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Bradley's is a hidden gem tucked away on Hanway Street. Famous for its vinyl jukebox, bohemian atmosphere and tiny toilets.

Ranked #173 of 2091 pubs & bars in London

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Bradley's Spanish Bar reviews

By Sonia G.

Always full of bohemian characters, great music on the Jukebox and really friendly staff. This is a palce where everyone just talks with each other. London needs more bars like these and less of the carbon copy chain bars that dominate our capital.

By Paul D.

Amazing , you got me drunk and i pissed in the hallway of the hotel !!!! rock on dude !! Spent all weekend in here ... Jukebox was soooo frigging good , had me singing (and dancing) .. even got the misses drunk to !!! loves you and will see you next time !!

By Jane B.

Little has changed here since I last came here 25 years ago! A great place with a faded 50's charm. Very bohemian. Even the selection of music on the jukebox, was the same, as far as I remember. We sat on the seat by the jukebox, which was new then, but looked a bit dirty and old. Also the lampshades were broken looking. It could benefit from a new seats, etc, without spoiling the great character of the place. Also, it would be great if they did tapas downstairs and have a flameco guituarist! Toilets a bit scarey, I couldn't close the door once I was in.

By Jan D.

Dear Pkok,as the manager of Bradley's I sincerely apologize for this particular member of staff's behavior. I hope it is clear we do not tolerate, let alone promote this kind of behavior. In order to take any actions, I would appreciate some more information regarding this matter. Would it be possible to send me an e-mail with the date you visited us and the member of staff you are referring to? Again, I deeply apologize for this unfortunate event and hope that with your help, I can make sure this will not happen again so we can assure everybody a happy stay at our bar. Kind regards,jan De Vriesgeneral Manager Bradley's Spanish Barjanfrombelgium@gmail. Com.

By Peter K.

Not being a fan bright and glitzy chain pubs I have been attracted to Bradleys for years as it is a breed apart from most of the west end and it is in the true ilk of 'spit and sawdust' with a good atmosphere, interesting decor and a splendid vinyl jukebox upstairs. The customers have always been freindly and chatty and the staff have given great service. Unfortunately, on my last visit I experienced that the staff side of things appears to have changed with one particular member of staff behaving like a complete idiot at the end of the night, most dissapointingly without any sanction from his bar staff colleagues. He shouted at, loudly poked fun at and mocked several customers (not including myself) and treated them with complete contempt in being rudely dismissive of their reasonable and polite requests for bigger plastic glasses. He appeared as if he was under the influence of substances and behaved in a very grandiose fashion. I'm afraid I will not go back there if I see this selection of bar staff there again. Sorry, great bar...really poor and obnoxious staff.

By John W.

I was in London recently and happened by chance on the Spanish bar.

I had a great time and returned there each of the three nights that I was in London . Great juke box , friendly staff and customers , good selection of drinks .

I visited several other pubs and bars in the Fitzrovia , Bloomsbury , Soho area but none compared to the Bradley's Spanish Bar ....

I highly recommend It .

By Frank M.

I have been using Bradleys for a number of years , it is my number one bar in the west end it is one of the few pubs in the area which has not been modernised.

Over the years very little has changed it still has a lot of old character.

The walls are covered with old poi-st cards and foreign banknotes, behind each one there is a story.

As for the prices, i agree that it is expensive, but, no more than anywhere else in the west end.

I have often said it is like the united nations in there, i have had the pleasure of meeting people from all over the world.

The staff are a mixed race including spanish, Hungarian's, Australia and Germany.

I find this the most warm and welcoming pub in Lyndon, the regulars include a number of the local Hanway street traders.

I would recommend this pub to anyone.

By Pekka B.

This place is crowded and dirty, the beer was nice and cold but the glass it was served to me did not look as clean as a glass should be.

The oaf at the bar was rude and uninterested and the music on the juke box became slightly annoying as did the other drinkers inside.

The toilets were quite disgusting and the floor sticky. This is a popular bar, I can only assume the reason it is so popular is because it is the kind of place where you can arrange to meet your friends and then leave. The regulars are probably there because they think that it is something it is not-Cool.

In my opinion it is best to avoid this place.

By Jane W.

My friend took me to Bradleys bar a few years ago and when I went into the downstairs bar I thought it was fantastic.

The staff were friendly and I felt like someone had turned back the clock and I was in London in the swinging sixties.

Just the music on the authentic jukebox alone was great. However, I went in there with the same friend a few months ago.

