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Boujis is a members only club.

Boujis is a super stylish Kensington club serving a wide selection of food and drinks, including an impressive cocktail selection.

Ranked #35 of 225 clubs in London
Part of the Ignite Bar group

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Boujis reviews

By S.

Boujis is very plush, it must be said. I'm not sure if it's my cup of tea so I'm not sure I'm the best person to be taking advice from but if you like really plush venues with expensive drinks and attractive people then you will probably really like Boujis. If you like it a bit grimier then I'd advise somewhere else!

By Katie W.

The most revolting door staff I have ever encountered. My friends and I were on guestlist for the club, 8 of us. They never at any point asked me how many boys and girls were in our group. When we arrived at the club before 11 we were told we wouldn't get in with 5 boys and 3 girls unless we paid £1000 for a table. After being "guaranteed" entry through guestlist the woman told me it was discretionary and we needed to buy a table or get out. They continued letting other people in so the club obviously wasn't full! So rude, so pretentious I don't know who they think they are the club was full of trash.

By Miss H.

If I could give zero stars I would.I have never felt so dehumanised than I have at Boujis.The people there are pretentious and rude with no foundation for it.The club itself is TINY and very very dark and the music is terrible.The atomsphere is the worst I have experienced.To top it off the dance floor is absurdly small you cant dance without being prodded poked and pushed out the way by staff or other patrons wanted to get where they need to go.Treated like cattle if you want to go outside and have a smoke with very very rude bouncers on a power trip.This place should be shut down have no idea why anyone would come here to be treated like rubbish.

By Lily M.

I've been here a few times and love it! Nice and small, not too good music but a great crowd. Crawling with paps though! Nice drinks, bit of a wait to get in [even guest list]. If you've never been, you must go. Amazeballs!

By Gia J.

Boujis is a club of class and good quality people. The music the Dj spins is excellent and the crowd is friendly, plenty of "ra ra/ posh"" people here but that to be expected as it is in south kensington. Although it can be hard to get into, once your in you'll have a night to remember.

By Maria T.

Just had a worst wednesday night out ever! Boujis, covered in fake snowballs and white foam christmas tree looked as cheap as primary school during christmas party. Music was a bad retro + r'n'b mix. Staff were cool though, but really could not save the night, despite the effort to mix good drinks and cheer up the clubbers. People there is a whole other story - guys are either pretentious rich kids or over-forties trying to look like pretentious rich kids. Girls all model-wannabees with no style.. Overall this club reacks of cheapness!

By Layla A.

worst nightclub ever

If i couldnt give it one star then i would, i really wouldnt recommend going to this club unless you know the manager and can get in for £10 or unless your prepared to be turned away from the door or even greeted by the rudest staff in london

By Laura F.

Can't get enough of Boujis. Have been coming here for over 5 years and the club just gets better and better. Best DJs in Chelsea!

By Anna R.

I went to Boujis Saturday night we were 4 with my friends. This is a very luxurious nightclub and very intimate. This is the ideal place to spend an evening with friends! There is a crazy atmosphere even if the place is confined! Good music (House & Electro). Go with a promoter to have benefits. I went through London Lux Guest List and we had free entry and free drinks ! So do the same !

By Andrea C.

Totally biased, but Boujis is my family and this relationship is the reason its one of the only clubs in London that has survived so long (over 12 years!). Most of the staff have been their from the start and its this beautiful commitment that has sustained the quality and sophistication of the club. If you're looking for somewhere new, glitsy rammed with towie wannabees and people popping champagne over each others extremities than dont go here. Boujis is a place for Boujis family & friends, a place to dance away your troubles to the DJ in a non-judgemental environment. Sure the door is strict, but this is mandatory. It is a boutique members club which has a small capacity. The council are onto the place like hawks because residents are never fans of having a nightclub as its neighbour so ultimately extra security will be telling you to calm down when you're trying to continue your conversation outside. This is necessary to ensure longevity. I love that I can find a reason to get dolled up and have an amazing night on the dancefloor at Boujis. If you don't adhere to the dress code or arrive in a large group with no prior warning then expect to be bounced at the door. This is just the way the nightclub industry works. Dont like it? Want to go out with 20 blokes and wear trainers for comfort? Then head to a pub or east London which offer plenty alternatives with no entrance guidelines - i love it there - totally relaxed about entrance. Chelsea is about elegance and the nightlife experience, and this must be understood before you take to your keypads and start bitching about the fact that you turned up on a Saturday night at midnight and didn't get in. In summary, book ahead, ask what is going on in the club , plan your visit and arrive early. Put on your dancing shoes, order a crackbaby, and let the music do the rest :)

By Luisa P.

