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Offering the best in British comfort food, Bangers is a must for City workers who like their food served in large, fad free portions. The menu features a range of dishes including their famous Cumberland sausages with mash and onion gravy.

Ranked #426 of 2091 pubs & bars in London
"Conveniently located close to Liverpool Street and Moorgate stations, Bangers has a number of flexible private and semi private areas which can accommodate all manner of events from small dinners to large parties and presentations for over 100. Our chef prepares fresh, seasonal dishes using best quality ingredients and the drinks line up includes craft beers, premium spirits and Davy’s wine merchants extensive wine list including a number of rare vintages and many wines by the glass."

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Bangers reviews

By Andrew M.

We checked Bangers out when we were "researching" possible venues for a group of friends to meet up, and this one got our vote. Quality drinks, good, hearty food, nice dining rooms you can book for a party of friends, and the staff were friendly & helpful - Bangers was all we wanted.

By Andrew M.

Bangers gets the thumbs up from us! Really tasty, filling food in a nice setting and the staff were friendly and helpful.

Bangers is a good place for a meal with friends.

By J.

I loved Bangers when I went there but then I love good old comfort food so I'm easily pleased. I did notice that Bangers dont really cater for vegetarians which could be off putting I imagine.

By J.

I might dribble on the keyboard whilst writing this, due to the tasty memory of Bangers' bangers. The sausages were juicy, the potato creamy and the gravy soooo oniony! Try Bangers, definitely!

By Fredrick B.

Davy's... what can I say? Well. My only previous experiences had been at the Davy's Canary Wharf, where for some time they insisted on having saw dust on the floors, which would stick to your bags, coats or anything that accidentally or on purpose touched the floor. The place was loud and the food was average at best. It was several years ago that I decided that Davy's was not worth my time.Last Monday, some colleagues from the office went for dinner at Davy's Bangers. The place didn't look remarkably nice or tidy, but at least it was empty and thus quiet. We were seated at the private room.I was pleasantly surprised when I saw the butcher who stocks them is Donald Russell. He is my butcher as well and I know how good his meat is. This encouraged me and went for the bone-in rib steak.That's where the good stuff ends. Through out my table we ordered: 3 bone-in rib steaks, 1 T-bone steak, 2 rib-eye steaks, 1 sirloin steak and a few burgers and salads. It may be interesting to mention that they ran out of steaks as we were ordering, so many people didn't get their first choice.When the food came, ALL, and I mean ALL the steaks were overcooked. Most of us ordered medium rare and got well done (medium well at best). The waiter recognized that the meat was overdone, but THERE WERE NO MORE STEAKS TO REPLACE THEM WITH.We had to eat steaks that were terribly burned, tasted more of charcoal than of beef, and there was nothing we could do because they didn't have enough meat to replace them.When I asked the waiter how was that possible (of course I already knew the answer... it was hanging over the front door and read Davy's) he said: "the chef has been 2 weeks on holiday"... are you serious? the guy went 2 weeks on holiday and FORGOT HOW TO COOK?????If you want to learn how to ruin a perfect steak, ask the chef at Bangers, he can tell you at least 7 different ways.AVOID AT ALL COSTS!!!!!!!!

By Nicolette B.

I organised a corporate dinner here for 29 people and I was extremely impressed. The staff were so friendly and helpful and went out of their way to make sure I had what I wanted and needed for the event. I didn't attend the actual evening, but have heard great feedback from all who went they thought the venue and food and service was terrific so well done to all at Bangers. I would definitely recommend them and would use their venue again.

By Kevin H.

With a new menu in place, with focas on fantastic steaks, its about time the liverpool street area had an affordable place to go and eat great meat. Forget the bangers and mash (although good) the 350g rib steak or the hand trimmed fillet are both fantastic. Lovely place with attentive staff who all seem to know how to sell, I will be going back to tuck into another perfect steak hopefully soon.

By Michael D.

Bangers is one of Davy’s City wine bars, halfway between Liverpool Street and Moorgate on the corner of Wilson and Eldon Streets. Comfort food is the order of the day, so if you are looking for some winter warmers, stop right here and tuck in.

The Venue
Davy’s have an enviable and long-standing reputation as experienced wine and food purveyors since 1870. They have fifteen wine bars around London and they are always better than the average because their long experience counts for much. Bangers is fairly typical of the chain although its clientele is obviously mainly City workers. Bangers occupies the basement premises of an office block, with a warren of underground passages leading to and from separate rooms and eating areas, all of which makes it eminently suitable for party bookings for which there are special menus. Wine tastings and other special events and promotions are also regular features.

The Atmosphere
It’s always a fairly busy place at lunchtime and evening, so there is generally a buzz about the place. Its underground situation makes it a talking point and being a fairly large place, you can easily find a hideaway if you prefer a quiet meal away from the other drinkers and diners. The welcome seems to be part of the building itself, with its traditional decor making it a place where it is easy to relax.

The Food
There are two menus: the Express Bar menu is for those in a hurry who may not want to commit to a full meal. Some of those dishes also appear on the menu for the Grill Room with the addition of cold sandwiches (such as ham, chicken and bacon, smoked salmon and crayfish and wild rocket), plus hot sandwiches (Cumberland sausage, turkey, bacon and cheese and rib eye steak) on ciabatta bread, and sharers, a tortilla plate or a Mediterranean plate for two.

In the Grill Room it’s strictly good old fashioned British comfort food – the rib eye steak, turkey escalope, smoked haddock fishcakes, Irish organic salmon, smoked chicken Caesar salad and a vegetarian special. For a starter the spicy parsnip soup with creme fraiche and Parmesan biscuit is a delicious hot broth for a cold day. The pheasant pate is rich, chunky and rough and comes with a very fine beetroot relish and baby figs in rum syrup, a really tasty combination of flavours.

The hand-carved Alderton ham is a popular dish. It hails from Nottinghamshire and is steamed and then baked on the bone with a marmalade relish. It is served here as thick, juicy slices of the meat, accompanied by a good and tangy homemade piccalilli relish, a mixed salad and hot buttered potatoes. The signature house dish has to be bangers and mash. Two very meaty Cumberland sausages are served with traditional mashed potatoes and rich onion gravy. This is comfort food at its British best.

When treacle tart is on the menu there’s no question about it, it just has to be ordered. With clotted cream the sticky confection is much appreciated. The Welsh rarebit is a rare find for a savoury end to the meal: delicious hot cheese with mustard spread on toast and with a dash of Worcestershire sauce. Simple excellence on a plate.

The Drink
Bangers has a good stock of, well, everything. Start with a Sherry or Madeira and finish with a dark or white Port. In between, the wine list offers a full range of bottles from all over the world and many are Davy’s own-label wines. Prices are from £3.85 a glass and £14.35 a bottle rising to over £45 for a very fine Medoc. All the usual beers, spirits and soft drinks are available.

The Last Word
For about £20 a head you can eat royally at Bangers, for less if you order at the bar. Don’t expect too much in the way of refinement: Bangers is a place for good and hearty fare.

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