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Spend an evening in the company of London's most beautiful girls at one of the capital's oldest established lap dancing clubs. An in-house DJ mixes the music throughout the day and big screens for sport should semi-clad ladies suddenly become boring.

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Browns reviews

By Michael S.

Legendary club with a bit of a Griffin vibe about it - the girls are a good-looking bunch and the sports screens provide a useful distraction. Or is it the other way round?

By Craig R.

Not a very nice place at all, but hey, that's just my opinion. I guess I just had high expectations because of the flashy website but neither Browns nor Griffin should be classed as clubs. I'm reviewing both because to be honest I couldn't even face walking into The Griffin!! Upon approach The Griffin isn't too in your face which is fine. On the door it warns you about it being a table dancing venue and that you are required to pay £1 for every pole dancer. My issue was when I opened the door because it just looked like your average local pub!! I figured there's no point wasting my time in there, maybe the sister venue will be more of an improvement (certainly sounds less pub-like!). How wrong I can be!! I walked into Browns and went up to the bar to get a drink. Glancing around, it was just like walking into a pub. Bar was on the left side with bar man on his mobile. To the right of me were a bunch of stools and small tables which I guess are their idea of a seating area. The whole venue wasn't lit too great and wasn't too glamorous either, just dull & brown. Ladies were at the end of the seating area & admittedly were all very pretty but totally not interested in making money, either chatting to each other or on their mobiles. There were 2 other guys in their with me & once i perched on my rickety stool i realised they were all as nervous as me about talking to one of these girls. Song ended & the pole dancer walked around with a pint glass demanding £1 from all. A few mins later a lovely tall lady came up to me & didn't make small talk, just asked for a dance. I said yes, just to try things out so i went through. Private area was at the end behind a curtain & it was literally just a short table dance at a distance for £20, no contact with me what so ever. Never felt like i've thrown away money so blatantly. After going back through i was greeted by another pole dancer demanding £1, even though i didn't see it! All in all just no value for money, I will not

By Mr. Y M.

Been here yesterday...the place is first class. Superb club and hottest girls.. met Luana there. I think she is super hot.. will visit again!

By Mr. Y M.

Went there yesterday...Superb club, hottest girls. All the girls are sexy.. I specially liked Luvana. She is the hottest. Will visit again :)

By Ian S.

Ended up here, on recommendation having started at The Horns on Old Street. Very impressed by the atmosphere - very friendly and non - intimidating. The girls are gorgeous and that is no overstatement. The highlight for me was when I teamed up with 2 lesbian ladies who were visiting for the evening and we took 3 girls for a private dance. Awesome! Will definitely visit again on my next trip to the capital - shame the 2 ladies won't be there with me!

By Alan B.

This pub is defenitely more upmarket than its sister, the Griffin. Lots of good looking girls, obviously apprehensive in asking for a private dance. Private dances as well as those on stage are generally good though. Only £10,- till 17:00, so why not take the afternoon off :-)

By Jenny T.

I'm female, 50s, and have never been to a strip club before. Discovered a while back that my husband has been going on the sly. I'm tall, slim, attractive - couldn't understand why he would go to these places. Needed to find out what all the fuss was about so went up to London today. Firstly, lovely barmaid. Chatty and welcoming, very important for a woman going in on her own. And she introduced me to a new drink! Then, the girls - so very pretty! Great bodies, not a lot of plastic which surprised me. Lots of very nice looking breasts, thought they'd be dodgy boob jobs and scar tissue but I was wrong, beautifully proportioned. My bum is great and these ladies have them too, and know exactly how to shake them :) One girl (didn't catch her name) was amazing on the pole, she deserved more than my pound but I didn't know how to tip! Talked to a beautiful Brazilian/Italian girl. She looked like a model and chatted easily. These ladies must be well used to men schmoozing them but a single woman might be intimidating. Not for her, sweet and lovely.In short - an education. I wish I'd taken some girlfriends with me. Maybe next time. I also realise a fit, young, nubile woman winking the pink is actually very nice xx

By Teejay N.

I have visited Browns on many occasions. I have never had cause to complain. The girls are stunning and the private dances leave nothing to the imagination. No, you cannot touch, but that is normal for London. If you like watching beautiful girls undress you will not go far wrong with Browns, all dances are full frontal and if you go before 5PM you get a private dance for £10 which is worth every penny. There is Sport on the TV's if you like that sort of thing and the girls are not too pushy. The atmosphere is friendly and entry is free. What better way to spend a Saturday afternoon?

By Daniel R.

Whilst I was not there to take full advantage of what the club has to offer, what I can say is that the staff are simply out of this world. Unfaltering service delivered by genuine girls with hearts of pure gold. They are worth the trip alone and they are a testament to the myth that establishments such as these have a negative reputation. Thanks especially to Mat know why! Thoroughly recommended by a happy customer with his wallet firmly in his hands!

By Costel G.