I honestly don't know why there are bad reviews for this club! I went there last week with my girlfriends and we're planning to go again this weekend! They've always treated us nicely and we've felt safe quite safe. The security guys are on top of their job. The prices are worthy of South Kensington so don't expect to have a cheap night out.

By Sam W.

Great, intimate venue! Good looking people there and they had the perfect dancing music. The staff was nice and friendly. It's an awesome place to go for birthdays as they treat you really nicely.

By Cristina A.

I went out here last week with a bunch of friends and I am pretty pleased with how the night went. We had a lot of fun! The only downsize I can think of is that it is quite small and it can get a tad too busy at certain points. Overall though, it was a good night out! Would definitely go back!

By Jimmy A.

I went to Boujis this Saturday, I really loved an interior, it's so different from other clubs! This place got really busy, what I really liked about it. I enjoyed my night out! Regardless that we had to queue up a bit at the bar, the staff was really friendly, tried some really nice drinks! Would really recommend it for those who like busy places, luxury, HOT audience and great especially tunes!

By Charlotte D.

Came here not long ago with a few friends on a whim and so glad we did. Wasn't sure what people would be like there cause of the area etc but really enjoyed myself. Drinks were amazing although a tad pricey, but you get what you pay for. Nice crowd, good music will definitely be coming back.

By Maya C.

Havent been there before and didnt know what to expect. It was my friends birthday party, so we really wanted everything to be perfect and booked the table in vip with drinks. The line to the club was big but we went fast and without any problems Music is very good. The dance floor can be bigger, but anyway our table with drinks were perfect (thanks to lux guest list, really cool guys!. So we were dancing all night and I would say that I might back to Boujis. The people around were good looking and having fun - that what I wanted from such place. I think I will return!

By Mary S.

Boujis has improved so much, went to project and had an awful night so ditched it for Boujis! Was texting the host (tom Hardy West) on the way, so last minute it was 12pm and he was lovely. Came outside to get us, walked us in, showed us to the complementary table and drinks (vodka as usual, moet and crackbabies which is good considering we turned up so late)had good music with a good vibe! - similar to dstrkt vibe if you like that club, my personal fav! Was such a lovely night with a good host who checked everything was ok throughout the night. Returning again next weekend, love it!

By Sonia B.

Avoid! This is a venue that deserves -5 stars. There is no snobbery such as Boujis. Astonishingly, that place is actually promoted as one of the finest London venues, where the 'London Aristocracy' hangs out, but if you want bad taste, that is the place to find it! A small and as tacky as can be, priced higher than the most exclusive elegant venues I've been to, if you want to be ripped off like never before, don't miss Boujis. If you like cheesy pop remixes, that is the place for you. If you are an arrogant, unfriendly show-off or looking for these 'qualities' in others, look no further. On my way out I had my coat thrown at me with a force by the female attendant, probably the snobbiest one of all in that sordid little place that should be shut down as far as I'm concerned.

By Jose R.

was amazing night with my friends, we ask for the egg with crackbaby was the best! I really recommend to everyone

By Mercy G.

I went out last Sunday for the first time to Boujis and had a great time. Fantastic Atmosphere! Great Service! I truly recommend it! If you are looking for wild Night!

By Sands B.

If I could give this no stars then I would. Ok so its had a refurb and got some new staff, but overall it is still snobby, overpriced, stuffy, small and full of wannabe's that think the world revolve around them. The crowd is not how it used to be, I think I'm right in saying that the new manager used to be at Public, he did a better job there... Avoid like the plague and go somewhere else, lots of other places in Chelsea...

By Janee J.

