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Brew offers teas and coffees in a contemporary setting on fashionable Northcote Road.

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By Maksam M.

Was there the other day, service lacked even though there was not a lot of people in the cafe. My coffee was semi-warm whilst a my friend ordered lunch. His lunch was not cooked properly and the presentation lacked very much as if everything was slapped onto the plate without care or consideration. I saw Jason Wells through the glass pane who i believe is the owner and manager of the business. I asked for a polite word, he refused to acknowledge me and left the premises very fast blatantly ignoring me. The food is quite pricey, i asked the attendant whether we were entitled to a small discount as the level of service the food was not satisfactory - which was refused. I was left upset not knowing why the service has become so bad. I give give the coffee a chance but the lunch also? If you're thinking of taking a large party there i would avoid at all costs and take my business elsewhere where you will feel treated well. I sure didn't feel welcome when i was there.

By Dee S.

This place has gone downhill in the last 12 months on every level - food quality, service and basic hygiene. We visited there recently, a staff member smashed a glass on the counter and one of the other staff members used the brush and shovel from the floor to sweep the shards off the counter. We waited to see if anyone would wipe it down with disinfectant but no, it was left. Some serious problems here with cross contamination as uncovered food is served from this counter top. The waitress was not unfriendly but definitely disinterested and not really engaged with customers. The toilet was unclean, plus there were puddles of water in the walkway between the toilet, kitchen and dining area. The food was very average, better quality and tasting food is served at lower priced cafes. Really disappointed this time around, not sure if we will go back.

By Rita B.

Ok when we arrived at brew,the waiter who appeared to be the manager looked scruffy so I knew that 'houston we have a problem' and so I ordered a simple mint tea,came in a dirty teapot accompanied by a cracked spout...I was so disappointed so we left,I couldn't handle it!The vibe was awful good place to visit if you've had a hangover,u just don't see the crack... I won't advise good friends to visit,enemies yes!

By Alex D.

Horrendous - don't go there it will spoil the start to your precious day. Ordered a wide variety of things (we were a party of 6). The beans on toast - it was inedible, bacon was swimming in fat, scrambled egg was more like a omelette (it was so solid). Presentation was awful and service poor. To add insult to injury it cost £80.00! I will never EVER go again and strongly recommend you avoid this place if you have a modicum of taste. Don't say I didn't warn you!!

By Tina C.

Rubbish- we both had a special of chorizo and poched eggs with potato hash and at over £11 you think you'd get a decent portion but NO! It was so small you'd think it was a starter!! Very poor. I also had a juice which at £4.70 wasn't that exciting either and the way they pack you in is crazy ,you can't even sit and enjoy yourself! A small bottle of sparkling water was £3 ,these people are mental with there portions and prices! I wasn't impressed at all.

By P F.

I like to give everywhere a couple of chances, just in case, but both times I've been so wonderfully disappointed with Brew. The first time, I was alone and new to the area. Faces were long as I had the nerve to be eating alone and take up a table for two! I also had the nerve to ask for the Eggs Benedict, but scrambled, not poached. "Oh, I'll have to ask the manager." "I'm not sure... We could do some toast and some ham, with some scrambled eggs...." How on earth is Eggs Benedict with scrambled not poached so difficult? Had a juice with it. I walked away £15 poorer (The ham was packet ham). The second time, with my girlfriend, we had the nerve to ask for a table (there were a table of 4 or 3) away from the propped open door.... "Oh, I'll have to ask the manager...." No, was the answer. It seemed beyond their grasp that they could..... Separate a table of 4 into two 2s! Thinking it's just me, I've just spoken to a colleague who has had similar experiences. Save your money, and go to Gail's down the road. Much better food, good coffee and infinitely cheaper. Much more pleasant staff. If it's the coffee you're after, go across the road to the black van that does the pizza and breads... They do Monmouth coffee, which is also better than Brew.

By Adrian T.

Wow I'm surprised at all the bad reviews? I really like this place, been here about 10 times. It's a bit spendy true but the food is pretty damn good. I usually have the chorizo scrambled eggs on toast and always leave with a smile on my face. The coffee can be a hit and miss some days. I find the staff are always super friendly and helpful even though it can get pretty crowded in there on the weekend.

By Gaddafi G.

Totally agree. I cannot believe that this morning I had 2 poached eggs on sourdough, a side of their boston baked beans, a coffee and a smoothie followed by a croissant and they charged me £25.00. I now have blown my budget for the rest of the month. How can Brew be just so expensive? What I got was not even great but average at best. Well Brew you will only rip me off once because I will most definately not be back. No thanks

By Martin S.

Terrible service and bad food. We returned the food and ordered something else, they told us to leave and never come again!? In the middle of eating they came with the bill and argued for £4. Cheap and very rude staff with no customer experience. Too many tables to fit more people in, you can't even eat as there is no space! Over priced.

By Libby D.

Loved the food! The new dinner menu was great, highly recommend the chorizo entree and the grilled pumpkin and halloumi salad as a main. The new manager was great and recommend some very tasty wine and hot cider for dessert. Great little place to have a romantic dinner for two outside under the heaters with sheepskin blankets. Looking forward to heading there again. :)

By Simon D.

The food is ok, nothing offensive but nothing amazing either. However, for what you're given I thought the prices were extortionate. £6.5 for eggs and soldiers, £3.75 for a (small) croissant and jam. No thanks. I was sat there for 40 mins and witness one person recommend to a couple not to bother coming in, and another customer walk away because Brew couldn't serve him eggs and bacon (he could have poached eggs on toast, or another dish served with bacon, but not just eggs and bacon). Pretty poor for a cafe charging these prices. On the plus side the staff were nice and friendly so no complaints there. However, there are plenty of other places to eat in the area so I'll go elsewhere next time.

