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Belushis is popular for late nights out in Camden, boasting a late licence and plenty of cocktails. The venue is popular for live rock bands whilst DJs are on hand throughout the week.

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"Belushi's is situated on Camden High Street just a quick stroll from Camden Town station. This open plan bar rocks out with live music pretty much every night of the week. With an American Rock and Roll feel and original decor it hosts a great party atmosphere. Famous for their killer homemade burgers, they also serve up a epic food menu and great range of international beers, cocktails, wine and spirits. They also host some great sports events, showing the action live on their big screens around the bar. You can kick back with a front row seat of the game while soaking up the match day atmosphere. Belushi's bar will be buzzing throughout and always top off with an epic end of game party, despite the outcome! Check out their Camden Cavern - where some of the best new talent on the rock scene come and play their newest material. The venue has a great line up throughout the week and allows for new music to be put to the test on its open mic nights every Tuesday. Go check it out. You won't be disappointed."

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Belushis reviews

By Andrew M.

Not only was the food poor at Belushis, the hostel upstairs means that this place is even more full of backpackers than the rest of London. Please, please, please could we either have a moritorium on them entering the country or, at the very least, a manditory course for those that do on how to behave in a public place, that isn't in Australia.

By Kay H.

we went here to eat dinner before a friday night out in camden. the food came pretty quickly but, having ordered a starter and mains, everything came out together. this was a little off-putting because three plates was almost all the table could handle and because our mains were going cold as we ploughed through the nachos. however, the staff and clientele were friendly and the food tasted fine. the nachos needed a lot more cheese and were large enough to feed about 4 people! i dread to think how big the large portion is!! we both ate veggie burgers which were pretty bland and watery but the great selection of toppings made them more than edible. drinks are pricey and in our opinion the cocktails weren't worth it.

By Lara J.

Camden Belushi's is one of the best venues around!

It has something different nearly every night of the week and I've seen some AMAZING live bands there over the last few months with the new Rocktails Live night.

DJs are great, staff are great (particularly the manager who seems to do a great job running such a manic venue - I'm impressed!), food is great and drink specials are amazing.

Every time I've been there - which is A LOT - I've had the best nights. I would definitely highly recommend Belushi's to anyone for a great night out.

Oh, and if you're too pissed to get home - there is a hostel above the venue!!!!

By Andrew S.

What's with the bad reviews?I've been going there for years and only once had a problem with the security but he was dealt with and removed within a week, kinda proves that problem people are removed, weather it be punters or staff.

Saying that the staff are great and who are always great fun and great people and Djs who are always on the ball with the latest music.

Everything is of a high standard, drinks are good and well priced and the food is great. I love the food in there and have eaten there quite a few times and have never had any complaints.

I haven't stayed in the hostel but by the constant amount of people checking in there and being the reported "Place to stay" during The Camden Crawl, this kinda speaks for itself.

By Charli S.

Love this place! Great nights... every day of the week something different! the staff are friendly and helpful and the drinks offers are amazing!

I held my last birthday celebration here and the management was nothing but helpful and professional.

Great dj's too, they have a good selection of music for all tastes, but my fave is Rocktails at the weekends!Food is surprisingly good too.

Best burgers in town!! :)

By Lara J.

Seriously, what is wrong with all these people and their rubbish reviews?! Belushi's is an amazing bar with great staff, incredibly reasonable prices, a variety of different nights and a great atmosphere.

I am a very regular customer and have NEVER had a single problem with the bouncers - they're just doing their job after all when it comes to searching people on entry and checking IDs. It might not bother the regular punter but the venue could be shut down if they let people in under age - besides, people should be flattered that the door staff think they look under age anyway!! I would be! Tons of London venues have a no hoody/white trainers policy so I can't believe that these people who are whinging about it have never encountered it before.

The reviewers below clearly haven't been there in the last few weeks when you couldn't move for it being so rammed! Empty!? I don't think so.

I think it's great that a bar offers a different type of music on different nights of the week - rock one night, r&b etc another .. they even have a Guitar Hero competition one night too - you don't see many other places with so much choice.

I also cannot fault the staff - seriously - all of them are friendly and great fun! They're always willing to help and the Manager definitely runs the bar - not the bouncers as someone below said. He spends every weekend night by the front door making sure everything is ok and is the first one on the scene if a customer to the bar or hostel needs assistance.

I think these people who've reviewed below need their head checked. I will continue to go there for as long as I live close by. Without a doubt it's my favourite place in London .. and all my friends would agree.

By Steve B.

What used to be one of my favourite bars for a cheap drink in Camden has taken a turn for the worse over the last 6 months. The atmosphere in the place has been completely destroyed by the ignorant and rude bouncers, who seem to impose another ridiculous regulation every time I visit the place (no white trainers etc).

This has caused the place to be next to empty, even at the weekends, a true shame when it used to be packed to the rafters with a mixed croud of students, backpackers and Camden regulars seeking £1.00 Jaegermeister shots.

By P.

This pub is dire; average beer, bad service, and over-priced, disgusting pub food suitable for the dogs dinner only, oh and 90% bad music, I hate to say it but even a Wetherspoons pub is better than this place, avoid at all costs.

By Adam R.

Belushis Camden is an unpretentious but unremarkable bar. Though the decor is a little random to say the least, the staff are friendly and the drinks are cheap; join the locals if you’re around, but don’t make a trip specifically for a visit.

