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Boujis is a members only club.

Boujis is a super stylish Kensington club serving a wide selection of food and drinks, including an impressive cocktail selection.

Ranked #35 of 225 clubs in London
Part of the Ignite Bar group

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22:30 - 03:00


22:30 - 03:00


22:30 - 03:00


22:30 - 03:00


22:30 - 03:00


22:30 - 02:30

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Boujis reviews

By Helen L.

I was really surprised to find that Boujis is quite skanky and grubby. I'd obviousuly heard of the club but only went for the 1st time last week. The dance floor is quite sticky, there's a strange smell in the club and the clientele were not what I expected at all. The toilets were horrible and seemed like they hadn't been cleaned for weeks. I expected a classy club but it's all a bit sweaty and dirty. I don't mind paying £15 entrance and £10 for a glass of wine at all but Boujis should not be charging that sort of money - they can't pull it off to be honest. You'd be better off at Mahiki!

By L D.

I arrived at this club with a member, and encountered the rudest people I have ever met. The door staff were unspeakably rude to my friend, who is a member, and worse toward me. This was absolutely ridiculous as were were both extremely polite, more than adequately dressed, and sober. I would strongly advise against visiting a club where the staff are incapable of extending the common decency that everyone deserves to its members. However, if you enjoy club staff who are aloof, and will act as if they are doing you, the paying customer, a favour just by taking the time to actually make eye contact when you are talking to them - be my guest!

By Oliver L.

This place was a shit hole, I first enter into some crammed corner no where near the dancefloor with these slutty girls serving drinks. By 1.00 the club was full of fat business men who work in boring offices and think boujis is a celebrity club and extremely cool and hip for their age.The music was shit typical DJ music. Nothing special. The doormen were dick heads, i dressed up smart and then some cocky shit head of a bouncer comes up to me and sais "no ties aloud its a club policy" after that i left the club around 1.30. Luckily i didnt have to spend £10 on some shitty shots. But one advantage was i met Calum Best and he kissed me on the cheek! but i was surprised to see him there. I genuinley had more fun walking around London then staying in that place. x

By E.

Boujis is an absolute dump!! Don't waste your time going here, there are much better clubs in London, that are high class and actually look the part. The decor is atrocious, in fact there is no decor. It is a dark, dingy, hole. Watered down expensive drinks, for people who are trying to be pretentious. I left after a long 45 mins of being there, and went home. A big disappointment. I don't get what all the hype is about this place.

By Mr B.

Ha! What a waste of time. Poor music and probably watered down drinks at 'we can charge it because you idiots will pay it' prices.

Much better clubs in Mayfair and Westend of a similar ilk, charging similar prices but with much better style, atmosphere and music.

By Nadine-Johanna B.

I went to Boujis on a Thursday, and I have to say, I had a great night out, but I wasn't into the music. I went there with my friend and we were both on the guestlist.

We had to wait for about 10 minutes, and the lady just asked us on what guestlist we are. Would have given five stars, but there was the bad music.

By Sexy L.

I went to Boujis the weekend before last (Valentines) I had a great time. I noticed that the security had changed and I must say an excellent choice. The man incharge is lovely, very professional. He helped me when my friend lost her bag ! Thank you to the new head bouncer your my star :)

By M M.

Amazing place, the door is always friendly, they remember your name, and if you are a good client you are always welcome back. And they will make sure that regulars don't have to queue. Tuesdays and saturdays are the two best days. Dj's are always good, and they are open to wishes. Last time I was there, Marky Ramone (from the Ramones) was guest DJ, and Lindsay Lohan was there (nov. 2008).The guests are nice young people... Pricesare very reasonable, compared to clubs catering similar clientel, much cheaper than Bungalow 8...

By Aisling M.

I wish I could give this place no stars. Full of 18 year olds spending their daddies money. The staff were obnoxious and rude. The drinks were watered down and unbelievably expensive. And this is comparing it to places like Nobu, Mayfair Hotel, Whisky Mist. The DJ was so bad it was cringeworthy. How places like this actually manage to garner enough column inches so that people think they might be worth going to is beyond me. Avoid at all costs.

By Adam B.

I went to Boujis a few weeks ago on a thursday with a friend. We didn't have to queue, we were ushered straight in and went downstairs to our table. The venue is small yet exclusive, and certainly is an elitist playground for the rich and famous. Great staff, great service, i would recommend the large table by the dance-floor and the dj booth, its spacious and has the best atmosphere! Definitely worth visiting, if your able to get in!

By Lisa L.

I went to Boujis with my friends last night and had a really good time.

The doorman was great - we didn't need to queue to get in and everytime I came out to smoke they'd let me back in without any trouble.

I like Boujis because the music is really good and the people inside are very friendly and polite.

By Ann T.

I really had a bad experience at Boujis on a Saturday night. We booked two tables and I put about 30 people for guest list. When I arrived there, the doormen were very rude! Even though we didn't have to queue since we booked table, I only ended up with one table with a maximum of 15 people!

I really had a hard time in choosing which friends could go or not and I always needed to stand by the entrance to talk to them on the phone. Once 15 people managed to get in, the lady at the door told me to get away from the entrance and said she wanted me to stay on the dance floor.

I had a huge argument with staff and they were very arrogant and rude. The music and decor are really good, but I'll never go back to Boujis again.

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