By Graham W.

Extremely disappointing cafe. Food was rubbish, service was average and for the price I could have eaten at a more exclusive restaurant with much better food. Vastly over priced and wont go back.

By Bernard W.

Food ok but very overpriced. I don't think the cash only policy is there to benefit the customer in any way. Try entering the 21st century Brew. Give it a miss unless you are a Nottingham Hill wannabe.

By Sophie K.

Coffeenut, the queue is because there are about 10 tables in total. It's small, it most definitely is not spectacular!

By Sophie K.

I was looking forward to Brew, having been there once before I remembered it as a nice environment with good food. With allergies I had remembered them as quite accommodating. Not so much anymore, so it transpires. Poached egg with toast = £6.50when I asked for alteration to the menu to accommodate my allergy I was informed that the management don't like people ordering off menu. I point out there is nothing on menu I can eat safely and with just minor alteration I can happily enjoy breakfast there. With disgruntlement this is arranged. The entire meal the manager was loudly testing her staff on the table numbers and instructing them on her expectations. My expectation is to have breakfast without listening to house versions of Whitney Housten ballads fit for an elevator. Bill for 2 = £37! As apparently poached egg without toast with bacon and avocado = £15.00i raise this with the manager. I am told that I am paying for the good quality. This is categorically debateable. I shall not return to Brew, and if you choose to go I would perhaps recommend that you ask how much your bill will cost before they cook everything so that you are able to see all the hidden and excessive charges. If you have allergies, I'd forget it all together.

By Matt H.

Mediocre food, hugely overpriced and, to add insult to injury, they don't take cards. On complaining to management about the latter I was told it was "retro" and a "difference of opinion". No Brew you are wrong, it is just plain bad customer service. Save your money and avoid.

By Jen P.

We recently relocated from New Zealand and were so relieved (and delighted) to find Brew. Their flat white coffee is the best in London - and not like the rubbish served at the chain stores throughout the city. The food is excellent - try the corn fritters. It is the one place that reminds us of home and I would recommend it to anyone.

By Tim M.

What planet are you on!!!!!!

The staff are great, the food is fantastic and maybe it feels overpriced because you're used to paying £2.50 for a fry-up.

Not to mention the best coffee around .Surely the fact you have to queue on weekends for a table says something?

By Tina P.

Rubbish. This is the worst cafe in south london!

The service is bad, the food is boring and overpriced.

there are so many better places to eat in clapham avoid this place at all costs.

By James F.

Its the best cafe in clapham area and also staff its extremly friendly and polite,delicious coffee and fab brownies,shame i had to leave london to go in kenya i loved brew. Tony

By Farah S.

Located in the heart of Northcote Road territory, this little cafe tries hard to look effortless.

The Venue
Brew is based on simple, no fuss food in similar surroundings. The place is tiny and almost never feels empty, with no more than ten tables in total inside and a few outside if it’s sunny. A mirror runs the length of the wall above the comfy sofa seating, reflecting the specials menu chalked up opposite. The counter at the back is laden with sweet treats fresh from the kitchen, which customers are able to glimpse behind it. At the moment it’s nothing special, standard cheap cafe chic, but a future refurbishment is planned to make it look much more rustic, with a change of furniture that includes a long farmhouse-style table.

The Atmosphere
Nevertheless, Brew has a cosy atmosphere. Their own stylised brunch options make up the menu, so relaxing and reading the papers feels like the appropriate thing to do at any time of the day. Also appropriate, given the name, is an afternoon cuppa and a cake with a mate. The only downside is the staff, who aren’t quite in sync enough to make it work. Not that they rush around, instead they rush you. Clearing up as soon as the knife and fork meet on the plate, pressing you to decide whether you’ll be ordering more as the table is swiftly swept clear, and bringing the bill before the dregs could even consider forming at the bottom of your brew.

The Food
Eggs, however you like them, dominate. Poached, scrambled, boiled (with Marmite soldiers), Turkish, Benedict, Florentine, Royale… A bog standard full English is absent, but it’s components – including Boston baked beans, breakfast sausages, smoked salmon, roast tomatoes with feta and treacle-cured bacon are all on offer so you can create your own. The scrambled eggs (£6.50) are light and fresh with punchy lemon and parsley, piled on sourdough toast which ups the taste ante even further. A side (£3) of field mushrooms served in a garlic-y balsamic, cream and pesto sauce complement them well. Granola, Coco Pops, croissants and pancakes are some of the other breakfast alternatives which cost up to £6.50.

Lunchtime offerings are well executed, too, including bagels, meze and steak sandwiches, whilst the specials include even more fashionably seasonal ingredients. Cakes, cookies, fat jam and custard donuts, brownies and pastries are temptingly displayed and substantial in size and priced at around £1.50 to £2.50. Carrot cake is one of their more popular options, with a thin, buttery cream cheese icing and juicy sultanas to keep it moist.

The Drink
Union coffee is served at Brew and whilst an Americano (£1.50) is the freshest way to appreciate its quality the other options are also worth trying. Mochaccino (£2.20) is nicely strong, topped with sweet foamy milk and served in a squat glass. Along with the standard breakfast, Earl Grey and herbal teas (£2), they also do a mint brew stuffed full of fresh leaves (£2.20). Breakfast juices, a yoghurt and muesli smoothie and indulgent milkshakes also on offer for up to £3.80.

The Last Word
The fact that Brew serves almost every breakfast dish besides an ordinary full English means that it probably won’t suit those who are looking for a standard fry-up – but then again, if that’s what you wanted, you’d probably still be at home, eating it in your pyjamas.

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