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Boisdale of Canary Wharf is the largest of the group and features a large smoking terrace, cigar club and London's largest collection of whiskies. They also host some of the world's leading jazz, soul and blues musicians.

Ranked #266 of 5241 restaurants in London
Part of the Boisdale group
"A lively restaurant serving traditional Scottish cuisine, with live music, whisky bar, cigar terrace, caviar and oyster bar and cigar library, overlooking the Thames and city skyline. Specialising in steaks and fresh seafood, with the best of live jazz, blues, and soul, and sometimes a little bit of rock & roll!"

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Boisdale of Canary Wharf reviews

By Jan H.

I took my son to lunch here in May. It is a really nice venue and they gave us a table in the bow window area with a lovely view outside over the fountain. Unfortunately even though the restaurant was by no means full, the service was extremely slow. I had foie gras for starters and it really wasn't very good - in fact it was more like some sort of pate than proper foie gras. Both of us agreed that the main courses were not that great either. Then we had to wait absolutely ages to attract a member of staff to give us the bill. The bill came to over £70 (with no wine - only soft drinks) which I wouldn't have minded had the food been good.

By Howard S.

Post movie about early for food but hungary anyway stopped at the weekend at the seafood bar on the terrace being the weekend no suit so alls good ordered bottle of white wine and the classic seafood platter for 2 all came in good time but lose a star for the size of the prawns so small as not worth the effort of de scaling unless your my wife!

By Robert J.

Love this place. refreshingly warm character in the mainly glass, steel and concrete jungle of the wharf. Food is simple but very good quality and i love whisky and cigar collection. Love to chill here with the live music un the evening at the bar. Some very friendly staff tooo.

By Phil N.

I`m not sure if the planets aligned on the night my wife and I , and my sister and her husband decided to enjoy an evening at the Boisdale at Canary Wharf, but in my 50 years on this good green earth, I`ve never eaten so well, been treated so well, and enjoyed an entire evening so much in my whole life. Celebrating my wife`s 50th birthday as well as our 30th wedding anniversary, we were all served Grade 2 Oysters upon arrival. These were not only delicious, but served on raised ice platters that were a delight on the eye too. Between the four of us, we ordered different starters, different mains, and different sweet courses. This provided us with two opportunities to see how the Boisdale coped regarding service and quality. All courses arrived with impeccable timing... starters around 10 minutes after the last Oyster had been eaten... mains around 15 minutes after the last morsels of the starters... and the sweet courses around 15 minutes after the mains. Each of these were brought unobtrusively to a serving table off to the side and behind our table, creating the illusion that the food appeared from nowhere. The wide variety of choices we ordered tested the ability of the kitchen staff to get them all done, all hot, and all to the table at the right time.... perfectly. We then had the joy of swapping morsels between each other to sample the fayre. So, the food was quite simply exquisite... the service was exemplary... the live act, The Fantastics (jazz-soul-funk) were great and very engaging. A very VERY special mention must go to three of the Boisdale staff that night. The Chef (painted Happy Birthday in chocolate on my wife`s sweet) The Waitress who was adorable. And the Johnny Depp double who was Maitre D. He brought us Pink Champagne (Free) for our double celebration, and gave us two large, washed Oyster shells in a presentation bag for our Pearl Anniversary. A magical evening... Perfect in every way.

By M D.

Great atmosphere and music, but experienced a major problem with the steak which arrived burnt on the outside, both on first and second attempts from the kitchen. The polite contientnal maître d's insisted this was prepared the proper way, but tasted as if I had bit into a piece of charcoal. Not sure what they meant as I've had 'blackened' cajun cooking in New Orleans, and have enjoyed steaks in Tokyo, Tulsa, Houston and New York City with none of them serving meat prepared in this manner intentionally.

By Ed J.

Superb! A welcome addition to the tiresome, soulless haunts of Canary Wharf. Very busy on the first floors with the usual suits hogging the outside spaces but we managed to find a lovely space for a perfectly made cocktail. Dinner on the second floor was excellent. There was a bit of a slow point but the place was packed so we let that slide. Great atmosphere and the live band were first class, well worth the cover charge! We will be back

By Helen L.

