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The Soho branch of Be At One is the seventh in the series of these fabulous bars. At Be At One Soho you can expect to see innovative cocktails and friendly staff.

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Great place to chill! with a good selection of music.

Having read some of the reviews regarding the BeAtOne; I have to strongly disagree with the people who "diss." this Bar! Myself and husband journey from Pinner; alight at Piccadilly Circus Station; and "endure"!! a five minute walk to said Bar. We have been coming to this place for over a year; mostly at week-ends; and have yet to find a better Cocktail Bar in the vicinity; having tried a few! The staff are extremely efficient and know their "job"; while maintaining a cheerful smile. The Manager, Philip; runs a "tight ship" - long may he reign! The cocktails themselves are of good quality (you can actually taste the alcohol!) My favourite is the Rum Runner; hubby's is Rum Punch. We always give a tip 'cause the bar staff deserve it!

H.B. &

By A P.

Abysmal staff!The barmen/women spent most of their time chatting to each other whilst patrons were waiting to be served - one even forgot to ask someone in my group for payment of his drinks after serving them to him (he looked for the barman in question for a few minutes before giving up and just taking them).When another friend had agreed to leave the bar straight away once being asked to after falling asleep (fair enough), he was angrily grabbed by TWO of the bouncers and dragged/thrown out without being allowed to retrieve his coat - why?!?Shame, because the bar is in a great location and has a nice layout - just completely let down by the incompetent and rude staff (pricey too).

By Jane S.

I went to the soho bar tonight. I bought 3 drinks. They were half full. When I asked the member of staff who served me why my drinks why they were half full they laughed. He didn’t care. He then gave my drink to his friend behind the bar who filled it up with ice and water and then gave it to me. When I asked if he had filled me drink up with ice he found it funny and said he filled it up with ice and water. Really rude staff. Because of this I would never go there again or recommend it to any one.

By Sam B.

the choice of cocktails is good, also they do a good 2 for 1 offer which works out quite well. BUT the staff is not the nicest! Especially one of the Polish guys with shaved head! He was really rude to me and to my friends which really annoyed me. Also the bar is a bit too small and crowded. Music is too loud - you cant dance there anyway so I am not sure why they put music this loud!! There are definitely much better places around this area in London!

By Loki K.

I had a really good night with my boyfriend and wanted to finish it off by having a cocktail. Saw this place walking around so ventured in... The place was full and brimming with energy and the bartenders were a loud bunch acting up, tossing cocktails, throwing ice around and chatting with their mates. I thought what an amazing place...then after waiting 15 minuted of being overlooked for people behind me even though I was directly in front of the the bar I finally made my order for a "Frozen Strawberry Bellini" and a "Whisky Sour".... I finally got my drink after he mistakenly placed it in front of not one but two of his mates before I shouted out "over here" I stupidly tipped him but hey I work in a similar field and so I always tip... wish I didn't because the "cocktails" were absolutely foul... my "Bellini" tasted like cheap strawberry cordial mixed with beer/flat boyfriends "whisky sour" tasted like some vaguely alcoholic cheap soft-drink... I tried to drink more than 4 sips but felt sick. We returned our unfinished drinks straight to the bar and walked straight out... trying to get the rancid taste out of our mouths with chewing gum....never again. I can see why people go there if they are regulars who know the bartenders... but as a newbie with taste-buds looking for a nice be's nauseating. Avoid.

By Mudie H.

Fun small cocktail bar. Not the trendiest or most atmospheric place in Soho but 2 for 1 cocktails between 5 and 7pm during the week, good music and friendly staff all make for a fun night.

By Alan T.

I don't understand howe anybody could not have a good time in this place, and I just don't beleive that the staff here are as rude as this person is making them out to be. Great drinks, good service, and above all else, amazing music collection.

By Alan T.

What a fantastic bar,We were in last night, and the place was "ROCKING"!Great atmosphere...Loving "the Bonj"...

By Jason K.

This is the worst pub i have been. The music was too loud and we were told to get off the table because were only drinking beers instead of cocktails.

By Kelly H.

