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Bad Apple is a vibrant nightclub that has an eclectic music policy and a wide choice of drinks.

Ranked #37 of 225 clubs in London
"Best Bar None winners of the Best late night Venue for the Last two years running also winner of Best Customer Experience 2014. We are a light hearted party venue. We serve the widest range of Alcohol in Croydon, we have something for everyone. So come and get involved with us, the heart of Croydon."

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Bad Apple reviews

By Amy Louise S.

I would personally avoid the Bad Apple next time as the atmosphere was a little on edge and I didn't feel completely comfortable. Maybe try somewhere else next time - although have to day I enjoyed the music.

By Hana F.

Not a bad in club in Croydon, not always the friendliest crowd but always other options in Croydon if you don't fancy it. Would recommended Bad Apple though.

By Sophie B.

Still recovering from an epic evening of shape throwing at Bad Apple. It was a friends birthday as this is where she decided to go so we followed and she choose a great place!! The music was spot on

By Andy P.

I had a well good nite at bad apple! Went there for me mates bday init and they well looked after us!

By Chacka A.

I came to the bad apple as i was in the Croydon area visiting a mate and its not the best club but still had an alright night!

By Aaron P.

Definitely go to Bad Apple for a great night out. I love going to this club whenever I’m out in Croydon. Bad Apple is always a good place to end up after a pub crawl and even to just finish off the night. Makes any night great.

By Leon D.


This night club it lit. Wicked tunes! Buzzing and lively atmosphere. Reasonable priced drinks. Lots of room to dance and chill out. Bar staff, management and security team are on point. Going back this coming Saturday. Loved it when they play dnb and techno last week. Nice surprise.

By Donna L.

Great club, beautiful decor and every drink you can think of... Makes for a really great night out

Reply From Bad Apple

Thank you so much for your kind words

By Michael C.

A great bar, variety of music, drink deals and many different events that cater to all audiences. I rate this club highly if you want to go out have a great time and not be merry then look no further Bad Apple is an award winner and one of the only clubs I go to. Check it out you'll be pleasantly surprised

Reply From Bad Apple

We love having you in us

By Cyndy N.

This is a great place to go for a few drinks and even for the whole night. The bartenders are really good and friendly and work quickly. I love it at Bad Apple and always enjoy my night.

By Rebecca A.

Had a really juicy night out in Bad Apple - i was there are part of a work night out and have to say I have a great time! Dj was playing some classic tunes and before I knew it, it was 3am! Thanks guys! xx

By Dorothy Z.

Had a few good nights Bad Apple in the last few weeks. Use to avoid but gave it a go and now love it more than the other clubs in Croydon.

By Claire K.

Always seem to end up at Bad Apple - never intend too but one of those places we always seem to end up at. Drinks are not too expensive and decent music so perfect when you've had a few!

By Kay S.

went on my bessies birtday at bad apple, this place is really good as I have not been before as I don't live ner here. The music was soooooooooooooooo good!!!!

By Sharon M.

Bad Apple was the place I saw in my birthday with the girlies, it was amazing x x x x Thanks for a great birthday :)

By Corine T.

Took my mate there for her birthday, there was four of us and we had the best night...EVER!! The Club was amazing, the music was so good we spent the whole night on the dancefloor!! We will be back Bad Apple

By Shaun B.

Not overly impressed with bad apple, yes it has some hot ladies but the music choice was terrible!!! I have had some epic nights out but last weekend was a let down!

By Sally N.

Just had a blinding night at bad apple, thank goodness for a few days recovery. Will be back on form for a repeat this Friday

By Leo M.

Had a proper banging night at bad apple! Croydons finest were in the place! We shall make our return there very soon!

By Gail D.

Bad Apple isnt as bad as what i had heard about it, living it the Croydon area it is somewhere to go and the drink prices aren't extortionate!

By Imogen H.

Made my day, asked for ID when your 32 is always a bonus and a great way to start the night! The Bad apple had a good crowd and a fantastic mix of new tunes and old skool classics! Will be back

By Christine C.

landed in Bad Apple by mistake, it was a mistake as it is deffo not my scene! If you like dance music you will like it but not my cup of tea

By Bob J.

What a club! Great venue, great drinks deal and the best beer garden at Bad Apple! Always love it here.

By Timmy R.

Head down to Bad Apple if you like good music, good priced drinks, great atmosphere and wicked Dj's. My personal favourite hang out in Croydon.

By Freddo F.

Bad Apple left a sour taste in my mouth! Very nervy atmosphere and couldn't totally relax. Might try another club next time.

By Ross T.

I recently held my birthday party at this venue and would recommend it to friends in a heartbeat. The door staff were very polite and we had arranged a small guest list for our party booking. When we entered the bar had been decorated for halloween, but the standard decor stands out as unique and eye-catching, especially for such a place in Croydon. The bar staff were friendly and helpful, and I ended up having an amazing birthday. Be sure to ask the bar staff for help choosing drinks - I was puzzled by the sheer amount on sale!!

By Z W.

I loved this place, The door staff were very friendly to me and helped me through the registration process, it is a members only venue, but this did not take long at all. Once in I was amazed at how well decorated the place was, it felt like I was in the west end or some place very glamorous, I did not feel like I was in Croydon anymore. Once at the Bar I did enjoy perusing through the extensive range of spirits , I decided to treat myself to a rather pleasant Johnnie walker blue label. The staff were quick and pleasant and at times very strange and silly, dancing along to the music and looking like they actually enjoyed their work. A very pleasant experience the whole way through

By Robert R.

Bad Apple was awesome on Saturday. Bar is sweet, girls are great and music is always good whenever I’m here.

By . ..

I could spend all night in Bad Apple, by far the best club in and around Croydon. I would take everyone there for a great night out

By Sam F.

I loved the place when it opened back in early 2012. The past 3-4 times however, it takes a good 45 minutes to be served. Barstaff do not keep track of who was waiting first and subsequently, you lose your buzz while waiting to be served in the crowded bar queue while dancey tunes are playing. This is a MAJOR downside for me as I usually love the tracks they play (lots of garage tunes), but if I have to spend up to 2 hours altogether queueing for drinks and having paid the £5 entry fee, no thank you. I'm taking my business elsewhere.

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