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Baker and Spice source all their own organic produce which enables them to create quality Mediterranean lunches and extravagant pastries and cakes.

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Baker and Spice reviews

By Andrew M.

Baker and Spice have such beautiful pastries and cakes. It is a delight to eat in there. They have such an old fashioned attitude to customer service which is a real change in London. I would recommend Baker and Spice to anyone who wants a civilised afternoon in Chelsea.

By Ana M.

The service sadly had really diminished. This use to be a family favourite and now it is rare they get anything right. The bread is always cold as they insist on toasting it before your meal is ready- and the service is dismal.

By Cindia P.

I had a very bad experience at Baker & Spice Chelsea. Some morning in July, I arrived to the restaurant with my 2 year old son. After being in the table having coffee and few biscuits my son wanted to have a yogurt which I took from the display, assuming it was OK to do so as there is no sign to the contrary. One of the persons in charge of the restaurant, asked in what I felt very bad manners and in front of the other people, that drinking the yogurt in the restaurant was not allowed for which I said I was sorry as I did not know it was prohibited. It was obvious that the issue was not closed as again I was signaled for the fault in even worse manners making me felt it what I can only describe as an outrageous felony. The waitress repeated that it was not allowed to have the yogurt at the table and asked me not to do that again in the future, to which I answered that I did not see a problem that my son finished his yogurt, and my party their coffee in peace. Once we finished I went to the cashier and again the person in charge gave me the bill with a bad attitude even closing the cashier with rage. As a result my day was ruined as I feel humiliated. The staff is unpleasant and rude, specially with children.

By Lisa N.

Baker and Spice is completely overrated, overpriced and pretentious. We went there for Sunday brunch and it was fraught with frustration from the moment we sat down. I wanted scrambled eggs and bacon, so chose the scrambled eggs with cream fraiche - but they refused to supply a side order of bacon with it.

Moreover, when the dish arrived there was no toast or anything - merely a plate of eggs and that's it, for 11 quid! My husband ordered the full english breakfast, but asked for the eggs scrambled instead of fried - again this was not possible. I would have thought that was a basic and common request. And when the dish came, the eggs were in fact poached, not fried! He hates poached eggs.

My mother ordered the smoked salmon on savoury pancakes - and was told that that dish may take a long time - God knows why! I found the staff to be extremely unhelpful, rude and pretentious, and obviously the chefs are either totally unreasonable or incapable of cooking the simplest things - probably both. We will not be returning to Baker and Spice.

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