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Baozi Inn is a friendly Chinese restaurant serving authentic meals to eat in or takeaway.

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Opening Hours
Opening Hours
Daily 11:00-22:00

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Baozi Inn reviews

By M M.

I totally disagree with the last reviewers opinion. (i know people's taste/likings vary, so no offence.)but around £6 for a big dish of rice and meat too expensive? No way! The food at Baozi Inn tastes absolutely great! Better than most places in Chinatown. And the restaurant is a lot cleaner than most of them too. Service is the usual Chinese-restaurant-service, but nothing rude or such. Only the Mao/propagande themed decor gave me a bit of a weird feeling. ;)once you are sitting inside, it truly feels like you are in an eatery somewhere in China. I have been there 3 times now and will be coming back.

By William M.

Come here for (mostly) authentic mainland Chinese cooking, which often differs greatly from the Cantonese/Hong Kong inspired variety we largely get here. The noodle soups and dumplings in particular are amazing. Portion sizes are decent, you won't leave hungry, though a little more meat/veg would be a slight complaint. Overall the quality is very good, service is fast (don't expect to sit and relax on busy evenings, when there is often a queue outside the place) though very occasionally a little curt. Prices are certainly reasonable for what you get. Definitely give it a try if you want to try some different styles of Chinese cooking for a fair price (around £6-8 per dish)!

By A L.

Food is alright, but way too expensive - you can get same quality and better atmosphere for half the price in other restaurants around.

By Carol Ann W.

Handy for both Soho and the West End, Baozi Inn is an authentic cheap eat in bustling Chinatown.

The Venue
The decor at Baozi Inn restaurant is not remarkable, as the main draw here is the food. The venue is hung with red paper lanterns and seating is made up of uncomfortable backless stools and low wooden tables. There’s a concentration on regional street food, which is refreshing as much of Chinatown seems to cater towards the tourist market.

The Atmosphere
The restaurant is very small but if you arrive mid-afternoon you should not have a problem getting a table. At its worst, expect to wait no more than ten to fifteen minutes as the staff don’t encourage you to stay too long. The tightly packed restaurant is not about comfort, but speed and efficiency. This is a no thrills establishment after all, with a high turnover of hungry diners.

The Food
The small menu helpfully displays photos of each dish and mainly includes noodles, Baozi steamed buns and dumplings. Steamed buns with a variety of fillings (pork, egg or radish), are one of the most ubiquitous foods of northern China - the local equivalent of the British sandwich. Eat them on their own, or with a bowl of plain millet porridge and perhaps a side dish or two. The noodles come in huge, steaming bowls and are very filling.

Traditional Chengdu Dan Dan noodles are fresh, handmade and delicious, seasoned with mustard greens, sesame paste, chilli oil and topped with minced pork. The Chengdu crescent dumplings seasoned with chilli oil and garlic are equally good. A meal for two with beer, tea and service costs about £30.

The Drink
Surprisingly, there's no wine on the menu, just Tsing Tao and Tiger beer for £2.50 a bottle. Chinese tea is also available.

The Last Word
Baozi Inn is a quick, cheap eat that serves authentic Chinese street food at very reasonable prices.

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