Just came back from dinner at Boisdale. It started off badly with the worst bar staff ever, completely incompetent. We ordered a round of drinks to be put on a tab and the barmaid said she would be back with a bar token and she just disappeared. 10 minutes later a barman took our order again and started pouring one beer before telling us that someone else would be dealing with our order. Another 5 minutes later and still no drinks and another barman asked what we wanted. Eventually 20 minutes later we had our drinks only to told we needed a token if web wanted to start a bar tab. It wasn't even a busy night! We had booked a private room upstairs for 22 and were told that if we wanted to hear the jazz it would cost us an additional £10 per head. The food was mediocre and no-one was even asked how they would like their steaks! The side orders came after the mains and it took 20 minutes for the tea and coffees to arrive. However, the restaurant staff were polite and friendly - maybe they could teach some manners to the bar staff below. I would not recommend this place for the bar or food as there are much better places to drink and eat in Canary Wharf. But since there's limited live music venues in Canary Wharf then come here if you really must, otherwise avoid.

By Catherine R.

We went to Boisdale Canary Wharf last night and was blown away. Firstly the second floor restaurant looks amazing, a very grand room with a wall of Whisky as a backdrop and amazing views west Secondly the moment we arrived everyone was so polite and helpful - the reception, the bar and our waiter. Food was first class and Otis Grand and his band, the evening's act were fantastic, with Otis leaving the stage at one point to play to the tables. I only got to take a quick look at the terrace bar on the first floor which looks out over Cabot Square fountains and that looks perfect for a second vist. Cant wait to go again!

By A J.

Very disappointed by this restaurant. Booked a meal here, checked charges and menu online as we booked, reached table to discover that a £20 PER HEAD surcharge would be adds to our bill within half hour of us sitting down. It is the audacity of not making this clear at booking that left us really unimpressed. We expected to have to pay for the music if we stayed after the meal, not to have a compulsory £40 added if we stayed long enough to eat anything.

By Ben F.

Good lunch yesterday. very satisfied guests. good quality simple food. polite and friendly service. Quite relaxing venue for Canary Wharf with lovely atmosphere. A safe bet i think (not adventurous) Maybe try the live music one night. Ben.

By Roberta G.

We had a wonderful time at Boisdale last night. It was the first time for us all. We went to the restaurant for an early evening meal and catch up. The room is stunning, and already has a good warm feel about it. We were welcomed at reception and taken to a smart set table near the stage. On one side of the restaurant there is a huge whisky bar which looked amazing. The service was swift friendly and helpful. There is a good al la carte menu of what i can best describe as no nonsense comfort food, nothing too fancy and with a Scottish twist. There were some lovely daily specials too. Our waiter was very helpful although it took time to get the wine we ordered. The wine list was too large and took too long to read (a bit old school and not enough South American) this could be simplified, a shorter well selected list would be better, I dont want to spend my night reading. We all had steaks for main course and these tasted so good. Side orders are extra and i thought a bit over priced for the size of the portion. After we finished eating and chatting we decided to stay and listen to the live music. There was a cover charge of £10. We were really impressed by 2 great bands both doing crooner standard sets but very enjoyable. Not bad for a Wednesday night. We will be back.

By Mike H.

Completely agree with the review a few down re: service. Amazing venue, fantastic (and not too pricey for where it is) drinks and bar selection but the food service is in need of some serious getting up to standard. The decor in this place is amazing, and the Jazz line up looks fantastic. We had a few drinks and although the bar is busy, we didn't feel like we were waiting too long - lots of bar and support staff. We then decided to give the food a whirl. And after being sat down, waited about ten minutes til our assigned waiter came over. We ordered fish and chips and an Oyster plate respectively, along with a couple more drinks. Left waiting for drinks, so after 10 minutes we enquired and gave the waiter our bartab key, he then went off. after another ten minutes he came back, we reminded him again and had clearly forgotten to put them - giving us a story about 'not being able to find your bartab'. We then waited another ten minutes for the food (this was about half an hour after we ordered by this point). The fish and chips were absolutely lovely but were not so warm and had clearly been sat somewhere for a while. Same with my other half's Oysters, which I am assured were lovely but I've never seen an Oyster plate where the ice melts and the Oysters are floating around. I then asked for Vinegar (still no drinks) only to be given Balsamic and told 'we don't have any other vinegar' (which seems odd in a restaurant that serves fish and chips). Drinks finally came and the waiter decided he could get me some Vinegar from the kitchens, and would we like some more bread? The bread was then forgotten but the vinegar turned up just as I finished my last bite. As i said, the food itself was very nice (waiting time aside) but I think this place will need to bed itself in with its service aspirations before I eat there again - hopefully these ae. I also found the pre-added on service charge of 15% completely cheeky considering, and did a very rare thing in re

By Victoria D.