Be At One has another string to its bow, this time hitting the streets of Soho. If you’re out on the town and aren’t sure if it’s a laid back pub or cool cocktail bar you’re after then this is the place for you.

The Venue
This Be At One is conveniently located a couple of minutes walk from Piccadilly Circus, or a 10 minute stroll from Leicester Square. It’s a little off the beaten track, located as it is down Great Windmill Street, but you won’t be hunting around for hours to find it, just wander on down and you’ll soon see the large, blue building gleaming before you.

This place definitely appears to be pub-like both in its exterior and interior. Upon entering, you’re met with a large central bar with four serving points, which is the main focus of Be At One. There’s a circular walkway that goes all the way around the bar, allowing for a decent amount of seating and standing room without crowding the venue uncomfortably. The decor has aspects of a pub – gleaming woods, a focus on an old-style bar, wooden floors; but with touches of a bar – attractive silver hanging lights, mirrors and dark leather seating. It’s definitely the kind of place you walk into and feel at ease – leave your pretension at the door.

The Atmosphere
The whole philosophy of Be At One is about not being stuck up. The drinks are cheap and flow freely, the staff are friendly and up for a banter even when busy, the music is loud and pumping (just be prepared to shout to be heard), and the people are there to have fun. That said, for those of you who do prefer a bit of the high life, you won’t feel claustrophobic here, it’s not an old man pub or a cheap and nasty bar. It’s the kind of place you could bring a date if you weren’t sure of their preferences – are they a pub or a bar kind of person? Do they like pints or cocktails? This is the perfect amalgamation – the best of both worlds.

The service is worthy of note. The staff are all full time and competent (having each undergone a six week training course) - they spot who’s been waiting the longest and make sure you’re looked after. It also helps that they’re very easy on the eye (keep a look out for the Orlando Bloom looky likey, girls!).

The Drink
Cocktails are where Be At One Soho excels. With a huge menu spanning every type of cocktail you can imagine, you’ll find your favourite classics alongside unusual offerings such as the E-Poo – cue immature giggling! The menu is bright, colourful and easy to follow, being divided into fresh fruit specialities, disco, classics, ice cream (oh yes!), Champagne, gin, rum, tequila, vodka, whiskey, shooters, non alcoholic, and, handily if you’re overwhelmed, the bartenders’ favourites. Although they’re not necessarily high-end quality cocktails, for the price (just £5-£7 a pop and a buy one get one free happy hour), they are incredible value and extraordinarily tasty. From the notoriously difficult to get right White Russian (which, impressively, comes layered), to the classic mojito, they compete with the big boys in terms of producing drinks you sip and are immediately impressed with.

If you’re up for exploring the menu, try twists on the usual with the frozen mango bellini – an exotic blend of Stolichnaya vodka blended with mango puree and mango liqueur, topped with Prosecco. Tropical in flavour, the texture of the ice makes it more akin to a Slush Puppy, allowing you to relive fond memories of your youth whilst tasting the gentle flavour of the alcohol coming through. If you’re more into your sweet, creamier cocktails then be sure to try the Truffle (Tuaca liqueur and amaretto shaken with liquid chocolate and a dash of cream, served straight up) or the Expresso (Stolichnaya vodka, Kahlua and expresso slightly sweetened and shaken with ice). Similar in taste, both are sweet without being sickly - go for the Truffle if you like chocolate flavours or the Expresso if you prefer it tempered by a slightly bitter coffee taste.

If cocktails aren’t your thing, there is also a selection of beers, spirits and mixers and wine. Just don’t expect anything mind-blowing, the house red has a slightly unpleasant vinegary aftertaste – splurge and get a named glass of wine if that’s what you’re after (ask the bar staff for help if you’re unsure, they can offer recommendations that will suit you better). Really, this place is all about the cocktails – you’d be nuts not to go for them!

The Last Word
Be At One has well and truly crashed into the Central London scene. If you don’t want to fork out ridiculous prices at venues all over Leicester Square and Piccadilly Circus, come here for delicious cocktails, friendly banter and a laid back vibe.

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