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Bob Bob Ricard (or BBR for short) encompasses all that is best about English eccentricity. They serve an all day menu in elegant surroundings, and with a late licence they can take you through from day to night in style. The menu features British comfort food and a selection of authentic Russian dishes including Siberian dumplings and Russian herring.

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Opening Hours
Opening Hours

12:30 - 15:00, 18:00 - 00:00


12:30 - 15:00, 18:00 - 00:00


12:30 - 15:00, 18:00 - 00:00


12:30 - 15:00, 17:30 - 01:00


12:30 - 15:00, 17:30 - 01:00


12:30 - 15:00, 17:30 - 01:00


12:30 - 15:00, 17:30 - 00:00

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Bob Bob Ricard reviews

By Alex K.

I must say, we were looking forward to going to Bob Bob Ricard for a while now. I spoke to a friend as well and she told me how lovely it was. We went on Friday for lunch. The staff were welcoming as we entered. We were seated to our table and were given menus etc. The usual drill. The menu looked reasonable and we ordered food. When it arrived, it was unfortunately not as we expected. Warm (not hot) and of a lower standard than we expected. Especially with the amazing decor and the fancy outfits the staff were wearing. The staff were very attentive and friendly, but a little too attentive. We ate one main meal and the staff must have come over about 8 times offering us things and taking away empty dishes. It was hard to relax and eat the meal. In my opinion the place is just a very fancy diner. What also bothers me is the 12.5% service charge whacked on top of an already over priced meal. One should not be pressured into tipping. That's the whole point of tipping. Generosity! I would definitely recommend going to BBR to see the fancy decor, but not to eat. However, that is just my opinion.

By Michelle C.

Opulence meets quirkiness at Bob Bob Ricard, a posh American-style diner serving British food with a Russian twist – and Champagne on call.

The Venue
Bob Bob Ricard has a hint of otherworldliness about it and from the moment you step in the door it’s almost as if you’ve gone back in time. The décor is like blend of Baroque and Art Deco, the booths – there are no regular tables – are reminiscent of a posh New York diner, perhaps from the ‘30s, and even the cocktail glasses are old fashioned. The blue colour scheme is soothing but expensive looking. A doorbell-like button on each table is framed with a sign that reads ‘press for Champagne’ (hearkening back to another time period, even if it’s only the hedonistic long lunches of a few years ago) and it’s so tempting to give it a go that it might as well be decorated with flashing red lights.

The Atmosphere
Uniformed staff are personable and unflappably polite, even if their jackets are an unflattering orangey-pink colour. The booths are great for privacy and the marble-topped tables add to the sophistication. Expect a mixed but well turned out crowd – there are even booths for one, should you want to lunch on your own or with free-flowing Champagne for company.

The Food
The food is just as eclectic as the decor, with a mix of British, American and even Russian dishes sitting happily alongside each other. A starter of potted shrimp (£8.50) is small but perfectly formed, packed into a little glass jar and accompanied by some crisp croutons. The rabbit, foie gras and date terrine (£10.50) is smooth, soft, creamy and rich, although the accompanying crisp slices of bread are slightly too greasy.

The choice of mains is even more varied with the starters, including a couple of burgers, lobster and chips, Chicken Kiev, and some Russian dishes, like the meat pelmeni (£12.50), which features about a dozen meaty round dumplings served in a frying pan, with small bowls of white vinegar and sour cream. It’s simple but delicious and filling, too. Poached Loch Duart salmon (£16.50) is almost a combination of British and Russian cuisine thanks to a scattering of thinly sliced cucumbers and dill. The dish is a large portion and the fish is pink in the middle, though not cold – a nice surprise as salmon can often be overcooked. Sides like spinach (£3.75) and mashed Yukon Gold potatoes (£3.75) are satisfying, uncomplicated accompaniments.

If you’ve over indulged, three scoops of ice cream (£5.50) is an ideal dessert, with flavours including vanilla, salted caramel and an incredibly rich Valrhona chocolate. A Knickerbocker Glory seems pricey at (£9.75) but it’s absolutely massive, with layers of strawberry ice cream, meringue and cream, all topped with whipped cream and chocolate sauce – definitely big enough to share. Bob Bob Ricard also serves breakfast dishes, afternoon teas, milkshakes and even something called tea and a toaster, where for £12.95 you’re given tea, toast, jam and butter. Expensive? Maybe. Creative? Most definitely.

The Drink
Bob Bob Ricard is as proud of its drinks menu as it is its food, with a selection of interesting cocktails including a rhubarb gin and tonic (a pale pink and fizzy drink, served in a short glass for £7.50) and a berry and almond martini (£9.50), which tastes stronger – and less girly – than it looks. The wine list is thorough but not too long and, even if you’re not an oenophile, it will definitely hold your attention as the restaurant’s own prices are compared to that of other well known restaurants in the capital. Without naming and shaming, some of the differences are really shocking. Here you can expect to pay between £21 and £453 a bottle – a big range – and £5.75 to £13.75 a glass. Dessert wines are more than worth a look too, especially the honey-sweet Muscat for £7.25.

