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Bacchus is a late night venue in Kingston upon Thames. They host a variety of alternative bands and club nights. Attracting a friendly crowd they serve a wide choice of drinks with regular promotions.

Ranked #115 of 225 clubs in London

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Opening Hours
Opening Hours
Mon-Sat 22:00-03:00
Sun 20:00-02:00

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Bacchus reviews

By S.

I saw a band at Bacchus and they were brill. The atmosphere in this place is pretty darn good too all in all I only have good things to say about Bacchus!

By Toby M.

Bacchus is a disused pubic toilet which comes apparent when u walk down the steps of amonia misery. Having worked in nightclub industry for several years I can tell you that Bacchus security is amongst the worst in the weston world. Mind if you found yourself working as a glorified toilet attendant for intoxicated students you might have an attitude problem and a face like a picked brussel sprout to match. Bacchus is an almighty gamble, throw the dice some nights and you might just have the best night of your life. Spin the wheel another and you might be wading through two inches of toilet flooded biological misery having endured archaic abuse from the security and paid for the pleasure. Visit before it gets shut down but never sober.

By Susie T.

I liked this place the first time I went about a year ago, however the last two times I've been here in the last couple of months the bouncers were awful and rude. Also there were only two toilets available and one of them was completely clogged up with toilet paper!

By Louise H.

Atmosphere in the club quite good, good people. However, not liking the security and I'm not the only one. Female outside security aggressive and had a similar attitude a couple weeks ago so it's not the first time. I had to ask her to stop shouting at someone as it was uneccassary and rude a couple weeks ago. Many people agree with me and thinking of writing a petition after speaking to management.

By Frank K.

The place has some hip music but some terrible attitude. The door man was xenofobic and violent pushing people around and spouting comments like "you should go back to your country". Not cool. Will not be coming back.

By Hannah P.

Good little club especially in the week, bit of a student haunt though. Love it when they play Rock n Roll. Great Vibe

By Sam B.

Had some of the best nights of my life in this club!! Always a great atmosphere as the night warms up...good music policy, friendly and efficient doorstaff and barstaff. Might not be the most 'glam' of venues but for me Kingstons number one venue

By Heather M.

Bacchus is primarily an alternative venue - with ranging music tastes from hardcore, punk and metal to drum'n'bass, girl grunge and hip hop. Its a small venue - capacity of about 100, in a basement in the heart of kingston. If you're into alternative music - then this is the place to visit.

By Christina W.

Bacchus is an alternative music venue in Kingston Upon Thames with the name referring to the Roman god of wine and intoxication. If you crave something different from the norm then this could be for you, provided you can stomach the unpleasant door staff that is.

The Venue
Bacchus can be located on Kingston’s Union Street, just off the High Street. It’s not the easiest place to find but if you know the area you shouldn’t have too much trouble.

Walking down the stairs that lead into the club feels almost like entering a dungeon – this club is underground, dark, and resembles a medieval keep, which may not be to everyone’s taste. However, this setup does do well to set the scene for the alternative side of clubland that prevails here and does offer a certain quirky charm. Located within the confines of Bacchus is a bar, dancefloor, booth-style tables and a smoking area outside.

The Atmosphere
First impressions upon arrival are most definitely swayed by the attitude of the door staff. The bellowing sarcastic remarks of the bouncers are something to remember and it’s certainly not recommended you upset them. The clientele is mixed but predominantly comprises the twenties alternative crowd, complete with skinny jeans and messy hair. It’s a good place for a dance and people are more than happy to oblige with a real up for it attitude. They are, by and large, a peaceful crowd out to have a good night, although it’s not uncommon for patrons to be dragged out by bouncers for misbehaving.

The Music
The music at Bacchus varies from night to night but the main theme is alternative. Nights tend to run every other week; Mondays offer either SuperFreak playing pornfunk classics, or Truffle Shuffle playing the likes of Elvis. Tuesdays is either Misfits with fruity live bands and DJs or Modern Life is Rubbish with old skool indie. On Wednesdays you’ve got New Noise, a ska night, or Planet of Sound, an indie one. Thursdays bring you Braille for hip-hop and funk or Waxworks for drum and bass and breaks. Fridays are either Collision or Lavish, both indie. Saturdays are Disco Donkey, which is indie versus electro house versus hip hop or Souper Saturday offering up good time tunes. On Sunday they have either Requiem Nocturnus with anything heavy or Ska Burger when apparently ‘Sunday is for skanking’.

The Drink
Drinks at Bacchus are pretty basic but fairly priced and there are usually drinks promotions on selected shooters. Card payments must be over ten pounds, which can be a hassle so buy in rounds if paying by card.

The Last Word
All in all, Bacchus can be a good club if you’re with a big group of friends and a definite bonus if you get a table, just remember to stay on the good side of the bouncers. If the alternative scene is your thing then why not give it a go, if not then chances are this venue probably isn’t for you.

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