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Basing House is located at the south end of Kingsland Road in Shoreditch, and is an intimate, 300 capacity venue. Basing House's sound is supplied by Funktion-One. The club also features a roof terrace which doubles as its smoking area.

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"Located at the south end of Kingsland Road in Shoreditch, Basing House is an intimate, 300 capacity venue that opened in 2010. We operate a late-license, opening each Friday and Saturday and semi-regularly on Thursdays. A large volume of external promoters and labels curate our music programme, with generally four-four electronic genres such as house and techno finding favour. Basing House's sound is supplied by Funktion-One. There is also a roof terrace which doubles as the smoking area."

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22:00 - 04:00



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Basing House reviews

By H P.

The bouncers are a joke. They incorrectly assumed the people I was with were Spanish and then told them they were not welcome in the club. One of the girls from our party said, "I'm English!" The bouncers told her that she was the only one allowed in. #slowclap

By Tony J.

Absolutely sick night out! Was my first time and I am surprised I have never been to Basing House before because I had such a good time and I know my mates felt exactly the same way! This is by far now my favourite club in the Hoxton/shoreditch area! Highly reccomend to all my buddies! If you havnt been to Basing House then go!

By Darius J.

Haven't been here since it's changed name from On The Rocks. Used to be semi-decent though incredibly packed at times, ended up there if there was nothing else going on. Small, sweat-dripping-off-the-ceiling type place. Went again yesterday, incredibly rude bouncers. Will never, ever go back, even if they actually get anyone worth listening to.

By Ashley P.

I have lived in Shoreditch now for nigh on 10 years, and more increasingly, as time has gone by, I have found myself looking further a field than what is on my door step. Very happy this venue has popped up and filled the void. Love the aesthetic of the inside, and the raw edge, which gives a great background to the music. The bookings and promoters that are being put on always guarantee me at least one night a weekend that takes my fancy. Big thumbs up.

By Kelly H.

Shoreditch has started to become the Leicester Square of East London as once cool and trendy bars and clubs suddenly discover their commercial side. Luckily, openings like Basing House remind us of how Shoreditch used to be.

The Venue
Based in an old pub, Basing House has a large exterior that’s simply decked out all in black with an understated sign and mirrored windows. It certainly doesn’t give too much away. Inside, it’s a lesson in Shoreditch cool. The space is almost cavernous, with a mottled stone ceiling and exposed brick and stone everywhere you look – even the pillars look like stalactites. There’s a well-sized dance floor with a few coloured lights and a fenced-off DJ area with a huge Funktion One sound system, which really acts as the centrepiece to the space. You will barely notice the small bar, in fact. Upstairs is a more sophisticated private hire space complete with a fireplace and they also have a small roof terrace area. The whole venue feels very understated and stripped back, with the focus purely on the music.

The Atmosphere
The skinny jeans, cool haircuts and checked shirts are out in full force at Basing House alongside those electro T-shirt wearing guys and girls who really know their stuff. Thankfully, the suits from the nearby City offices and the shiny-shirt chavs that seem to have moved in on some of Shoreditch’s other clubs and bars are absent. It could just be that this is still new enough that the word hasn’t got out yet. Here’s hoping it doesn’t.

The Music
Every Friday and Saturday Basing House hosts DJ events, running from 10pm until 4am. The cost is often free, although some events are ticketed, so it’s worth checking ahead. The venue makes a lot of its promise to be ‘open-minded’ and they are up for experimenting with disco, deep and tech house and techno regularly mixed by well-known acts and up-and-coming DJs. Whatever the music, though, that sound system ensures your entire body feels every single beat and the cavernous space reverberates the sound to give it a raw, warehouse feel.

The Drink
Drinks are typically East London cheap and play second-fiddle to the tunes at Basing House. Bottled beer like Becks and typical high street spirits are the most popular and they do drinks promotions like the first 50 people receive a free shot with their drink or two-for-one deals. However, this isn’t the kind of place where people turn up pissed and then make it their mission to consume as much drink as humanly possible before being thrown out. That's a very good thing.

The Last Word
Basing House shows us what Shoreditch used to be about. Now we just have to hope that the suits and the stags don’t come knocking...

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