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Barbecoa is brought to you by Jamie Oliver and, like its sister venue Barbecoa Piccadilly, the venue offers a variety of dishes that are based on fire-based cooking techniques, made using fresh and seasonal produce.

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"Barbecoa St Paul’s by Jamie Oliver has some of the most iconic views of the cathedral going. Book one of the window tables and soak up the ambience with a signature steak and a glass of wine. Open for lunch, dinner and nibbles at the bar, there’s no better place to while away an afternoon or an evening, watching the world go by. Known as the home of smoke and fire, Barbecoa St Paul’s is all about the best meat we can get our hands on. Traditional fire-based cooking is celebrated, using grills and ovens from around the world, including the tandoor, the wood oven and the pit smoker. We source the best beef from UK farms – choosing cuts not breed, so you can relax in the knowledge that whatever you order will have the best marbling, texture and flavour. Join us for lunch and tuck into our set lunch menu. At just £24 for two courses or £27 for three, you can't miss out. Whichever Barbecoa you choose, the team go out of their way to source the best beef from UK farms – choosing cuts not breed, so you can relax in the knowledge that whatever you order will have the best marbling, texture and flavour. Try the Rump with sweet leeks, white beans & wild mushrooms or share a Chateaubriand for two – dished up with indulgent truffle butter, it’s the perfect sharing feast. Make sure to leave room for dessert though as the Snickersphere is out of this world. With the UK’s biggest selection of whisky, beautifully crafted cocktails and an impressive wine list, you’ll find the perfect accompaniment to whatever dish you choose. Join us at St Paul's for our 'classic hours' and enjoy views of the cathedral with one of five delicious drinks in hand, for only £5 from 5–8pm, Monday to Saturday. Barbecoa St Paul’s is just around the corner from St Paul’s Tube Station."

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Barbecoa reviews

By Stephen F.

A joint venture from Jamie Oliver and American chef, Adam Perry Lang, Barbecoa brings some serious meat to the carnivores of the City, throwing in some spectacular views of St Pauls just for good measure.

The Venue
Located in the brand new One New Change shopping centre, Barbecoa utilises its envious location impeccably. Commandeering one end of the development, seating snakes around a huge centrepiece of an open kitchen, ensuring that as many of the diners as possible can enjoy the stunning vista the huge floor to ceiling windows afford. The fact that Christopher Wren’s awe-inspiring cathedral is in plain view of all but the unluckiest diners certainly adds gravitas to what’s an already impressive venue, where a careful balance between sophistication and informality has been really well judged. Even without the sublime panorama though, this place would still impress, thanks to swathes of black, red leather booth seating, swooping spotlights, snippets of industrial chrome piping and little nods to its neighbour next door, such as the imposing clusters of organ pipes acting as lampshades. It’s all very stylish and well thought out, even if eyes will undoubtedly end up ignoring it all anyway to gaze out across the capital.

The Atmosphere
In the heart of the City, Barbecoa knows its audience. It’s relaxed enough for long boozy lunches and informal deal-breaking, but there’s certainly enough polish for the suits to feel refined - and the excellent, knowledgeable and considerate service from a well-trained team definitely helps. Of course, there are plenty of nearby workers splashing their cash but Jamie Oliver’s faithful fans will certainly come from afar, as will those eager to sample those very fine views for themselves.

The Food
Barbecoa is unashamedly carnivorous, specialising in good quality cuts of meat and fish cooked, apparently, just like we would have done when we were barely bipedal. The fact that the kitchen is a high-tech mix of Texan smokers, Japanese robata grills, tandoor ovens, fire pits and char-grills suggests that it’s sentiment rather than reality, but it doesn’t matter anyway – there are some incredible meats coming from the kitchen.

However, meals begin with starters, and whilst they’re good enough, they’re not nearly as impressive as the main players. The roast squash salad (£7) is a pleasant enough mix of feta, winter leaves, pine nuts, a (slightly over-toasted) crostini and a balsamic dressing - it just doesn't really wow. The crispy pig cheeks (£8) look much better, served with an autumn piccalilli and a chive and lambs lettuce salad.

Mains are pretty much split into pork, lamb, beef and chicken (with a brief mention of daily fish specials). The fat and fine fillet steak (£30) is cooked to perfection and served with bone marrow, parsley pickled shallots and tarragon but the real highlights are the lamb chops (£18), three stunningly tender chops of very, very good lamb, served with a well-balanced anchovy and rosemary sauce and a huge woodland mushroom. Creamed spinach (£4) is an excellent accompaniment, served with crispy shallots and a breadcrumb topping.

The Drinks
Barbecoa’s wine list isn’t extensive, but it is very accessible and will keep everyone bar the pickiest of wine enthusiast happy, with plenty of options rising from very affordable house options (Cantina di Torro madregale rosso) at just £11 for the bottle, rising through to gran reserve riojas and cru reislings at £85. Refreshingly, the first page of Barbecoa’s wine list shows all the wines available by the glass – and there are a few – making lunchtime dining a whole lot easier. As well as the house options, you can sup on a Vallone negro amaro at £6 for a small glass or an Argentinian malbec from Altos las Homingas for £7.

