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Bar Soho is a vibrant bar located on Old Compton Street. A DJ is hosted throughout the week and plays the latest house and classic party tracks. A variety of drinks are available alongside a food menu of light bites and platters.

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"With a wide selection of wines and cocktails, parties here are always unforgettable. Inside you’ll find an atmosphere that is relaxed during the day and pumping at night. We have our much loved resident DJ’s playing 7 nights a week to get the crowd in the mood."

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Bar Soho reviews

By Andrew M.

Bar Soho is dead funky! The atmos is lovely with the wrought iron tables and chairs, it's beautifully decorated too. They do great beer and cocktails and I could stay all night. And quite frequently do! Anyone who doesn't love Bar Soho is clearly mad!

By Andrew M.

For my 30th birthday, having scoured the West End for a suitable venue, we settled on Bar Soho because of the decor of the upstairs room we hired, staff and location. It was a fabulous party - the barman Alex was superb and helped generate a great atmosphere! I couldn't have wished for a better night and much of that is down to the Bar Soho and its staff.

By Roksana M.

terrible service...rude staff..drinks water down..not even worth a half price on happy hour..waste of money and time..there are better places around. big NO!

By Rita W.

I went last Saturday and all I can say is this.... The music was ok, the drinks were horrendously overpriced considering what you were getting. The toilets were grubby for a bar in one of the most trendy parts of London. I did have a good time but that was down to the company I was with, not the bar itself.

By Krish W.

I could not be more disappointed with this bar. I booked an area for my birthday and expected it to be like the website: fun, innovative with great décor. When I arrived all I saw (and smelt) were rowdy people, no ambiance and poor service. Will not be going there again. I wouldn't even give this place half a star.

By Matthew U.

I was in Soho and decided to have a drink at Bar Soho. The bouncer stopped me at the door and asked for ID, (I am much older than 21) He explained it was not about my age but they want everyone in the bar to have a photo ID! I left and went elsewhere.

By Heather C.

I often seem to end up here on a night out in Soho as I always have a great time. I wouldn't go for a special occasion but if you're looking for good drinks and music and a fun crowd, you can't go wrong.

By Bar S.

Hi Jamessoho 1978, i am the general manager at bar soho, i am sorry to see that you have had a bad experiance at bar soho. can you please give me an overview of what happened night to make you so upset with our door team so i can look into it. you also mention overcharging, please can you forward me copies of your reciepts so i can look into this also.please can you forward me the details of this nights events to and i will respond to you directly.

By James M.

Music good and drinks ok once inside (if not overcharged like many times, watch that) but the door staff are literally disgusting and think they are god!! They need to appreciate their good valued customers and show some respect for people that want to come in. The door men need better training and treat people better otherwise their customer base will fall dramatically! ill make sure of it!!Part of my job is to review and take clients and friends out and I will not be recommending this place any more im sad to say...

By Benji P.

One of my fav's for a bevvy's on a Thursday or Friday night! Great happy hour! great atmosphere...Cute barmaids!!

By Linzi M.

Great night at Bar Soho! What is everyone's issue?! The service was best I've seen in the westend in a long time, the drink was reasonably priced (and had a happy hour for 3 hours!) the food was amazing for the price, and because I booked a table I was given a great base for the night! Going back for my sister's hen do in September! Don't worry Bar Soho! The Morrison family love you!! x

By Linzi M.

Great night at Bar Soho! What is everyone's issue?! The service was best I've seen in the westend in a long time, the drink was reasonably priced (and had a happy hour for 3 hours!) the food was amazing for the price, and because I booked a table I was given a great base for the night! Going back for my sister's hen do in September! Don't worry Bar Soho! The Morrison family love you!! x

By Marti S.

Had great night last week Bar Soho! Birthday party for me was fantasic! Going back for party in August! Great!

By James M.

Had an amazing night recently at Bar Soho! Drinks were delicious, service was second to none, and even got a cheeky drink because I booked a table! Amazing night...thank you Bar Soho!!

By Alexia H.

Bar Soho? Used to be my favourite, since I am a smoker, It used to be great, music and everything, the bouncers laid back which makes a lot of difference, since under new management it has gone from bad to worse, last week got 4 shots and one lager, got £6 change out of £30, it took me 20 min to convince the barman he got it wrong, it's not the money but the principal, guys if you cant do maths, pls don’t work in the bar, don’t rely on the machine, we were 12 people spent about £500 between us, service was shocking, if the barman comes to you as often as the girl with Ipad that asks for e mails, service would have been ok,the bouncers are rude and unprofessional, to all the guys that write the good reviews here, you should get out more. Just hope the new management figure this out, and go back to the previous style.

By Alexia H.

Bar Soho? The staff were rude, and the service is horrendous, the bouncers try to squash everyone and not step over this invisible line, the women in the toilet ask you for change in return of a tissue, the security terrible, boys and girls? If it looks too good to be true it probably is,(that’s why you don’t pay to go in) Anywhere but not there, this place meant to be a pub, it has been turned to a bar out of a desperation, it should have stayed a pub, for sure, The serving staff and the bouncers make it worse,

By Mary W.