We went to Sinatra at the Sands show last week! Our first visit to Boisdale Canary Wharf. I must admit we were a bit concerned it would be full of city suits! Well firstly i must say what an amazing venue. We were able to park underneath the building and go straight up in the lift to the restaurant, how simple and easy is that. A really nice mix of people too, not full of city suits. The room is beautiful and felt welcoming.(not keen on the animal heads) We were met at reception by some very friendly girls who took us to the bar for pre dinner drinks. if you like whisky you will be amazed at the selection! i am not a whisky fan, we had a bottle of wine while we waited. we were seated in a lovely window seat over looking the square with the fountain. It felt like we had been transported to anotherr world, beautiful city views. the tables looked a bit formal with white clothes and silver table wear. A lovely Scottish waiter served us he was really informative and helpful. The menu is quite traditional and not too fussy. We shared a seafood platter which was quite over facing when it arrived, a real show stopper! rather too much for us, but we managed. Seafood tasted wonderful. we then had house burger and a fillet steak, both simple in presentation but very tasty. My partners fillet was the best ever tasted. there were some very tasty side orders. As it was a special treat we ordered a bottle of house champagne which we really enjoyed. The band started about 9pm we were waiting with anticipation. We were amazed to see a full big band appear on stage, must have been about 20 of them! what a sound really amazing! The singer really looked and sounded like Sinatra. It felt like we had really gone back to the 'Sands'. during the band interval we ordered desserts I had a lovely pear with shortbread and my partner had a rich chocolate cake, both simple but hit the spot. we drank another bottle of champagne in the second half of the show. We really had a gre

By Federico M.

well at long last i get to visit Boisdale in Canary Wharf. took my girlfriend to see Natalie Williams on Saturday night. What a wonderful evening. the place is really stunning inside and also has a beautiful outdoor terrace. We ate in the restaurant upstairs, had some superb oysters to share to start with, lovely. We then both had steak and 3 side dishes, (must say was one of the best steaks i have tasted). Service was very very friendly and polite. I was expecting it to be a bit stuffy and full of suits but not at all. Natalie was amazing and put on a great show. shame it all finished so early at midnight. The wine list was a bit over facing more like a bible. may could do with a smaller list. and some really expensive wines! although we had a really nice bottle at £25. our waiter was really friendly and helpful so thanks to him and Natalie for making a lovely night out. Fede X the place had a great relaxed atmosphere

By Lynne G.

A table was reserved for Thursday 5th May - upon arrival the reservation could not be found - taken by a french member of staff. A table was found very close to the stage - we were promptly told that if we wished to stay after 9pm there would be a surcharge of £40 per person. So far not a particularly good start A bottle of champagne was ordered, the waitress was unable to hold the bottle when pouring without shaking and spilled it onto the table with each glass poured. Lack of training perhaps? Our order was taken. One of our party ordered the Sole - on the menu it clearly stated served with new potatoes. It arrived sans potatoes and after asking at least 3 times, they eventually arrived. Also no side plate was given for the bones of the fish once taken apart - where were we supposed to put them - on the table? However, 2 of the dishes also arrived lukewarm! We asked that the dishes were reheaated to a reasonabe temperature. Over 20 minutes later the 2 dishes eventually arrived at the table - after the 2 other members of our party had completed theirs. Not only that the extra side dishes that we had ordered with our food were no COLD. We asked to speak to the manager - who had the audacity to inform us that what did we expect as they were serving over 250 covers. If this causes so much of a problem then they should not really call themselves a restaurant. What a statement!! Also to add insult to injury - because of the delay in getting our food the tme was almost 9.30pm and a cover charge of £160 was to be charged for our table. One of our party never actually ate their main course. Considering the press reviews that Boisdales have put out - they seriously need to review their own in-house training and certainly ensure that their floor manager is trained in customer service. Working in the industry for many years I for one was stunned at the attitude. This I am afraid a very typical city joint - for people with expense accounts.

By Georgina R.