Boujis this place is a joke, second class night club. with the waitresses who demand tips. the girls lied to us that the service charge is not included and charged us dobule. this is stealing money from their costumers. i would never go there again.

By Andrew C.

Great night out! The girls were hot and the people seemed very nice on a whole. The staff were also very friendly, I will be going back.

By Ciara H.

I had some friends from New York City over for a week and decided to show them the sophisticated side of the London nightlife. We live in the east of London, but decided to go to Boujis in South Kensington. When we eventually got to the club we were greeted by fairly unfriendly faces; people who clearly thought they were in higher positions than what they actually where. When I went to the bouncers to get in, I gave my name and informed them I was on the guestlist and they allowed me to go through. When my American friends tried to do the same they were rejected from the door, despite the fact they were all on the guest list. Obviously, American girls have a different style from British and Irish women, and when I asked why my friends didn't get in I was informed "they were not up to the standards of the club". On being informed this I was very taken back, and I had to watch my friends argue with the bouncers in order to get into the club. Eventually we left because the night itself was terrible - the music was bad, the staff were ignorant and unfriendly and the general atmosphere of the club was terrible and pretentious. When we left my American friend approached the bouncer to tell him how upset she was about what had happened earlier and all he could do was laugh in her face. I felt his behavior was absolutely disgusting and highly unprofessional. This was hands down the worst night out I've had in London, and I've been living here for almost a year. My friends where treated terribly, the staff where just ignorant and rude, and I highly doubt that's part of their job description. Personally, I'll never be back in Boujis, its a waste of money, time and effort.

By Joy R.

A must whilst in London! Loved it, great crowd and really good fun. Staff partied with us and we couldn't have asked for a better night. Our hotel recommended then booked a table for us, perfect trip!

By Tom H.

This is a brilliant place to go if you are a vacuous, tasteless, eurotrash/sloane asshole who has never been to a decent club in their life, likes commercial crap music and enjoys showing off to their equally pathetic friends by spending a fortune on vastly overpriced cocktails.If the above description does not describe you, steer well clear!

By Cindy K.

One word to describe Boujis is " Fantastic "!! Went to Boujis last night and on New Years Eve. The music was fabulous, service was great, and the crowd was friendly. I will absolutely come back to Boujis with ome other friends.

By Cecilia K.

I was at Boujis last night and it was a great experience! The staff at the door were very friendly and helpful, since I didn't know where my friend's table was I asked the staff and they immediately found out which table they were at and escorted me there. The music was good, the crowd was friendly and relaxed, overall a very good night. The only downside was the man outside in the smoking area who constantly hushed us up just for talking in a normal tone of voice because we would "disturb the neighbors".. He could have been friendlier.

By Lloyd P.

please could you tell me how to get membership here as i have no freinds or coleagues who attend this club and it states you need the recommendation of two members many thanks

By Sarah G.

I've been to Boujis before and had and okay night so me and 14 other friends booked to go here for my friends 21st. We booked the table back in December and even confirmed the booking last week by email. Got to the club last night and the lady on the door claimed they were too full for our table whilst still letting people in next to us. We asked to speak to the manager but the lady claimed he was too busy and would come when he was available. We then decided not to waste our time or money on the club as it was clear they didn't like big groups. That has put me off for life and I would never recommend this club to anyone!

By Percy U.

amazing differences in opinion, i've never had a bad night there and try to swing by weekly. crowd is fun and good looking, the music great, and varied night to night and i've never had a problem with the staff. the only place to go in west london!

By Yossy B.

i disagree with the last few reviews. i had never been before until last thursday. i found all the staff v welcoming and the crowd beautiful. the drinks were quite expensive but that is to be expected in Chelsea. Hugh Grant was dancing in the dancefloor! all in all one of the most enjoyable evenings i have had i shall be returning soon. probably the best club in London

By Maria O.

The place is a joke! Horrible music ,sticky floor and smells! Never again! Ps the people working in there should win an award for most rude servers in London! The take arrogance to the next level! Thanks God my company paid for the night. What a waste of money and space!

By Tacita V.

Playground to the rich and famous, the award-winning Boujis is pretty much flawless. The only hitch - getting past the entrance.

