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At Be At One Putney you can enjoy a varied selection of music and quality service. Be At One is well known for its choice of innovative cocktails.

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Be At One reviews

By Varun S.

The best cocktail bar, with excellent staff and good service. The downside; the place is a bit stuffy and is capacity Fridays and Saturdays by 10pm.

By Yellow S.

Having witnessed the doorman of the bar carry out is work on Saturday just gone I can only say I would never drink in this bar again. I was having a cigarette outside the bar next door and witnessed a bully of a doorman with a guy twice his size. I think that luckily for the doorman the bloke he was being agressive with didn't even flinch and remained very placid throughout. An unbelevable scene to witness and I hope the bloke makes a complaint to the bar about the doorman. Stay away if you want a nice night out!

By Emma R.

I cannot believe how my friend and I got treated at the Be At One Bar in Putney. My friend and I have been regulars of the Be At One family and Bars for quite a while now and have always enjoyed our time and experiences there. Usually we are well looked after and have a fun time. But never have I ever been reduced to tears or felt like crap before! I am not a rude person nor am I attention seeking, I was just trying to politely hand my money over to the barman and prevent my friend from paying. Next thing I know the manager is saying to me 'how would you like it if money was waved in your face!? Its just like clicking at someone it is rude!' He snatched the bill out of my hand and begun waving it aggressively in my face and saying 'do you like it? Hoe does that feel? Do you like it?' I asked him whether he would like me to leave and he said 'I can't ask you to leave I am not working tonight, I am asking you though would you like it? Would you like it? No, you not going to talk to me about it? Then fine!' And he walked off. As I said I have never been treated like that in my whole experience of Be At One before and nor should I expect too, but am definitely thinking twice of ever supporting them ever again if I am going to be treated like garbage and reduced to tears! I am disgusted!! Never have I been treated like this, especially when I have done nothing wrong! An apology would certainly be a start.

By Samantha J.

With over 10 sites in the capital, Be At One consistently delivers a good dose of fun and some seriously tasty drinks, and this sleek Putney venue doesn't let the side down.

The Venue
The signature Be At One blue facade and canopy lets you know you’ve found the place you’re after. One of the more stylish branches in the group, and recently improved after a refit, the Putney outpost boasts exposed brickwork, mirrored walls, plenty of booth-style seating and larger areas to the rear that are perfect for groups. A large, slightly curved bar offers bar-side seating, with an attractive back bar displaying the huge range of spirits. Blackboards remind punters of the daily happy hour where you can buy one get one free for a good few hours – or all day on Sunday.

The Atmosphere
Each Be At One is different – this one is more likely to draw in the crowds over the weekend and, opening at 5pm each day, it offers more of a quiet spot during the week. One thing you can be sure of is incredibly friendly staff – they go beyond your usual expectations to make sure you’re not only getting a drink you’ll love, but you’re having a good night too, regardless of whether the bar is quiet or busy. Playing plenty of rock classics and old-school favourites, it’d be hard not to feel in the party mood after a couple of drinks here.

The Drink
The menu of more than 160 cocktails is mammoth, but you won’t find it hard to pick (and if you do, give the bartender some hints and they’ll help you out). Split into sections like ‘speciality’, ‘new favourites’ and ‘disco’, it’s easy to navigate – but you’ll probably still need a few minutes. The Pisco Sour (£7.50) shakes pisco with fresh lemon juice, sugar and egg white, and is garnished with fresh nutmeg – it’s a taste of South America in a champagne glass. Moving to the more fruity Caribbean, the Rum Runner (£7.50) blends dark rum, banana liqueur, blackberry liqueur, grenadine and lime juice, all topped off with a rum float. The Freshen Up Whitney (£7.50) is a Be At One original and is a love it or hate it cocktail. Gin, fresh mint, lychee liqueur, lychee puree and a grind of black pepper is fresh and spicy all at the same time – perfect for those who like to try something a bit different. If you like your classics, try your luck with a Maple Margarita (£7.50) – easily one of the best on the new menu. Tequila, fresh lemon juice, maple syrup and apple juice is served long and offers a genuinely great twist on the original recipe.

The Last Word
Already hugely popular with locals, if you’re ever in the area, it’s well worth seeking out this friendly and welcoming cocktail bar.

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