The Last Word
With cool décor and a creative, unusual and inventive menu, Bob Bob Ricard is a place you’ll want to return to again and again – whether it’s to try a new dish or to watch your friends’ reaction when they see that infamous Champagne button.

By Michael L.

Food good and reliable but the 4th star is really about the fun decor, the waiters in pink jackets and gold ties, the music, the bar downstairs, it's just really cool.

Food may be British and Russian but it's definitely French in it's attention to detail. I try to go at least once a month.

By Zed C.

A lovely place to be with friends, family or colleagues.I've used it for breakfast meetings, been for lunch and dinner.

The menu is great, daring and original, not boring like the rest of London’s super beautiful places.

The staff are wonderful and cheery.Most of all everyone has adored the interior. It is simply marvellous.

By Andy P.

They serve a perfect breakfast with silver service tea and toasters on every table. The experience is a cross between a really posh diner and a very old-school hotel with many fun twists like powder pink waiter uniforms. The menu is mostly comfort foods but seems to strangely put one in the mood for champagne at just about any time of the day! Loved it!

By D.

If you are looking for a lacklustre atmosphere and a sadly limited choice of food, then Bob Bob Ricard is the right place. Six of us visited the newly opened restaurant and bar on a Saturday night expecting a seriously cool place for dinner and cocktails. Instead Bob Bob Ricard was devoid of any buzz or atmosphere – which goes to prove that you need much more than cool design to make a successful entertaining space. We watched as couples and groups of people came in and promptly left -- as we did soon after reading the menu. The menu is described as “English comfort food”, however the menu is just strange, very limited and over-priced.The staff are great…but then they didn’t have much to do in a empty restaurant and bar. Avoid.

By Viki G.

Smart place, the decor is right out of an up-marker Agatha Christie novel. The menu is a touch restrictive, but that's made up for in spades by the care by which the food is prepared. The Shepherd's Pie has not come close to a mincer, with everything hand chopped. While the salads prove that the English can indeed make some decent one. The Beef Wellington appears to be the chef's best offering. The woman next to us had the salted caramel ice cream - she ordered a second portion, so it must be good!

By James G.

I went with my two six year old kids to BBR for breakfast recently, always a challenge for a resturant. We had a full English breakfast they loved the toaster on the table- I have never seen them eat as much! Great british food set in a lovely atmosphere- staff very attentive and good with the kids. Decor was stunning but well cooked food hits the spot every time- hurry now before it gets booked up.

By Ed C.

apologies for previous 3 star that I've worked this's meant to be a 5 star!!

By Ed C.

To carry on for the wonderful review above, as an early bird I went to BBR for breakfast recently, taking a business colleague and was thoroughly pleased with myself for doing so! In the comfortable booths for 2, I had a magnificent English breakfast and a beautifully served silver service tea. With the space afforded in the cosy atmosphere, it was perfect for a confidential meeting, while still affording all the creature comforts one deserves for a breakfast own toaster for heaven's sake! Three cheers go out to the new restaurateurs of this fabulous new has hints of The Wolselely in the fact that it has extremely sociable opening hours, but it has a home comfort twist, serving the best of British and I for one am very happy to support our best producers. One word of advice...this is a new restaurant, and I would suggest getting a reservation in before the news gets out...they do keep spaces for those coming in from a weary shopping trip or a late night theatre evening...but, believe you me, I'll be booking in - alot!

By David M.

Afternoon tea at Bob Bob Ricard was nothing short of an absolute joy. I was struck first by an exquisite interior (that I think was designed by David Collins of Wolseley fame) and this is another first class job with attention to every detail. The afternoon tea matched this high standard with wonderful selection of sandwiches and cakes. It was a quintessentially British combination of salmon, ham and mustard, cucumber and egg and until I’d tried them I would not have believed sandwiches could be both familiar/traditional and a delightful new experience. The cake selection that followed was equally delicious complimented perfectly by silver service tea. The service was impeccable from start to finish and my only disappointment was that I didn’t book for anything more than afternoon tea - but I have every intention to rectify this as soon as I can for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

By F G.

I had the beef tea and it was just delicious! I can also highly recommend the shepherds pie, bramley apple jelly and then as you move smoothly into cocktails a glass of vintage champagne or the rhubarb gin and tonic. Love the champagne call button which lights up above the bar - so glam. And being able to go to one venue from breakfast time to late night supper after the theatre is a real innovation for London. It even has tables for one so you can get a decent coffee and snack if you're working or between meetings. I'll be back - planning a friends night out this week and when the downstairs bar opens then there will be no reason to leave!

By Suzanne H.

Great food. Amazing decor. And the staff uniforms are just genius. We tried the Beef Wellington and it just melted in our mouths, polished off with a good old fashioned Knickerbocker glory! Apparently the beef soup comes in a teapot. Can't wait to try that. We'll be back...

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