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Bamboula Caribbean Restaurant is a fun and friendly venue offering a wide variety of West Indian dishes.

Ranked #350 of 5241 restaurants in London

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Bamboula Caribbean Restaurant reviews

By G.

Everyone should visit Bamboula Jerk Kitchen at least once, the food is out of this world and it's really cheap too. You've got to try the homemade Guinness punch and leave room for dessert, as the rum and raisin ice cream is to die for. Bamboula Jerk Chicken is great for groups, as you'll want to order a load of dishes and taste them all.

By Andy K.

This sure is no fast food place. If you are in a rush, want to be fed and dash out within 20 minutes, this is not the place for you. But if you want excellent Caribbean cooking, and authentic Caribbean atmosphere, it is. We had a great evening, made friends, and the day's special (lamb shank with sweet potato mash, onion and vegetables) was the best and most memorable meal we've had in ages. Simply excellently cooked. We'll be going again. (And again.)

By KD K.

We coming To Marseille for bamboula carribean restaurant food is perfect!& it's not expensive!!!! ;) <3

By Monika R.

OMG, please do not go there! unless you fancy to spent 3 hours in the restaurant! We had a table booked at 6pm, we ordered meals like in 10minutes. In around 10min someone a waitress came that they don't have my friend's order. Fair enough, she changed it. In another 20minutes the waitress is coming back saying that a chef JUST came to the kitchen and he started preparing the meal. I was p**d off and hungry!!!! Eventually we got the meal in an hour!! the taste was average. oh, I forgot, that still like 30min from the order she came back saying that they run out of sweet potatoes! at this time I got mad and said to her that it is unbelievable!!!! Waiting for dessert took another 30minutes, with the ice cream we didn't order because they had JUST vanilla and one said it before......when it comes to paying the bill, it was no proper receipt, just writing down on the paper. The lady calculated £0.40 tip as 12.5%. No idea how....I didn't leave any tip for THAT service we not go there!!!!! There are plenty better places in Brixton area.....

By Dora C.

I must say that the starters at Bamboula were very good (particularly the plantain ring). The main meal on the other hand was mediocre as was the service. Unfortunately, I do not think I will go again. The restaurant closes at 11 and at around 10 to 11 they were already cleaning up and assembling the tables, none of the people in my party felt comfortable, they were basically kicking us out. In fact, at around 11:02 the manager came to tell us that they were closed (she effectively shouted this at us). In addition, the restaurant was understaffed with only one waitress who had clearly had a bad day, not only was she rude, she also served us the mains with no cutlery and we had to go and ask for some....Pity as I think the restaurant has potential.

By Jane S.

I have better caribbean dinner at home the food was terrible no taste. I have better in KFC for the £6.80 it cost me to eat at that restaurant. Wouldn't recommend to family or friends.

By Marvin J.

I agree slow service,the staff looked like they did not want to be there,staff looked so miserable and looked like they were ready to fight you instead of serving you. I had curry goat but that was no curry goat. Again full of bones and more of a stew with carrots than a curry. They seemed unable to cope with a big group and did not appear to be able to add up and tried to over charge us as well (i don't think so). Fiesty staff to the max.1 star for the musici will definitely not be recommending Bamboula Caribbean Restaurant at all Pure Waste of Our Time and money. Do not go to Bamboula Caribbean Restaurant to eat west indian food!

By Donna M.

I agree with all the negative reviews already written. Re-heated food, rude staff (there were two staff on duty at the time and the one wearing the black hat behaved shockingly - put it this way, it was obvious she really didn't want to be there), ladies toilets just about passable if you are desperate! Juice is £1.30 for a small glass and it was obviously from a carton. Would not recommend.

By Dru A.