The Venue
Belushis is easy to find on Camden High Street – turn your head coming out of Mornington Crescent Station and you can see it, a corner bar done up in an odd mix of aqua and yellow with the trademark Belushis logo lit up in red. Inside, it’s split into two by a dividing wall, the front housing the bar and providing a platform for live acts (though not on a stage per se) and the rear designed more for chilling out with an eclectic collection of couches and a pool table.

Throughout you will find an assortment of wooden tables and chairs at both regular and bar stool height and some TVs for watching sport – though if that’s what you’re after you might be better off elsewhere as the screens here aren’t very large, and some of them are blast-from-the-past tubes rather than flat screens. There are also two games machines (one of the common touch screen variety and a much older contraption in the front) and a touch-screen jukebox.

The whole bar is done up in the same curious mix of aqua and yellow as you’ll find on the exterior and a mix of posters and memorabilia. It seems as if the bar isn’t quite sure what theme it’s going for; there’s a lot of alcohol branding throughout accompanied by a Led Zeppelin poster, a poster from The Shining, various other posters from films and TV shows (even on the ceiling), an American-style traffic light and a branded mirror from Belushis Covent Garden - though whether this is a homage to the original bar in the chain or merely some astute form of recycling is hard to tell. That said, while one wouldn’t call it elegant or classy, this is a pleasant place to be - brightly lit until around 8pm when the lights dim in anticipation of the evening’s events.

The Atmosphere
In the early evening Belushis plays host to a broad spectrum of customers; you might see a couple of after-work suits having a lager and watching the football at one table, a group of casually dressed friends catching up on the couches around another, and some glammed-up girls taking advantage of the cheap drinks before hitting the town at a third. There’s a 52 bed hostel above the bar, so you’ll hear a few accents, too.

Later in the night the mix changes to a more standard Camden set, with a young punk and alternative crowd. It’s all very relaxed and unpretentious, although having two rather large bouncers outside a relatively small bar suggests this might not always be the case. The staff are very friendly and there’s enough of them that getting a drink isn’t difficult. The bar doesn’t end up packed either, so once you have a drink it’s easy to find a bit of space to enjoy it in, although seating can be in short supply later in the evening.

The Music
You’ll hear a lot of rock coming out of the soundsystem, but there are live acts and an array of DJ-hosted theme nights throughout the week. Fridays and some Saturdays feature a live set, but unless you’re a part of their MySpace following it’s unlikely that you will have heard of any of the acts. Sundays host a live acoustic performance and Thursdays feature DJs playing alternative, emo and rock tracks.

The Food
The menu at Belushis is far broader than you would expect, with starters, baguette sandwiches, five different burgers, a standard collection of mains like fish and chips and bangers and mash, four large plates for sharing and a selection of salads and pastas. The flipside to this is that it’s also a little pricier than you would expect given the venue and the drink prices; the most basic cheese and pickle sandwich will set you back £5.50, whilst burgers (with fries) run from £6.50-£8.50.

The Aussie Works burger (£8.50) is a real treat - large with an fat beef patty, bacon, cheese and fried egg on a sourdough bap. The salad and the more exotic parts of the burger (pineapple and beetroot) come on the side so you can assemble your burger how you like, which is a nice touch. However, the dish is let down by the fries, which seem to have been waiting on the plate too long.

The Fully Loaded Nachos sharer plate (£9.95) promises a ‘huge plate of tortilla chips’ and this is certainly delivered. You can expect a jaw-droppingly large plate with generous portions of salsa, sour cream, guacamole and jalapenos. The sour cream and guacamole are excellent but the salsa is the unexpected star, with a spicy tang to it that works very well. Disappointing, however, is the difficulty finding any of the advertised chilli beef, making the platter more of an enormous snack than a meal.

The Drink
The drinks are the real focus at Belushis, with a broad range at low prices, further supplemented by regular specials. The cocktail and shooters menu is enormous, with 40 cocktails and nine different shooters.

Cocktails can be purchased by the glass (£3.95) or by the jug (£10.95), but the cocktail happy hour until 10pm Monday through Thursday, 9pm Friday and Saturday, and all day Sunday, reduces those prices to £2.95 and £8.95, while shooters are either £2 or £3. The cocktail list encompasses both old favourites and more creative mixtures, all with generous servings of alcohol. The emphasis is on the drink and not presentation, and you’ll find you are served your cocktail in a very standard glass with little fanfare. The Blues Brother (vodka, Blue Curacao, sweet and sour and lemonade) has a strong kick, whilst the Woo Woo (vodka, peach schnapps and cranberry juice) is a sweet and easy cocktail, making it a popular choice among the female patrons of the bar.

If you’re not looking for a cocktail you still have a wide choice on tap, with Carlsberg Extra Cold, Guinness Extra Cold, Becks Vier, John Smiths Extra Cold, Fosters Super Chilled, Kronenbourg Extra Cold and Strongbow, further reinforced in the fridges by VB, Corona, San Miguel, Budweiser, Stella Artois, Crown, Smirnoff Ice, the Red Square range, Bulmer’s and St Helier.

If you’re looking for wine, though, be warned that the wine list is tiny, especially considering the range of other drinks on offer. Two house whites, reds and roses are available at £3.25 for a 175ml glass, but the best value is to buy the bottle for £11.50. Sparkling wines and Champagnes are available by the bottle, two of each kind, topping out with Veuve Clicquot Yellow Label at £45.

The Last Word
Belushis has never claimed to be a high-end establishment (less Bohemian chic and more Bohemian Rhapsody), and it isn’t. It’s a pretty middle of the road place with nothing spectacular to recommend it. However, if you’re in the area and are looking for a relaxed place to have a cheap drink then it’s worth a visit.

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