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Brilliant Inc is a luxury fine jewellery boutique in Chelsea. They have a wide selection of necklaces, bracelets, rings and earrings made with non-mined diamonds.

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Opening Hours

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10:00 - 19:00


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Brilliant Inc reviews

By Viv S.

Really beautiful selection of rings available here at Brilliant Inc, I really love the deco maxi style cuts which at around £390 are a very decent price!

By Jaha B.

Terrible cheap quality

Be careful! I bought 2 rings and one pair of studs from this place, all broke within 6 months! When i took them to another jeweller , he said they were cheap made in china stuff , very overpriced , as they have very little white gold in them! They should be ashamed to offer these things in London!

By Sinead S.

I purchased the 3stone round brilliant trilogy in gold vermeil at Christmas. Ring looked lovely when it arrived, very pleased. I wear this ring when going out, not on a daily basis and always put my jewellery on last. I was surprised to see the gold vermeil had come off after barely 3months of wear, very disappointing, I can't wear the ring now as it looks like a cheap ring from the Christmas cracker! My biggest disappointment was the customer service I recieved. They would not do anything, but insist I come to the London store and they would recoat the gold. However, this is not satisfactory as I was nowhere near London and secondly in a few months the same thing would happen again! I explained this to them in second email, still not heard from them.

By A R.

Beware! I bought a wedding ring from Brilliant in July and the store sent it to be resized. The assistants assured me it would be back within six weeks. Over two months later (and just two weeks before my wedding) the ring still hasn't arrived. My fiancé rings the store every day for the past week, and every day the clueless assistant on the end of the phone either can't find the order number on the system or can but doesn't know where it actually is ("it might be in the warehouse, i'll check and ring you back" - needless to say they never do call me back, we have to call them and start again with yet another dim-witted assistant). I don't hold out much hope that I will ever receive it, they have completely let us down.

By Sophie B.

The Elizabeth style drop earrings here at Brilliant have to be some of the best I have purchased. In the past I have always gone for costume style jewellery, but have found that they never last that long! At £145 the price was pretty decent and its great knowing that I’m finally wearing the real thing.

By Jessie L.

I purchased the clover style bracelet in this Brilliant Inc store as a little treat to myself. The staff member I was in contact with was very helpful and spent a great deal of time letting me try different styles on! Really recommend to others to try this jewellers out, its lovely!

By Tori J.

I got the most beautiful key shaped necklace from Brilliant inc at the weekend, the sales girl was very helpful in giving me her opinion on which necklace best suited my style. At under £100 too for simulated diamonds I’m very impressed. Will certainly come back here in the future.

By Tim R.

Great products, great service

I bought a beautiful necklace here for my mother's birthday a few months ago. Great customer service from Hannah, who was really helpful and knowledgeable about the jewellery. Needless to say my mother thought the neckless was lovely and has worn it on numerous occasions. I would definitely shop here again!

By Shelly R.

My partner bought me the Tilly ring for my birthday and I must say that I get compliments all the time. The girls are lovely and very helpful and always offer to give my ring a clean. Will definitely be going back to purchase some studs!