I was extremely disappointed about the food and that's putting it nicely. My girlfriend and i both ordered stew chicken rice & peas, then we were told they only had one portion of rice & peas left so i had white rice instead. The meal did look a good size, the presentation and quality of food was very poor. The rice did not taste fresh as if it had been reheated over & over and the plantain wasn't fresh "hard and cold". With the meal we ordered pineapple & mango juice, the size of the cup was very small for £1.30 and i really do mean small, plus they tasted like carton juice not freshly made at all. Service oh my... The waitress was not welcoming looked like she didn't want to serve or didn't want to be there. We had asked for more drinks and from across the room the waitress screwed up her face and silently shouted we're closing "how rude". The bill came to £25.19.. money not while spent... First and last time i would ever go there.. Would not never ever in a million years recommend to anyone, friends or family.

By Marilyn S.

I am very saddened to be writing this review for what used to be one of my favourite restaurants. I went there yesterday with my boyfriend and son and the food has gone waaaaaaaaaaaaay down hill. The food that was served to us was old (the chicken had an old taste) and bland. The jerk chicken had no jerk seasoning and tasted like a ad baked stew chicken. My parnter had to return his chicken roundown because it was uncooked and the curry chicken replacement was non the better! We left half the food on our plate and felt we were cheated out of £36! We should have gone to Catford and got a jerk chicken meal for £3.50 instead! Owners wake up! Change the chef she can't cook! Bamboula was empty on a Thursday night. I have never seen it like this there are usually always some diners. I will await and see if you will return to your former glory!

By Kim W.

Good food- when it's freshly cooked & not re- heated. Service is very poor and very slow. Kept on being asked to move table every time a new customer arrived? Too small for a restaurant,

By Sandy S.

Worst west indian restaurant ever been to. Wine glass dirty, cutlery dirty, staff with attitude, jerk 'not cleaned properly and unchopped' chicken with fried dumpling smothered in thick lukewarm gravy, (traditionally jerk chicken is served chopped and dry and fried dumplings never with gravy on). Then they tried to lie to me by telling me my take away jerk chicken wings were dry but when i undid box to check they were smothered in the same thick gravy! First and last time I'll go there.

By Ann S.

Nice, warm colourful decor - reminded me of a beach shack. I ordered oxtail and beans with plain rice, and my friend ordered jerk chicken with rice and peas. My friend enjoyed her meal, but my oxtail didn't come with many beans and the oxtail was extremely oily. For the rest of the evening I felt as though I had drunk a cup of oil. Although the waitress wasn't rude, she came across as indifferent and should have been friendlier. As my friend enjoyed her meal, I would visit Bamboula again, but would try something else on the menu and also see how the waiting staff compare.

By Eric Ricardo F.

This place has stepped up and is now back on its original track...thanx to new owners and staff... The atmosphere is warm, friendly and cozy, the music is old-school niceness (reggae style). The pea soup starter is perfect for settling you once you've come in from the cold...The Main, was large and filling (I had Rundown with rice and peas) and to top it all off the dessert of bread pudding and ginger ice cream was...MMmmmm! There was not much of a wait...(like in the past) and all dishes I enquired about were available...Oh, and all dishes were under £10! ...I will be back!! thanx for the fresh experience.

By Tacita V.

Bamboula Caribbean Restaurant puts formalities aside to deliver genuine Caribbean cuisine and drinks. Here you will find a real taste of the islands.

The Venue
This friendly Caribbean restaurant will make you smile as soon as you walk in the door, enticed by the colourful window and outside seating. Bamboula Caribbean Restaurant is a smallish room with a bamboo divider near the door and simple, square tables hand-painted with a colourful leaf design. Other quirky details include mirrors with frames made out of beer caps and cork, and plenty of foliage, real or otherwise, completes the effect. The scrapped materials, hand-made elements and vibrant colours ring of authenticity and you would expect joints in the Caribbean to truly look like this.

The Atmosphere
Despite the fact that Brixton has a Caribbean restaurant on every corner, Bamboula Caribbean Restaurant has built quite a reputation for itself. There’s a crowd of regulars, an equal number who hail from the Caribbean themselves looking for a taste of home, and those who simply love the food. And they flock in at every time of the day; the flow resembles a relaxed cafe, with people coming and going at all hours and taking advantage of the late opening.

