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Boisdale of Belgravia is a Scottish restaurant with a variety of classic cuisine such as Hebridean salmon and natural haggis. They also have an extensive selection of whiskies that the staff are passionate about.

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"Lively Scottish restaurant in Belgravia, London with cigar terrace, whisky bars, private dining rooms and live jazz every night- serving traditional Scottish dishes and the finest whiskies. "Loveable, clubbable and the nightly jazz is world class." Tatler Restaurant Guide."

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Boisdale of Belgravia reviews

By Sally S.

Boisdale is a true star of restaurants. Atmosphere, food, music and staff were all first class. If you can go on a Friday, Reuben Richards plays- and he is amazing.

By Sally S.

Restaurants and hotels do ask guests to sign booking forms when hiring private rooms to ensure that revenue is not lost should the party fail to turn up or a dramatic decrease in numbers is experienced. It is a fair comprimise to pay for the confirmed numbers. At another venue I have been charged the full minimum spend.

By Martin S.

I've been coming to Boisdale's for years (8 to be precise). I've always enjoyed the food and the service has always been immaculate. Sadly the dinner I had there with friends on last Saturday has left a sour taste in the mouth and I won't be returning. I had booked a function room for 12 people and on the morning had 5 drop out, for a variety of reasons, having a child taken to hospital being one. Not ideal, obviously but I let the restaurant know and they moved the party out of the room and other people into it.

They did say at the time that they would want to charge us for the full 12 dinners, however when we arrived we asked to discuss this further and this was deferred to the end of the meal.The food was good as usual, and when the bill came it was for what the 7 of us had eaten and drunk, which was of course absolutely great.

I questioned this and the waiter did say that someone would speak to me on Monday but that it was fine, so we split the bill and paid Then today I received a call saying they had reinstated the original 12 meals and they would be deducting this from the card I had made the original booking with.

Apparently this was not to cause embarrassment, although I am now face with the embarrassment of trying to recoup the money myself or swallowing the new raised bill myself. All could have been sorted out much easier at the time, while people were there, especially that I've been a long term customer.

Technically they are correct, however I'd expect more from a restaurant I had supported for 8 years, particularly as I had kept them informed all the way along and they had put other people in the room. Clearly though short term cash is more important than them than long-term custom. For that reason, my opinion is that if you're thinking of Boisdales, don't. They really don't deserve your money (or mine).

By Michael B.

Boisdale - one of the few restaurants in which a fastidious and demanding diner such as myself - with all my literary luggage and hatred of puritans to boot - find quite simply: wonderful. The host, the staff, the decor, the ambiance, the soc ial eclecticism and, without any doubt, the food: all bloody first class and at a standard that mocks the nanny state interefering anywhere ever again! My rating: five stars, if not eight! Michael Benenson

By Catherine R.

What a fabulous night at Boisdale last Wednesday! Family and friends gathered for Mike D'abo - the one time Manfred Mann front man and writer of "Handbags and gladrags" and "Build me up buttercup". Mike sang, the band played and we ate and drank our way through what can only be described as a truly excellent meal. Fabulous smoked salmon, dry aged steak severed on the bone and one of the best bottles of wine for under £30 I can remember. In these recessionary times it is rare indeed to go out spend a small fortune on dinner, be thoroughly entertained over a period of hours (no two sittings here!) and walk out feeling thoroughly euphoric. Great ambience, well executed dishes and a night of entertainment. If you haven't been to Boisdale, go!

By Mark A.

The location near Victoria station is handy if a bit uninspiring, but once inside Boisdales is a real treat. There are nooks, crannies and a well appointed outdoor terrace with blankets, heaters and great chairs.

What really make this place tick is the high quality of the, mostly Scottish, ingredients. The smoked salmon was the freshest and best I have had and makes it into the top ten best dishes I have ever eaten.

Service is good and its reasonable value.


By Lisa H.

Jazz, haggis and cigars are not the most obvious companions, but Boisdale of Belgravia demonstrates that with some prime steak and unforgettable single malts – they really are the secret to a grand night out.