The Last Word
The stunning views of one of the capital’s finest landmarks will probably get the majority of the plaudits but the quality of the food is every bit as impressive. Barbecoa comes highly recommended.

By Vivian F.

COLD FOOD AWFUL COCKTAILS! DISAPPOINTED!! Fair to say I've been in barbecoa quite few times only once was superb other times were fine as it should be considering the prices but yesterday was awful!I asked for a cocktail -porn star martini- they got me whatever but that wasn't what I asked for so I returned it, which was replaced with another even worse, obv the people at the bar that night didn't know what a porn star martini is!!My T-bone steak (£39) and mash potato side dish were cold!!!?I didn't return it as I did not want my date to sit there eating alone!!At those prices it should be perfect every time!Not coming back there's better places that I'm sure will appreciate my money!!

By Goretta D.

We were eager to try Barbecoa. The table was booked for 7 PM , but we arrived a little earlier. We were given the choice to go to the bar or directly to the table. We opted for the latter. The table position was perfect, in a corner, overlooking the street and St Paul's. The treatment we received was simply ghastly. The waiting staff seemed to be hurrying us from the moment we sat at the table. After the first course the pressure to hurry and finish simply increased. We ordered dessert and was very surprised to hear that one of the dessert chosen was not available ( they had run out of the main ingredient !!) since it was quite early in the evening. ( Approx 8 PM) After dessert various members of staff ( waitresses and people in "suits") started hovering around our table, removing glasses, bottles and napkins from the table whilst some of us were still drinking wine or later coffee and tea. We were conscious of staff being continuously around the table but we were determined not to be hurried. As soon as the last drop of tea was finished the bill landed on the table. Shortly after one of the staff arrived with a card machine. We mentioned that we thought the treatment received was unacceptable, but his excuse was that we should have been told at the time of booking that each booking slot is for 2 hours. We replied that we were not given such information and as we booked the table for 7 PM and the time was 8.45 PM, the 2 hours were not up yet. He apologised, but the evening was already ruined. All in all the food wasn't spectacular, and the service was terrible. We certainly did not expect to receive a Fast-food restaurant treatment in an establishment that is supposed to be a celebration of the relationship between fire and food. And I certainly do not expect this attitude from a Jamie Oliver restaurant ( even if part owned). Jamie Oliver is forever promoting enjoyment of good food. That surely did not happen at Barbecoa. It did n

By Wendy B.

My husband and I visited for dinner, without a reservation, at around 8pm on a Monday evening and were seated immediately by friendly staff. The atmosphere was buzzy and it got busier while we were there - plenty of people just having a drink in the bar too. The staff were attentive without being 'in your face' and very accommodating to any of our requests. The food was delicious - we didn't have starters but tried the pork scratchings with chipotle which were good but the portion was huge; a variety of breads which were very good. Mains were the lamb skewer (probably too much polenta with it) and pulled BBQ pork with cornbread. All delicious but you do need to be hungry if you are going to this restaurant. It was great to see some different wines (Sancerre and Chablis) available by the glass instead of the usual Pinot Grigio, Chardonnay, Sauvignon Blanc. Will definitely visit again.

By K S.

If you go......get the burger its the best on the planet. We will be returning just for that.

By Julia T.

My husband and I met for dinner here on a Thursday after work. We were greeted by no less than three staff (who seemed to be validating that we were appropriate customers) before being told that our table wasn't yet ready so could we have a drink at the bar (we were 5 mins early for our 8.30 booking) which was fine. We went to the bar (loved the decor and vibe) however we waited 25 minutes to be served. We didn't actually get seated (by one of the very many staff wandering around) until 9.15 and whilst the food came quickly I wasn't blown away when it arrived (it was good but not great). I think this is a great concept in a great location with a great space but let down at the last hurdle by poor execution. I vowed never to go back (why would you when then are so many really great restaurants in London) however someone had organised a friends' birthday dinner there. Figuring that the first experience could just be down to teething problems I returned only to have a very similar experience. I didn't stay for dessert.

By Charlotte B.

The food was amazing and there is a pleasant atmosphere; however I felt we were rushed into finishing our meal - which defeated the whole purpose of enjoying a nice dinner. Twice we were (very nicely) reminded of the time we had left ("you have one hour left now"). We moved to the bar and when we left the restaurant, our table was still empty... I am Italian and "time" plays a big role in our food culture! It is a shame that Jamie is not embracing the "slow food" movement. I just felt I was on a conveyor belt... The bar was nice but the Limoncello was at room temperature and they had to shake it in ice to cool it down...

By K K.

