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Brick Lane Brasserie offer their customers a wide selection of authentically prepared Indian dishes at their comfortable, relaxed restaurant.

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Brick Lane Brasserie reviews

By Andrew M.

Brick Lane Brasserie is a little bit different, that's why I love it! The menu there has some new, interesting dishes as well as the old favourites.

Tends to be fairly quiet in there as it's a well-kept secret but I really hope that Brick Lane Brasserie becomes a success.

By Jenny S.

Ordered a great take away from Brick Lane Brasserie! Loooads more food than i’d expected for the price I paid, also it was quickly made and didnt have to wait long to collect it. Close enought to home that we didnt have to wait too long to dig in!

By Kay Q.

I'm a massive fan of Indian food, so I had to try out this place. The front of the restaurant didn't look like much to me, but once you were in it was lovely. Staff were really nice and every dish was served to perfection! Anyone looking for an Indian restaurant in the area should really check this place out.

By Nick G.

Have to agree with the others this is by far my favourite, we were down hear again last night great curries, I would recommended going with the Chef's recommended list on the menu, you can't go wrong!

By David M.

Brick Lane Brasserie is the best Indian food I have ever eaten. All 8 of us loved it as the menu had a very wide range and was very quick service but felt we wasn't rushed to leave after the meal. Big thumbs up from me.

By Dean T.

The best Chicken Korma I have ever had, me and some lads from work went to the Brick Lane Brassarie and had spot on meal. The popadoms were good with nice sauces and the Bombay Potato was just how I like it. Will be returning here for our next meal out.

By Melvin J.

I came here with a bunch of colleagues after work one evening, service was quick, food was tasty and the beers were cold. There are plenty of other curry houses in Brick Lane so I’m not sure how they compare, but I intend to come back here soon as well as trying a few others.

By Tom T.

I’m not a curry expert but I thought the food here was pretty good! My boyfriend and me came here one Thursday evening and it was very busy. The food was good quality and the waiter helped me pick something that I don’t usually have but based on what my tastes, overall a very enjoyable evening at the Brick Lane Brasserie

By Jessie L.

Yummy food, came to Brick Lane Brassiere one Friday night after work, atmosphere was buzzy, service was swift and the beers flowed! Happy days.

By Jessie L.

I was visiting some friends in London recently and we came to Brick Lane Brasserie for a meal one evening, such a great choice of meals and all of our dishes were cooked to perfection. I would recommend this place for sure.

By Terry J.

Im a regular customer of Brick Lane Brasserie, I often get my meals delivered home but recently have eaten out at the restaurant. Loved the atmosphere and will defo consider eating out there more rather than at home!

By Terry J.

Been to a few curry houses in the area and Brick Lane Brasserie is certainly one of the better ones. There is no fuss here, and while they don't attempt to cover up the rather dated interior (and exterior for that matter), the food is good quality and the service quick and easy. Will be going back!

By Tori J.

My mates used to live in Bethnal Green so we would wander down to Brick Lane sometimes and this was their fave curry house. We had a good feed there and we never had any bad times or hassle and the food was good and the staff were alright. I went back again not so long ago and it was still good and decent value.

By Jessie L.

Came to the Brick Lane Brasserie with a big group of girlfriends last weekend, and was amazed at how busy it was! If I'm being honest this place doesn't look much from the outside but the food was actually pretty decent, though we had all had a little to drink by the time we sat down!

By Nick G.

Saw many user reviews for this place, that i had to try it out, stop by for my lunch, and had mix starter, garlic naan bread, but no beer, it is a Monday! But will re-review when I come back in the evening, as this was very tasty, and nice for my wallet! Thank you Brick Lane Brasserie!

By Howard S.

Don't usually reply to user reviews, but this one seem odd, 1st avoid because food less than average, not so, check the viewlondon review (recommended), also I have dine hear as well as many of the other restaurants in Brick Lane, at least once a month, always a good standard. Then less than friendly staff! This is Brick Lane the service is good as there are many other restaurants that will want the diner. Finally the last part is no true, again this is Brick Lane probably the least expensive dinning experience in all of London! Each restaurant keeps a close eye on each other, I know for a fact they do lunch for under £8!

By Howard S.

I have to take issue, with this review, as Brick Lane is one of the cheapest places in London to dine out, as there is great competition and I'm a regular diner in Brick Lane, so to say the food is expensive is factual wrong, and to say ip the food isn't that good again check their review from viewlondon, professional reviewers, then service is bad, in Brick Lane? Again, this is Brick Lane!

By Howard S.