I recently attended Bar soho for a birthday celebration for a private party. The management were rude, the drinks were overpriced/warm and the doorstaff were incapable of keeping the regular trade out. Guests resorted to going downstairs to buy drinks as this was quicker. To top it all off ladies had to take bar napkins to the loos as although the toilets were manned with an attendant, stocking the ladies was not in their job description!

By Charlene C.

This place is terrible!!!If you want good customer service and value for money DO NOT COME HERE!!!I had my 30th birthday party here. I hired out the function room so I could have a private area for me and my guests. I noticed when I arrived that the were people in the room that was not my guests but drunken people from down stairs. Later on in the night the bouncer/manager refused entry to my brother and father whom where both of age to enter the club but didn't believe my brother was, despite my father vouching for him. He showed no remorse even though I was in tears and they had driven all the way from Luton to celebrate my big day only to be sent home on arrival. He completely ruined my night and didn't pay close enough attention to who was going into the private area that I had paid for.I would never go here ever again and I wouldn't recommend anyone else to either!

By Samantha G.

Such an excellent night, cant wait to go back. They have brilliant music and the guy on the door let us off paying as 2 of our friends were already inside. Love there happy hour such a cool and quirky bar, were be going back this year for NYE cant wait for their masquerade ball woooo exciting times. YOU MUST GO GO GO its excellent sometimes we even have our work drinks there.

By Roger B.

Bar soho used to be good but now that it is under new management things have changed. The door staff are very rude, particularly the new black guy. We went on friday night and the place was unusually dead whilst everywhere else was packed. Well done guys, keep this up and you will be out of a job.

By J J.

I visited this bar on 16th December 2012. It was under new management…. music was good but the manager or the supervisor(he did not want to disclose his name) on the bar itself was very unprofessional which ended our night short…his attitude towards us, made us feel as if we were in a prison and the doorman surrounding the whole group without any reason (not trained to find out reasons for eviction) and threatening our group which was a mixture of professional guys ang gals…music was good. But would not recommend to any one who is decent enough and who would want to enjoy without any staff thuggery.…

By In N.

It is a nice lively bar.They played pretty much all recent radio hits.The music is loud and it's a nice atmosphere to have a drink. People danced later though there is not much space. I would recommend to visit this bar for people who want to have a couple of drinks and a dance or two.

By Phil J.

Fantastic night out in the heart of London, definately recomend to anyone who is looking a for a great straight night out in Soho (loads a classy girls)! Make sure you get there before 8pm when its 50% of drinks and you get to miss the door charge!!

By Angela C.

Paid £5 to get in waited at bar 30 mins and gave up and left. The place is biggest dump i've ever been in. Go to Admiral Duncan, wonderful friendly place.

By Egle Z.

Came with 10 friends, bought four mojitos myself within 2 hours, decided to dance with some friends was close to the entrance where the bouncer was. Bouncer comes and says if you dont buy drinks well chuck you out! Friend goes to talk to the manager bouncer follows and manager takes the bouncers word over the customer! Manager only listens to the bouncer so you cant win. Cocktails are not even amazing just average not worth £7.10 each. They would rather see you pissed and throwing up then having a good time with the amount of drinks you want to buy yourself. Be aware they just want you to buy drinks

By Kate W.

DO NOT GO HERE! We went for a friend's birthday and it was awful. I queued for 30 minutes at the bar to then be served by an incredibly rude and grumpy bar man who got our order wrong and then shouted at me that it was my fault and wouldnt correct it unless I admitted he was right....what happened to the customer is always right! He only sorted the drinks out after other people in the queue also explained to him that he had gotten it wrong. The ridiculous queues continued for much of the evening, which kind of ruined the buzz of the night when people were disappearing for over 30 mins to buy a round of drinks. Then the doorwoman (who was supposedly also the general manager)was incredibly rude and irrational. I saw her start arguments and throw out a number of people for doing nothing wrong. She then threw out one of my party for simply asking her a question when she was asked to move out of the way. (the member of my party was not drunk, abusive, confrontational or in any way offensive and even apologised for asking a question, but this doorwoman seemed on a powertrip) It is a shame as the drinks aren't bad in there and the venue is ok, although far too packed out. It is let down hugely by the staff who have terrible attitudes and seem intent in ruining peoples nights. This is one of the worst bars I have ever been too!

By Jason A.

I came over from the states last march to visit some friends in london!

We hit up a few places in soho, then landed at Bar Soho! It was packed when we arrived, good atmosphere, pretty good music mixing some old school with current music, and most of it was from america, so I didn't mind at all.

Drinks were reasonable, so we had a pretty good time before leaving for the clubs, a fun spot if you hit it on the right night!

By Missy N.