The good points -- the barbecue (pulled pork and short ribs) is really very good, and the burger was excellent. The bread and butter appetizer was also very nice. The wine list is accessible and good. and overall the prices were decent, especially given the views and feeling of being in a good restaurant. It's always nice to see that restaurants are thoughtful in the interiors, too and the liberal use of local boy Tom Dixon's designs throughout was heartening. The service was also outstanding and the guests were happy and relaxed, including rather a lot of children who might have been told off in other situations. The low points -- the starters. They didn't have some of them (despite Jamie Oliver being on TV the evening before telling us to eat more calamari, the restaurant couldn't provide it...), and the ones that did come weren't especially nice. The crab cake tasted like it had been frozen. The ceviche would have been excellent, but the juices had been used with such a heavy hand that it was almost inedible -- the dish had good ingredients but the balance was very very wrong. The pig cheeks were quite nice though. The puddings too were not of the caliber that I would expect, especially considering that most were 'easy'. The Bramble gelato was tasteless (ice milk?) and the banana split wasn't especially nice -- the banana cake underneath again tasted like it had been frozen -- although it's ice cream was very good. And a minor bone to pick... there either needs to be a children's menu, or some smaller main course offerings. The servings are generous enough, but too large for a small eater and the appetizers aren't geared to step in when someone isn't that hungry. It's a waste -- I saw a lot of food go uneaten. There were a lot of kids in the restaurant at the time...

By Chloe M.

Let me start by saying the food is amazing! i have eaten in a lot of restaurants and the food here was just amazing! Especially the meat, its beautiful. However there are many things that need I'mproving. When you arrIve you 'check in' so to speak this is also where your jackets are taken, i saw all the people in front of me removing their jackets and having them hung up so i done the same, but once i reached the front i was told there were no hangers left and id have to keep my coat, not a problem im certainly not a snob and don't mind holding my own coat. We then sat at the bar and had some lovely cocktails, however we were there sat there a very long time since our table was half an hour late. When we finally sat down the service couldn't be faulted however i was told there was absolutely no fish left, no pork left, and no seafood left. Which were all the things i was looking forward to trying! Never mind i know fresh food runs out quickly which is fair enough. For starter i had the chicken wings and they were beautiful, the flavours were lovely, my partner had ribs, again the flavours were fantastic but they were a little cold. For main we both opted for the whole lamb on flat bread, which was gorgeous, the lamb was very very soft and the homemade flat bread was the best ive ever had, and sorry to keep harping on about flavours but the taste of the lamb was phenomenal. We also got mash potato and cabbage as side dishes, both were really lovely. By this time we were both stuffed but desperate to sample a pudding so shared the chocolate nemesis, which was very nice and very very rich! Overall we had a fantastic time, however there are things that need addressing if this restaurant really wants to compete, they have a fantastic menu and quality meat but the food could be hotter, we could have been seated a little faster (as we did miss the last train home) and they could try and ensure they dont have too many things missing off the menu.

By Jason B.

This place is fantastic, I have been twice in the past two weeks with the latest trip on Saturday night. The food is amazing, staff friendly and professional, the cocktails are delicious. My partner had the lamb and I had the sirloin, by far the best meat I have had in London in ages! On a previous trip we had the seafood platter and fillet. The seafood platter was so to die for. This is my new favourite place in the City. Great views of St Paul's at night.

By Jane B.

The food was an incredible let down. Yes, the restaurant is very stylish and the views are wonderful but do not go unless Jamie & Adam are there themselves as the chefs are just unable to replicate the food. The first disappoint was the lack of menu choice as they had run out of a lot of dishes (including baby back ribs, which was surprising given this is a bbq joint!). We had the fish cakes which were awfully salty, so much so that no other flavour came through. We then had the short ribs for main course - no fresh layer of sauce on top, burnt to a crisp, no flavour and too much fat in the meat which left a lovely layer of fatty film in your mouth. Lucky for Jamie & Adam that they have good staff on hand to apologise profusely, but I would not waste your money on this place. They have some serious kitchen problems and we weren't the only ones complaining.

By Natalie B.

Been Reading slot of reviews about people not being able to get through on phone and online. Same issues I was having , went to the restaurant early though and had an extremely helpful receptionist explain the situation. Been hit by a thousand calls and constant online bookings weekly . So if anyone else is wondering or getting annoyed with not getting through , you be glad to know they getting a call centre to help them out with the such high demand. Long story cut short though , the very helpful girl managed to give us a table for that night. Food was amazing ! I recommend the pulled pork and the seafood platter is spectacular to look at as well taste . Had a great waiter on hand and a window seat with the amazing view of saint pauls . Definately will go back again! Totally worth all the phone calling and wait .

By Lisa S.

On entry immediately met by attentive waiting staff, who took our coats & sat us at a table by the bar until our table was ready. Was taken to the table & en route given a brief overview of the kitchen, & on site facilities. Our waiter Thomas was exceptional. We had the Calamari & the crispy pigs cheek, followed by The Rump Steak & The Whole Lamb in flatbread, both were exceptional. For dessert we had the banana split & the cheescake, again eexceptional. Overall the food was fantastic, service brilliant & view of st pauls cathederal was a real bonus as was, seeing Jamie Oliver cooking in the kitchen, the evening was rounded off perfectly with a brief unexpected conversation with Mr Oliver himself as we were leaving. Overall sensational food, great flavours, textures, could not find fault at all.

By Emanuele B.

What can I say, Fantastic and wonderful dining experience, Friendly staff,amazing food. Pork belly was fantastic with side of Spinach and Mash potato perfect, salad was good,but the Pork belly was amazing! Wednesday 3 2010

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