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Belushis is a fantastic drinking and dining experience that is created from a combination of dishes, drinks and entertainment inspired from around the globe. The ambiance is vibrant and exciting and is a reflection of the mixed crowd that are drawn to this venue.

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"The home of international sports and epic parties. This open plan and spacious bar has an American Rock and Roll feel and an exciting décor, with a private function room, two bars, XBox, board games, a Man Cave, beer pong and table tennis! A strong and varied cocktail list plus a great range of international beers, wine and spirits. Belushi's an edge on your average sports bar, but despite this it still keeps its down-to-earth feel with seven large plasma screens and huge projector. They serve up a late night menu including their killer range of home made burgers, bar snacks and much more. The venue is also home to an sports fanatics fantasy: The Dugout basement bar. With its large HD screens & a projector broadcasting all the latest sporting action with 3 sky boxes showing Sky Sports, Premier Sports, BT Sports, all backed up by the best surround sound available. This is a top-notch sports bar in its own right. You can kick back and soak up the match day atmosphere, challenge your mates to a game of beer pong or just enjoy the post match after parties. Go check it out. You won’t be disappointed."

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Belushis reviews

By J.

I work at St Thomas' so I can confirm that the staff do indeed frequent Belushi's as proved by the state of my wallet. I really love relaxing after a long shift in the welcoming atmosphere at Belushi's.

By Chris R.

Went to the karaoke this week first on Monday and then on Wednesday. The host is awesome. Never come across a karaoke person with so much energy and as friendly as he is. Really makes everyone feel welcome. I didn't sing - and there was no pressure to, but the atmosphere this man creates is E L E C T R I C. Am on holiday with friends from California. Wish we could take him back to the States - he would make a lot of money there with his English accent. Thank you all for a fantastic 2 nights.

By Punita S.

Great bar for a low key night out! Great atmosphere with friendly staff! Always drink offers and a great music selection! Karaoke on most nights- though there's no pressure to sing or heckling. A place where it's okay to do your own thing, usually not overly crowded but can get busy on student nights! Definitely worth a visit!

By Evan H.

I frequent Belushis weekly as it is a lot of fun with backpackers from all over the world there a lot as its attached to a hostel. Its a great place for lunch in the day time or a good drink in the evening. Always different themes and friendly staff! When I go to Belushis I always spend less than I expect to cos the drinks promos are awesome. All in all a great friendly fun place to have a drink before going clubbing or even to stay till 4! Thumbs up!

By Els D.

I love Belushi's! A couple a weeks ago they organised this event, a Moonlight Beach party, which was free entry an super cheap drinks (jagerbombs 1,50) Vodka mixers 1 pound! I saw a flyer at my Uni, so I thought, why not give it a try. The atmosphere was amazing! Staff was working so hard and still really friendly towards guests. Everyone was dressed (was fancy dress) in beach and swimwear, there were seagulls and big palm trees everywhere, it was so cool. They had uv lights, everyone got those things to hang around their neck, uv facepaint, you name it and they had it. And upstairs was karaoke at the same time, which was awesome! I love karaoke! It seems to be that its karaoke night every Monday and Wednesday! After this amazing night I've been to Belushis every week. I'd seriously recommend Belushis to every student (its sooo cheap)so everyone, go there!

By Carlos C.

The atmosphere here is awesome, make sure you drop by on Wednesday (student night) and Friday night for a pint or 12. All the staff are friendly and exemplify the motto 'Live your life'.

By Rebecca W.

Big portions, big cocktails, big budget savings - who says all good things come in small packages…

The Venue
Sticking to the approved formula, Belushis is in every sense a standard sports bar. Seven giant plasmas with the latest coverage dominate the walls meaning there’s no need to scout out the perfect seat or strain your necks, as every possible angle is covered. The bar is huge with a metal skirting and sticky edges. High stool tables seat early diners on the ground floor, while the disco balls and technicolour spot lights eagerly await action on the dance floor downstairs. Posters pepper the rest of the walls putting any student dorm to shame; from the iconic prints of Jimmy Hendrix and Che Guevara to comic book villains and Hollywood heroes, oh, and of course every band imaginable from AC/DC to the Sex Pistols.

The Atmosphere
Leaving little to inspire from the outside, peering through the windows Belushis looks little more than a student gaff. However, once inside, the mix-mash of people couldn’t be more diverse. Maybe it’s the combination of backpackers from the above hostel making their mark, but you’re guaranteed to meet some characters. Expect everything from office stripes to grungy wi-fi users, or metal-head pierced punters to chilled surf dudes. The staff are attentive, fresh and constantly smiling. It’s a good crowd.

The Food
Described as ‘global’, the food is predominately made up of American/Mexican favourites with the odd Italian dish thrown in. You may have to double check you didn’t order a main when the starters are put down in front of you – the quantity of food is more than generous, if not bordering on the over-zealous. To start the quesadillas (£3.95) are gooey with a tasty mix of cheese and vegetables, but the nachos (£4.95) are slightly on the cold side.

The meatball main (£6.95) is exceptional value for money and the meat is perfectly cooked in a well-seasoned sauce with a spicy tomato kick. The burgers have an unreal amount of combinations; diners select their meat, size and topping. Playing it safe, the classic beef cheese burger is cooked to a sumptuous medium and hits the spot. But with over 15 toppings to select from, more daring options can be explored. By comparison, the dessert menu is tiny with just five classic options. The New York-style vanilla cheesecake (£4.95) is disappointing, with a foamy processed texture and soggy base, but the sticky toffee chocolate bomb (£3.95) is a beautifully rich combination of ice-cream and chocolate, all topped with a chewy toffee fudge.

The Drink
The Vipra Rossa Merlot (£13.50 a bottle) is a smooth red with an aftertaste of spiced cherries. Lagers, ciders, ales and beers are bottled in the fridges or available on tap, but the big sellers are clearly the cocktails. There are over 40 classics, shooters, bombs and mocktails to choose from, but the cheeky five-pint fishbowls are incredibly tempting at £24.95, especially for the party hardy punters.

The Last Word
From the plasmas to the drinks list, it’s clear that Belushis believes bigger is better. Cheap and cheerful, with an eclectic crowd, the bar is pretty much always buzzing. And when it comes to food, if you’re a fan of hearty fillings and super-size deals (‘big-up’ your main for £2.50), your hunger will definitely be satisfied too.

By Victoria P.

This customer caused an argument at the bar with another customer for refusing to wait his turn. He became rude and aggressive towards bar staff and was refused service due to his behaviour. If you'd like to see for yourself how great our customer service is, please come along and join us for a beer!

By Si R.

This place has managed to get a star because I couldn't work out how to give it zero. I accidentally went in here to watch the spurs game this week. It was busy but when I waited at the bar for 10-15 minutes and then decided to say something when the bar lady kept serving other customers before me, I was told I had only been there 2 minutes and would now be waiting because I had dared to speak up. Needless to say I have never been spoken to so rudely in a pub in that area before, subsequently left and will never be setting foot in there again. I would urge people to avoid this place if they have even a modicum of intelligence/ class. There are many far nicer places with less rude we found out imediately after leaving.

By G.

I love Belushi's! The karaoke rocks and DJ Balders on a Friday night at Belushi's is a funny, funny guy.

By C.

We go to Belushi's (Borough High Street) most weekends, and the atmosphere is great. The staff are nice, amusing & very sexy. Great prices and great music all the time and karaoke nights on Wednesdays are brilliant. The great thing about Belushi's is, if you're unable to get home, there's a hostel upstairs.

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