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Bluebird is a stylish and modern venue combining a cafe, forecourt, barbecue, restaurant, bar, food store, bakery and wine cellar.

Bluebird also boasts a delectable food menu of sophisticated comfort food and modern British meals and are all cooked using only the finest ingredients.

Ranked #1186 of 5241 restaurants in London
Part of the D&D London group

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Bluebird reviews

By Stephen F.

We are regular customers at the bluebird, and every time we go the food is fantastic, the service is wonderful and the seating is very comfortable. We would recommend it to anyone looking for a delicious, modern and nutritious meal!

By Kelly H.

While Made in Chelsea hasn’t done much to dispel the myth that this is an area of London that glories in pomp, Bluebird Chelsea turns things on its head with friendly accessibility.

The Venue
Bluebird is located on London’s iconic King’s Road and even among the fancy boutiques and designer clothing stores, it makes its presence felt. The huge space is set back from the street with some pretty roadside seating for alfresco dining on those rare warm London evenings. Bluebird is more of a complex than a restaurant, with a low-key café, wine shop, deli and restaurant surrounding the central courtyard. It can be a little confusing at first but head up the stairs in the left hand corner and you’ll find the main bar and restaurant.

The restaurant itself is spacious, and glamorous without being ostentatious. A large island bar sits in the middle of the entryway surrounded by lounge seating for a pre-dinner tipple, opening out into the main dining room. The red and maroon colour scheme is cosy and is kept upmarket by flashes of elegant white. Seating is a mix of intimate booth-like areas, traditional tables and chairs set around white tablecloth-covered tables, and leather sofa-style seating, all working together to create an eclectic feel that isn’t schizophrenic. However, it’s the large glass windows overlooking the pretty, famous road that really sells it.

The Atmosphere
The thing that really sets Bluebird apart from many venues round here is the incredibly friendly staff whom are friendly, while still maintaining a professional air. From the charming sommelier to the pretty cocktail waitresses, you are made to feel well looked after – something often lacking in this neck of the woods. Although the clientele are mostly well-heeled west Londoners, they too seem relaxed and you won’t feel awkward about asking questions about the menu.

The Food
Given the setting and the quality of the menu, if you order smartly the food at Bluebird won’t have you running to call the bank manager for an extension on your overdraft. They also go the extra mile with a theatrical element to many of the dishes.

For starters (£7-£17.50) the steak tartare (£13.50) is worth every penny. Made from quality Galloway fillet, the dish arrives at your table on a trolley as the waiter asks you how you’d like it mixed. They then proceed to put the dish together in front of you. It’s a very nice – and very French – touch, echoing just how they do it over the Channel. And the result is delicious with a silky-smooth consistency and a rich flavour from the egg. Although the beef, as a fillet, isn’t intensely flavoursome, the mix of spices works incredibly well to create an impacting dish.

Alternatively, the fois gras ballotine (£15) is another delight. Although the price is at the higher end of the starter scale, the huge piece of creamy, rich foie gras is incredibly good value for money. It arrives with other bold flavours courtesy of the onion marmalade, truffle dressing and brioche, all of which go towards creating a really good dish.

Main courses continue to delight. For great date food the whole turbot for 2 people (£45) is really worth it. Again, the theatre is there, as the beautiful fresh fish is filleted in front of you and served up with a rustic appeal that makes the mouth water. It comes with fresh spinach, soft Charlotte potatoes and a tangy béarnaise. And it's delightful.

If you have the room, the banoffee sundae (£6.50) is sure to make you feel wonderfully sick, arriving in a large glass filled with a fresh, light banana sorbet mixed with caramelised banana and toasted almonds for texture.

The Drink
The wine selection is well balanced across varieties and price points. Bottles come in between £21.50 and £189 and there’s a great choice by the glass if you want to try something a little more expensive but don’t want to max out the credit card. They have also decided to break with dull tradition and, alongside the same-old, same-old French and Italian bottles, have included some unusual but excellent wine producing countries such as Lebanon, which tend to offer more bang for your buck.

The Last Word
There are plenty of great restaurants along the King's Road but if you want the whole package, Bluebird still has it.

By Mark T.

Not sure why this place has such terrible reviews - doesn't bear any resemblance to any of my experiences. Went again last night for new year's eve. Despite being busy the staff were all really attentive, food was spot on and the atmosphere was great. They even organised an alternative option away from the NYE set menu for me in advance! Not the cheapest but worth it for a special occasion. Would recommend to anyone.

