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Bali Bali is a little Indonesian restaurant located on Shaftesbury Avenue. The restaurant brings an authentic Indonesian experience to the West End.

Ranked #1145 of 5241 restaurants in London

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Bali Bali reviews

By Vera P.

My husband and I go there on regular basis and we have always been happy with food, service and surroundings.

By Dfsg G.

I have to say i dont condone the sort of biting reviews reinhardt is giving out here but he is quite right with what he says about Bali Bali. The food is utterly awful and very expensive. If you are considering a meal out in central london you would get a better deal at the nearest McDonalds and come to think of it probably more meat content by ordering a happy meal. I went with a group of friends last Saturday and was shocked at how bad the food was. We had read reinhardt's review and hadnt bothered to take any notice but on leaving the place at 9pm still hungry as we hadnt eaten the excuse for food they gave us we only wished we had thought twice about going here. One last point, Mrs Hungary is clearly linked to the owners, as a restaurant go-er would not have such a clear idea of the business strategy. For that reason listen to my advice and that of others such as reinhardt and dont go to this place.

By Anita A.

I have been going to Bali Bali regularly for more than 15 years and I am absolutely shocked at the comments I have read. I agree with Michael that the previous review has been written by some spiteful individual and having been a regular for so long I will vouch that Bali Bali has no such named owner as Michael. Like Michael, I am just a great lover of Indonesian and Malaysian cuisine and having traveled to Indonesia a number of times I understand why there are so many Indonesians that dine at Bali Bali. The food at Bali Bali is authentic, cooked from the heart, full of flavour and cooked with techniques that have been handed down through generations of the Ibrahim family that own and run this wonderful family establishment. The meat is halal (slaughtered humanely) and the traditional dishes such as the slow cooked coconut beef rendang and the punchy kick of the fiery sambal chicken or the lamb cooked in green chillies are where you need to be. When trying new food it's only normal to communicate more with staff, ask them what you should be trying and tell them what your preferences are, because Indonesian food truly caters for a million different pallets. A plate of noodles are not enough to judge Bali Bali by, traditionally, Indonesian food does not consist of fried noodles and certain dishes may dishes have been adapted to cater for the London/tourist crowd. Supply and demand and a business needs to stay afloat and all that. It is not to say that I am condoning bad food, but your review is juvenile, insubstantial and definitely worth a reply. Now if you can try the Rijstafel (Rice-Table - selection of authentic dishes) or the chefs selection of authentic dishes and you can still liken the food to £2 Chinese buffet meals, then sir, there is something even more wrong with your taste buds then i might have suspected.

By Marc S.

Michael is without doubt one of the owners of this terrible establishment. As previously stated, avoid like the plague.

By Michael M.

The first time i ate at Bali bali was three years ago, and since then I've become their regular customer. To be honest, i never bother writing a comment about the restaurant or places I've been, but this is too much. I cannot believe someone can be so spiteful and write such a worse comment. I've visit this restaurant many times, I've even celebrate a birthday party here with group of 15 and none of my friends showing even a bit of dissatisfaction either its food or services, even more its become our favorite place to go in central London. FYI, i am Indonesian and i do know Indonesian food. Thanks bali bali, i can always go here whenever i feel homesick.

By Marc S.

This restaurant provides oily, badly cooked, poor quality food, in a word avoid it like the plague. The food is of similar quality to those places in Chinatown that serve up dishes for £2, the difference being that a tastless plate of noodles is acceptable for that price but not at the significantly elevated prices Bali Bali charges. Bali Bali would have gone out of business a long time ago if it didnt benefit from the constant stream of hapless tourists in the area who no doubt wonder in innocently, leave an hour later significantly poorer and unhappier and then vow never to return. Luckily for Bali Bali tomorrow will bring another bus load of unsuspecting punters who can be ripped off too. Well done guys, thats one hell of a business model. On a final note Indonesia is beautiful country with an incredible gastromic tradition, if you are unfortunate enough to eat at Bali Bali please dont judge Indonesia as a whole by the dishes served up in by these clowns.

By Bharat K.

Great food, good location, great service and reasonably priced. If you like Indonesian /Malaysian cuisine than none in London can even match this place.

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