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The Big Easy on the King's Road is popular with celebrities ranging from famous singers to young royals thanks to its quality selection of steaks and seafood and ridiculously large portions.

Ranked #281 of 5241 restaurants in London

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Big Easy reviews

By Andrew M.

I was very surprised when I went to Big Easy after hearing all the rave reviews. I was not impressed at all. At 7pm they were sold out of over 3/4 of the seafood, had no onion rings and the service was the worst I have experienced since living in London in over 3 years. Maybe a bad night but after spending over £150 for four people (one drink each, no starters and one desert and they lost our reservation I was not happy and thinking I would not be back anytime soon. Good luck to those that venture to the Big Easy.

By G.

Probably the most Yankie of all the Yankie restaurants the Big Easy is a New Orleans hang out which seems genuine even down to the clams in the clam chowder. Big Easy is big and easy and tasty...

By Woo B.

The two stars are not for the in general food. The lobster was lovely. However chips were cold. Lovely deserts and drinks. The service we received was appalling. As soon as we got there we were informed we have to be out within two hours. This continued to be said to us throughout the meal, very relaxing. There were lots of free tables in the restaurant by the way. We did as we were told and were out before two hours! Very arrogant rude service, like they were doing us a favour by letting us have a table. This has put me off totally a return visit.

By Humi I.

Don't know what the hype is all about with Big Easy. I called to book a reservation and it was missed off the list so we had to wait about 40 minutes to be seated. Which I didn't mind as much because we could get a few cheeky drinks in before the meal. We stood by the bar which was so crowded I was basically sitting on someone's lap who was having their dinner. The bar was surrounded by fruit flies which did not get me excited to eat. Finally we were seated extremely close to another couple and could hear every bit of their conversation, took us a while to flag someone down to even take our order and he was not very considerate. It was our first Big Easy experience so we were unfamiliar with some dishes and when asked the 'boy' simply and genuinely shrugged and said 'ohh I don't know.' if you don't know who will?! Food arrived and the Lobster was lovely however it arrived later than my partners meal did and when we asked for some dips to accompany the meal we were waiting for about 10 minutes and had to ask a manager instead. They had about 5 managers flying around that night and it was chaotic. Will not be coming back.

By Tracey V.

We use this restaurant regularly over the years and have accumulated thousands of points with their members club tonight we went to the thanksgiviving dinner we waited well over an hour for our food to come, when it finally did arrive they gave us children's plates although every other person in the restaurant had adult size plates. The service was absolutely appalling they didn't give us enough food for 5people and when we complained the waitress did not want to know neither did the lady manager she palmed our complaint off on another manager who gave us discount but still charged us. I used to love this restaurant but I feel that it has gone down the toilet since they have employed new staff and I doubt we will be going back after tonight's experience.

By Natanya G.

This place is great! The atmosphere is always fantastic, the food tastes great and the portion sizes are huge, the service is friendly. I definitely recommend this place for a group of friends who want something a bit different and without the pretentiousness of some of the bars and restaurants in Chelsea.

By Andrew S.

On the 8th of January 2012 we decide to have a dinner experience at the "Big Easy" , after hearing good comment from friends we came all the way from east London to taste the popular American lobster. We called the restaurant at 19: 30 booking a table for 2 at 21: 00 inquiring if the lobster will be available, and the receptionist said "we never run out of lobster". As we arrived we were greeted by the receptionist that guide us to a very small and bad presented table. We were very close to another couple where we could hear their conversations. We had to wait at least 5 minutes before catching the staff attention. we asked for the lobster but they ran out and wasn't available. So we ordered ribs and chicken and the shrimps.Our glasses was dirty with lipstick on them and we had to replace them after our wine was served with clean ones i thought the ribs had no meat on at all and the chicken was with a old barbeque sauce and to much of it on the dish. the shrimps were just big tiger prawns on a skewer that they were stuck on the shell therefore it was difficult to eat them. The atmosphere was poor with very loud live music that made it hard chatting to my gf. For the price that the food is its still a poor quality of food or tho it was cheap i would rather go to a fast foods restaurant. my overall opinion i cant believe in Chelsea can a business like this make such good money. it was a let down