Smashing place! Went with a couple mates for my birthday. Girls are top class and very friendly. Had a private dance which was better then expected considering other reviews and was much better then watching on stage as it felt personal, plus after the girl was very friendly and chatty (other places I've found them to be cold). All in all a great night with reasonable prices. I will definitely return and would recommend to anyone.

By Justin K.

Been to this place a few times over the years on stag do's or just to pop in for a drink if nearby etc. This place is legendary but could do with a makeover and updating (which apparently is happening soon...). Very fit girls and usually lot's of 'em. I rate it highly

By Michael J.

What a fantastic night! Was in there for a Christmas do, with 5 guys and had a great time. Girls are top class, best I've seen in any club in London. Only a £1 a dance, great concept, never seen that before. Drink prices actually cheaper than the pub we were in earlier on. £3.90 a pint! Friendly staff - def be going back soon.

By Dale C.

Browns is great, if you are happy to be in a pub type venue with nice looking girls and aren't after the Hugh Hefner type experience you might get at some of the more expensive clubs in London. Its free to get in and the bouncers are relaxed. There is a bar along one side with reasonably priced drinks. The stage is at kind of at the front of the club, with a DJ in a booth at the side. The girls come and dance at regular (ish) intervals, probably 5 minutes is the most the pole is unattended for. Before the dance they'll come round asking you to put a pound in a pint glass. After they've danced they'll come round asking if you want a private dance (£10 before 5pm, £15 after). Other than that they don't hassle. I had one private dance which takes place in a seperate part of the club with me seated and the gorgeous Jennifer dancing just inches in front of me on a pole. Those slagging Browns off are kind of missing the point. It is what it is. You aren't going to get a Spearmint Rhino experience for the money you pay at Browns. But what you do get is good value in a relaxing environment with pretty girl next door types. I'd thoroughly recommend it.

By Peter H.

Yes, the girls are pretty, but no all of them, bear in mind, a few special ones. They are not prettier than girls in big clubs like spearmint rhino or stringfellows. They also can be quite pushing in trying to take you to the private area, this can be annoying. Drinks are a bit overpriced for a pub. Cool place, but I expected more.

By Ani H.

thanks mate for the info..just hd gone today to the bar and was tempted to take the private..but stayed back..But yes one thing .. the girls are really pretty..


Well the girls are indeed definitely good and the drinks are reasonably priced, but 15 pounds for a private dance is not worth as you can see the same thing by giving one pound per dance.
there's no lap dance bare in mind, its private dance i.e. the girls dance in private for you instead of in public, but you can always see them dancing on stage for 1 pound.

By Simon S.

Browns is an amazing place. The girls are first class, especially the Brazilians. Camila, Sara, Alice, Jennifer, Lisa, Honey and the rest are not only beautiful but good company as well.

You can evn check who's on by looking at the website but there is no mobile/wap site as yet.

No door charge, Drinks are reasonable and all the girls ask for is a pound a dance and £15 for a private dance. They often come round in twos for a "Double Trouble", well worth it ;-)

By E.

One of the oldest gentleman's clubs in London, Shoreditch's Browns just about lives up to its illustrious reputation.

The Venue
Located on a prime stretch of real estate at the intersection of Old Street and Shoreditch High Street, Browns is instantly recognisable with its stark grey brick entrance and silver torches looking out onto the street. Inside, the layout is fairly straightforward, with a high-ceilinged main room comprising of a bustling bar on the left-hand side, and a large, raised stage towards the front for regular floor shows. Facilities can be found at the far end of the venue, as well as a “private” room, partitioned by curtains and furnished with sofas and armchairs for more intimate gatherings. Maroon flooring and dim overhead lighting lends the place an unfortunate resemblance to a Wetherspoon-esque chain pub, but the bar is spotless and well-stocked, and there is plenty of seating space to accommodate the ever-popular stag do's and office parties. Plasma screens are ubiquitous, with all the latest sporting events broadcast throughout the evening.

The Atmosphere
Populated mainly by City workers from nearby Bishopsgate as well as those who head to Shoreditch for a lads’ night out, Browns attracts a sizeable crowd under most circumstances, and maintains a cheap and cheerful outlook throughout, with no cover charge for entrance (patrons are instead requested to donate £1 per floor show, which take place every ten minutes, to the girls) and a smart-casual dress code. Private dances cost £15 or £10 before 5pm, and on the whole, an evening will not hurt the wallet nearly as much as other similar establishments. The staff are friendly and obviously quite close-knit, the music is fairly low-brow but good fun, and as mentioned previously there are sports and social gatherings aplenty, particularly towards the end of the week when the bar really comes into its own.

The Drink
Another point of pride among the ownership is the fact that the bar maintains “pub prices”, with fairly standard draught and bottled beers and ciders on sale for under £4, and spirits and mixers not far off either. Customers are effectively free to spend as little or as much as they like, with ridiculously-priced bottles of champagne and spirits also readily available at the other end of the spectrum.

The Last Word
Accessible and good value-for-money, Browns is a slightly downmarket but eminently affordable alternative to the City's elite gentleman's clubs, should you be in the area or organizing a night on the town.

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