I was at Bar Soho on Saturday and I had an amazing time. I was in town with some friends for Pride.

It was great to be in a venue that wasn't gay but was certainly gay friendly (being the only straight girl in a group of 6 gay men).The music catered for all of us, as they were playing funky house in the bar upstairs (the boys loved it!!) and dance-floor classics in the main bar (you can't go wrong with a bit of Black Eye Peas).

The staff were also really fun (there was a cute bartender, tall slim build, seemed a bit shy compared to the big guy), dancing and enjoying themselves.

I will definitely be back but next time I'm bringing THE GIRLS so watch out!!!!!!

By Adam B.

Bar Soho is a trendy bar located in the middle of Soho. It has attractive decor and an attractive crowd which is always nice. The drinks are reasonable for west end prices, and the music is really good! Lots of seating as you walk in and at the back of the bar as well, however on weekend this place gets pretty full!

By C.

I recently organised a night out to celebrate my wedding and although we all had a great time this was purely as a result of the guests invited - not the staff at Bar Soho!

By R.

Bar Soho is a crap bar, the music was the same as I hear in the gym, we even had at least one song twice. Even the decor is dull, the photos on the website must be prior to a renovation that turned it into the dive it now is. Bar Soho really has nothing going for it at all, apart from the bar and floor staff, who were pretty good. That said, I simply had to leave when three of the barchicks got up on the bar to dance to a fairly average song. A fairly lame way to try to manufacture a Coyote Ugly type vibe that just didn't work...

By A.

I went to Bar Soho on a Friday night hoping to have a laugh and a bit of a dance. Oh my god! I was so wrong on both counts! The music at Bar Soho was the worst I have ever heard played on a Friday night. The DJ seemed to treat us to the delights of Pop Party 2 and subjected us to the delights of McFly and Busted - all for a 25+ age group - most of which were not impressed. The bar staff were great and tried to keep things going but, after paying £5 to get in we left after two hours. We only stayed at Bar Soho that long in the hope that, surely, things could only get better? We were wrong!

By P.

I have been a regular at Bar Soho for a number of years now and I have to say that it is still my favorite bar in London. The crowd are great and the staff make you feel welcome but the main attraction for me about Bar Soho is the music which is an exellent fusion of the best of every genre.

By M.

Im not from London, and happened to stumble across Bar Soho. After chatting to the lovely doorman he let us in to this small bar pumping with loud music. It was awesome, the music selection was fantastic playing absolute classics to recent chart hits. Everyone was dancing whether they were on the way to the loo or trying to squeeze past someone on the way to the bar. Fantastic!

By Freddy P.

This party venue in Soho caters to hedonists from all walks of life with its quirky design and extravagant drinks menu.

The Venue
Bar Soho is situated on Old Compton Street, at the busy intersection with Frith Street near Charing Cross Road. Its all-black exterior includes wide-open patio doors and a large pavement area that combine to make the venue appear larger than life. The main room has undergone some minor cosmetic changes of late, with an imposing, Soho-themed mural covering the ceiling and several raised areas surrounding the black-flagstone floor. Wrought-iron railings and vintage TV sets frame the bar, and a selection of high stools and comfortable armchairs provide much sought-after indoor seating. Upstairs, customers can take their pick from the quirky ‘bathroom bar’, with sofas fashioned out of cross-sectioned bathtubs, and the grandiose four-poster-bed area, concealed behind a wall of Champagne bottles and an appropriately decadent setting for private functions.

The Atmosphere
Bar Soho is an unashamedly hedonistic venue, revelling in its status as one of the party pubs of central London with a lively atmosphere, loud music and dynamic staff. Private functions, premiere after parties and even wedding receptions are commonplace in the themed upstairs bars, while regular groups can stop by on the hoof as well for an informal drink, outside or in. Tourists from nearby Shaftesbury Avenue are a regular feature and there is a sizeable gay contingent – not least from G.A.Y. nightclub across the road – but in general Bar Soho is refreshingly open and fun for all-comers.

The Food
Although food often takes a back seat to cocktails at Bar Soho, the kitchen can deliver the goods if needs be, with a selection of tasty platters (£10-£11) and miniaturised finger food on hand to line the stomach during a night out. Regular-sized and vegetarian versions of burgers, nachos and the like are also available for around £8, from lunchtime onwards.

The Drink
Customers are advised to try the Soho Porn Star Martini (£20), which serves three and is presented in a giant cocktail glass. More reserved punters can choose from a wide range of cocktails both old and new (£7-£8), as well as non-alcoholic variants (£4) and a bewildering array of shots (£5-£7). Magners, Guinness, Stella and Becks are available on tap (£4-£5), and there is an unsurprisingly vast list of wines and Champagnes (starting at £4.50 a glass) to explore as well.

The Last Word
Centrally located and devoted to having as much fun as possible, Bar Soho is one of the most open and versatile party venues in a part of town that is no stranger to excess.

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