AVOID AVOID AVOID!!!!!I ate there last night after booking a table weeks ago to celebrate my partners 40th. Arrived to absolute mayhem, was eventually given a table downstairs as far in the corner as you could possibly get. a band was playing that was far too loud for the small claustrophobic space and it was so hot that the sweat was dripping off you within minutes! I should have gone with my instincts and left there and then but stupidly and (because by now it was after 10pm)I stayed and was given another table upstairs. I had to wave furiously to get the waitress's attention and that was just to get some menus!! Decided on the crab prawn and mussel dish in white wine sauce and new potatoes. When it arrived I frantically searched for the prawns amongst the sauce that looked and tasted as bland as a bowl of cheap cheap watered down soup! Their was in fact 3. With 2 crab claws and 2 potatoes it was no more than a bowl of cheap mussels that was so small by the time you got them out of the shells their was nothing of them!! I also ordered a side salad that had no taste whatsoever!We was asked if we had enjoyed the meal and I said NO that it was tasteless. The manager was nearby and overheard. He asked what the problem was and I said that I told him that the food was tasteless he apologised and said he would have a word with the chef then he promptly walked away and ignored the situation, he couldn't care less!At £68.00 for 1 starter 2 mains 1 side salad and 2 beers it was totally overpriced. The restaurant is tatty and small and the food is cheap tasteless and nasty!!! We was staying in the Park Plaza and only wish I had stayed there to eat. Food would have been excellent and cheaper not to mention the surroundings!! BIG & EASY (not) The only thing that is easy about this place is the profits they are making and it certainly is not big!!!!!

By A L.

Booked the Big Easy for a guys night out back in the Summer (was getting married and thought an Ushers dinner would be a great plan). Had eaten there before and thought would try it again. Wasn't disappointed at all. Friendly staff, great service and, as we wanted to buy 4 bottles of vodka to shot down with our burgers, they were happy to negotiate on price. We all ended up completely trolleyed, think I was dancing on the table at one point, and after a great meal, stumbled out, beer/vodka in hand and tore a new one on the Fulham Road.

By Pat R.

The big easy is a really decent place for food. Good burgers, good crab and lobster. The barman knows how to knock together decent cocktails and the beer is cold. And it's all served up by a friendly and efficient team. Its worth a visit but be careful you don't overspend. Try the voodoo wings it was delicious.

By Elizabeth B.

Food was ok, but was very slow coming out. We asked for desserts but the waitress said she would have to ask the hostess. This is when we witnessed the hostess shout and aggressively raise he hands and say 'no no no I need that table back!' Me and my partner were horrified at the way the staff were being spoken too! We asked to speak to the manager as we felt that this type of behaviour was unacceptable and unprofessional! To make matters worse, the manager was arrogant and couldn't communicate with me properly. After spending a lot of money, I felt deeply disappointed and will not return back to the restaurant.

By D L.

We ate there on a Tuesday night and had an excellent experience! Bags of atmosphere, friendly service and great value for money. We sat downstairs which I would recommend as its in front of the live music. We had the steak and shrimp dinner which at £15 each included a decent bottle of red in the price - very good value for money. The food may be unpretentious but it is excellently done, the steak was very good quality. Overall great value for money and a lot of fun!

By L.

Went for king crab legs which are hard to find in london. For 20 quid I thought I'd get a plate of king crab legs, but instead I got one leg cut into 6 pieces. No Claw! The bowl they served it in made the crab taste metallic - yuck. the final blow was while savoring my last precious piece I realized it wasn't cooked all the way and i couldn't eat it. very disappointing! beyond the king crab fiasco, the cocktails were great and reasonably priced, the service was excellent and I really liked the atmosphere. We were upstairs and there was no band playing.

By Jamie J.

Group of 12 Tuesday night – food distinctly average, portion size similar especially when the ethos of the venue suggest big eats! Also only given 2 hours to eat, 30min of which was used ordering. Was insulted by the bottles of wine placed on the table on arrival. The fact that they hoped I’d be suckered in to drinking it so they could add it to my bill. Also be aware that the big easy has a devious ‘would sir like’ practice. In that you are offered additional extras to your food without realising they cost extra. In my book a sauce isn’t extra so when asked ‘what sauce would sir like’ i chose one, not only was it a hideous watery concoction but I then found I had been charged for it as had all my companions. A more expensive transparent menu is far more appealing than leaving feeling that you have just been conned into paying more than you realised. Restaurant prices, canteen food and service.

By Jane F.

Slow service. Too loud a music. Having said that though the food was lovely, portions enourmous and atmosphere great.

By John G.

the food was excellent and there was a larger variety of food available than i expected. from start to finish my experience of the big easy was amazing.

By John B.

I've eaten here numerous times for lunch as it comes closest to having American BBQ ribs of any other joint in London ( and I've tried em all). For a southern boy in a foreign land it was very comforting to eat my fill and have enough napkins.
I also was very very happy to see ESPN on the TV. The background music was damn fine too.

By S.

We went to the Big Easy on Saturday 1st October 2005. After a couple of cocktails at the bar waiting for the table (it was very busy - I recommend booking) we sat down and enjoyed a tasty mixed seafood meal with lobster and lamb cutlets.

Food at Big Easy was good, but basic flavours for what was quite a high price, but then it is on the King's Road. Would recommend Big Easy for a fun night out and the band was great!

By D.