We were turned away at 4.30pm because the downstairs wasn`t open (upstairs was packed) so we went away and came back at 5pm when they opened.

Maybe smoking masked the smell but since it`s been banned I can only say the downstairs bar stank of drains and toilets.

The ladies` toilet was disgusting with grafitti everywhere and looking around at the decor was an eyeopener. The aluminium table bases were all eroded and the floor was filthy.

My friend said they need to spend a bit of money on the place and I think he`s right. I really hope they do that because this is such an authentic place to go to - far away from the All Bar One`s and all the other shallow crap

By James S.

This is a gem of a bar. It makes living and drinking in London bearable. The staff are superb, they do not need to confirm to any political or corporate policies, instead concentrating on ensuring the customers enjoy themselves. The jukebox alone is worth the visit. As a seasoned drinker in London this bar represents a real jewel in London's attractions and easily makes it into my top 10 places to go on a night out. London is choking to death in characterless bar chains that churn out the same old crap atmosphere, crap staff, dirty glasses and overpriced drinks. Bradleys is the lighthouse of imbibing establishments, Good quality beer accompanied by clean glasses and frieldly staff. Prices compare favourably with neighbouring characterless bars. The toliets are indeed decidely underpar however a small negative when the overall experience is taken into account. I bring my in-laws to this bar and they love it. Clientelle vary, encompassing all aspects to this multicultural city, reflecting the broad appeal of this establishment. Do not leave London without visiting. I am about to immigrate and must admit that the existance of this bar makes the whole leaving experience that little bit harder. James Smith, Cavan.

By Blanca Y.

Well as one of the original owners of Bradley's Bar daughter - can I just say what Bardley's Bar has is a unique character and authentisity unlike any other boring chain - run pub Wetherspoons and All Bar One!To answer the above reviews question...the reason why a Spanish bar is called Bradleys is because 40yrs ago the REAL Mr Bradley sld my father his cherry bar and sold it to him on one condition. Which was to keep his name on as a legacy but change it to my fathers taste, which from what I can gather has never done any harm in the bars fame and popularity with ll generations!So if you re visiting London or you come across Bradleys bar and fancy a bar where unique character and the air of an era gone bay takes your fancy please pop in!!

By W.

On paper Bradley's Spanish Bar should suck. A Spanish bar called Bradley's for one. It's tiny inside, is close to Oxford Street, and it's got downright disgraceful toilets.

I've only been to the basement bar, which is about the size of two living rooms and has hardly any seating. The drinks at Bradley's Spanish Bar are of a Continental stripe and slightly pricey. But despite all this there is some strange charm to the place, which I think comes from the pokiness, the staff and the clientele. Worth a visit but maybe too small to spend any meaningful duration of time in.


If you’re a fan of musty basements, random Iberian trinkets and bars that verge on the edge of being an institution, then Bradley’s should be your favourite place.

The Venue
Located on a little side street in Bloomsbury, just off Oxford Street, Bradley’s Spanish Bar has been quietly seducing all who stumble on its unique complexities for years. The tiny Spanish bar is a venue of two halves: a ground floor bar and a basement bar. The basement is a dimly-lit cave filled with various chairs, tables and random bits and pieces along with its own bar, but if you’re down here, it’s probably because you couldn’t find any space upstairs. Back up on the ground floor, the heavily decorated walls, red velvet benches and vintage jukebox manage to charm people into ignoring the cramped interior, and people spill out onto the street outside, where they take their safety into their own hands as it remains a nifty little thoroughfare for traffic.

The Atmosphere
Bradley’s has so many good points but it seems only right to spell out the negatives first - and there’s nowhere better to start than the toilet. Be prepared for its slightly ruinous state, one that has become a sort of trademark of the bar. You’ve been warned. The staff are a mixed bunch whose attitudes can at times stink as much as the aforementioned lavatory but a good ninety percent of the time all is bright and breezy as they mix well with tourists, after-workers and anybody with a nose for a great jukebox - alongside clusters of Spaniards, of course. It is lively at all hours, thanks in no small part to its size but also to the selection of vintage vinyl that spins the likes of The Shadows and Bill Withers.

The Drink
Drinks are expensive and there isn’t a great deal of choice here but at least there’s Cruzcampo on draught along with Budvar, as well as a selection of wine and spirits.

The Last Word
With a fair amount of central London bars having been ripped away to make space for the Crossrail development, a bar like Bradley’s Spanish Bar, a bar with so many charming foibles, has become even more precious to the area.

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