By Andrew B.

Dreadful meal. And a truly dreadful experience. We ate There on Saturday 20th March. Table for 4 booked for 8.30PM. We were seated at 8.50 after some considerable stressful argument. Seems they were 'running late with the tables'. My starter of Scallop Thermidor arrived after 55 minutes - cold. Imagine congealed cheese around virtually raw spinach positioned over a lukewarm scallop. Cooking doesn't get much worse than this. Sent it back. Second attempt arrived 3 minutes later - clearly microwaved. Tasteless. Disgusting. An offense to the palate. Main course, Beef wellington arrived after 45 minutes. Cold. Called waitress - said 'This meal is cold and inedible' to which she replied with a blank expression 'Why'. The place was too full and unable to cope with the sheer weight of numbers. Getting to the loo was a struggle. Like forcing your way through a crush of rugby players in a budget perfume store. So the experience was one never to be repeated. If its good food and good service you want in a pleasing environment - then the Bluebird in Chelsea is not for you.

By Aaa A.

I was so completely disgusted by my experience there that I would urge people to avoid it like the plague.

Possibly the rudest and most argumentative staff (and management!!!) I have ever met.

The food took 40mins and was wrong. Two other tables next to mine also complained of similar problems.

By Anwar M.

What a disappointment. I was seething with anger as were the rest of the diners I came with when we left this place. Food was just awful, service was awful, manageress was awful. I live very close by to the restaurant and it was bad the last time I went but I figured I would give it another chance, I wish I hadn't. Fish pie was swimming in water, waitress had to be told off for leaving our food lying around withing eyeshot. The cafe downstairs is much better than the actual restaurant, yet the restaurant charges a lot more. I don't normally write reviews as I have never had an experience this bad in a so called "top" restaurant but I thought that I should warn other diners, the place is great looking but the food and service are just beyond bad. Do yourself a favour and skip this one, try "eight over eight" just further down the road, or "hakassan" in Tottenham ct. rd, or "Nobu" or any other top restaurant where you will get excellent service and food for the same price. I wish I had gotten a few M&S ready meals instead of wasted money in here. Mr. Conran needs to seriously look into this one, it has a lot of potential but I can understand why there were only 4 tables occupied when I went there. This place needs new staff and a new chef.

By Debbie B.

Very disappointing. Oily veg and potatoes. Very tough steak and lamb even the medium rare was tough. I couldn't cut it with a steak knife (which I had to ask for).
Shockingly limp celery and brown apple on the cheese board. Can't believe any decent chef would let a dish leave his kitchen with brown apple slices.
Slow and aloof service. Took 20 minutes to get a drink and it only arrived after we'd asked for it again. My friend was also dismissed for asking where the toilets were, which were not up to the standard of the main restaurant by the way.
Questionable presentation on the chocolate dessert, I won't go into what it looked like but you can get the idea!
The best part was the truffles that were supposed to come with the coffee but they were served after we'd finished our drinks and only because we asked where they were.
Will definitely not be returning and would not recommend this to anyone.

By Sarah K.

Our table was booked for 8pm and we got there on the dot. We were asked to wait in the lounge and at 8.30pm we had to ask where our table was. How long would we have had to wait if we didn't ask? We were given bread and no butter, we had to ask for the latter about 15 minutes later when we realised it had been forgotten.

It took them ages to get around to taking our orders. For starter I had scallops which when they (finally) arrived my first thought was "Where are they?". They were the size of my little finger nail! It came with avocado (which I love) but because the scallops were so tiny all I could taste was avocado.

For main, I had a fish pie which was great, no complaints about that. The service was more generally ropey and not what you expect for the prices we were paying. The communication between staff was lacking. We had booked online with a deal and when we asked where our glass of bubbly was the response was "The people in the lounge didn't tell us you were on a deal". Seriously? Needless to say, when we got the bill we asked for the tip to be removed!

By K.

I attended the Bluebird for a family gathering and found the food and service to be superb. The ambience of the restaurant added to the occasion and the wine list was very comprehensive. Congratulations to the Chef and his team for making our evening memorable.

By T.

I've been going to the Bluebird as long as I can remember and have never had any cause to complain. It may not be the finest restaurant in town but it is in the upper range and is a great spot for dinner no matter what the occasion.

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