I went with a group of friends to the Big Easy on Sunday 7th August. As this visit was during the Lobster Festival we were all keen to try the lobster specials that were being advertised. Imagine our surprise when on arriving at 8pm we were advised that there was no lobster or crab left. It was a great disappointment. The other factor that clouded our evening at Big Easy was that there was a live band playing so it was almost impossible to hear each other speak around our table. My suggestion is that if you want to take advantage of a special offer go for lunch rather than in the evening or you may be disappointed. If you and your friends like a good chat over your meal make sure there is no live music before making your booking.

By L.

The clam chowder at Big Easy was to die for and I was impressed by the size of the servings and the quality of the seafood. Being a New Zealander and very fussy with the desire to eat fresh seafood, I can honestly say the Big Easy is the place to go. The live Music was great to shake your head to whilst downing scores of seafood and alcohol. Great atmosphere and food. I will be frequenting the Big Easy and bringing many friends!!!!!

By Colm F.

With live music every night and a bustling bar and restaurant, there's more to shout about than just the big portions in this American style lobster and barbecue joint.

The Venue
You might not expect to find a crab shack in Chelsea, and this is just about the closest you are going to get. The venue is cosy on the ground floor, but it’s worth having a peek downstairs in the basement where you’ll find a more expansive dining hall complete with a stage tucked away to the side; live performers provide music daily, which can be a great focus point should the conversation not be up to much (it happens). Wooden clad walls dotted with the odd fishing cliché, red checker tablecloths and clusters of curious flyers and cards pinned to the walls help create a bit of charm.

The Atmosphere
Even on a cold Monday evening in February there's a bustle about the Big Easy. The tone is friendly, warm and positively informal, and unlike some of the venues in the surrounding neighbourhood there's no room for posing; patrons here are more interested in cracking lobster and negotiating ribs than pouting. And you look a little silly doing both, frankly.

The Food
The Big Easy specialises in lobsters and barbecues, and prices are competitive - not least for the locale. For starters there’s deep fried calamari in tempura style batter (£7.95) served with garlic mayo and tartar sauce. This Japanese style, light batter is well executed and the calamari delightfully cooked. The 'VooDoo' chicken wings (£7.95), a title that may be more of a warning than a description, comes with a vinegar based barbecue sauce (which is slightly heavy on the vinegar) and is served with a celery stick and coleslaw for good measure.

For mains, there’s the mammoth platter of baby back ribs (£11.90/£14.90/£15.90) slow smoked over hickory wood with coleslaw and barbecue beans (baked beans and kidney beans). The ribs are superbly cooked; tender and delicious and bathed in barbecue sauce. The side servings of barbecue beans and coleslaw won’t blow your mind, or your taste buds, but work as a decent accompaniment to the ribs. There are varying sizes of lobster on offer, ranging from lb (approximately £20 but check out the daily board) right up to 10lbs. The 3lb lobster (£29.95) provides plenty of meat for one, with enough to let your company have a taste should you be feeling generous. Both the lobster and the ribs are presented on large round silver plates, and with little fuss. If you are a newbie to lobster then don’t worry, some of the de-shelling work is already done for you as the lobster arrives cut down the middle (there is, though, still enough work for those of us that like to crack a lobster claw or two). Thankfully the tables are well stocked with extra napkins so you can dig in and get your hands every bit as messy as you should.

If you still have room for dessert, the fudge cake (£5.50) is worth checking out and is served with ice cream and biscuit - and isn’t actually as rich as it sounds. Conversely, the cheesecake (£5.50) isn't the light(er) option that you might expect (it's surprisingly stodgy), and is served alongside fruit and ice cream. The ice cream sundae (£9.95), served in a vast martini glass, is most definitely for sharing.

Overall the menu is priced more or less accordingly to its Chelsea post code. That said, the daily specials are excellent value and there are some very affordable offers. For instance, on Mondays it’s all you can eat barbecue for £14.95, with Tuesday and Wednesday offering shrimp and fajitas for the same £14.95 price (this includes a beer!). And watch out for lobster and steak night on a Thursday where you get both a prime steak and a lobster for £19.50.

The Drink
The big surprise is the extremely comprehensive wine list which offers plenty of value and a great selection. In fact the wine list is award winning (a point which they are not shy about pointing out). The house red is the light-bodied Italian Sangiovese, Borgo Sasso 2011 (£16) which has fruity flavours of strawberries and a little spiciness – an excellent house wine. This list itself is arranged by body and style, which makes it easily accessible to those who might be missing a sommelier. Prices start at a very reasonable £3.95 per glass and £15 per bottle and stretch upwards to £100. There are also some good beers and cocktails on offer and depending on the day of the week, a bottle of beer is often included as part of the daily special.

The Last Word
Perfect for the family, a big group of friends or just a good honest feed, the Big Easy offers big portions, an easy going atmosphere and some excellent deals. The phrase over the door ('A tradition has begun, you’ve eaten at the Big Easy!') is no doubt true for many, and one of the reasons why this place remains so very popular.

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