Being taken advantage of their lunch offer so had to pop down on a Friday night, am glad we arrived early 6:30pm as by 7pm this place starts to really fill up so if your coming later Book! It's definitely a popular place, we shared the starter Chicken Harley which has a great light taste, for mains we had raja chingri bhuna

By Howard S.

This restaurant has become a regular stop for Monday lunch curry! Always helps that they do a lunch offer for £7.95! Food always good, as is the service. I noticed the negative review which seems to scream rival empty curry house on Brick Lane, as its a single review! As i used to do Friday lunch but too busy, so switched to Monday.

By Nick G.

Extremely happy to have chosen Brick Lane Brasserie for my friends birthday party. The service was really good and atmosphere was cheery, above all the food was amazing. Brick Lane Brasserie does some of the best curries in Brick Lane its got something for everyone. Give it a try you wont be disappointed.

By Howard S.

Last time I was dinning out on Brick Lane the touts had been cleared out of the area in the build up to the Olympics unfortunately a couple of days post olympics and they are back! You have been warned! I picked Brick Lame Brasserie before going down and after getting past the touts I was pleased we made the effort as the service was quick the food excellent after taking the advice from the owner for our main course

By Howard S.

I stop by hear for lunch most months, for food is great make sure you try the chicken Karia, looked at the other user reviews and that not the service i get, mind you i also notice they are just one user review always suspicious!

By Lisa L.

We love coming down here in the evening, just wish the other restaurants would stop the touting, ruins Brick Lane, fortunately the curries here more than make up for it!

By Laura J.

We had popadoms to start then everyone is my family had a different main course and shared side dishes then we all had puddings. Not one complaint from the 7 of us, we all went home very stuffed and very very satisfied. Yum Yum Brick Lane Brasserie keep doing your lamb the way you do please.

By Satine R.

Brill side dishes, wasn't a huge fan of the popadoms to start the meal but the main dishes were gorgeous. Brick Lane Brasserie will be my new place to go to when fancying a good Indian meal.

By Lady G.

Staff were very helpful, I tried a new dish this time but wasn’t so keen on it but tried my husbands Chicken Tikka and that was wonderful. Rice was nice and warm like I like it, will be recommending it to our friends. Brick Lane Brasserie is worth a visit.

By Brian A.

I’m not from London and was visiting with my wife for the weekend and we decided to go for a curry down Brick Lane and came here to the Brasserie. My wife’s korma was great and my madras was excellent too. Our poppadoms were delicious too and the staff were very friendly, we would come back here again on our next visit.

By Fred N.

Brick Lane Brasserie is okay, it’s not the best curry I’ve had but its not the worst, service is fine and the venue is pretty standard, it won't blow your mind away.

By Marsha M.

The most devine food! My jalfrazi was to die for and the nans were lovely and fluffy. Have tried a few places in Brick Lane but this is one of the best.

By Marcia Q.

There are soooo many places to choose from on this street but you cant really go wrong at the Brick Lane Brasserie! Food was good, but as it was rather busy the last time we went there was a delay in getting our meals.

By Geri H.

Brick Lane Brasserie is one of the better places to get a tasty Indian meal from, not very expensive and the staff are lovely.

By Victoria Ashley C.

I love indian food more than anything in the world, so when I stumbled upon this hidden gem I decided to give it a go. Once inside, the decor and ambiance isn't nothing to write home about, however the food is on a totally different level! I had a Chicken Chaat at a special request as not many places do this dish and I wasn't disappointed. The portion was generous and defeated me in the end, but luckily for this place they've gained a loyal customer!

By Gin A.

Had to book in advance for my meal at Brick Lane Brasserie, we were seated pretty quickly but the food was slightly average. It still was a nice meal and had a nice atmosphere however everyone was very friendly and happy to help us with any problems.

By Jon J.

Great venue and service. The indian food wasnt expensive and WAS delicious! Will definitely be going to Brick Lane Brasserie again.

By Anna G.

Got the whole family out to Brick Lane Brasserie for a midweek sit in meal, so i didnt have to book. The indian food was lovely and authentic and had nice and calm atmosphere, everyone loved it even the picky kids!!

By Billy C.

Having not been in London for long, Brick Lane Brasserie was my first Brick Lane experience. It was pretty good but not sure what all the fuss is about Brick Lane? Many better places in Birmingham from what I can tell.

By Max K.

Popped back to Brick Lane Brasserie on Friday for a quick curry and I must say it has improved. Decent pathia, and a good jalfrezi, which is all I ever eat anyway to be honest - Brick Lane Brasserie obviously knows how to do the basics right.

By Amanda M.

The Brick Lane Brasserie pleasantly surprised me - I'm by no means an expert on curry, but the selection of dishes, presentation and excellent service made the whole experience very enjoyable indeed.

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