The Venue
Located between Sloane Square and Victoria station, Boisdale captures the high-end culture of Belgravia, whilst not losing the down to earth touch of London's transport hub. There is a whiff of the old boys' club about the place, with its cigar terrace, epic whisky bar and red ochre panelled interiors – and yet the atmosphere is genuinely welcoming. You'll soon feel like a member of the club, as you sit at the bar and chat with regular clientele or pick up whisky recommendations from the excellent bar staff (several of whom were here last time we visited two years ago, which is always a good sign). The jazz here is excellent; mostly 30s and 40s inspired, with Jools Holland as the Patron of Music. Owner and esteemed Scotsman Ranald Macdonald (Younger of Clanranald, and elder son of the 24th Chief of Clanranald, in case you're asking) has been successfully combining his passion for jazz, cigars and single malts here since 1989.

The Atmosphere
Enter through a narrow foyer, where polite staff relieve you of your bags and the burden of your day, and enter into the venue, which has five interconnected distinctive areas. In the white table-clothed restaurant, J.P. Newton plays out jazz standards most nights until 9pm, when scheduled acts follow into the small hours. A few more tables sit at the back amongst soft tartan furnishings, pictures of illustrious Scot poets, and old jazz instruments – but it's the glinting bottles of whisky that catch the eye. Behind this temptation is the airy conservatory for more secluded dining, which seems quite happily at odds with a cosy little pub tucked into the corner, jam-packed with happy, after hours office workers. Follow your nose, and the scent of mellow tobacco brings you to the sheltered cigar terrace upstairs: although you're unlikely to get a table unless you've made a reservation.

The Food
At such a classic establishment, you can't help but order classic dishes – and that's what Boisdale does best. Royal Keta caviar (£15) is elegantly served over ice in a conical glass dish, with sour cream, onion and chopped egg. Little balls of salmon roe explode delicately against the palate and pair perfectly with the clean shot of Russian Standard Platinum vodka. Seared South Uist king scallops (£18.50) sit in harmony and juxtaposition with the Macsween haggis, as the delicate white flesh unashamedly relishes in the dark meaty grain of the noble pudding. Dunkeld oak-smoked salmon (£12.75) is uncompromisingly creamy, and served simply with shallot and caper relish to allow the prime ingredient from Loch Duart to shine.

Boisdale steaks enjoy a whole section of the menu to themselves; the 28-day dry aged Aberdeenshire fillet (£32.50) has the ruggedness of being served on the bone, with an utterly tender and velvety texture. Sautéed lamb sweetbreads and braised kidneys (£17.50) is a grown up school dinner, served with tarragon sauce and smooth mashed potato. Truffle makes an understated but impactful appearance in the steak mayonnaise dressing (£2) and crowning a bowl of creamed wilted spinach (£9.50), and when you have five types of mustard from which to choose, you know that a restaurant takes its condiments seriously.

The so called 'rich dark chocolate cake' (£6.75) is exactly that: a delicate sliver of warm chocolate cake served with honeycomb ice cream, ganache and a single raspberry. If you can take any more pleasure, order a glass of 30 year old Noe Pedro Ximenez (£13.50). It is dark and full of mellifluous molasses notes that pair astoundingly well with Lancashire Bomb cheese. Havana cigars are also on the menu.

The Drink
Boisdale takes wine very seriously (they have their own brand of house wine), and waiters happily advise how to navigate the wine list – as it's more of a wine book, really. However whisky (as opposed to the Irish whiskey with an 'e') is always top of the menu here, with over 170 scotch malt whiskies, as well as single grain, premium blended, Irish, Japanese and American whiskies. Boisdale is so committed to the good stuff, that they even offer their own range of bottlings – one of the reasons why their Canary Wharf branch was named Whisky Restaurant of the Year in March 2013 by Whisky Magazine.

The Last Word
Boisdale has an exclusive members' club feel, without the baggage. Come for steak, jazz and fine whiskies – and you will not be disappointed.

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