The Venue
Boujis is one of the only reasons to party in South Kensington after dark and it’s handily located right by the tube station – not that its royal patrons and celebs will bother with such crude modes of transport. If outside its appearance is understated, inside the diminutive space is excellently designed without being too over the top.

The elegant space spreads around a central staircase. Along the walls there are padded black couches and sought-after tables. The best of these are in front of the DJ (a raised platform that allows people to show off their moves). Beyond the bar, there is the elusive VIP area, so close and yet so out-of-bounds to the average punter. Boujis’ trademark is a floral pattern glowing with purples and blue hues. Pretty but far from strikingly original, the ceiling above the dance floor is marginally more innovative as arrow-shaped LED displays glow in a matrix of colours.

The Atmosphere
The atmosphere at Boujis is evenly split in two: outside there is a tangible whiff of nervous anticipation (from the prospective customers) and predictable coldness (from the staff), while everything is incredibly friendly once you have made it inside. There are many tales of diffidence at the door but, ultimately, the staff are not half as bad as depicted and Boujis maintains a very high standard in all its dealings with the public, door staff included. Having said that without being a member, being on the guestlist or knowing the door team there’s always a chance you might get knocked back for not looking the part, as the young girls who sit forlornly at the nearby bus-stop all too vividly illustrate.

If you are allowed in, though, Boujis is a dream of a nightclub: upbeat, friendly, small enough to feel cosy – it is no surprise the royals find themselves at home here. Boujis has just celebrated its 8th birthday (Basement Jaxx did the honours) and it is still a very popular spot, despite not attracting the paps as much as it once did.

The Music
With resident DJs like Klaus and Sam Young, Boujis’ playlist is an infectious mix of house, electro, specially produced dance floor remixes, and everything else in between.

The Drink
It goes without saying that drinks at Boujis are quite pricey. The svelte list of cocktails (£11 or £13 for a champagne concoction) includes mostly twisted classics but you have to look at the shots (£7 or £125 if served by the bottle) to find Boujis’ signature: the excellent fruity Crackbaby (vodka, Chambord, passionfruit, champagne and a secret ingredient). It's Sam Young’s favourite tipple, no less.

If you find that one is not enough (but more poignantly, if your wallet can afford it), order a FaBoujis Egg: a large egg-shaped ice sculpture filled with 30 Crackbaby shots and topped with champagne (£350-£550). These prices quicken your heart rate? The wine list is more modest. A glass is a mere £8.50 and bottles are very affordable at £35-£75, while a bottle of Asahi at £5.50 is sure to be the drink of choice for those on a budget.

Of course there are bottled spirits (£200-£2000 for vodka) and champagne, with the latter well-priced for this type of place, from £120 to £400 for Cristal; rose (£120-£700); and les grandes bouteilles (£250-£10,000).

The Last Word
Boujis is an exclusive and wonderfully enjoyable experience. There are only two requirements to love it: the first is that you enjoy high-end nightclubs; the second is that you get in.

By Tass A.

went there for the first time yesterday and by the far the best quality service and best music in all of London 10 out of 10

By Alex F.

Horrible skanky place. The toilets r a mess. The drinks r overly priced. The service is awful. The door staff are very rude and aggressive.

By Alex P.

too expensive for an average experience, drinks taste watered down and the staff... hostile. The Doormen (who actually spoke English) were more rude and more chavvy than the chav crowd they let in! If you're looking for an upmarket experience, this isn't it...

By Jacqueline C.

Been to Boujis many, many times. The dance floor is always quite pristine clean & if there's ever a spill the staff seem to take care of it right away. Don't know about the mens toilets but the ladies is very clean & there's perfurme, cream, deodorant & other little bits & pieces to the side of the sicks that u can use (for a small tip for the lady thats making sure its all ok)... I like Mahiki too but on the times I've been there its been very quiet. The standard of the people seem to be the same at both clubs with many of the usual posh chelsea people but it doesn't at all seem pretentious & I like the DJ too (plays the usual Chart hits)! As for drink prices it's the standard (if not a little cheaper) from other members clubs I've been e.g. Movida

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