Big live music fan living in the Wharf! So thrilled you are opening soon, it will be great to have live jazz and blues in the Wharf and a decent restaurant too. Really looking forward to this. Georgina x

By Federico M.

Love your place in Belgravia! Hurry up and open in Canary Wharf! I need great food and wine with amazing live jazz and blues. When when? Federico

By Nicola Jane S.

'Great things to eat and drink should be demonstrably accessible to anyone.' An admirable belief and one that its exponent Ranald Macdonald - bon viveur extraordinaire and owner of the Boisdale franchise — is anxious to put into practice.

The Venue
This is the third Boisdale to open in London — the first, in Belgravia, opened 23 years ago and was followed by its Bishopsgate cousin. And this one already feels happily settled in its new home, having opened at the beginning of May. Word is that the flamboyant Macdonald, having hired twelve different interior designers, sacked the lot of them and oversaw the décor himself. Thus this opulent eaterie is gloriously lavish, with tartan carpet — Macdonald, of course — kilts for the waitresses and matching ties for the waiters. The result is slightly kitsch, but classy. The best seat in the house is table 75, slap bang in the middle of the semicircle overlooking Cabot Square and with a good view of the stage for Boisdale’s live jazz evenings. Various stuffed creatures, including an impressive mounted salmon, adorn the walls. Someone, it seems, is on their way to achieving a McNab…

The Atmosphere
The semicircular open-air bar underneath the restaurant is already abuzz, despite the disappointing May weather. The host of live jazz nights promise to bring in the crowds too, thanks to a pretty impressive line up hand-picked by the Boisdale's Patron of Music, Jools Holland; apparently he knows his stuff. The restaurant itself is impressively busy — word, it seems, has got round.

The Food
And it is not misplaced. Boisdale boasts an astonishingly prodigious menu — do ask your helpful waiter or waitress if you’re boggled, as the friendly staff know the menu inside and out. There are seven different types of caviar, from 'royal salmon' at £15 a portion to a jaw-dropping £3,750 for 125gm of Golden Almas.

If crustaceans are your thing, langoustines, crab and lobster make an appearance, as does plenty of shellfish, including Colchester or Rossmore oysters. Scotland is represented by a mini roasted Macsween haggis as a starter, Dunkeld smoked salmon, Loch Duart gravadlax or salmon fillet, and Orkney soused herring. Other starters include Heritage golden beetroot mixed salad, with goat’s curd and 'walnut crumble' (£7.75). The beet is sliced so it’s almost translucent and the curd is mild and deliciously creamy, while the crumble adds texture. There is crunch, too, with the ballotine of guinea fowl and Yorkshire pigeon (£10.50) thanks to some pistachios. An apple and tomato chutney lifts the rather bland guinea fowl, but the pigeon has a lovely gamey gumption.

A main of Wicks Manor pork belly with pig’s cheeks and crispy crackling needs no such lift; the meat is soft and silky, with a piquancy coming from cider sauce with hefty bacon lardons. The cheeks are delicious, although a little overcooked, but the crackling is quite possibly the best to ever challenge a molar. A generous portion of shepherd’s pie would easily serve two and is positively bursting with full-flavoured organic Welsh lamb (£15). For the real carnivore though, there are seven different steaks, all aged for at least 28 days on the bone, served with béarnaise sauce, roasted field mushrooms or served Rossini, with seared fois gras and black truffle. A little decadence is good for the soul, if not the waistline.

Talking of the waistline, puddings include a white chocolate and banana parfait, which is actually better on paper, but does come with a fabulous chocolate sauce. A bread and butter pudding brulee, however, is a triumph; rich and gooey, with whisky-soused sultanas and apricot jelly. All puddings are £6.75 and Boisdale offers savouries, too, including Scotch rarebit with Ayrshire bacon and whisky and angels on horseback.

The Drink
Whisky, of course, what else? Boisdale’s long bar glows gold with bottles of the Celtic nectar and has more than 500 Scottish varieties on offer, as well as Welsh, Irish, American and Japanese. It would be impossible to try them all, but it would certainly be fun trying. There are not quite so many wines to choose from, but still a decent list, with the house white and red, a French Symposium, a very reasonable £15.50. There’s also a good selection by the glass, either 175ml or 250ml.

The Last Word
Ranald Macdonald’s latest venture is about as far from the other clan member's global behemoth as it could possible get. Let’s hear it for the Bois.

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