an original Victorian bar and 1950’s lampshades. A must visit!"

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Babel reviews

By Andrew M.

Fun crowd and not too expensive drinks. This is great in the summer, because the front is totally open, but I've also had good winter nights getting slowly pissed!

By Sony V.

Popped into Babel with a few of the boys recently and ended up staying a lot longer than intended. The beers are good and its just a nice chilled out bar in battersea.

By Tom T.

Babel has some really nice burger options available and some good beers to try. Not a bad drop in point for Battersea at all

By Carrie M.

I found Babel not to really be my kind of pub but my husband seemed to enjoy it. The one thing I did like however was the 241 mojito's :)

By Edgar E.

I visited Babel in Battersea yesterday for a quick bite to eat and was very impressed with the Big Breakfast. Nothing better than being able to have a beer and a fry up without it looking weird.

By Brad P.

I often pop into Babel when in Battersea, they have some good beers available and The Daddy Burger is great.

By Fiona A.

Have been to Babel a couple of times with my boyfriend for a few glasses of wine and a bite to eat, service has always been fine, food has always been tasty, well worth a visit

By Wayne K.

Was around Battersea recently with a few colleagues and popped into Babel for a quick bite to eat. Turned out not too be bad at all and had a good beer selection available.

By . ..

Babel is really not a bad pub at all. Comfy seating, good beers available and friendly service.

By Sid P.

I've always enjoyed myself at this bar. I rate it so badly because, on a recent Saturday evening, in a group of three guys and three girls, we were denied entry for the reason that it was quite busy. A friend bribed the doorman £20 and we were allowed in. I don't want this kind of corruption in London. (the doorman was clearly African and not born in the UK)

By Sabrina K.

We came down here from Amsterdam with 3 girls last friday to have some drinks, was the best night!! With the best people..! If you were there, and you will know if we mean you, please reply! :)

By Craig W.

I got food poisoning from eating at this place, i ate the bangers and mash. Im fairly sure the mash was actually smash as well! eat here at your peril.

By Wayne D.

Came down to Northcote road with a few friends on Saturday night for a few quiet drinks. Ended up having a few too many instead at Babel. Such a great vibe, and everyone was so friendly.....staff and clientele alike. Will definitely be back for more.......

By Oscar V.

Babel has definately got an amount of potential due to its location and fit out, sadly that is where the good points end.

The service here is poor at best and the food is very questionable. Try the underdog across the road.

By Jo F.

The food here is without doubt the worse I have had for a long time. By the time it eventually arrived it was stone cold and completely unappetising. To top it off the staff are rude and unfriendly - not a place I would recommend in a hurry!

By Robert B.

Having been a local around Battersea for several years, I was excited to see that Babel had re-opened after a refurb and I don't think I've ever seen such an amazing transformation of what was already a good looking bar. Totally original design and the fact that when we went there,the place was packed, is a clear indication that Babel is back on the map. Great cocktail list, supberb food and top-notch service is the order for Babel nowadays and I can only salute the brains behind this.

By A.

Babel is without a doubt the worst bar I have ever had the bad luck to visit. It is dirty, smokey, smelly with sick in the corridors. The so called manager is rude and unfriendly, and the bouncers are worse than useless.

A friend asked them if they could pop out to say goodbye to us which the bouncer said was fine, but when she tried to go back in two minutes later they were asked for ID and refused entry! Babel is pathetic. Avoid it like the plague.

By D.

I have been a Clapham local for four years now, and frequented Babel numerous times. Then one night I left quickly to say goodbye to friends and on my return the bouncer wouldn't let me in despite my jacket still hanging from one of the tables. Despite saying that all I wanted was my jacket, he said the manager wouldn't let me in.

So I rang and asked for the manager, who said that there was no more jackets inside without even looking and then hung up on me when I asked if he could have a quick look.

So despite the fact that I brought about 40 people to Babel, and without us the place would have been empty, they just treated me with contempt.

By P.

Babel is an uncomplicated & friendly bar with a good selection of premium spirits and well trained staff. Always a great night out at Babel!

By K.

Babel is a very friendly, good looking bar in the heart of Battersea; we came on a Thursday afternoon for coffee after shopping and ended up staying till they closed - at 12! what chance did we have with that neverending cocktail much choice, so little time...

By C.

Reliably the best place to go party in Battersea. Great barstaff and cocktails!

By G.

"local big-name DJs" - surely a contradiction in terms. "Miss Strawberry K" - who???

By D.

Babel has a great crowd, great prices and great atmosphere. Also local big name djs, including Miss Strawberry K. No entrance fee either. Defo recommend this one.

By Pru E.

Vying for attention on the crammed strip of bars and restaurants along Northcote Road is Babel. The Tower of Babel never made it to heavenly status and, sadly, neither does this bar, although it’s a decent enough stop-off for locals.

The Venue
The most interesting thing about Babel is the haphazard smattering of bold, decorative lettering across one whole wall. Random words are scattered about, like ‘Serendipity’, ‘Tetrahedron’ and ‘Watermelon’; presumably to evoke the chaos and confusion of language experienced in the biblical Tower of Babel story.

Its interior is nice enough: the wide, single room is filled with puce-coloured couches arranged in perfect symmetry and a cute collection of fringed lamps in warm golden and ruby hues. Behind the bar, flanked with imposing grey pillars, is an artistic arrangement of boxy mirrors - but that’s where the originality stops. The floors are a dull concrete and the rest of the decor is neat but ordinary. The front of the venue is made up of floor-to-ceiling windows that can be opened out onto the cafe-style seating on the trendy pavements of Northcote Road – an inviting prospect for warmer weather.

The Atmosphere
You can generally always rely on a buzzing atmosphere at Babel; its proximity to Battersea Rise and prominent frontage ensure there are always passers-by stopping in for a drink. The glow of the lamps against the dim lighting and the hum of conversation create a welcoming atmosphere that is lively even on weeknights. Come the weekend, the party vibe kicks in as Claphamites descend for drinking and dancing.

The Food
Babel has an expansive seasonal menu, admirably including British and sustainable produce, albeit with prices to match. Standout starters include the pheasant and free-range pork belly pate with apricot and ginger chutney for £5.75, which stands alongside a tasty selection of soup, tartlet and terrine. For the main event, there’s a wide choice of hearty British gastro meals ranging from £7.95-£16 for a rib-eye steak with Shropshire blue and rocket butter. There are gourmet burgers served with dill pickle and hand-cut chips, delicious salads and sandwiches from £4.50. Although the dishes are unique and obviously good quality, at these prices it’s disappointing that there are no proper dining tables.

The Drink
On offer for partygoers is a decent range of shots and cocktails, including Babel originals and classics with a twist from £5.50-£7 (which is a little above average for the area). Shooters like the Fat Elvis (Frangelico, Baileys and Chambord) and Dr Pepper (Pepsi, lager and Amaretto) are £3.50. Beat the credit crunch with the 2-4-1 Mojito Mondays.

Bottled beers available include Hahn, Peroni, Tiger and Sol. A broad wine list complements the fine food on offer and the house starts at a value £3.35 for a small glass and £13 for a bottle of Italian Terre Forte Blanco or Rosso. There’s a nice mix from around the world, ranging up to the Chateau Lamatre Saint Emillon Grand Cru for £30.

The Last Word
Is it a quality place to dine or a crammed party den? Babel seems to hover uncertainly between the two but, if you’re not looking for anything particularly special, it will show you a good time.

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