The Food
Callaloo (£2.30) is a traditional dish, a tasty and rather spicy dark leaf stir-fried with onion and spices. Only slightly bitter, it has a distinctive, strong flavour which matches perfectly with saltfish. The sharp ackee and saltfish (£3.50), Jamaica’s national dish, is another of the choices, along with plantain rings filled with ackee and saltfish (£3.85), codfish fritters (£3.85) and saltfish and red bean in coconut sauce served with banana chips (£3.30).

The mains – priced at £7.70 to £9.90 for dinner and £4 to £6.50 for lunch – include simple options like pasta bake (with callaloo), steamed fish fillet, guava-glazed jerk lamb, jerk chicken and rather elaborate rundown curry made with coconut, spices and cho-cho, which is a tangy green vegetable that looks kind of like an apple. The Escoveitch Supreme (whole snapper with carrots and cho-cho in pickle sauce) is fresh and well cooked but it is the side vegetables, dressed in an intriguing sauce, that make the dish.

The desserts (£3.30 - £4.40) are just as interesting. The bread pudding and tropical crumble may not be a complete surprise, but the pineapple mojito will surely startle you. It’s not a cocktail but fresh pineapple soaked in rum and then rolled in minted sugar.

The Drink
To keep it all Caribbean, pick a homemade punch (from £2 - £4 per glass or £7 - £22 for jugs). The strong, tasty and very sunny rum and sorrel punches are the most traditional. Sorrel is the Jamaican name for dry hibiscus flowers and this punch, popular around Christmas, mixes ginger and sugar for a sharp, refreshing but sweet flavour. Jamaican beers Red Stripe and Dragon are also available together for £2.50, as well as Heineken and Guinness (both the traditional Irish and Jamaican varieties).

Not surprisingly, wine is not given much space on the drinks menu. However you can still choose from three reds (£2.50 - £4 per glass, £11.50 - £14.50 per bottle), three whites (£2.75 - £3.20 per glass, £11.50 - £13 per bottle) and two Champagnes (£23 and £30). The spirits (£3 - £4) are mostly from Jamaica and Barbados and within the soft drinks options you can find exotic choices like mango and guava juice. Even the teas (£1.25 - £2) yield surprises – choose from cerassie or fevergrass tea.

The Last Word
Uncomplicated and satisfying, Bamboula Caribbean Restaurant is ideal for fans of Caribbean food and those interested in exploring new flavours.

By Sam R.

oh yes poorly trained staff.

half of the items that i asked for on the menu they said that they had ran out of, excuse me.

it was only 12.00 in the afternoon.i just got up and walked. the restaurant is too small.

By S.

Bamboula Jerk Kitchen restaurant has gone downhill. I have dined here on many occasions and the last two times have left me with a bad taste in my mouth.

On one occasion, I had to wait an hour for my food to come and when it did arrive, I was not impressed. My chicken curry tasted like a cheap microwave meal. Not the sort of standard I expect from a well known eatery and my rice was soggy.

Unfortunately, I will be eating somewhere other than Bamboula Jerk Kitchen on my next visit to Brixton. Also, a smile wouldn't go a miss from the one waitress.

By R.

Great food. Our favorite place to eat jerk. We found another place in Greenwich that is good too. They have the best Guinness Punch!

By J.

I have to say I used to like this place but it has really gone downhill. The last two times were terrible. The last time after an hour nothing had arrived at our table not even the drinks. This was a 7 on a Sunday evening. We ended up walking out. It's a shame as this used to be one of Brixton's best restaurants.

By S.

I went to Bamboula Jerk Kitchen for the first time yesterday and was impressed with the interior, it was warm and welcoming. When the food arrived the presentation was very good, but looks were deceiving because my order of curried goat consisted of only fatty meat. When I mentioned this to the manager all the niceness and warmness I received on my arrival vanished. I was told that there was nothing she could or would do about it. My plate was quickly cleared away and she stood glaring at me until I left.

By D.

Bamboula Jerk Kitchen - In short I've been here several times and it has never failed to impress. Very friendly atmosphere, good service. The food is excellent, and fantastic value. I would have no hesitation in recommending it. However be sure to book in advance as I have been unable to get a table on a few occasions.

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